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We continue to collect interesting routes for a road trip from our readers. Want to tell about your trip? Send your stories to A long journey is almost always an adventure. Interesting places, communication with locals, traffic accidents, meetings and discoveries. There’s a lot to tell. At the same time, no good journey begins without an idea. For example, taĸoy: “What if we went by car to Italy for a week?” That’s how the train started for Belarusians Eugene and Anastasia, who live in Riga. It is impossible to say that they were fully prepared and knew all the nuances of the upcoming trip, but they were still enthusiastic and wildly eager to get to their destination as soon as possible. And yes, it was their first experience of such a road trip through Europe.

Road to Italy

The route was as follows: Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Czech Republic – Austria – Italy. We started on Friday after the working day. The first stop for overnight stay was planned in Poland. Roadside hotels, we did not book. But we were lucky the first time – we grabbed the last room in a three-star hotel for 35 euros for two. Separate ĸ beds, there is a shower – what else do you need?

In the next day we drove through the Czech Republic and Austria. At one of the gas stations ĸ a man came up to us and asked whether we should buy a vignette to pay for the roads. We did not know what to answer, because we ourselves had never had this question before. Waze called a toll road only on the territory of Austria, so we just drove on. But we have not checked it in vain, of course.

The relief had already started to change, there were highlands, and then the mountains. We were passing Austria closer to ĸ night, so we postponed all the ĸbeautiful views on the way back. Admittedly, we had forgotten about the toll roads, but we also did not know ĸaĸaĸ pay for them. We decided to check on the Internet. It turned out that we have already passed half of the country on the toll road, and the vignette should have been bought at the first gas station and put on the windshield. In the absence of a vignetteĸ and later comes a fine of 240 euros. We bought it for 10 days at the nearest gas station and just hoped to get through.

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We decided to stay overnight in Italy, not farĸo Venice, in a three-star hotel for 60 euros. Here there are also toll roads, but the system is different: you get on a toll road and take a ticket, and ĸwhen you exit it you pay for the ĸilometer on this ticket. For the entire trainĸ on the Italian roads we spent 80 euros.

Finally Rimini.

There was still a whole day off ahead, so we hurried to the sea. And on the first day we had to try the local prosciutto and pizza. The average dinner for two in Rimini is about 50 euros. There was one unresolved issue: where to leave the car? At one of the rented parĸovĸovĸ for the night asked for 20 euros, with a minimum of three nights. In our hotel they gave the same price. We decided to leave the car always under the boĸom. The hotel room looked fine, but it was quite small. We understood that we would have to work lying on the ĸ8↩ bed. On the beach the expenses did not end – all beds are paid, on 5 euros, and if with an umbrella, it is even more expensive. But water has pleased – warm, 26 degrees. And here on sand for a long time we did not manage to lie – very strong wind. The way out – to walk around the city.

In Rimini itself there is something to see, but for one or two days. Of course, the aesthetics of the Italian streets, shutters on the oĸnas and southern nature are striking, make you feel like a movie hero.

We worked during the day and explored in the evenings. In one evening we went to San Marino. The road was not easy, because ĸaĸaĸ this state is located on a mountain. The drive is not far (about 30 minutes), but very high. Steep turns and very narrow roads. We drove along the serpentine uphill, ĸ the most historical point of San Marino. The passenger’s ears were puffed up, his eyes widened with fear. At the top there was a paid park for tourists, and further on – on foot. Of course, the view is so breathtaking.

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