Phuket, Thailand: top attractions

17 delightful sights of Phuket


Paradise Island in the Kingdom of Thailand in addition to a fabulous vacation will give an unforgettable experience. Here you can do anything: visit ancient temples, loud discos or admire the amazing nature. The island, which is 30 kilometers long, offers entertainment for all tastes and wallets.

What can be seen in a day in Phuket

It’s important that if you’re visiting the sights on your own, you should choose the closest to each other places. The guidebook map will help in choosing a route. The first route begins from Patong Beach and includes a visit to the Suwan Khiri Ket Temple, which is easy to walk to. Then go to Cape Promtep and end the trip with a boxing match. What to see it, tickets are better to book in advance, there may be a long line.

Beaches of Phuket

Phuket is located in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean

The second option: start the journey from the Temple of the Big Buddha, then, the tourist should go to the show Simon Cabaret and at the end walk and go have fun on Bangla Road. If you have a couple of days, it is better to plan long journeys in the first half of the day and leave the evening for shows and other activities.

Unfortunately not all places can be visited on your own. After all, it’s not just the distance of a sight that matters, but its understanding and history. Long journeys are better to plan with a guide, visiting excursion routes will be accompanied by an interesting story and the comfort of the trip.

Where to go alone or with a tour in Thailand

It is better to visit on your own shows, viewing platforms. Those places where everything is clear. Temples, cultural monuments are the heritage of Thailand, visiting which you need to know the history. The tour will cost more, but the guide will tell the details, description, history of the city. After visiting will leave a feeling that we were able to touch history, not just visit a beautiful place.

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View of Phuket

In medieval times, the island was widely known as Jung Seylon or Chunk Seylon.

Beautiful and interesting places and attractions for photo shoots

Viewpoints. Almost every beach is equipped with its own, there you can watch the panorama of the city. The nature and reliefs will allow you to take beautiful pictures. Buildings and temples, monuments. Asian culture is unique and expressed by the decor of buildings. You can see a lot of interesting things just walking around the island.

The Sea. The beauty of the beaches is mesmerizing. Snow-white sand, royal palms and coconuts in their hands, no one leaves without these photos. The most famous and unusual beaches, where you have to go – Patong, Karon. On the secret beaches of the island you can completely escape from the problems and connect with nature. The island of Phuket took 8th place among the best islands in the world – an award 2016 Travellers’ Choice – Tripadvisor. You are also advised to visit the beautiful city of Pattaya.

Serasin Bridge.

A former automobile bridge linking the island to the mainland. Built for the 1970’s auto traffic no longer fulfills its function in today’s world.

Cape Promtep

Not far from Patong Beach is the southernmost point of the island. You can get there by yourself or as a group, the altitude is low at about 500 meters. Everyone who likes to enjoy the stunning view, take beautiful pictures of the bay and enjoy the sunset is right here.

Museum of Sea Shells

Opened by two brothers who spent forty years collecting a unique collection of shells. Giant, astonishing in appearance and the oldest, which are hundreds of millions in age are presented to visitors.

Night Market

You need to be prepared for a large number of people in the market and be extremely careful not to fall prey to pickpockets.

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Real Asian bazaar. Gives the opportunity to spend time interesting, to try the national cuisine is not adapted to the tourist and of course buy souvenirs, clothing. This is not a shopping center, there is a lot of life here.

Festival Park Shopping Center

If you are tired of the street life and want to get back to the measured shopping, without the intrusive traders – this is the best place. Two buildings connected by a passage are filled with boutiques, local brands and food courts.

Phuket Oceanarium

This themed attraction offers more than 150 species of fish. Large sharks, piranhas, rare endangered species. Recently at the aquarium was built 10 meter tunnel – which gives the feeling of walking on the seabed. It is a delight for children and adults alike.

3D museum

The owner of the new museum was born in Korea and opened a similar attraction not only in his homeland, but also in Thailand: in Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and on the island of Phuket.

You can have a great laugh and take amazing pictures against the background of 3D paintings of various themes. The world of optical illusions captivates, the average stay of three hours. It’s important not to forget your camera and better bring socks, shoes are not allowed inside the museum.

Bangla Road

It takes about 2 hours to walk along the raging and then frozen stream of water that runs along the bottom of the gorge.

Ordinary street in the daytime in Patong is transformed at 6 pm in a world of entertainment for all tastes. Street performers, musicians, transvestites, go-go girls and girls of easy virtue beckon to their shows. It’s like in the fable: if you go right you can rest easy, if you go left you can find adventure. The division by the sides means that on the right side there are relatively quiet places, where you can go with children. And on the left side there are other attractions for adults only.

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Boxing Stadium in Patong

Here you can see the amazing architecture, old buildings, as well as buy souvenirs from local artists

An interesting fact that fans of Thai boxing around the world is becoming more and more and most of the athletes taking part in the fights are from different countries

The largest arena in the southern part of Thailand. The first floor of the building is stylized as a stone cave with protruding rocks, on the second floor there are figures of boxers. According to the architects’ concept the facade of the building symbolizes the ancient roots of the Thai boxing.

Big Buddha in Phuket

The marble for the statue was brought from Burma, the only marble that the Thais believe reflects the whiteness of Buddhism.

Majestic 45 meters Buddha – the crown of the temple on the top of a meter high mountain Nakard. It is made of white marble whose particles reflected in the sun just dazzle.

Wat Chalong Temple

The main temple consists of three floors, it is worth climbing up each in order to admire the view and view the interior

The largest Buddhist temple on the island was built in the early 19th century. The Chedi Phra Mahathat Tower, erected to hold a sacred relic, part of the Buddha’s humerus, makes the complex unique.

Suwan Khiri Ket Temple

The main building of the temple is guarded by two large emerald green serpents, and the interior walls of the building, window panels and doors depict the life of the Buddha

For over a hundred years the temple opens its doors to all comers. A good location allows independent access for tourists who live in the area of Patong Beach. It consists of four small structures, decorated with paintings about the life of Buddha. In the middle is a sacred bell tower, to the surrounding area about the holiday or the beginning of prayer

Harat's Pub Concept. Freedom and dancing at the bar

Simon Cabaret.

Since 1991 in South Patong Beach in the shopping center Jung Ceylon opens its doors daily show Simon. A comfortable room with velvet armchairs takes the audience into a world of burlesque, dance and song. Girls-not-girls flaunt beautiful outfits brighter than a Brazilian carnival. The show includes copies of performances of world performers and original “signature” numbers. Lighting effects add color and festive atmosphere.

Old Town Phuket.

Maximum three-story buildings are mostly owned by natives, the first floors are cafes and souvenir shops

Go back a hundred years and feel the atmosphere of old Phuket is easy in Old Town. The old architecture with Chinese and Portuguese flavor amazes with its beauty. Where did Portugal and China come from in Thailand? Phuket used to be a tin mining town, with the Chinese coming to develop the mines and the local bigwigs sending their children to study in Portugal. This connection influenced the development of the city in the colonial style with Asian notes.

Monkey Mountain and observation deck

Accustomed to humans, they are eager to eat treats, so stock up, watching them is a pleasure

On the plus side, it’s free. You only have to pay for transportation. The mountain is five kilometers from the Festival Park, you can drive yourself or take a tuk-tuk. The route to the top on foot will take more than an hour and is quite difficult without preparation, because you need to go on the rise. But it is worth it: you will meet monkeys almost at the beginning of the route. It is important to take precautions. Keep everything of value out of the macaques’ sight, and do not make eye contact or tease.

Bang Pe Waterfall

To see Bang Pe you must enter Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, entrance costs 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children.

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You must wear comfortable shoes and have water in case you are thirsty and sweaty when walking through the tropical forest.

The tour allows you to walk through the jungle and swim in the cool water of a 15-meter waterfall. There is a kennel of gobbos in the reserve, and anyone who wishes has the opportunity to become a curator of the animal. The task of the volunteer will be to send a yearly stipend of 1500 baht for the ward and to inquire about its life. The sanctuary will issue documents confirming custody of the monkey.

Tiger Kingdom

A unique opportunity to be with rare animals without cages and chains. Stroke, play and just be with them. Wow! The fact that tigers are bred among humans since childhood, consider them part of their natural life. Nobody will leave them alone, all communication is going on under close supervision of the rangers. The allocation of animals is based on age. Babies, teens and adults. You can visit each of them individually, but it is more profitable to buy a season ticket, it is more economical.

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