Petrovac – a universal Black Sea resort


Petrovac is one of the best seaside resorts in Montenegro, which is perfect for a family vacation. It is quite a popular point on the tourist map of Europe, so it is highly recommended to book tickets and solve the accommodation issue, if you are planning a trip in the “high” season, in advance.

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Historical background

The people in the place of today’s Petrovac have been inhabited since ancient times, which is confirmed by the archaeological finds: Roman floor mosaics from the turn of the IV and III century BC, partly preserved walls of the villa and baths found behind the Church of St. Ilja.

After the fall of the mighty empire, the strategically convenient location of the bay was also appreciated by the local tribes. The first written evidence of the existence of a Slavic settlement on the Adriatic coast can be found in the “Chronicle of Priest Dukljanin”. Researchers assume that the document itself was created between the XII and the XVI century.

The last milestone is significant for the local history because at that time the future spa came under the rule of the Venetian Republic. The new rulers soon decided to erect an impregnable fortress on the rocky shore for protection against pirate raids. The fortress was named Castel Lastva, which was also the name of the tiny town nestled next to it.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the population was barely three hundred. The last ruler of the Kingdom of Serbia and the first monarch of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Petar I Karadjordjevic, had the highest command to change the name of Lasta to Petrovac. In the period between the two world wars, special guests from all parts of former Yugoslavia were welcomed here.

Today, the Budvan Riviera attracts tourists not only from Montenegro and neighboring countries, but also from the entire continent. At the dawn of the new millennium Petrovac was even supposed to become a place of James Bond’s exploits in the movie “Casino Royale”, but in the end, shooting for various reasons moved to the Czech Republic.

Rest in Petrovac

It is worth noting at once that the youth companies and lovers of noisy entertainment will probably find the local rhythm of life and daily routine not particularly appealing. There are no shopping centers, amusement parks and open bars in Petrovac, cafes and restaurants accept the last visitors at the hour of not too late dinner, and the only night club, located in the walls of the former Venetian fortress closes shortly after midnight.

But the tranquility and even some respectability of the place will be appreciated by couples who don’t crave each other’s privacy, and families with children. To determine whether this resort suits you, enough to start by answering the question: are you really need during the vacation karaoke bars and extreme attractions, if you are constantly surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and the winding streets of the old center and the surrounding area promises an interesting acquaintance with the history and culture of another country?

Petrovac town beach is almost 2 kilometers long, it is equipped with changing rooms and showers with fresh water, at the tower there are lifeguards on duty during the day. Along the waterfront has grown a whole scattering of all kinds of cafes, coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries, so you can not worry about food between water procedures. By the way, going into the sea is not particularly smooth, at a distance of 3-5 meters from the shore depth can be dangerous for children, so kids should always be kept under supervision.

Even at the peak of the summer season the cleanliness and condition of the territory do not cause criticism from holidaymakers. However, you should know that in July and August, because of the rather high “population density” in order to take a good place near the edge of the surf, you must come early. You can have a sunbath either on the rented sun-bed or for free – if you are not too lazy to grab your own beach mat from home. You can buy it at the local market, but don’t forget to pay attention to the density of the material, because you will have to lie on the pebbles, among which you can sometimes come across large stones.

But on Lucic “surface” is so fine that in some places it resembles sand. However, this place is mostly valued for its special charm. Stone cliffs, guarding the boundaries of the beach, covered with pine trees and may well serve as a viewing platform for lovers of seascapes with a huge perspective. The choice of establishments for a snack or a full meal is not so wide, but there are a couple of restaurants. From the center of Petrovac here leads not some goat tracks, where the visitors could easily get lost, but quite civilized asphalt road, wide enough even for the cars. The latter, however, not too many, and they do not hinder a pleasant walk.

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The road does not end near Lucice, it meanders in the shade of trees to lead the curious to Bulyarica. This wide and long stretch of beach is almost deserted compared to the more accessible beaches. Few holidaymakers are willing to spend about an hour on the way to the sea, especially taking into account the noticeable ascent. If you still dare to such a feat for the sake of solitude, do not forget to grab some food supplies, because there are no cafes or grocery stores in the area, but as far as the eye can see – covered with green rocks and waves of deep turquoise color.

To get acquainted with the water world more closely, the guests at the central beach offer to rent a catamaran or a boat, buy a ticket for a small boat cruise (some ships boast a transparent bottom, through which you can see the inhabitants of the depths) or go scuba diving.

Attractions of Petrovac

Once in the resort, it is impossible not to notice the stone bastion of the 16th century. It was built on a natural promontory overlooking the bay on the initiative of the Venetians, who owned the land of the Budvan Riviera at the time. At various times it served not only as a small garrison, but also as a storehouse for weapons, barrels of wine and olive oil, as a temporary prison for slaves before being shipped overseas, as an infirmary during epidemics and a prison for war criminals during the First World War. Today, a small museum with samples of Roman frescoes from ancient times and a memorial stele erected in memory of the citizens of the city and the whole country who died in the fierce battles remind us of the rich history. There is a panoramic view of Petrovac and the endless expanses of the sea from the observation deck. In the tourist season you will meet here a lot of people who want to have lunch in a restaurant and have fun in a night club, situated directly within the walls of the ancient fortress.

Not far from the shore the stony islands of Katic and Sveti Nedeli protrude from the sea depths. The first is interesting because of its lighthouse, and on the second a small church was built. If you believe the legend, it appeared by several sailors who miraculously escaped the rocky land after a terrible shipwreck, so it is considered the intercessor of the local conquerors of the elements. Those who want to see the picturesque islets up close can rent a catamaran or boat, you only have to travel a distance of about a kilometer on the water.

Not far from Bulyaritsa there is a medieval monastery Gradiste. During the centuries of its existence, it has suffered from the elements and human avarice many times, and the full reconstruction of the complex was completed only at the end of the last century. Church of St. Sava, Church of the Assumption and the Church of St. Nicholas are famous in Montenegro for the frescoes by recognized masters. Several generations of locals have come to the saints depicted there with prayers and gifts.

If you go from Petrovac in the opposite direction, you can take the picturesque promenade, sometimes diving into the cool stone tunnels, to another famous monastery, Rezhevici. Historical documents and folk lore testify that royal delegations sometimes passed over the Perazica Do bay, and some of the royal men even had a hand in the construction of churches on its premises. The complex was often the target of the Turkish raids, even the strong outer walls could not save from them; later it was ruined by the Venetians, but the greatest damage was inflicted during the Second World War. The Italian troops not only looted the property, but also set fire to the buildings that stood there since the Middle Ages. Today the architectural monument has been carefully restored and gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the skillfully created frescoes.

Culinary traditions

There are many places in Petrovac where they offer Italian pizza, American burgers, Chinese noodles and Japanese rolls. But at least once during your vacation you will surely want a national flavor.

You can explore the local cuisine in one of the many cafes and restaurants within the city. Its basis, not surprisingly, is the gifts of the sea and the land warmed by the southern sun, although Montenegrins do not abandon the beloved meat on the coast. Successive multinational empires and active trade relations led to borrowing recipes and cooking techniques. The result is a unique mix with an independent character.

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Connoisseurs of the freshest products will want to try a soup called “riblja chorba”, goulash of different kinds of fish, carp baked in cream, trout stuffed with prunes – the morning catch is on the table of the traveler by lunch of the same day. Seasonal vegetables are often combined with meat in all kinds of casseroles or serve separately as an unusual appetizer. A real specialty of the country are local cheeses, which are produced mainly from goat and sheep milk.

To wash down a hearty meal you will be offered a cup (or even more) of black coffee which Montenegrins were addicted to under the influence of the Ottomans. Vranac wine is not a bad option, but the strong drinks are represented by rakija and lozovac.


In recent years in Petrovac appeared a lot of options for accommodation for foreign guests. About 300 hotels and apartments in various classes are offering their services to tourists. In addition to accommodation, the cost of rooms, as in any resort city, affects the proximity to the sea and the specific dates – at the peak of the sea season price is substantially higher than in early spring or late fall.

For example, with a winter reservation in June there is an opportunity to rent a double room with private bathroom, which will cost from fifteen hundred rubles per day. A night in a five-star hotel for two with breakfast on the same dates will cost more than 14 thousand.

Using specialized resources will allow you to filter the possible options according to your personal preferences (air conditioning, pool, terrace, kitchen, and so on). Keep in mind, however, that the number of available places decreases rapidly over time, so do not procrastinate in choosing.


There is no need for public transport in the city itself due to its compact size, but there is a cab service for those who hate walking. There are well developed connections with neighboring settlements: buses go to Kotor every hour, and to Budva and Bar – twice as often.

If you plan to travel to other cities, available option to rent a car. Please note that parking on the streets, except for small areas near the bus station and the stadium, is strictly prohibited. Vehicles of offenders are promptly evacuated and the ransom from the impound will cost at least a hundred euros.

How to get there

Petrovac is located at an equal distance from two international airports, but even from the Russian capital directly to Podgorica, the first of them, it is impossible, unless it is a charter flight, so our compatriots choose another option. Aeroflot, S7 Airlines and Montenegro Airlines fly from Moscow to Tivat, with a travel time of about three and a half hours. From St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Sochi you can fly with a change at Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo (depending on the airline chosen).

The trip from Tivat will take about an hour. In most hotels you can order a shuttle service for an extra fee, so you will save yourself from having to look for a boarding place and wait for a suitable route. This option is especially relevant if your flight arrives at night, because after 11 p.m. public transport stops running. But at other times it is quite possible to get there on your own. The nearest bus stop is 200 meters away from the terminal; here you can catch a bus to Budva, from where you will have to change directly to Petrovac. Since the airport is only 3 km from the city, it makes sense to get to its center and easily buy a ticket at the bus station directly to your destination for 4-6 euros.

Petrovac in Montenegro: recreation and attractions of the resort

Travel to Montenegrin resorts is available to tourists with different income. If you are planning a vacation, pay attention to the small, cozy town of Petrovac (Montenegro). In reviews, travelers often award the city with different epithets – picturesque, well-kept, friendly. It is believed that Petrovac is the perfect place for a measured, unhurried vacation with children. However, the city has interesting sights, so if you get bored just lying on the beach, you will find something to do to vary your stay in Montenegro.

Petrovac, Montenegro

General Information

Petrovac is situated near Budva (17 kilometers to the south) in the heart of the Adriatic coast. Its population is only 1.5 thousand people, not surprising that in high season the number of tourists tens times more than the number of local people.


The town is situated in a picturesque place, surrounded by olive groves and pine forests, thanks to which the climate in Petrovac is mild and comfortable. Families with children come here, and in addition, the resort is loved by Montenegrin citizens.

Useful information! Petrovac is a quiet town, where all the entertainment facilities are closed by 12 o’clock at night.

Nevertheless, Petrovac na Moru is not a boring town. Not far from the city’s Riviera, you can admire grottoes in the rocks, where there are many secluded romantic spots for bathing. The main attraction is the Venetian fortress, built in the 16th century. During the day you can take beautiful pictures from its walls, and at night there is a discotheque. In front of Petrovac there are two small islands, so you can take a tour there.

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A cape and a view of the sea in Petrovac

Photo: Petrovac, Montenegro

A few interesting facts

Peter I Karageorgevich

  1. The popularity of the city is due to the comfortable geographical location. From three sides Petrovac in Montenegro is surrounded by mountains, and the village itself is located in a picturesque bay, so there is never any wind here.
  2. The first settlements on the site of modern Petrovac appeared in the 3rd century BC, as evidenced by the mosaics of the Roman period, located near the village of Krsh Medinski.
  3. In the 16th century, in the north of the bay was built fortress Kastel Lastva, whose main purpose is the protection of pirates. Peter I Karageorgevich.
  4. The modern name – Petrovac – the city in Montenegro was given in the first half of the 20th century, the city was named after the monarch Petar I Karadjordjevic.
  5. On the main street of Petrovac the main life of the city is concentrated, there are many souvenir shops, stores, private bakeries and small pastry shops.
  6. Prices for food and meals are the same as in Budva. There is also a market selling fresh fish.
  7. There is fast food in Petrovac, but it is not the usual McDonald’s, but dishes grilled by locals. Tasty and healthy.

Beach recreation in Petrovac

Petrovac Riviera is represented by several beaches.

  • The main one, which stretches along the entire resort (700 m). Pebbly, the descent into the water is quite steep – at a distance of 3 meters from the shore for children is already deep. On the coast there is everything you need for a comfortable holiday – sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and toilets, places where you can eat. City Beach
  • Lucice is a 10 minute walk from the city beach. It is more picturesque than the city beach, the descent into the sea is shallow, there is parking at the entrance, but for a fee you can drive to the beach. Lucice Beach

The two beaches are connected by an asphalt road. Set of two sun beds, an umbrella costs about 15 euros. If necessary, you can buy mattresses or mats right on the beach, the average cost is 15 euros.

Useful to know! There are no hotels on Lucica, it’s actually a wild stretch of coast, it has managed to preserve the picturesque nature. There is a water slide on the beach, ending with a pool hollowed out right in the stone.

Riviera Petrovac in Montenegro receives guests from mid-spring to mid-autumn, so you can swim in the sea for seven months.

More information about the beaches of Petrovac is available here.

Sights of Petrovac in Montenegro

Beach recreation in Petrovac is not the only thing for which tourists go to Montenegro. The main historical value of the city is the ancient Venetian fortress Kastello. From the observation deck there is a wonderful view of Petrovac.

Church on the island of Sveti Nedeli

Church on the island of Holy Week

Also of interest is a small church, preserved on the island of Sveti Nedeli. According to one legend, it guards all sailors. The temple was built on the donations of sailors, and the idea belongs to a Dutch sailor, he managed to escape in a storm on the island.

A few kilometers from Petrovac is situated the monastic complex Gradiste, dating back to the 14th century.

Another interesting landmark is the Rezhevici Church, which dates back to the 13th century.

Useful information! Travelers to Montenegro, once in Petrovac, take a boat trip along the coast to see the resort from the sea and the neighboring island Sveti Stefan. If you wish, you can rent a spoon with a transparent bottom.

Petrovac night

Petrovac night

On a rented motorboat you can take a trip to a secluded bay and relax in peace and quiet. By the way, many tourists use this opportunity to celebrate a birthday or other holiday. It is said that in Petrovac the air is full of healing substances, so during the trip you can also improve your health.

Another opportunity to diversify your trip to Petrovac and make it memorable is to combine your trip with the Petrovac Night, a fun event that takes place every year on the last day of August.

Fortress of Kastello

The ancient landmark is a symbol of the city of Petrovac in Montenegro. It is located on a high cliff in the north of the resort and is washed on three sides by the waters of the Adriatic.

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Tourist attractions at the fortress:

  • observation deck;
  • museum;
  • stele;
  • cannon.

The museum has a collection of mosaics, paintings and wall paintings from the Roman period. Individual specimens date back to the 3rd century B.C.

The upper part of the landmark is both an observation deck and a memorial with two cannons and a stele in honor of the soldiers who died during the World War. The observation deck is definitely worth climbing up to see the city in all its glory, the sea and the bay.

Kastello Fortress, Petrovac

In high season in the fortress there is a night club with the same name, which is well known to all Montenegrins. Of course, after visiting the disco, it is difficult to imagine that a few centuries ago the fortress housed slaves, who were sold to different parts of the world.

Here is an interesting fact! At night, the fortress is beautifully illuminated. Here quite often themed events are held, aimed at Russian-speaking tourists.

For several centuries the fortress was a model of impregnability and security. In different years the building was used as an infirmary and a military prison. Today there is a pier on one side of the fortress, which serves as a pier. Therefore, you can get to the territory of the fortress from the sea or go on an excursion to the neighboring islands.

Gradiste Monastery, Petrovac

The landmark is rightly considered the most famous Orthodox church in Montenegro. The monastic complex Gradiste is located near the town of Petrovac and is the most important architectural, historical and religious monument, where the unique medieval frescoes have been preserved.

It was founded in the 11th century, but the first records in the history books date back only to the 14th century. In the 18th century as a result of the invasion of the Turkish army the church was badly damaged and during the war it was burnt down. Only at the end of the 19th century the site was partially restored, five years later – in 1979 – an earthquake again destroyed the relic. By 1993 the church was completely restored and consecrated.

Hradiste Monastery, Montenegro

The modern monastic complex consists of:

The Church of St. Sava is built at the entrance on the site of an older church. There are old frescos from the 17th century and a carved iconostasis from the 19th century.

Good to know! The monastery complex is protected by the international organization UNESCO.

To get to the temple, it is most convenient to take a cab and move towards Bara, pass through the tunnel, after 3.5 km there will be the monastery complex. Another way to travel is to rent a car.

On a side note: see what to see in Budva and the surrounding area in this article.

The Rezhevici Monastery Complex, Montenegro

The attraction is located at the foot of Mount Voshtanitsa. Today, tourists can visit:

  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary;
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity;
  • the cells of the monks;
  • outbuildings.

The complex is surrounded by a picturesque olive grove.

There are several versions of the name of the complex – Rezhevichi. Here are the three main ones. The name comes from the name of the clan Rezhevichi, who live there. According to the second legend, the name of the temple is associated with the stream Rezhevich, which flows near the site. The third legend is the most romantic – the name is associated with the sharp northern wind, which literally cuts everything.

The complex is fully restored, the work done is huge and unique. The walls of the temple are decorated with ancient frescoes and paintings.

The Rezhevici Monastery Complex, Petrovac

Good to know! The main attraction of the temple is the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as a ritual cross that dates back to 1850.

Near the temple there is an observation deck of unusual shape – terraces are made of stone. A lot of newlyweds come here to take pictures.

Today the Rezhevici monastery is active, you can attend services, pray and take part in a common meal.

Not all tourists know about this attraction in Petrovac. However, the Roman Mosaic of Montenegro has a high cultural, historical significance.

Roman mosaic, Montenegro

It is located not far from the temple of St. Thomas. The remains of the Roman construction were discovered in 1902, in the settlement of Mirishta. Since then, archaeological excavations have been carried out there. However, none of the excavations have been completed for various reasons.

The Ancient Roman building dates back to the 4th century, and the area of the floor mosaics is about 1 thousand m2. The mosaic pattern is made of stones of six different shades. In addition to the mosaics we can find the workshop, where the harvest of olives was processed, and the ritual bath.

Good to know! The landmark is in a half-forgotten state, new buildings have been built around it, the space inside has been overgrown with grass and there are no signposts. Therefore, you will have to wander through the streets behind the temple of St. Thomas in order to find it.

Hotels in Petrovac

There are not so many hotels in this small resort town, but there are plenty of cottages and villas. The most expensive accommodation is located right on the beach, and the cost of rent decreases as you get further from the sea.

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Hotel terrace, Montenegro

Good to know! The tourist houses are located on slopes and rise amphitheatrically, so if you are planning to rent a cheap accommodation, be ready to walk to the sea and back.

The few hotels and private villas, of which there are many more, offer travelers several vacation format options:

  • full board;
  • a choice of breakfast or dinner.

Rates for accommodation depends on different factors:

  • distance from the sea;
  • the status of housing;
  • seasonality.

Rent a simple room will cost from 10 euros per person, and a room in a 5-star hotel costs from 1500 euros. Double room in a three-star hotel costs from 27 euros.

Double room in a 5* hotel

Double room in a 5* hotel

In high season lodging prices can double, for example, a room in the low season is 10 euros, in July and August for her already have to pay 20 euros.

Hotels 3 and 4 stars in Petrovac are about two dozen, the total capacity of approximately 3 thousand seats. In the private sector there are more than 100 villas with a capacity of over 30 thousand beds.

Cafes and restaurants

It is not at all necessary to overpay in a hotel or villa for extra meals. In Petrovac there is a large selection of inexpensive cafes and fashionable restaurants with a varied menu and you can eat well on any budget.

Cafe in Petrovac

An inexpensive snack at a cafe on the shore will cost a few euros. In addition, you can have a tasty and nourishing meal on the beach, because in Petrovac as well as in other resorts, by the sea carry corn, donuts, hamburgers, pies, pizza, ice cream and other goodies. The cost per dish ranges from 1 to 3 euros.

As for the choice of restaurant, with this, too, there is no problem. For example, on the beach there is a restaurant on the slope of the mountain, with a picturesque view of the city and the sea. Lunch or dinner in restaurants in Petrovac will cost on average 30-40 euros for two.

Weather and climate

Petrovac Weather

The main feature of Petrovac is a convenient geographical location, so the resort is always quiet and there are no winds. This is why Petrovac has the longest tourist season among the beach locations in Montenegro.

Useful information! Peak months when the number of tourists is greatest – July and August.

In the second half of summer the air warms up to a year’s record of +29 degrees and the sea – +25 degrees. It gets warm in Petrovac as early as mid-spring, so the resort is a great place to spend the May holidays. In September in Petrovac begins the velvet season – the air is still warm, as well as the sea, but the number of travelers noticeably decreases.

How to get to Petrovac

Petrovac resort is situated approximately at the same distance from the airport in Tivat and the airport in the capital of Montenegro Podgorica. You can get to the city by bus or cab. The bus station, where all the buses arrive, is located one kilometer from the beach, the way is easily found by the signs.

Tivat Airport

There are regular buses to Petrovac from many cities in Montenegro: Budva and Kotor, Becici and Tivat, Danilovgrad, Cetinje and Niksic. The fare ranges from 2 to 5 euros.

For a cab ride will have to pay about 30 euros. In addition, every airport in Montenegro has car rental shops, so it is not difficult to rent a car.


Petrovac, Montenegro is one of the most popular resorts, where tourists flock to during the spring and summer periods. The town is surrounded by picturesque nature – pine forests, mountains and olive groves. It is very quiet and peaceful, so Petrovac is a traditional resort for a family trip.

Petrovac Beach

The town will also please the admirers of historical monuments, because there are unique sights from the early Christian period. If your goal is beach relaxation, Petrovac offers clean comfortable beaches, equipped with everything you need.

Small video about trip to Petrovac:

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