Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

When is the best time to go on vacation in Pattaya?

The most loose and flamboyant resort of Thailand, where freedom is literally in the air, is Pattaya, a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, located 165 km from the capital. Read our Travel Calendar article explaining why December to March is the best time to visit the resort.

Pattaya - perhaps the most debauched and party resort in Thailand, a world of bright exotic and unlimited opportunities

Pattaya is probably the most debauched and partying resort in Thailand, a world of vibrant exotics and unlimited opportunities

Tourist season in Pattaya

Pattaya was once a humble fishing village. That all changed during the war with Vietnam: thanks to the American soldiers this place acquired a reputation as a center of entertainment for adults, which has remained behind the city until today. Moreover, today Pattaya is recognized as the capital of Asian adult industry, and according to the news agency “RBC”, leads the palm in the ranking of the most depraved cities in the world. Entertainment is mainly represented by go-go dancing, rocking parties, massage parlors, beer parlors, etc. However, do not forget that Pattaya is located on the coast, and although the beaches of the resort can not boast impeccable cleanliness and do not reach the high standards of the rest of Thailand, active water activities are presented here in a large variety. Pattaya’s hot climate and off-season specialization has resulted in a year-round tourist season at the resort.

High Season

Between November and March, Pattaya becomes a veritable buzzing beehive, which is when the resort is in high season. The prolonged period of rain is over. The exhausting heat falls – it is time for unbridled fun. The prices for stays and hotel accommodation can be up to 4 times higher than in low season. In addition, most hotel rooms are booked at least two months in advance. Therefore it is recommended to resort to the service of early booking of hotels, as well as tours. In the latter case, it gives a good economic effect. Since Pattaya, despite the desire of the new authorities to get rid of the reputation of the resort for adults, continues to offer immodest “entertainment for adults,” the main tourist flow here is represented by young people and single men of pre-retirement and retirement age. But it should be noted that the daytime Pattaya night – different, in the daylight hours here all pretty decent, and, most importantly, there is something to see. Therefore, the resort is so beloved by many couples vacationing here with their children. As a rule, for 4 months of heavy tourist traffic, the number of Pattaya’s population increases by about 2 times. First, in the city the lowest prices in Thailand for accommodation and food (especially seafood). Secondly, the kingdom’s largest hotel base. Well, thirdly, transport accessibility: running a few charter flights from Moscow, and remoteness from the airport in Bangkok is very small.

Low season

From April to October is a clear low season, manifested in a decline in tourist activity and lower hotel prices. During this period you can get a trip to Pattaya for ridiculous money. As is known, the main cost of the tour in Thailand is airfare (about 70%), the rest is set aside for the hotel. In periods of low demand airlines reduce airfares, as a result summer tours in Pattaya are offered by tour operators at very “tasty” prices. However, many are still afraid to fly to the resort during the wet season. And in vain, because the peak of rainfall is in May and the first two months of autumn. During the rest of the time the amount of rainfall is not critical. In addition, they usually fall at night. The only point – the humidity level in the low season is very high, so the rest at this time will be suitable only for tourists who can tolerate the stuffiness.

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Beach season in Pattaya

From December to February in Pattaya is the height of the bathing season.

Beaches with the “bounty syndrome” in Pattaya are not available, and the water quality leaves much to be desired. But with entertainment and water sports here are in full order. On a local sandy coast rest unpretentious tourists, all the rest go to the neighboring island, which is 40-45 minutes by boat. The beach season lasts all year round, when the water temperature ranges from +27…+29 °C. However, in tropical countries on the possibility of swimming the water temperature has no effect. Much more important is the excitement of the sea and its condition. Due to the location of the resort in a closed bay and protected from the winds by a dense ring of mountains, there are no natural disasters in the form of strong storms and hurricanes, even in summer, during the monsoon season. However, the best conditions for swimming are still observed in the “cold” period, from December to February, when the ratio of water temperatures (+27 ° C) and air (+31 ° C) is optimal.

The best time for excursions

Winter in Pattaya is the best time to go sightseeing

Leisure in Pattaya – among other things, a lot of excursions, which together added up to more than 55. In addition to visiting local attractions (such as a crocodile farm, tropical garden “Nong Nuch”, Khmer temples, etc.) here you will be offered trips and cruises to tourist sites located in neighboring resorts and islands. Often tourists choose a package to Pattaya in combination with Bangkok, with Bangkok and Samui or with Bangkok and Krabi, therefore, starting from the desire to choose the best time to participate in the sightseeing programs, you should also consider the beach component. In this case, as the best time to get acquainted with the city Tour Calendar sees the period from December to late February – not too hot and dry enough.

Time of holidays and festivals

The most colorful festivals and holidays take place in Pattaya in spring and autumn, try to visit at least one of them.

The most colorful festivals and holidays take place in Pattaya in spring and autumn, try to visit at least one of them.

Pattaya, as part of Thailand, obligatorily celebrates all the public holidays of the Kingdom, which you can read here. Local festivals and celebrations are no less colorful. There are many of them, but especially I would like to single out the International Music Festival in March, the Pattaya Carnival, which is traditionally held in April, the Wan Lai Festival in the same month as the Thai New Year, the July Marathon, the October buffalo race in Chonburi, and the Loi Krathong holiday of light on the day of the full moon in November.

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Climate in Pattaya

Pattaya has a hot tropical climate with high temperatures throughout the year. It is more stable than the rest of Thailand, and the monsoon season, which lasts from May to November, is less pronounced than in the island resorts. From December to April, the dry season lasts, characterized by a decrease in relative humidity.

Pattaya in Spring

In spring the weather in Pattaya is not the most comfortable - the heat is compounded by high humidity, so there is no fresh air at this time of year

In spring the weather in Pattaya is not the most comfortable – the heat is compounded by high humidity, so there is no fresh air at this time of year

Spring in Pattaya is quite humid and hot. In the first two months of the season there is little precipitation, but the thermometer steadily rises. In April at midday it can reach +35 ° C. The evenings are no relief as the air cools down to only +27 °C. The water in the sea is very warm, so swimming in it, unfortunately, does not have a refreshing effect. Moreover the already unclean water in the city and the 28°C temperature may be a good carrier of various infections, so if you decide to have a beach holiday be careful about where you choose. Rainfall becomes heavier in May and marks the beginning of the tropical rainy season, averaging 13 days of the month.

March Weather April Weather May Weather
Average temperature +29 +31 +30
Daytime temperature +33 +34 +33
Nighttime temperature +25 +27 +26
Water temperature +28 +30 +30
Rain 3 days 6 days 13 days

Pattaya in Summer

In summer it is still hot in Pattaya, and to be in the sun in the midday hours is quite unsafe

Summer in Pattaya is still hot, and it becomes quite unsafe to be in the sun during the midday hours

The summer months are characterized by quite hot weather. The average daily temperatures are slightly lower than in spring, and the monthly precipitation is almost 1.5 times less than in May, nevertheless the relative humidity reaches maximum values, so this weather is extremely hard to bear. The sun is less active as it retreats into the northern hemisphere, but even on a cloudy day it is very deceptive – sunbathing under the open sky for a couple of hours can provide the skin with a guaranteed sunburn. Sea temperature at this time is +28 … +29 °C, most often it is not suitable for swimming because of the high level of pollution.

Weather in June July Weather August weather
Average temperature +30 +29 +29
Daytime temperature +33 +32 +32
Nighttime temperature +27 +26 +26
Water temperature +30 +29 +29
Rain 11 days 13 days 13 days

Pattaya in Autumn

In the fall it often rains in Pattaya, the daytime temperatures are high, and by the evening the temperature drops only a few degrees.

Autumn in Pattaya often rains, with high temperatures during the day that drop only a few degrees by evening

September and October are the second surge of monsoon activity. Torrential rains are charged almost daily, mostly in the afternoon and at night. As a rule they pass within an hour, so everything dries up in the morning. The sea is not very rough, but the water is quite muddy and we can’t talk about comfortable swimming. In the evenings there is still the unbearable heat, which softens a little with the onset of November. This month is a transitional month in terms of weather, considering the beginning of a “cool” dry season.

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Weather in September Weather in October Weather in November
Average temperature +29 +28 +27
Daytime temperature +32 +31 +31
Nighttime temperature +25 +24 +23
Water temperature +29 +29 +29
Rain 17 days 14 days 8 days

Pattaya in Winter

In winter the weather is finally nice, it is a pleasure to swim in the sea, and in the evenings there is a refreshing breeze

In winter the weather is finally nice, it’s a pleasure to swim in the sea and in the evenings there is a refreshing breeze.

Winter in Pattaya is the most favorable climatic season. It rains very rarely, and as a result the humidity level finally decreases and becomes more or less close to normal. Temperatures remain high during the day, which at this time is fairly easily tolerated. In spite of the 8-hour sunny day the evenings are cool: in the evening the mercury column goes down to +21…+23 °C, which allows for an active lifestyle at night. Climatic changes also apply to sea water, it becomes cooler +26 … +27 ° C, and it is quite comfortable conditions for swimming.

Weather in December Weather in January Weather in February
Average temperature +27 +27 +28
Daytime temperature +31 +32 +32
Nighttime temperature +22 +22 +24
Water temperature +28 +27 +28
Rain 1 day 1 day 3 days

What are the prices for holidays in Pattaya?

Learn the current prices for vacations in Pattaya, you can on the leading sites to choose the best tours, excursions and airline tickets.

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Pattaya is the energy of drive and the atmosphere of entertainment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the best conditions for recreation at the resort reign in the winter months, as well as in early spring. Tour Calendar hopes that this article has answered all your questions about the timing of a vacation at this resort.

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

Pattaya is one of the most touristy cities in Thailand, visited by travelers from all over the world, because of the perfect combination of entertainment, the beauty of the beaches and the charm of Thai culture. This city boasts magnificent Buddhist temples and long beaches on wild islands. Pattaya is one of the main centers of Thai nightlife, where there is no shortage of clubs and a variety of entertainment.

Here is all the information about Pattaya: where to go, when to go and what to see.

Travel info: useful information

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

1. travel information: useful information

– Population : 104,318 people. – Language : Thai – Local currency : Thai Baht (EUR 1.00 = 35.75 Baht) – Climate : Tropical, average temperature 25/32 °C. – Time Zone : GMT + 7 (+6 hrs compared to Italy) – Entry requirements : Passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages required. – Safety information: Quiet city, especially in large areas. Avoid the outskirts, which are less frequented by tourists, because of possible thefts. The spread of prostitution has led to the subsequent spread of AIDS, so necessary precautions are recommended. Visit the section on the Farnesina website.

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– Nearest airports: Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok (124 km), if you travel from other parts of Thailand, the most convenient airport is U-Tapao (38 km).

– Travel/Health Insurance: Recommended. With us you will get 10% discount, full coverage, 24-hour medical insurance and unlimited phone consultations.

2. Where is it located

Pattaya is located in the north of the east coast of Thailand overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, about 130 km from Bangkok. Off the coast are the islands of Ko Lan (12 km) and Ko Pai (23 km). How to get there and how to travel

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

2. Where is it located

– By air: You must arrive at Bangkok airport and then take a bus or other flight to U-Tapao airport. The direct flight lasts 9 hours, with a connection in Dubai 15 hours.

– From Bangkok: Airport cabs are the fastest way, (90 minutes – 1200 baht / 33.00 euros) and Bell Travel Service buses will take you longer, but cheaper (2 hours – 250 baht / 7.00 euros). ). Buses leave the city all day every 30 minutes from Ekamai and Morchit bus stations (2 hours – 130 baht / 3.65 euros). – How to get around: in a Tuk-Tuk – a colorful cab on three wheels, open on the sides. The fare is paid to the driver at the end of the trip and you can even haggle with him.

3. When to go? Information about the climate and the best time to go

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

3. When to go? Information about climate and best time to go

– Climate: tropical, warm all year round with temperatures between 25 and 32°C , characterized by a dry and rainy season. The sea temperature remains constant throughout the year between 28 to 30 ° C. – The best period is from December to April, which is the dry season. During this period, the temperature is slightly lower, but still warm, and very few rainy days are expected. – Period to avoid: May to November, months of the rainy season, when it rains a lot and temperatures are very high. Also, September to November is a risk area for tropical cyclones.

4. Ten things to see in and around Pattaya

1 . The Temple of Truth, an unfinished Hindu-Buddhist temple of unusual shape, built entirely of wood with Asian ornaments. 2. The Sukhawadi is an elegant palace with luxurious living rooms and rooms . It is surrounded by large well-kept gardens on the outside. 3. Mount Phra Tamnak and the Big Buddha, a hill with a panoramic view of the city. A huge golden statue of Buddha, which can be reached by a long staircase. 4. Art in Paradise, an interactive museum with optical illusions and three-dimensional effects to create funny pictures. The themes are different: art, safari, fantasy, dinosaurs, games.

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

4. Ten things to see in and around Pattaya

5. Floating Market – One of the largest floating markets in Thailand is 114 colorful boats floating on the water, full of Thai food and agricultural products, handicrafts. 6. Pattaya Beach is a long beach, the busiest in the city as it is close to the center, close to many restaurants and clubs.

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7. Jomtien Beach is a beach with typical tropical features with clean sand, crystal clear sea and big palm trees around. 8. Beach Road – The promenade of Pattaya which has markets, kiosks, street food, restaurants, various clubs, and night life.

9. Walking Street is the heart of entertainment, Go Go bars, and various establishments that can cater to every kind of visitor. 10. Ko Lan, Ko Hrok (Ko Phai) and Ko Sak are three paradise islands where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, ideal for snorkeling, especially on the beaches of Tong Lang and Had Ta Yai.

5. What to see in Pattaya in one day: recommended itinerary

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

5. What to see in Pattaya in a Day: Recommended Itinerary

The city can be explored in one day, enjoying the beauties during the day and the nightlife in the evening. Be sure to spend time at one of the beaches and see the city’s sights. If this is your first time in Pattaya and Thailand, take a day trip from Bangkok with shuttle service.

09:30 – Temple of Truth 10:30 – Sukhawadi 11:30 – Mount Phra Tamnak 12:00 – Big Buddha 13:00 – Floating Market 15:00 – Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Beach Road 20:00 – Dinner and Walking Street

6. What to do in the evening: information about nightlife

Pattaya is a Thai city for nightlife lovers. Its main nightlife hub is Walking Street, a long street with discotheques and Go Go bars everywhere . Go Go bars are often sought by tourists visiting Pattaya to relax and watch shows featuring men, women, and transvestites.

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

6. What to do in the evening: information about nightlife

– Club Mistys , Walking Street, Soi 15 – Detour – Heaven Above , Walking Street, Soi Diamond – Detour – New Living Dolls 1 , Walking Street, Soi Happy – Detour – Sweet Hearts Pattaya , in the heart of Woking Street – Detour – Shark Club , Walking Street, Soi 15 – Detour

7. Activities, Sightseeing and Tours. How much does it cost to visit Pattaya? Prices, Tips & Tricks

Pattaya, Thailand. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

7. Activities, Excursions, and Tours. How much does it cost to visit Pattaya? Prices, offers and tips

The cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in Italy, although in Pattaya itself, prices are slightly higher than in other cities in Thailand. In any case, for dinner in street stalls you will spend less than 2 euros, and in a mid-level restaurant – about 15 euros . The cost of living in a hostel is from 5 euros per night, in hotels and B&Bs – from 10 euros. As for transportation, you can travel a few kilometers for 1 euro by tuk-tuk (a typical Asian mode of transport). Excursions are inexpensive and start at 20.00/30.00 euros per person. If you choose a tour: flight + hotel, then a week in high tourist season with accommodation, including meals, will cost about 600.00 euros.

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