Paradiski, France: a ski resort that will impress and delight

“Ski Paradise” Paradiski is a new French winter resort

Named Paradiski, “skier’s paradise,” this resort has been around since relatively recently. In December 2003 the largest in Europe Vanoise Express aerial tramway with double-decker trolleys was launched. Since then, the resorts of Les Arcs, La Plagne and the ski area of Pezet-Vallandry were combined into a large skiing area,


Paradiski, photo -NINETIMES-

The name Paradiski literally means: “skiing paradise”. This resort has existed for a relatively short time. In December 2003 the largest in Europe Vanoise Express aerial tramway with double-decker cars was launched. Since then, the resorts of Les Arc, La Plagne and the ski area Peisey-Vallandry were merged into a large ski area, which became the second largest and most important ski area in the world.


In Paradiski you can ski on two glaciers. There are only 425 km of slopes of varying difficulty with an altitude difference of 1200 m to 3250 m in the skiing area.


Paradiski, photo by Philip Milne

All slopes in Paradiski are very well groomed and equipped, there are almost 150 elevators there. There are marked slopes for all categories of skaters. Each resort in the region has several ski stations. A total of two dozen stations greet seasoned athletes and beginners alike in the “ski paradise” of Paradiski. There are various differentiated skipasses in the area, giving tourists the most convenient and profitable options.


Paradiski, photo by Olga Yakovina

There are skiing and snowboarding slopes of all levels, special mogul and freestyle slopes. The strongest skiers are taught on Aiguille Rouge, the professionals also ski on two glaciers: La Chiaupe and Varet. The most famous is the Flying Kilometre which is located on the northern slope of the Aiguille Rouge. Athletes set amazing speed records on this slope – its slope is 76 degrees.


Paradiski, photo by Sjoerd van Oosten

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There are 12 green and 132 blue slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers. Part of the slopes are on gentle slopes surrounded by woodland. There are 29 “black” slopes. The length of the tracks for flat skiing is fifteen kilometers. The tracks are served by more than 600 snow guns. The slopes during the day are well lit by the sun. On the glaciers all year round.



Paradiski, photo by Daniel Wendell

There are four snow parks, two halfpipes and two brodercross slopes in Paradiski. Vacationers are offered flights on trikes, paragliding, dog and horse sledding, rock climbing at freezing waterfalls and an artificial ice tower, hiking in snowshoes. Tourists are offered a unique winter attraction – self-guided ski lift.


Paradiski, photo by Daniel Wendell

In La Plagne, guests are invited to winter forest walks with picnics by the fire. There, in La Plagne, is the Olympic bobsleigh track, the only bobsleigh complex in the country. Luge enthusiasts have the opportunity to go around 19 turns of a 1.5-meter chute, either on an automatic sled or accompanied by a pilot. On the territory of Paradiski there are two national reserves – you can go there with a guide.


Paradiski, photo by Daniel Wendell

For an “après-ski” vacation, Paradiski guests are invited to sports centers and indoor courts, game halls. Disco clubs, bars, supermarkets and shopping malls are open every day. Vacationers are offered classic entertainment: discos, movies, plays, ski shows. Local restaurants offer traditional French cuisine, as well as Swiss and Italian cuisine.


Paradiski, photo by rick_perkins

How to get there

Transport accessibility Paradiski resorts is convenient. The nearest railway station, Bourg Saint Maurice is 15 km away. Lyon Airport 220 km, Geneva 200 km.

Paradiski France

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Slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all ski levels, specialized slopes for freestyle and mogul skiers. Ideal skiing conditions for beginners: the ski school in Les Arcs is considered the best in France, many easy slopes.

  • Slopes, km
  • Easy 21
  • Medium 222,6
  • Difficult 176,4
  • Elevators
  • rope tow lifts 65
  • funicular 16

Paradiski offers 425 km of ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty (11 green, 123 blue, 65 red, 37 black), located at altitudes from 1200 to 3250 meters and equipped with 160 elevators. In Paradiski, there are 3 peaks higher than 3 thousand meters and 2 glaciers.

The resort of La Plagne lies at an altitude of 1250-3250 meters, and the ski area includes 4 alpine villages: Em, Bellentre, Champagne-en-Vanoise and Mako la Plagne. In La Plagne, there are 225 km of pistes of varying degrees of difficulty: 18 black, 33 red, 69 blue and 10 green.

Pezet-Vallandry resort is located on the territory of 5 alpine villages: Landry, Pezet, Nancroix, Vallandry and Plan-Pezet, and Les Arcs is located on the territory of 4: they are Arcs-1600, Arcs-1800, Arcs-1950 and Arcs-2000.

The resort of Pezet-Vallandry has 25 slopes of varying degrees of complexity: 1 green, 13 blue, 9 red, 2 black, in Les Arcs – 82 slopes: 42 blue, 23 red, 17 black. Both resorts are combined into one ski area.

The main ski area above the Arches “1600” and “1800” – slopes of the top of the Aiguille Grieve. There is a whole network of trails of all categories of complexity. Fans of difficult slopes can head to the slope of Aiguille Rouge.

Black slope in Villaroge is considered a record in Europe in terms of height difference (about 2000 m). It reaches 16 km in length. And right on the northern slope of the peak is the famous Flying Kilometre, where absolute speed records have been set.

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The most difficult in La Plagne is the 15 km-long direct descent from the Bellecote Glacier to the village of Monchavin below. The difference in elevation is 2 km.

Park skiing. Snowboard, new-school, freestyle Snowpark with bigair and halfpipe at the Col de Forcle elevator (La Plagne). Freestyle Park Initiation for learning is in Montalbere. Bordercross at Belle Plagne . The snowpark at Montchavin-Les Coches . It is possible to ride off pistes with a guide-instructor. This pleasure will cost 65 euros a day. The famous Apocalypse Parc is located on the slope of Arpette in the center of the ski area between Arc 1600 and Arc 1800 (fanboxes, pyramids, halfpipe, rails). Arc 2000 has pistes for bordercross: for advanced skiers and beginners, and a halfpipe (180m), which is illuminated until 20.00 and on Tuesdays until 22.00. Two glaciers that offer skiing: Glacier de la Chiaupe, on the Bellecote slopes above La Plagne, and Glacier Varet, on the slopes of the Aiguille Rouge, above Les Arcs.

Related ski areas.

Linked to Peise-Vallandry 37 km. Single skipass. Connected by ski elevators. Connected by skibus.

Linked to Les Arcs – Bourg Saint-Maurice / Paradiski 425 km. Single skipass. Connected by elevators. Connected by skibus.

Linked to La Plagne 225 km. Single skipass. Connected by elevators. Connected by skibus.

Connected to Les Arcs 425 km. Single skipass. Connected by elevators. Connected by skibus.

Accommodations (locations)

Les Arc Connected by elevators. Bound by skibus.

La Plagne Bound by elevators. Bound by skibus.

Peise-Vallandry Connected by elevators. Connected by skibus.

Les Arcs – Bourg Saint-Maurice / Paradiski Linked by elevators. Linked ski-bass.

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