Paradise on Earth or seaside resorts in Italy

Top 30 seaside resort towns in Italy

Italy is surrounded on all sides by the sea, as it is located on a peninsula, which for decades has made its coast a fertile place for an unforgettable resort vacation. But Italian vacations – it is not only a complete relaxation on the golden sandy beaches under umbrellas with refreshments.

This country offers a wealth of cultural activities, as well as gastronomic or wine tourism. Beach leisure in Italy perfectly combined with sightseeing, acquaintance with local cuisine and traditions of local life. For this you need to know what cities are worth going to.

List of interesting and beautiful Italian cities on the coast

  1. San Remo
  2. Savona
  3. Genoa
  4. La Spezia
  5. Viareggio
  6. Livorno
  7. Terracina
  8. Gaeta
  9. Pozzuoli
  10. Naples
  11. Sorrento
  12. Amalfi
  13. Salerno
  14. Reggio di Calabria
  15. Messina
  16. Crotone
  17. Taranto
  18. Brindisi
  19. Monopoli
  20. Bari
  21. Barletta
  22. Malfredonia
  23. Vieste
  24. Termoli
  25. Pescara
  26. San Benedetto del Tronto
  27. Ancona
  28. Pesaro
  29. Rimini
  30. Venice

Sanremo – resort and music

Italy's Resort Cities on the Coast: San Remo

San Remo is a major resort in Liguria, known for its music festival (photo: @thepennydropped)

Savona is a major cruise port

Italian seaside resort towns: Savona

Savona is rich in both beaches and architectural beauty (photo: @silvanobrignone)

Genoa – university, scientific, industrial

Italy seaside resort towns: Genoa

Genoa combines historical significance with its status as one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean (photo: @friiiisc)

La Spezia is a great Ligurian harbor.

Italian seaside resort towns: La Spezia

La Spezia was once a quiet village that turned into a bustling port city (photo: @bruna.zappa)

Viareggio is Tuscany’s spa gem

Italian seaside resort towns: Viareggio

Viareggio is considered one of the most popular resorts in Tuscany by the Ligurian Sea (photo: @mic_kokeshi)

Livorno is a large Tuscan port

Italian seaside resort towns: Livorno

Livorno was badly damaged during the war and was rebuilt (photo: @andrea.scarfi)

Terrarachina – sandy beaches and healthy air

Italian seaside resort towns: Terracina

The air in Terracina is very rich in iodine, which attracts tourists here for treatment. In terms of its content Terracina is surpassed only by Mexican Acapulco (photo: @joshzedphoto)

Gaeta is an ancient town on the Tyrrhenian Sea

Italian seaside resort towns: Gaeta

Gaeta is a beautiful fortress town located on a rocky promontory (photo: @peppe_giudice)

Pozzuoli, the birthplace of Sophia Loren.

Italian seaside resort towns: Pozzuoli

Pozzuoli was once an ancient Greek colony (photo: @gavanny)

Naples is where the best pizza in the world is.

Italian seaside resort towns: Naples

It’s no mistake to call Naples the gastronomic capital of modern Italy (photo: @wito_vl)

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Sorrento is a haven for creative intellectuals

Italian seaside resort towns: Sorrento

Harmony and serenity have long attracted the art world to Sorrento (photo: @yenn_aaa)

Amalfi is the heart of the main coastal resort

Italy seaside resort towns: Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (photo: @killerqueen13)

Salerno is an industrial city with dazzling nature

Italy seaside resort towns: Salerno

Salerno is a bustling Italian resort on the Tyrrhenian Sea (photo: @ x380996711619)

Reggio di Calabria – ancient architecture and fresh bergamot

Italy seaside resort towns: Reggio di Calabria

A powerful earthquake in 1908 nearly wiped out the city, so Reggio di Calabria was rebuilt and rebuilt (photo: @brigitte_ho_la_boom)

Messina – the pride of Sicily

Italian seaside resort towns: Messina

Sicily’s Messina is separated from the Appenine Peninsula by the Strait of Messina (photo: @prhristev)

Crotone is an ancient town on the shores of the Ionian Sea

Italian seaside resort towns: Crotone

Pythagoras formed his philosophical school in Croton, and today archaeological excavations continue in the city (photo: @vitus64)

Taranto – the city of two seas

Italian seaside resort towns: Taranto

Taranto is characterized by a hot and dry Mediterranean climate (photo: @pisciulli)

Brindisi is ancient and dynamic.

Italy seaside resort towns: Brindisi

In the Roman Empire Brindisi was the terminal point of the Appian Way (photo: @kupalschica)

Monopoli – the snow-white walls of Puglia

Italian seaside resort towns: Monopoli

A picturesque city of temples and monasteries (photo: @grazymissdaisy)

Bari – the fiery heart of southern Italy

Italian seaside resort towns: Bari

Some call Bari the Paris of southern Italy, so beautiful and atmospheric (photo: @maxven75)

Barletta, the elegant antiquity of the Italian south

Italian seaside resort towns: Barletta

In ancient times this area was called the Land of Wine (photo: @efes90)

Manfredonia is a town of castles and fortresses

Italian seaside resort towns: Manfredonia

Manfredonia has many ancient buildings, there is an archaeological park (photo: @hawk_pro)

Vieste is the “spur of the Italian boot.”

Italian seaside resort towns: Vieste

Vieste is notable for its clean beaches, which have been awarded the Blue Flag many times (photo: @carolacudemo)

Termoli – sandy beaches and medieval architecture

Italian seaside resort towns: Termoli

Termoli has a stunningly beautiful old town, and you can also go to the Tremiti Islands from here (photo: @alez97)

Pescara is a resort with a 16-kilometer beach

Italian seaside resort towns: Pescara

Pescara with its large beach will be a real paradise for those who choose to vacation in Abruzzo (photo: @vincenza_di_cristoforo)

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San Benedetto del Tronto, a beautiful Blue Flag beach

Italian seaside resort towns: San Benedetto del Tronto

Capital of the Palm Riviera (photo: @spinelligiulia)

Ancona, a major port on the Adriatic.

Italian seaside resort towns: Ancona

Capital of the Marche province and a major port on the Adriatic Sea (photo: @margheritajavarone)

Pesaro – wide beach and old promenade

Italian seaside resort towns: Pesaro

The understated and aristocratic Pesaro can be called a cultural Italian resort (photo: @gigii88)

Rimini is a shopping tourism center and resort paradise

Italian seaside resort towns: Rimini

Rimini is located 30 km from San Marino, and it is one of the most famous resorts on the Adriatic coast of Italy (photo: @skchel)

Venice – the fairy tale city on the water

Italian seaside resort towns: Venice

Many call Venice the most beautiful city on earth. Of course, one does not come here for the beach, but they are here too. (Photo: @boshena)

The best places for a beach holiday in Italy

Beach holidays in Italy


Hello, dear readers of In this article you can get acquainted with the best places for a beach holiday in Italy . I tried to make the most objective selection of the 10 most beautiful and most visited seaside resorts in Italy.

Italy is a dream for many tourists and in addition to stunning sights, this country boasts a huge number of different beaches, which in turn makes it a major destination to visit among sea lovers. All of the following cities are very beautiful and perfect for a beach vacation.

The best places for a beach holiday in Italy

San Fruttuoso

 San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso is located in a small unspoiled bay between Camogli and Portofino, surrounded by stunning scenery and Mediterranean vegetation. Today it can be included in the list of the best places for a beach holiday, not only in Liguria, but in all of Italy.

The bay of San Fruttuoso can only be reached on foot or by swimming (by boat or boat). A huge popularity of this place is enjoyed by diving enthusiasts, namely diving here is not uncommon due to the famous bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ, which is located at the bottom of the sea.

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Another important attraction is the ancient Benedictine monastery, which is in excellent condition and is a stone building with a small dome, it is impossible to miss because it is located on the local beach.



City of Tropea is in the region of Calabria, and for some years is a favorite place for beach holidays, among foreign tourists. Many tourists return here again and again because of the clean sea and sandy beaches, some of which can only be seen from the sea.

One of the main attractions is the old town, which was built on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea.

The city is also famous for its medieval churches. From May to October it is very popular to visit the Aeolian Islands, and in particular the volcano Stromboli. In summer the local boatmen also offer excursions to the Blue Grotto of Tropea. For lovers of scuba diving, the clear waters and the rich fauna of the area are a must.



Viareggio is a classic seaside town in central Italy. The coast is perfect for a family vacation and the beaches are well equipped with all the necessary amenities.

On the waterfront there are a sufficient number of attractions and architectural buildings, which are of great interest to visitors, one of them is the Fortress of Matilde (16th century). In February this place comes to life because of the annual carnival which is considered one of the most spectacular in Italy.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo Beach

San Vito Lo Capo, located in Sicily, is a great place for beach holidays in Italy, especially loved by couples, it is considered one of the best places for holidays with children. The area is part of the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

The most beautiful and popular is the local coast, namely the three-kilometer long sandy beach.

Especially beautiful is the bay of Bue Marino, which is worth a visit. It was built in the 13th century. A very important landmark is the church of the patron saint of the city, the martyr San Vito, in whose honor the city of San Vito-Lo Capo is named.

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It is also worth a visit to the Maritime Museum with exhibits that illustrate the life of the town related to fishing.

Polignano a Mare


Polignano a Mare can also claim to be the best place for a beach holiday in Italy. It is a truly unusual and amazing city that is definitely worth a visit. The coast itself is a unique sight, it consists of steep cliffs, fascinating sea caves and bays, the highlight of which is the Grotta Palazzese carved into the rock, you can see it by booking a tour by boat.

It is also worth a visit to the museum of contemporary art Pino Pascali. The old town will not leave indifferent the lovers of the Middle Ages. But the most surprising of course are the snow-white houses built on the cliff with beautiful sea views.

Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is a beautiful town which is ideal for seaside resorts (it is in the region of Tuscany and is almost completely surrounded by the sea). In the past it was an island, but was later joined to Italy by two isthmuses.

But Monte Argentario is not only the clearest sea and amazing beaches, there are also many sights and hidden caves that must be seen. You can enjoy the rocky coves and the beautiful surroundings by renting a boat.

Ferry trips to Giglier and Giannutri Islands are another popular destination.



Vasto is situated on the Adriatic coast in the beautiful Abruzzo region. The town was built on the top of a hill and this gives it a wonderful atmosphere with its medieval houses, its streets and the splendid views of the sea.

The main attractions in the historic center are the Castle of Caldorezco and the National Archaeological Museum.

Two kilometers down the slope you can find the new town of Vasto Marina which offers hotels and a long sandy beach. Five kilometers to the north is the amazing beach of Spiaggia di punta penna and Riserva naturale di punta aderci, which are ideal for walking, swimming and diving.

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Ischia is worthy to be called the best place for a beach holiday in Italy. First of all, because it is the largest and most developed among the other islands of the Gulf of Naples. It has everything to be called a real resort: abundant vegetation, ancient sights and beautiful seascapes.

But still, Ischia attracts not only lovers of beach holidays, but also those who have health problems, because it is here where the thermae are known for their healing properties since ancient times (Thermal Parks on Ischia). Do not miss the opportunity to taste the popular and very tasty, local specialty – “Rabbit on Ischiti”.



In recent years the Salento peninsula has become very popular among tourists. In particular, the popularity of local resorts is not for nothing, this area is still considered pristine paradise with white beaches, rocky shores and clear sea water.

The peninsula is located many seaside towns, many of which on the beauty is not inferior to the world famous resorts.

The best resorts in Salento are Santa Maria di Leuca, Lizzano, Pulsano, Santa Cesaria Terme, Ostuni, Casalabate, Oria, Ugento, Manduria, Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli, Torre del Orso, Otranto.

Along the coast, there are forts of observation (dating from the 15th to the 16th century), many of which have been partly destroyed, but also many other places of historical and architectural interest.

Santa Teresa Gallura

 Santa Teresa Gallula

The town of Santa Teresa Gallula is located in Sardinia, in the province of Sassari. Today, Santa Teresa Gallula is one of the best places for a beach holiday in Sardinia. The town itself is quite quaint and very lively even in low season.

The coast here alternates with white sandy beaches and rocky coves. Whoever chooses Santa Teresa di Gallula will certainly get: high quality service, hospitality, incredible scenery, reasonable prices, quiet and relaxing vacation.

The historic center is the landmark of the town, so don’t miss a chance to stroll through it.

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