Palanga – the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Lithuania’s resorts

It is better to plan your trip to Lithuania so that you can visit several cities. Moreover, the Lithuanian resorts are located on the map, so the route can be planned through the whole country for a week or more.

In summer the bulk of tourists prefer to relax on the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Spit, where vacationers are waiting for sandy beaches of Palanga, Sviantoja, Nida and Neringa.

From September till May a tourist boom is observed in Druskininkai. Spa holidays in Lithuania are equally good at any time of the year. But in low season the prices are lower and there are fewer tourists.

In Ignalina region you can rent a comfortable house on the lake shore with boats, bathhouse, barbecue, gazebo, playgrounds and other delights. In winter Ignalina is transformed into the center of winter sports. If there is snow, you can go skiing, cross-country skiing and ice-skating.

Similar conditions are offered by Zarasai, a relatively new tourist region on the map of Lithuania. It is familiar from the Soviet times to the inhabitants of the Leningrad region. In this small town you can rent a house right on the shore of the lake, enjoying the benefits of civilization, surrounded by nature.

Excursion tours to Vilnius are popular throughout the year. In summer the Lithuanian capital is much more sympathetic and smiling than in the cloudy and cold weather.


Spa Hotel Vilnius Sana Druskininkai

The resort is surrounded by healing mineral springs. All conditions are created for vacationers, and stunningly beautiful nature disposes to walks among the forests and lakes. Tourists come for balneological and mud procedures, to breathe clean ionized air.

The main attraction of Druskininkai is nature. Vacationers enjoy walking along the Neman River and trips to picturesque lakes. Adherents of active leisure and family tourists will have a lot of fun in the adventure park “One”.

It will be interesting to visit the house of Lithuanian painter and composer Mikalojus Čiurlionis and the picturesque forest museum. But the most visited museum is Gruto Park, where sculptures of the Soviet era from all over Lithuania are collected.

High season starts in July and lasts until the end of August. In winter, there is a lot to do: go skiing in the Snow Arena and visit one of the 22 baths in the local water park.

  • beautiful nature
  • health resort
  • there is something to do in winter and in summer
  • affordable prices
  • remoteness from the airport
  • from September to May
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Palanga will please fans of the vibrant nightlife and parties. On the main street Basanavičiaus there are many clubs, restaurants and bars. The city is very popular for biking and there are about 10 rental stations.

Palanga is one of the largest balneal resorts in Lithuania. Peat muds, sodium-calcium baths, therapeutic gymnastics programs, inhalations and massages are available in spring.

  • amber museum in the palace of Earl Tyszkiewicz Rotunda
  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
  • botanical garden
  • palanga manor house.
  • clean sandy beaches and dunes;
  • easy to rent housing.
  • High prices for housing in the city center;
  • not the best shopping – almost no brand clothing and boutiques.

On the beaches is better to come from mid-July to August. And in medical resorts will be comfortable as early as March.

  • Clean wide sandy beaches;
  • dunes;
  • a wide choice of housing in the private sector;
  • quiet atmosphere;
  • Overpriced accommodation
  • few hotels
  • from June to August


The old pier of Šventoji

Half-empty sandy beaches, cool iodized air and lots of walking around the small town and surrounding area – that’s what a classic vacation in Sventoji looks like.

On the coast constantly blows a strong wind, so to swim even on hot August days can be uncomfortable. And the water temperature rarely rises above 19-21 degrees, but steadily large waves will please surfers.

The main attraction of the town is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The church is located in the center. A quite remarkable temple is the Zhemantine Sanctuary. It belongs to the pagan period: with ceremonial pillars and carved faces of gods on ancient pillars.

In the evening, tourists are invited to restaurants with live music in the city center.

You should come to the resort only in summer. In low season, almost all establishments are closed.

  • Accommodation is cheaper than in Palanga;
  • quiet restaurants with delicious food and original interiors;
  • no noise and bustle;
  • a lot of nature and healthy air.
  • limited number of accommodations
  • few entertainments
  • from June to August

Dunes in Nida

Aristocratic, prestigious, but rather expensive resort. Beach lovers prefer to spend time on the sandy Curonian Spit, which stretches almost 100 km in length. It is considered one of the most ecological places in Lithuania and was recognized by UNESCO.

Attractions include the Amber Museum and the house where the writer Thomas Mann lived for 2 years. The most visited place in Nida, after the beaches, of course, is the observation deck on the Parnigio dune.

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The main advantage of the resort is considered to be the nature: clean pine forests are paved with comfortable paths, a lot of greenery, and during the flowering season the fragrance literally haunts the vacationers. Plants are carefully cared for, even in remote corners it is impossible to meet a broken tree, a withered bush.

  • very clean
  • quiet atmosphere
  • high prices, including housing;
  • owners of vehicles will have to pay an environmental fee at the entrance;
  • inconvenient to get to.
  • from June to August


Panorama of Vilnius from the Gediminas tower

The Lithuanian capital is sure to please all sightseeing enthusiasts. There are about 80 temples of different denominations, and a walk through the old part of Vilnius will take hours. The Gediminas Castle and the Three Crosses Mountain are a must-see. Fans of active recreation and extreme sports are offered to fly over the capital in a hot-air balloon or jump from the TV tower having bought a ticket for bungee jumping.

The ice arena, Kaziukas fair, shopping in numerous shopping centers, including the popular Acropolis – no one will be bored.

  • Affordable prices for accommodation;
  • attractions;
  • a chance to visit the geographical center of Europe (very close to the city);
  • there is always something to do and where to go, regardless of personal preferences.
  • big shopping malls
  • the historic part of town is small
  • from May to September


Trakai Castle

Trakai is one of the main tourist centers in Lithuania. The Trakai castle, around which the local municipality builds its tourist infrastructure, is what makes Trakai such a unique place.

Active travelers will appreciate a short rest in Trakai. The town often hosts festivals and concerts. There are lots of historical and architectural attractions:

  • Trakai castle;
  • Prayer house of the Karaites Kenesset;
  • Užtrakio mansion;
  • center of tourism in Lithuania;
  • picturesque nature;
  • fascinating walks on lakes;
  • unusual relaxation procedures.
  • nothing to do in the evening
  • from April to September


Klaipeda - Old Town

Old Klaipeda

In Klaipeda you have a great time in the evening strolling through the rather large old town.

Fans of maritime romance can visit the port, the museum of seafaring or go on an excursion on the waves of the Baltic. Children would love to go to the dolphinarium, and then with no less joy to ride through the old streets in a horse-drawn carriage. Especially warm days are worth spending strolling along the beaches – you might be lucky enough to find a beautiful piece of amber as a keepsake.

  • beautiful city center;
  • a wide choice of restaurants;
  • several shopping centers;
  • dolphinarium and sea museum;
  • the availability of beaches;
  • no resort atmosphere;
  • September to April is very humid and windy;
  • from May to September
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Elevator in Ignalina

Ignalina is located in the east of the country twice a year receives many tourists. In winter, vacationers enjoy spending time on one of the best ski slopes in the country, and in summer visitors fill the sandy beaches of numerous lakes.

The picturesque nature and scenery is one of the main attractions of the resort. But there are also a lot of interesting things to see in the city. For example an ancient church, built without a single nail, a picturesque park “Aukstaitija” and numerous museums.


House in Neringa, Lithuania

The peninsula is located between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. Neringa is oriented especially on beach rest, though there is a place for walking as well – there is a lot of pine wood, sometimes coming nearly to the water.

Visitors can choose between two resort centers – Nida and Juodkrante.

Sandy beaches are located on the side of the bay. The local dunes are considered the highest on the continent. And one of them, about 40 meters high, is a local landmark. We are talking about the Witches’ Dune, on top of which there are masterfully crafted wooden figures.

Ethnographic, nature and miniature museums, a dolphinarium – even in bad weather you will not be bored.


Zarasai attracts tourists with a huge number of activities and the opportunity to relax on the lake shore with all the charms of urban infrastructure.

The nature does not lag behind – the city towers over seven lakes, and the abundance of forests and hills allowed to call the region the Lithuanian Switzerland. It is not even necessary to describe in detail all the options for active recreation in Zarasai – tourists can choose from a lot of trips, excursions and exciting leisure activities.

  • a lot of cottages;
  • water park Wake Inn (boarding and water park);
  • the best fishing in Lithuania on the lakes;
  • there are signs and helpful hints everywhere;
  • everybody speaks Russian fluently.

It is better to come to Zarasai in summer, when there is all the tourist infrastructure


Trail along the tree edges in Anikszczai

Anykščiai is about an hour’s drive from Vilnius. All the beauty of Lithuania’s unique green forests, concentrated in one area, plus a large number of spa hotels and the opportunity to live in a real mansion of the nobility – such a combination attracts many tourists to the city.

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The main attraction of the city is a unique hiking trail through the tree crowns with an observation deck at the end. In addition we should not forget about the Matas church, a functioning narrow gauge railway of the XIX century and many interesting museums.

The most visited tourist sites:

  • A summer bobsled track (in winter you can go skiing);
  • park of labyrinths;
  • house turned upside down;
  • water walks;

The resort hospitably welcomes tourists at any time of the year – in winter it turns into one of Lithuania’s ski centers, and in summer bobsledding in summer.

The only minus is that there are few restaurants.


The balneological resort is located in one of the bends of the river Neman. Mineral springs, sapropelic mud and dense forests of the national reserve have made Birstonas a true pearl of health tourism. Lack of wind and mild climate allow having a wonderful rest in sanatoriums and spa centers in any season.

The national park is not the only attraction of the town. In the center of the city there is a working St. Antonius Church and very close is the Sacred Museum. In the workshop of Andrius Lick there is a collection of figures, sculptures and masks made of wood, and the products of folk crafts are the pride of the house-museum of Rimante Butkuvienė.

  • Treatment and recreation are rather inexpensive;
  • Balanced nutrition and European quality of service in sanatoriums;
  • full-fledged and comfortable rest in the midst of unique nature.

You can visit local sanatoriums all year round, but you’d better do it in warm seasons.

Palanga – the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

One of the most popular and largest resorts in the Baltic States, Palanga is situated not far from the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, only 338 km, and 1200 km from Moscow, in the west of the country, along the picturesque coast of one of the most beautiful seas – the Baltic Sea. This is the southernmost resort of Lithuania, the dream of any tourist in the Baltic resort area, with an excellent, comfortable climate, where in the midst of summer heat you can not deny yourself the pleasure, along with sunbathing, and rinse in sea water. The city stretches along the sea coast for 25 km, dotted with ideal sandy beaches, exotic “live” dunes and coniferous forests located on a large territory.

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Palanga - the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Palanga is the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Even in the 19th century Palanga was a home to small private estates, often reserved for intellectuals. That is why Palanga is considered a “summer house” resort. The family of Tyshkevichi, who owned Palanga as an ancestral estate since 1824, invested a lot of power and money into development of Palanga as a resort. That’s when the first attributes of the resort area for recreation (hotels), food (restaurants), a pleasant way to spend leisure time (theater) and, of course, the beach began to be built.

Palanga - the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Palanga is the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

One of the first hospitals, specializing in the treatment of diseases associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system – dates from the beginning of XX century. New trends of our time, although they made some adjustments to the interior of the resort, but the spirit of aristocracy, calm atmosphere and coziness, still roam the ancient streets of Palanga, where it is pleasant not only to rest, but just to be.

Palanga - the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Palanga is the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

A lot of cultural attractions, the possibility of both walking and cycling through the magnificent botanical gardens, beautiful coastline with its dunes and magnificent pine forests, all this adds a special charm to the city.

Palanga - the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Palanga is the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

A visit to “Palanga Broadway” – Basanviucius street, which is strictly pedestrian-friendly, gives you an incredible experience visiting the many restaurants, cafes, entertainment and shopping centers along the way.

Palanga - the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Palanga is the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

In terms of treatment, Palanga is a balneological resort, with a wide application of various procedures involving the use of local mineral water and peat mud. If you visit this resort for cognitive purposes, you can stay in any of the many hotels with different levels, both in service and comfort. Well-developed and rental infrastructure with a minimum fee in the private sector, with a wide choice, ranging from rooms, apartments, and finishing in separate apartments.

Palanga - the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

Palanga is the fashionable capital of Lithuanian resorts

The easiest way to get to this beautiful nature spot is via Vilnius, and then take any abundant transport to Palanga. Informative and interesting travel through the Baltic States is certainly automobile tourism, but then you need to be prepared for such an unpleasant aspect, as long lines at border crossing.

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