Odessa, Ukraine: The Black Sea City of Dreams


Odessa is the third largest city in Ukraine (after Kiev and Kharkov) on the Black Sea coast. Odessa is the largest seaport in the country. The name of the city comes from the ancient Greek colony of Odessos, which, according to scientists, was located near the Gulf of Odessa. This was the name that was chosen for the seaside town, which was conquered from the Turks at the end of the 18th century.

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Odessa is the main industrial, transport and scientific center of the Northern Black Sea coast. The main sectors of the city’s economy are shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metalworking, chemical, woodworking, food and light industry. In addition, the main cultural and architectural sites of the country are concentrated in Odessa. There are several universities, including the Maritime Academy, the Astronomical Observatory, numerous museums, galleries and theaters, the most famous of which is the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Odessa was world famous thanks to its great natives. At different times the city was home to A. Pushkin, L. Utesov, I. Mechnikov. Odessa has given the world several generations of humorists, through which the city has gained the special status of the capital of the Russian humor.

The mild climate, warm sea, and sandy beaches made Odessa a great place for recreation for the whole family. In the city’s numerous health resorts annually visit several million people who come to the Black Sea coast, not just to rest, but also to improve their health.

Climate and weather

The climate of Odessa is characterized as moderately continental. Here is a very warm winter and hot summer. The proximity of the sea helps to mitigate not only the winter cold, but also the summer heat. The average daily temperature of the coldest month, January, rarely drops below -2 ° C. Severe frosts and heavy snowfalls are very rare in the city. In summer the air in Odessa warms up to +28 ° C and above. Rains are observed in autumn and winter.

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The water temperature in the Black Sea in summer exceeds +21 ° C. In August, the coastal waters are heated to +25 ° C, and in winter the temperature drops to +4 ° C. Bathing season begins in late May and lasts until late September.

Most tourists choose this period for their holidays in Odessa. Tourist peak is in August, when the water in the sea is warm enough. The main difference between Odessa and the Crimean resorts is the absence of summer heat. The climate of Odessa is much milder than in Yalta or Sevastopol.

The nature .

Odessa is located on the shore of the homonymous bay of the Black Sea. Virtually the entire territory of the city is on a plain, which rises only 50 meters above sea level.

Most of the neighborhoods of Odessa are occupied by steppes, where grow acacia trees, bushes and moss. Here you can meet such representatives of Ukrainian fauna as hares, speckled marmots, gophers and mice.

The area near Odessa is famous for its amazing vineyards. The harvest of this area is used to make the best wines of Ukraine.

The Black Sea off the coast of Odessa is striking in its diversity of fish and marine life. Local fishermen catch here crayfish, shrimp, mussels, crabs. Among the most common fish are hams, mackerel, horse mackerel, sea bass and flounder.

Nature has gifted these places with healing muds and mineral water that are successfully used for treatment of various ailments in numerous sanatoriums and health resorts.

One of the most striking natural sights is considered to be the Odessa Catacombs. This is the name of the abandoned underground quarries, which used to be used for extracting sawn limestone. Today, these structures are very popular among foreign tourists. The uniqueness of Odessa catacombs is that they are recognized as the largest underground labyrinth in the world (their total length is over 2500 kilometers).

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Attractions .

The whole Odessa is one big tourist attraction. This is especially felt in the historic center of the city, where each building is a separate architectural monument.

The main symbol of Odessa is the famous Potemkin Stairs, which consist of 192 steps. The staircase was a present from Prince M. Vorontsov to his wife. Before the revolution of 1905 it was called Giant’s or Richelieu’s (at its base there is a monument to Richelieu). During the Soviet era it was decided to rename the stairs.

Potemkin Stairs leads to the Primorsky Boulevard, which offers a magnificent panorama of Odessa port. The boulevard is considered a favorite stroll not only for citizens, but also for tourists. Along the boulevard there are unique architectural ensembles. Here are the most beautiful buildings of the city. It is worth noting that many monuments to different artists and cultural figures are also located on the Primorsky Boulevard.

Especially remarkable is the monument to Duke de Richelieu, which is called one of the founders of the city. His image is published on tourist brochures, stamps and postcards.

The name of the second founder of the city – Joseph Deribas – will also remain forever in the history of Odessa. In his honor was named one of the main streets of the city – Deribasovskaya. Currently, almost the entire street and the Greek Square adjacent to it are pedestrian and are considered one of the most popular places in Odessa.

The real treasure and pride of Odessa are the palace complexes of the prominent residents of the city. The most famous are the Vorontsov Palace, the Palace of Earl Tolstoy and Shah Palace. Their unique architectural style and unsurpassed interior decoration is truly admirable.

The city is famous for its numerous parks and squares, which save the guests of Odessa from the summer heat. The former Alexander Park, now Central Park of Culture and Rest named after T. Shevchenko is very popular, where the monument to the Unknown Sailor is located and the Eternal Flame burns, which recalls the exploits of Odessa citizens in the Great Patriotic War. For the courage and heroism of the inhabitants of the city Odessa was awarded the title Hero-City.

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Odessa has many museums, galleries and theaters. One of the most beautiful buildings in all of Eastern Europe is recognized as the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater.

Leisure time in Odessa (Ukraine) – reviews

My review of my vacation in Odessa (Ukraine).

Hello dear friends and guests of the site Otzovik! I had a rest in Odessa several times, mostly with the health purpose. Because it is not just a city by the sea, but also a city with a mass of health institutions.

Eh, Odessa! Pearl by the Sea

We decided to spend summer vacation 2017 in the beautiful city of Odessa. Legends about its beauty, the humor of the beautiful Odessans and the sights go all over Ukraine. And not only, because we are foreign tourists in the city.

Once you can see.

Greetings to all readers of my review! I visited Odessa on our spontaneous trip many years ago. I remembered the city of Odessa on a daily basis. When I think of Odessa, it always reminds me of it.

A beautiful city on the seashore

“Oh, Odessa, the pearl by the sea. “Many are familiar with this song. Odessa is indeed a pearl. The city conquers its beauty: the architecture, the beach, the attractions. But there are also minuses – dirty streets, old dilapidated houses. In the center of the city is very.

Quiet vacation.

Tired of vacationing in Europe and Turkey, we decided to go to the Black Sea by car. The choice fell on the city of Odessa. I always wanted to visit this hero-city. To see the historical sites. We were not even stopped by the distance.

For the first time I was in Odessa. It was worth it.

The free beaches are dirty, everyone warns you to watch your stuff carefully, especially at the Privoz/market.

Went to Odessa from 21.06-25.06.2018. We got by double-decker bus from Minsk tour company “Original Tour”. The road was easy: the bus is air-conditioned, very quickly passed the border, cultural passengers. We settled in the hotel “Black Sea” at the intersection of Rishelievskaya street.

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New look at the old Odessa!

I have been to Odessa several times. Mostly with thematic excursions, and you can see a lot in Odessa: monuments, theaters, parks, catacombs, film studio, Potemkin stairs, embankment, dolphinarium! This city is rich with its beautiful history! But today I want to tell you.

To rest in Odessa and not to be disappointed.

Odessa is a peculiar city. When I first came here (and it was 7 years ago), the cab driver told me: “Odessa-mom chooses who she likes and who does not”. And now in an order. Of course, newcomers immediately go by the most.

Good memories!

Good day to all! I decided to look through the photos in my laptop and came across a vacation in Odessa. We went there as a family in 2012, and I wondered why I still pro.

Great gray sea, the city is modern.

Odessa, this is the sea, which I want to recommend to everyone, as it is a modern city, clean beach (mostly). Prices sometimes bite, of course, but it’s worth it. If you want to relax with your family, have fun, you.

A special city.

The first time was in Odessa when I was 15 years old and to tell you the truth, I was not delighted with the city. But there were some positive moments: – Odessa’s mesmerizing catacombs; – Kulikovo Pole with rides that took your breath away.

A great city with history.

Since childhood, I love to vacation in Odessa. This city has its own unique atmosphere and a sense of lightness. When you come here, all your worries become completely unimportant and you just want to relax and enjoy life. In the center.

very cool

Last year we went to Odessa with my family. I liked it very much, atomosfere very nice, people are very cool, a lot of places where you can go, in general, I liked it very much. From pluses probably food and entertainments, it is a lot of various.

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It would be better.

As they say in Ukraine: “Go to Turkey to rest those who have no money to rest in Odessa,” – and this is partly true. We will talk about my vacation with my girlfriend at the end of August 2020.

Wonderful vacation in Odessa!

Bright, beautiful resort town! It will be remembered for a long time and will bring a lot of impressions into your life! Chic opera house with amazing music and Italian singing, sea port with different yachts and boats, long Potemkin stairs, house.

Very cool.

Prices in Odessa, of course, more than in Kiev, the resort city. Rested on the beach in Arcadia, if to walk on cafe and restaurants, super, but the sea itself is dirty, seaweed, and even on the third day in the sand.

In Odessa it is possible to have a chic rest.

At the end of last summer we went on vacation to Odessa. For three people we rented a new apartment in the center of Odessa for 50 dollars a day. Price quality, excellent. We had a great vacation for three days. At paid beaches are comfortable.

I will be back here again!

I live in Kharkov and when I come to Odessa I rest. I rest mentally. Yes, there are a lot of cars, a lot of people, but the atmosphere of the city is very pleasant and welcoming. There are a lot of things that strike the heart. I did not swim.

I was very pleased with everything!

It’s a wonderful city! I try to come here once a year, preferably in October. There aren’t too many tourists and the weather is nice. Apart from the main streets, there’s a lot of beautiful

A kind of dream city.

Good afternoon to all. Today I would like to talk about such a beautiful city like Odessa. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to visit such an amazing place before, but this summer changed everything. I did not have a chance to go to Odessa.

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