November Montenegro: a reason for a leisurely vacation

Montenegro – review

Montenegro in the off season. Is it worth going there at the end of November? Tivat, Kotor and Podgorica, our little trip.

Montenegro attracts tourists with three things – the sea, the mountains and visa-free regime.

My vacation fell at the end of November, I had no schengen and no time to arrange it, and not thinking of anything better, the coin fell on Montenegro.

Having monitored skyskanner (read more about it in my previous review), we found the cheapest tickets, and it was Pobeda.

The low-cost Russian airline, will not offer you a propit, will make you pay extra for a seat and check-in baggage, during the flight will feel like a “plane ticket”.

Cheap – if you comply with a number of requirements and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances from the company.

As a nice touch, during the flight you will be offered a “Victory bulletin” (the airline’s magazine).


Having gone through all the circles of hell check-in, overcame a three-hour flight, Montenegro welcomed us with heavy inconsistent rain, not a bad start to the vacation.

No stop near the airport, but in sunny weather it is not terrible, you can walk to town, our route to the hostel was 30-40 minutes, but we were unlucky and decided to take a cab near the airport, the trip cost 10 euros, and it’s in the off season, the second slip.

Tivat, with an accent on the “i”, is a city-airport, located on the shore of the Kotor Bay, most tourists bypass this city, choosing Kotor or Budva as their place of residence, I will tell you why.

The city itself is very small, it is possible to walk around it in an hour, from entertainments – small and strange museums, park, couple of old cathedrals and port, Tivat itself reminded a typical Russian tourist city, the only difference was language and currency.

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We went to see the city, by the way, in spite of the rain it was pretty warm, the temperature at this time of year is 10-18 degrees.

After sunset expect a sharp cold snap!

Sunny Tivat.

On the next day we were luckier, the rain had stopped, and the sun was shining.

On such a beautiful weather, we decided to go to the sea, this is the main attraction.

It is not the season to swim but there is a lot to see, Tivat is more of a bay surrounded by mountains, probably this is one of the reasons why tourists prefer other cities to it, and for good reason, the view is beautiful.

Since the town is very small, we decided to go outside, there is nothing more to do than in the city.

A small Catholic church between the two towns, the entrance is free)


If in Tivat you get bored, go to the local bus station, take a ticket to Kotor.

-2 euros one way, 20 minutes on the road.

Kotor, seemed to me more European than Tivat.

It is because of the old town, built by architects of the Venetian Republic, which can be seen in the small labyrinthine streets, beautiful cathedrals and frescoes of lions on each arch.

In addition to the old town, the main attraction is the fortress of St. John, which is 280 meters high, 1400 steps, via a hiking trail.

-It costs 8 euros to climb!

It seemed very expensive to us, so we decided to find an alternative route.

Outside the old town there is a bridge, crossing which you have to walk along the river to the end, you see a small house – congratulations, you are on the right track!

Further you are waited by lifting on zigzag serpentine, it is worth to wear comfortable shoes, the path is stony, in some places you can shorten the way, climbing over the rocks.

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Don’t forget the water, believe me, you will need it.

Somehow we got to the top, we found an old building, resembling a temple. and a mountain seal, what he was doing there is unclear, but meeting him, we were very pleased, some kind of company.

From the temple reeked of damp, the smell was peculiar, inside there was a lot of trash.

When we came closer to the castle, we were already despairing, there was no way in!

It would seem all efforts in vain, as suddenly, out of a window of the fortress we saw the head of a tourist, he quietly jumped down on the rocks and went about his business, it was a cherished, free entrance to the top of the fortress.

On the tourist climb the view of the city was impressive, you could see the red roofs of the old town, nothing obscured the view.

Back we decided to go down the steps, on the way down we realized that the “wild” way we had chosen before was much better, although the view from the tourist ascent was of course impressive.

Along the way we met two more SEALs, fed them our croissants, and in gratitude they walked us all the way down.

Almost all establishments in Kotor were cafes and souvenir shops, we walked around all of them, the prices were very different, the average bill for a magnet was 2 e., figurines 4-10 e., postcards 0.80-2 euro.

Lifehack! go to the local post office, the prices there are much cheaper, for example for a postcard I gave 0.30 cents! Magnets cost 0.70-1 euros!

In the city there are a lot of cats, and not with a reason, it’s their official symbol, cats will meet you in cafes, near the lodges, in museums and cathedrals.

There are even special souvenir shops, in which the cats live.

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Such institutions can be found by the smell, 7 cats in a small shop, the locals probably used to this, but we were a little uncomfortable.

We had enough of walking in Kotor, we went home, because there was nothing else to do there, all the museums and entertainment is closed until March.


To visit the capital, a must, having gone to the familiar bus station, we hit the road.

-The trip to the capital takes two and a half hours, costs 8 euros one way.

The view along the way is spectacular, this is the only advantage of this trip, get ready to admire the sea and the mountain scenery.

For those with a weak stomach, brace yourself, the mountain serpentine is a thing, get sick – beware.

The capital itself is not impressive, there is really nothing to do, the city is in ruins, the only entertainment is shopping malls.

After two hours, we went home.

Prices for food.

Food prices are the same as at us, somewhere even cheaper.

If you cook yourself, you can save a lot of money, but you can not try the local cuisine.

For example, veal soup – 3 euros (veal, peas, carrots and potatoes) is their local dish, I liked it.

Tea – 1,80, expensive, but it is everywhere served with lemon and honey, even in the cheapest cafe at the bus station.

The exception was probably the cafe at the airport, for three and a half euros I was just brought a bag of tea with boiling water.

The white soup – 2,50 euros (chicken, carrots and cream, probably also mashed potatoes) tasted good, but I quickly got bored.

The guidebooks advise to try PRSHUT, the prices in the cafe are about~10 e., so we decided to buy it in the supermarket, we did not try anything special.

In the cafe I ordered an English breakfast with prsut instead of bacon, I couldn’t find any difference between the ones offered in the supermarkets.

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And with this set for three euros I ate four nights, we even had some leftovers.

Rice, wings, oil, salt, and shampoo.

Chocolates and other sweets for souvenirs from 0.30 cents, my whole budget probably went on a sweet for myself and friends)


Locals can speak to you in Russian, English and Serbian, the latter, by the way, is very similar to ours, you will catch a wave of misunderstanding, ask again, the locals got used to it.


In each courtyard will grow mandarin and orange trees, kiwi trees instead of vines and grapes entwine arches, pomegranate trees will meet you at every corner, and the olives are worth the search, but I managed to find a couple of trees with fruit.

Bottom line:

Montenegro is a small, touristy country, it is worth to come here in a not season, vsterte less tourists, the prices will be optimum, the temperature 10-18 degrees, but not long and driving around the neighboring cities, otherwise you will quickly get bored, it is necessary to think about excursions to places which are far from the city, or to rent a car, but it’s all expensive, the cheapest excursion – 30 euros.

My budget was not big – 100 euros, but I spent 80 euros, and 10 euros went to the airport for tea/coffee.

If you like to lie on the beach seals, short walks for the beach, then this is the perfect country for you, with the great bonus – a beautiful mountain scenery.

I probably won’t go back there again, I don’t like to swim in the sea, and it is possible to travel in the mountains closer, for example in Vladikavkaz the view was more impressive.

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