Norway: picturesque nature and many mountains to travel

Norway’s 12 Most Picturesque Towns

The unique nature, rich history and culture make Norway a traveler’s dream. Where is the easiest place to experience the real life of Trollvægi? Of course in small towns, because just there you can immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle.

Here’s a list of cities:

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The small town of Lillehammer, surrounded by mountains, has stunning views of the Logen River and Lake Mjosa. The town became a household name after the 1994 Olympics.

Maigaugen is the largest open-air museum in Northern Europe, there are 200 buildings of cultural heritage of Norway.

The art museum, whose fund consists of three main collections: the first collection includes more than a hundred paintings by students of the school Matisse; in 1958 antiquarian Oscar Johannesen donated to the museum his collection of works of XIX century; and in 2008 John Doblug donated to the museum most of his collection – including 159 works of modern art, created by the 1980s and 90s. There’s a lot to admire here.

The ski slopes, famous among sports fans. The Lysgardsbakken ski jump offers a gorgeous view of the town and the surrounding area, but you’ll have to do your best.

– – – – – – – –

Undredal is a village with 100 people and 500 goats. In fact, this place has become famous not only for the fact that it is located along the most picturesque place between the high cliffs of Aurlandfjord, but also because of the traditional Norwegian cheese – Geitost. As you can easily guess it is made on the basis of goat’s milk in reverence to national traditions and centuries-old technology. Sausage made of goat meat is another traditional local treat.

The village itself is also attractive: small streets and neat Norwegian houses, the unique atmosphere that reigns in this place.

Undredal Church was built in 1147. Despite its venerable age (the church was rebuilt in the 18th century), it accommodates only 40 people. The smallest functioning church in Northern Europe is a historical monument, the cultural heritage of Norway and is protected by UNESCO.

– – – – – – – –

Today, the humble town called Høugesund used to be called the “home of the Viking kings. This is because the Vikings lived and ruled here. The city and its surroundings are filled with almost everything for which Norway is famous: waterfalls, fjords, culture, history, mountains, sea and much more.

The Norwegian History Center in Avaldsnes is a place dedicated to the history of the Vikings and their kings, how they controlled the so-called “northern way”, it tells how and where Norway began, how people lived in the past. There is a village and Viking burial grounds and the church of St. Olav. It is worth taking an English-speaking audio guide to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Impressive Lansgfoss waterfall, falling from a height of 600 meters and cascading down the mountain slope into Okra-fjord.

The amazing Smedasundet promenade with its mesmerizing scenery and the many boats that you can rent and sail to the nearby islets.

The epic Risobreux Bridge crosses the Smedsundet and connects Risøy to the mainland. The bridge is tall, beautiful and illuminated at night, and offers an amazing view of the town and the islands of Hasseløy and Risøy.

– – – – – – – –

The town of Flekkefjord is named after the fjord of the same name. There are quite a lot of attractions, and one can spend a few days or even a week studying them.

In Flekkefjord, you can explore the area on dresins, or rather on rail bikes, riding through the mountains overlooking the city and seventeen tunnels.

Fleckkefjord is famous for the beautiful coastal neighborhood, Holenderbien. White houses with red roofs are scattered here along picturesque streets.

The Brufjell Caves, which were formed during the ice age, are stunning. Holes and gorges of various shapes and sizes, some of them even accommodate a man.

Fleckfjord Museum consists of an old house and two small apartments, which were rebuilt after a fire in 1981. The museum regularly hosts local exhibitions and theme days.

Konstali Gard is a 400-year-old farm-museum, all the time owned by the Knudson family (since 1663). In addition to its proximity to nature itself – fishing, hunting, hiking, farming, and livestock watching – you can explore the rich history of the place.

The streets of Flekkefjord are attractive; if you don’t get lazy, you can find several spots that offer great views.

– – – – – – – –

Harstad is often called the “cultural capital of Norway” lies on the country’s largest island, Hinnøya. Therefore, it is very easy to reach from almost any more or less major city. Beautiful views, northern lights and the midnight sun are guaranteed here.

– – – – – – – –

The town of Narvik is located by the Narvik Fjord and the beginning of the settlement goes back to the Bronze Age. The Vikings once lived here, but nowadays there are some interesting tourist sights here.

Narvik is an ideal place for skiing in the northern part of the country, for example, Narvikfjell, the city’s ski resort, the points of which are among the highest in Scandinavia.

The cable car to Fagernesfjell will allow you to climb higher into the mountains and enjoy the unreal beauty of the surroundings.

Narvik often has clear skies, which are great for observing the northern lights in winter, early spring and late autumn.

It is worth visiting the Narvik War Museum dedicated to the history of World War II. The city was a place where the fierce actions of the Nazis unfolded. The museum carefully preserves the memory of those days, the treachery of Nazi Germany, the selfless and inept actions of the Allies.

– – – – – – – –

This place is probably on everyone’s ears. Hardly anyone has not heard about the famous pearl of Norway – Geiranger-Fjord. It is easy to guess that the village is located at the fjord of the same name. This tiny tourist spot with a population of 250 people annually receives several thousand tourists.

Here you can travel around the fjord, as the third largest cruise ship port is located here. Or just watch the cruise ships passing through the fjord every now and then.

– – – – – – – –

The charming fishing town of Henningsver is a magnificent group of islands in the Lofoten Islands. The shoreline is dotted with brightly colored traditional Norwegian houses that seem to grow out of the water.

It is worth visiting the amazing art galleries scattered throughout the city – Lofoten Art Gallery and Engelsmansbrügg.

– – – – – – – –

The town of Skudeneshavn, also known as Skudenes, will be remembered for a lifetime. No one will leave indifferent hundreds of snow-white wooden houses in the streets of the old part of town in the 1800’s. Skudeneshavn is considered one of the well-preserved Norwegian cities.

A boat festival, Skudefestivalen, is held here. The entire city is filled with boats: old wooden and modern sailing boats, tall ships, yachts and ships. The scale of the celebration is enormous: 600 boats and 35,000 participants.

– – – – – – – –

The northernmost settlement in the world is Longyear, the largest city located on the islands of Spitsbergen. The city of Longyear has no sunshine for 4 months of the year (from late October to early March). Therefore, when the sun begins to return to those regions, in fact, the city celebrates a whole week of this event and organizes the Solfestuk Festival.

In addition to watching the northern lights, seeing polar bears and other wildlife, you can have dinner at Huset, the world’s northernmost restaurant.

– – – – – – – –

The tiny town of Flom – it is home to almost 400 residents who welcome more than 450,000 visitors a year! Why? Because Flom attracts tourists with its 20-kilometer-long railroad, which runs between it and Murdal station. What makes the Flom railroad unique is that there is a concentration of Norwegian natural attractions along the train’s route. A train ride allows you to admire absolutely stunning scenery with steep slopes, waterfalls, houses, drive through tunnels and serpentines.

– – – – – – – –

And rounding out our list of Norwegian towns is the fishing village of Reine. Despite its modest size, it is one of the main tourist attractions of the country. The village is located in the picturesque Lofoten Islands. The sea crashing with noise on the coastal rocks, colorful fishermen’s houses on stilts – “rorby”, winding narrow paths along the wall of mountains – all this is settled in the middle of the rocks and water.

Around the Rhine, it’s best to walk, hike and kayak to enjoy the epic views of the archipelago’s mountains.

There is an opportunity to catch the northern lights – the Rhine is considered the ideal place to observe this natural phenomenon. Stunning pictures are guaranteed.

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Natural attractions are the calling card of Norway. Blooming meadows, green plains, mighty mountain ranges and hills… From all over the world people come to this country to enjoy the beauty of amazing landscapes.

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The most beautiful city of Norway is Bergen. Its uniqueness is that the city is surrounded by the North Sea and the mountains. Here you can stroll through the old quarters, see the old buildings that impress with their architecture, and visit the main attraction of the city – the Church of St. Mary, built in 1130.

Western Fjords

Norway is famous for its narrow and deep bays, the fjords that carve the entire coast of this country. Many of them have not changed since the Vikings.

Each fjord is unique in its own way, some famous for the beautiful waterfalls, others – the vegetation, others are surrounded by fishing villages.

Eastern Valleys

The eastern valleys are Kongsvinger Castle, the railway museum and the forestry museum. There are also ancient churches, a cable car and a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities, canoeing and fishing.


Rerus is a small mining town, which is protected by UNESCO. This is due to the buildings that have been preserved since the eighteenth century, and some from the twelfth. There is a museum of the copper plant here, where everyone can go down into the mines.

Troll’s tongue

On the mountain Skjeggedal is a ledge, which was given an interesting name – Troll’s Tongue. It rises above the lake Ringedalsvatn at a height of 350 meters. This is one of the most popular places in Norway, and every tourist dreams to take a picture on the cliff.


The northernmost part of Norway, Spitsbergen is a vast polar archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. It is the largest area with untouched wildlife as well as rich wildlife.

Reindeer roam the tundra, you can see bird markets on the coastal rocks and, of course, the polar bear, which is the symbol of the island.

Olesund .

On the west coast of Norway there is a city called Olesund, and it is famous because it is located on seven Norwegian islands between two fjords. It is one of the few cities that was built in the Art Nouveau style and was able to survive.

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In western Scandinavia lies the most beautiful and deepest lake in all of Europe, Hornindalsvatnet. Its depth is 514 meters, and the lake’s waters are considered the cleanest, because the glacier-fed rivers flow into it. The lake has its own unique fauna, some fish species live only in this lake.


The area of Fülke Nordland is home to the Junkerdal National Park, founded in 2004. The park has an area of 680 square meters and is famous for its flora, which is based on alpine and arctic plant species.

The park is home to moose, brown bears, reindeer and local wolverine populations.


Prekestulen is Norway’s most beautiful but dangerous attraction. This cliff attracts many tourists because of its summit-platform measuring 25 meters by 25 meters. Locals call the summit the “Preacher’s pulpit.”


Opposite Prekestulen is another beautiful plateau – Kierag. True, it is not the mountain that attracts tourists, but a stone that is stuck between the rocks. It was even given a name – Kjeragbolten. The stone got stuck as a result of natural transformations, i.e. the natural way. The stuck boulder is round, with a diameter of 5 meters.


This is the most beautiful and most visited village in Norway. Every season hundreds of cruise ships arrive here despite the fact that this settlement is very small. These places are famous for their fjords and waterfalls, and to appreciate all the beauty, you need to get to the top of Mount Dalsnibba.


The small town of Hammerfest, Europe’s northernmost city, has about 10,000 inhabitants. But it is this city that is the center of Sámi culture and it is here that you can see the most beautiful northern lights. Tourists are fascinated by the local reindeer that stroll along the coast and sometimes come to visit the locals.

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Nerøy Fjord

Of all the fjords, Nerøy is the smallest, it is very narrow, but that makes it even more beautiful. It is also protected by UNESCO. Nearby are the villages of Flom and Gudvangen. It is not just beautiful, but one of the most picturesque places on the planet.

Lindesnes Lighthouse

For those looking for picturesque scenery in Norway, the active Lindesse Lighthouse is a must-see. For 300 years it has prevented the loss of ships. The lighthouse is located on the strait between Jutland and the Norwegian coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Briksdal Glacier

This is the most picturesque part of the large Jostedal Glacier. The place is famous for its powerful waterfalls, unspoiled wildlife, and it is where Norway’s most beautiful campground is located.

Vigeland Park

Vigeland is a sculpture park and is popular not only among tourists but also among locals. Here you can see more than 200 sculptures created by the hands of national artists. This is an open-air museum with a beautiful landscape, paths and places to rest.

Cape Nordkapp

To reach Cape Nordkapp means to find yourself at the edge of the world. The cape is considered the northernmost point of Europe with stunning views of the ocean. Norwegian guides even consider it their duty to introduce visitors to this magnificent and amazingly beautiful place.

There are many other beautiful places in Norway. These include the frozen Lake Lofoten, the Sleeping Dragon Rock, the Lokalen Valley, and the famous Forest Troll Trail, which runs between the mountain peaks in Vestland.

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