New York, USA: 9 things to do in the famous big city

Trip to New York, tips for the tourist – what to do and what not to do in New York

Ground Zero

The best way to save money when traveling is to order smaller meals. Portions in local restaurants are much larger than those usually served in European establishments.

2. To get into a popular museum or specialty restaurant, it’s worth making sure you have tickets and seats available in advance. You need to order tickets for tours and make reservations at some establishments in advance.

3. In the subway do not go into empty cars. It is also better to be in crowded places during the walks.

5. Visiting public institutions, it is necessary to carefully watch your personal belongings. In particular, this applies to the subway and shopping centers, which have become a kind of “working platforms” for pickpockets. Copyright

6. It is convenient to travel around the city by bus and subway . You can buy tickets in special Ticket Vending Machines. You can pay with cash or international credit cards.

7. There are a lot of stalls in the city, offering customers to buy pastries and traditional fast food. Fried Nuts kiosks, where you can buy a variety of nuts, are also common.

New York City is renowned for its huge array of entertainment venues, nightclubs, and stores. Fans of dance and nightlife have a huge choice, among the popular clubs … Open

8. To find out about upcoming cultural events and to check museums, call the Zagat information desk.

9. Near all major public institutions and shopping complexes there are special Emergency Rescue Service Boxes, they allow you to contact the police and call the fire department.

10. National Guardsmen are on duty in all streets, to whom you can turn for help and to clarify how to get to a particular point of interest.

Aude Søjde - the historic part of Amsterdam, Netherlands

11. In New York City, as in any major city, there is a problem of a shortage of parking spaces . Those who will rent a car should pay attention to the established traffic signs, the penalty for improper parking can be quite high.

The best way to see the sights in the city is to take a rickshaw. There are rickshaws in the vicinity of all the major parks and amusement centers.

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Where to go while in New York – unique attractions

Freedom Tower

View on map: Distance from New York City center – 0.5 km.

The building is 541 meters high and the main “tourist” element of the Freedom Tower is the observation deck, which is equipped at a height of 417 meters. The name of the tower, as well as its height, is very symbolic. The Freedom Tower looks up into the sky at exactly 1,776 pounds – in 1776 there was the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. The attitude of the locals to the erection of another grandiose skyscraper on the site of the tragedy in 2001 was ambiguous, many citizens call the spectacular skyscraper “Fear Tower” in memory of the past events. … Read completely

World Trade Center 2

View on the map: Distance from the center of New York – 0.6 km

The facade of the skyscraper is faced with mirror tiles, so at any time of day it looks simply fascinating. Despite its original form the skyscraper has a high seismic resistance and can withstand strong winds. Great attention was paid to the design of the foundation, which the specialists tried to make as strong as possible. The construction of the skyscraper was delayed due to the difficulties in financing the project, during the construction, due to the lack of funds, the work had to be suspended several times. … Read completely

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Embankment in New York

Looking at the map: Distance from the center of New York City – 1 km.

On the waterfront is extremely rare to meet tourists, there is a small café, where you can always enjoy desserts and freshly brewed coffee. A good guide for tourists is established on the waterfront is a large sign of Pepsi, on the opposite side of the place, from which the ferries depart. In this picturesque and quiet place you can stay longer, not far from the waterfront is a famous restaurant of Vietnamese cuisine Cyclo. … Read completely

Renting in New York


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