New York City, USA.

20 New York City sights worth seeing

The Big Apple, like that forbidden fruit, beckons millions of travelers to visit New York every year. Of course, there are many guides to New York City that help make an impression of the city, but we offer our own rating of the most beautiful and interesting places, without seeing them, consider that you haven’t seen New York City either.

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1. Statue of Liberty

Of course, this is the main symbol of not only New York, but all of America. To get inside, you have to take a ferry ride.

Statue of Liberty in New York

  • How to get : By ferry.which leaves from Battery Park every 15 to 20 minutes. They run daily from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Statue of Liberty admission price:
    • $18 for adults.
    • $9 for children.

    If you don’t want to spend the trip and the entrance fee, we suggest taking the free ferry from Staten Island and just cruising past the Statue.

    2. the Empire State Building.

    You’ve probably seen this skyscraper in American movies. Construction began back in 1929 and since then the building has been considered one of the most recognizable landmarks of New York City and the “heart” of the city. Two observation decks are open to the public and when you climb them you can see all of New York City at your feet.

    • Prices :
      • Entrance to the Empire State Building on the 86th floor costs
        • $32 for adults,
        • $26 for children.
        • $52 for adults,
        • $46 for children.

        Empire State Building

        3. Rockefeller Center

        The observation deck of this skyscraper is worth going to at sunset, which is when you get a view of the aforementioned Empire State Building and all of New York, drowning in the fading rays of the sun. There are handy urban binoculars on the site.

        Rockefeller Center in New York

        4. High Line Park.

        This unusual urban park was opened not so long ago – in 2009. It was built 10 meters above ground level on the site of the former railway line. On the area of 160 hectares are many secluded places with benches, lounge chairs and tables, where it is pleasant to relax and eat.

        The High Line in New York.

        5. Metropolitan Museum

        One of the largest art museums in the world is located in downtown Manhattan. It probably won’t take a month to see the entire exhibit, but it’s definitely worth a visit for at least a couple of hours.

        The Metropolitan Museum

        The price of admission, $25, hangs above the cash register, and many tourists dutifully pay how much. In fact, admission to the museum itself is free, and $25 is the recommended fee for its development.

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