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Udon Thani, Thailand. What to see, lodging and reviews of the city

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Udon Thani is a city in northeastern Thailand. Only 50 km separates it from Laos. We never dreamed of being in Udon Thani, but fate arranged otherwise and took us to this province for a few days. We liked the city immediately. We expected to arrive in a remote village where everything closes at 6 p.m. and village life flows quietly and unnoticed during the day. But it wasn’t.


Photo: Udon Thani, Landmark Mall

Udon Thani is like a small Bangkok. The place buzzes with life until late at night. There are a large number of restaurants and bars. UD has major shopping malls, parks and markets, hotel and condominiums, train station, bus station and airport.


Udon Thani Railway Station

Udon Thani sights. What to see in UD in 1 day

The guidebooks count about 25 Udon Thani attractions – there are 2 temples and 20 restaurants, cafes and markets. We disagree with the guidebook and could highlight 5 other really interesting UD attractions.

Wat Pothisomphon Temple

A large Buddhist temple located in the Prajak Park area. The temple has a tall stupa, which can be seen from afar. There are virtually no tourists, you can come and sit in the shade to listen to the mantras, which are broadcast throughout the area at certain times.

gorod-udon-tani-11 gorod-udon-tani-10 gorod-udon-tani-13

Nong Prachak Sinlapakhom Park

Just a nice well-maintained park and reservoir. You can have a picnic on the lawn in the shade of trees. There are playgrounds for children. Read more at: Nong Prajak City Park


The City Pillar Shrine

The shrine is near Prajak Park, a 5-minute walk away. In the evening, an evening market for locals unfolds in the square near this mini-shrine.


Chinese Temple and Chaloem Park

The second major park in UD. The park also has a pond, playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, and comfortable running paths around the lake. A Chinese temple is located within the park. Read more in this article: Chaloem Phrakiat Park Udon Thani

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Central Night Market

Night Market is a huge evening market in the center of the city, which is located near the train station. Guidebooks list the Night Market as a major tourist attraction. In this we agree, the market is really worth a visit. Low prices, great selection of clothes and street food. It’s open from about 5 to 10 p.m. Read more in this article: Udon Thani Night Market


Perhaps these are the main attractions of the city that are worth seeing. Next we will tell you about the features of the city and our impressions.

Features of Udon Thani

No Tourists

Sometimes you can meet Europeans in UD. A couple or three times a day. As a rule, they are men in their 50s with Thai companions. Young people were seen only a couple of times at the night market. We can safely include this town in the list of untouched by tourists in Thailand.


A typical street in UD.


Unusually, there are so few Sevens even in the center of town. The Family March didn’t see any at all. You can walk 30 minutes down main street and not find a single minimart.

There are sidewalks.

Speaking of walking around the city. Almost every street has sidewalks. This is so unusual in Asia and so pleasant. Most of the time the sidewalks are quite spacious and not even cluttered with bikes. Who would have thought that sidewalks are a rarity in the popular Thai resorts, but in such a provincial town – full and wide.

Not only people walk on sidewalks.

Lots of street food.

There are plenty of street food outlets all over the city that are open all day long. In other Thai cities, the macashnikas appear only in the evening, but here they work even in the heat. The locals are very friendly and smiling, very happy when we bought food from them.

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Public transportation

There are cheap buses and sunteo through the city. The fare is 10 baht. Only the buses don’t have a word in English, so it’s not very clear where it goes. We did not have time to deal with the songteo, we walked everywhere, the distance allows.


Cabs and tuk-tuks

Trips around town are within 100 baht. Airport cab – 150 baht, tuk-tuk from 100 to 150. The tuk-tuk was only used twice. First we were charged 60 baht for a short ride. We were so quick to agree without bargaining that we realized later that it was probably 30 baht. And a tuk-tuk took us to the airport from the center for only 120 baht. A ridiculous price for a long trip. By the way, you can’t take a bus to the airport. Only a tuk-tuk or a cab.


Glory is thinking of buying a tuk-tuk.

Renting a house in Udon Thani

If you do not have the means right now to winter in popular resorts like Samui, Phuket or Hua Hin, and yet the sea is not particularly important to you – go to Udon Thani. There is a cheap and modern housing, where prices do not depend on high season. There are at least 4 large modern condominiums with swimming pools. We went to one of them, offered apartments at 7, 8 and 9 thousand baht, there are studio and 1 bedroom options with a kitchen. Read more about the rentals in the article: CP Land condos

Hotels in UD on →


Only a few condos, but at least, they’re there and that’s a good thing already

Impressions of the north of Thailand

Very positive impressions of non-tourist Thailand. It is so nice to walk around quietly and no one is bothering you on the street with their costumes, souvenirs, excursions. No one is asking you to go to restaurants. They don’t shout Russian words in your wake. Few people speak English here. Meals in cafes and markets are even cheaper than in Pattaya.

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We eat shrimp soup in a restaurant. 120 baht

In the mall and restaurants we were sometimes curiously watched by local people. And you can see that although the white man is not new here, still sincere curiosity to your person stands out. But no one openly stares at you.

A bicycle rickshaw, like in Vietnam.

Udon Thani is quite developed. There are even supermarkets with European products. Things and necessities are also very cheap. The city is clean. You don’t have to take a bike. You just need to learn the sunteo routes.


Sometimes I wish the Thais would understand Russian.

Near the border with Laos, which means that trips to renew visas will take much less time and money. Read more: How to get to Laos


Photo of Udon Thani: Lake near the local history museum

We didn’t find any significant negative aspects of the city. In Udon Thani, you can easily spend a few days or a month. The sea can be replaced by walks in the park and trips to national parks in neighboring provinces. If Udon Thani had sea and beaches, it would not be worth the price of this wonderful city.

Where to Stay in Udon Thani

The hotels in Udon Thani are centrally located, located to the left of the train station, not far from the bus station. This is the area with life. There is a night market, lots of cafes and restaurants nearby. If you want to know where to pick up Thai women in Udon Thani, then head to the street between Central Plaza and Night Market, there you will see several bars. There are also Thais on Samphan Thamit Alley, which is on the left if you go from Central Plaza to Night Market.

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