New Year’s Holidays in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. A perfect winter trip

New Year’s Holidays in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. A perfect winter trip

Uzhgorod is a little pearl of Zakarpattya which is sure to charm you with its uniqueness and beauty. If you celebrate New Year in Uzhgorod or go there on a romantic trip you will fall in love with this city forever!

Many people dream to celebrate New Year in Switzerland, Austria or any other foreign country where you can enjoy luxury services and go skiing. However, even in Ukraine there are a lot of interesting places, for the sake of which many foreigners are willing to travel thousands of miles. Just to these tourist cities belongs a small and cozy Uzhgorod.

In this city are literally erased all boundaries and distinctions between people. In most cafes and restaurants staff speak fluent Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Hungarian and Slovak. Wandering through the narrow romantic streets, it is simply impossible not to meet a foreigner. Despite the fact that Uzhgorod occupies only 65 square kilometers, in this small area the cultures of many countries are closely intertwined, allowing it to be unique and one of a kind.

New Year in Uzhgorod

Go to this city can be at any time of year, as there is always warm and pleasant weather, but experienced travelers tend to gather a friendly company and go to Uzhgorod on New Year. It is always especially cozy and comfortable, thanks to the homely atmosphere. Nice and cute town is deprived of traffic megapolis, no one is in a hurry, and life takes its course peacefully.

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New Year in Uzhgorod

Residents of Uzhgorod await New Year’s Eve with much trepidation, decorating the streets with glittering lights, painting store windows and putting up fir trees. The state border with Slovakia can be reached on foot through a park, while the Hungarian border is just a few dozens of kilometers away. In the local supermarkets you can often meet people from Slovak villages. In Uzhgorod European culture is literally revealed in all its glory. This is a perfect place for a romantic New Year’s Eve trip.

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What can I see in Uzhgorod?

The small city boasts numerous sights of natural and man-made origin. However, tourists are particularly in awe of the following items :

– Uzhgorod Castle – if you love medieval architecture , then this stone sculpture will certainly be to your liking. The castle has been preserved almost in perfect condition. The interior halls have been converted into luxury museums, and next to the palace there’s a replica of an ancient village with wooden thatched cottages and a gorgeous log church. You can quench your thirst and warm up in the wine cellars, which also serve aromatic mulled wine.

– The embankment and the Uzh River are a true highlight of this city. The Uzh River divides Uzhgorod into two halves, and across it on the pedestrian Amur Bridge you can get from the modern area to the so-called Old Town, which is a special historical value. Roads here are made of stone, houses have retained their ancient form and artistic stucco. Under the Amur Bridge you can always see a flock of wild ducks, waiting to be fed with bread or a fragrant bun. A wide, well-kept embankment with benches and lanterns stretches across the city, impressing with its scope.

Ukraine. New Year Celebrations in Uzhgorod. A perfect winter trip - Photo 3

What to see in Uzhgorod?

– Korzo Street – this is where the best boutiques, numerous pizzerias, chocolate shops, coffee houses, and bars are concentrated. It is located in the center of Uzhgorod and is its most famous landmark. During the New Year holidays Korzo street shines with all the colors of the rainbow, from everywhere you hear cheerful tunes and sparkling souvenir shops. The city literally breathes with the atmosphere of the holiday.

The outskirts of Uzhgorod are also definitely worth your attention. Even on the coldest day you can go to the thermal springs in Beregovo, in order to bathe in the hot pools of healing water under the open sky. You can spend a whole day at one of the following castles: Palanok in Mukachevo, Nevytsky castle, etc.

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Uzhgorod Cafes and Restaurants

If a vacation for you is inevitably associated with delicious food, then Uzhgorod will definitely become your favorite city. It will spoil you with low prices, an abundance of delicious dishes and locally produced alcoholic beverages. That is why you should definitely celebrate the New Year in Uzhgorod in one of its many restaurants.

1) “Detsa u notary” is a real paradise for connoisseurs of traditional Zakarpattia cuisine. However, besides hearty and incredibly tasty dishes, the interior deserves special attention here. The owners of the restaurant have turned it into a small entertainment center with museum exhibits.

Ukraine. New Year Celebrations in Uzhgorod. A perfect winter trip - Photo 4

2) “Vertep” – nourishing, tasty and not expensive. You can drop in here for breakfast and lunch, but during dinner it is quite difficult to push your way into this place. Uzhgorod is not only a tourist city, but also the student capital of Zakarpattya. On the streets all year round you can see young people running about their business and enjoying each other’s company.

3) The Gospodar is a family restaurant. The choice of dishes is not too great, but each of them is a culinary masterpiece. Just look at warm salad with veal and balsamic sauce!

4) “DOLCE” – looks like a small cafe but is a luxurious restaurant where they prepare simply delicious and exquisite dishes. The chef of this restaurant does not stop at the Ukrainian cuisine, but continues to improve in the preparation of a variety of dishes.

5) “Yum-yum” – if you like pancakes sweet and salty, with and without stuffing, pancakes with pancakes, then this is a truly heavenly place for you. However, in addition to pancakes here serve only drinks, which should be taken into account when choosing a cafe.

Uzhgorod has irrevocably captured my heart. I would love to go back there again to enjoy its cheerful and measured rhythm of life . To enjoy hot chocolate, feed the ducks and listen to a youth street concert.

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