New Year’s Eve, 2022 in Rome, Italy

Rome in January: A Year in the Making and a Plunge into History

In January, Italy’s capital welcomes visitors with twinkling lights and gigantic, ornate Christmas trees. Smiling people march through the city and shiny buses, resembling brightly colored balloons, whizzing by in the evening. In January, the weather in Rome is mild, the mood is buoyant, and bargains galore make for a happy vacation.

Rome in January 2022. Photo.

New Year’s Eve Rome is ready to welcome guests.

January is the coldest month! Is it so?

Experienced travelers say that in January Rome is cold and wet. However, during the winter the temperature is within +5 +10 degrees and only at night the thermometer column rarely falls to zero. Pay attention to the weather forecast! In January 2022 the atmosphere in Rome will be comfortable for long and interesting walks:

  • January 1-10: 16-12°C, occasional drizzle;
  • From January 11 to 20: 8-11°C, alternately foggy and sunny;
  • From January 21 to 31: 7-13°C, sunny and humid, with possible rainfall.

Weather conditions in Rome in January 2022.

Weather in Rome in January 2022 – Forecast by weather forecasters.

Wonderful weather, isn’t it? And what kind of closet to take on a trip to Rome, we will find out from the mouth of a charming traveler.

January trip to Rome, written by Daria Kislova from Tver:

“An umbrella is the most important attribute for a trip to winter Italy. Those who came without an umbrella, will not get away from the Pakistanis. They will certainly sell you their goods for 2-3 €. And you will have to buy it, because the rain and wet fog in Rome is a must. Clothing for the trip will be suitable light, autumn. Your shoes should be solid and waterproof. Take windbreakers, jeans, sweaters, a hat and gloves. Italians love scarves, so if you feel cold, buy one as a souvenir and wear it with pleasure.


Without an umbrella and a warm scarf you can not do without.

What to do in January in Rome?

The eternal city of Rome is a huge open-air museum! At every step of the architectural masterpieces, from ancient antiquity to the Renaissance. It can take a whole vacation to explore just one street, so take advantage of the services of professionals and book guided tours in Russian:

    Great for the first acquaintance with the capital. For 2 hours and 30 minutes a group of up to 15 people will walk around the main historical locations of the city, and a guide who is in love with Italy for only 20 € per participant will reveal to you all the secrets of hot Italians. For 3 hours a group of up to 10 people with children will walk through the galleries of museums and learn a lot of interesting things from the history of the Roman throne. The cost of the tour is 60 € per person.


Evening stroll at St. Peter’s Cathedral.

    will last two hours. Together with a guide you will turn off the main streets and find yourself in the hidden capital. A journey through the quarters of the former ghetto will reveal another face of the ancient city, and from the locals you will learn the legends forgotten by historians. The hike will take a group of 4 people, the price is 70 € per participant. For 3 hours of hiking a group of 5 people will see the capital in the light of magical illumination. You definitely need to see the illuminated sights of Rome, because this is a separate art, on which the City Hall spends huge amounts of money. The cost of the tour is 55 € per participant.

New Year.

In January, the spirit of the New Year is everywhere.

    – This is a 3-hour country tour. First you have to take the train to the station in Orta, and then, together with an experienced guide, tour the ancient city without people. A lot of other interesting activities awaits you on site, payment is 144€ for a group of up to 4 people.

Want to know more? Follow these links and choose the tours of your choice – and These are two of the largest online stores for excursions in Russian worldwide.

Buying tours online is profitable and convenient:

  • Prices are 15-20% lower than in any tour office, agencies and distributors;
  • the choice is much more;
  • You can read the program in advance, look at pictures and read reviews of tourists, in other words, you can find something that will be really interesting.

Review of Irina Kim from Yakutia about New Year’s vacations in Rome:

“Met the New Year 2018 with my son in Italy and took away with us a new album of memorable photos. It was chilly on the night of 31 to 1, so we wandered around Piazza del Popolo for a while, met some noisy Italians, and then ducked into the nearest cafe. You can’t know and love a city if you don’t taste it. Even on New Year’s Eve, the locals prefer beer, pork, lentils, smoked fish and turkey. Italians believe that these products bring good luck. We ate from the heart and spent the night with a diverse group of people, in Italy on New Year’s Eve it is customary to make new acquaintances. As a side note, a week of New Year’s entertainment in Rome has cost us about 100 euros!

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Independent walks in Rome

The city on seven hills can’t be visited in a week, and to understand it, you need a vacation of a lifetime. The concentration of historical monuments in Rome reaches incredible proportions, but we won’t get lost in the ancient city and take a quick, interesting quest. Follow the instructions and a tedious journey will turn into a pleasant entertainment:

  1. Visit the Colosseum. To avoid standing in a tedious line, buy your ticket online, only plus 2 euros to the real cost.

The Colosseum.

Sancta Claus New Year procession.

  1. Repent at the Pantheon. The indestructible “temple of all gods” is better preserved than its brother the Colosseum. Be sure to stand in a circle under the dome, and the streaming divine light will absolve you of all your sins. Entrance to the Pantheon is absolutely free.

The dome.

Under the dome of the Pantheon.

  1. Have a cup of coffee in Piazza Navona. The square is always a bustling fair and fun with street musicians, artists, live statues, and funny clowns everywhere.
  2. Take a break at Borghese. It’s a lush parkland in the north of the capital, and notable for its Italian masterpieces in the vile museum and incredible silence. Buy your ticket in advance; guests are allowed into the gallery in groups every 2 hours.
  3. Take a walk through the Trastevere neighborhood. It’s a cozy place for romantics in love. Here come lovers of solitude and fans of old historical mysteries. Villa Farnesina, with its lemon garden and frescoes by the immortal Raphael, is especially interesting.
  4. See Rome from above. To do so, go to Rome’s most famous observation deck, which is open under the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral. From here you can see the city in the palm of your hand, with panoramas of the Tiber and Trastevere, the walls of the Colosseum, and the Roman Forum.

St. Peter's Cathedral.

A bird’s eye view of Rome.

This is just one of the short and interesting routes that will unmask the true face of the city. Want to see more? Grab a detailed map and go on your own journey through the hospitable Italian capital.

Review by Natalia K. from St. Petersburg on a visit to Rome in January:

“We went to Rome this time with my family. We took a walk in the Colosseum, then with the same ticket we visited the Roman forum. The ancient basilicas are the best place for family photos. Next is the Trevi Fountain – a stunning place, especially with the evening illumination. Threw a coin in the water to come back next year. In short, Rome is an unreal city that proves its greatness and beauty every time!”

Trevi Fountain.

Don’t forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

Shopping in the Italian capital

January tours to Rome and Milan are especially popular. This is when grand sales begin and attractive advertisements on stores that say “sconti” and “saldi” magnetically attract visitors.

Take note of the key places to shop in winter:

  • Piazza España, a concentrate of high-end stores from famous fashion houses;
  • Piazza Campo dei Fiori – the best youth clothes boutiques;
  • Via del Corso, a popular shopping street with stores where famous brands sell items at low prices. During the sale season, discounts reach 70-80%.
  • Galleria Alberto Sordi is the most popular mall in the city, located in the old Palazzo Piombin square. There are boutiques and outlet stores of all global brands, as well as many cozy cafes and children’s entertainment.

From a trip to Rome usually bring high-quality shoes, bags and accessories made of genuine leather. Fashionistas and fashionistas do not leave the capital without a pair of good shoes. The goods are so good that travelers usually buy shoes for themselves, all family and friends, prices start at 35-40 euros.


Funny souvenirs to remember the trip.

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Be sure to look at the market Campo dei Fiori during your next trip. Here they sell the most delicious Roman fast food soupli (or arancini). Take away cheeses, olives, wine, pasta, cuts of meat, and the most delicious coffee that Italians drink. The market is full of souvenirs! On the shelves there are magnets, postcards from the Vatican, masks, jewelry made of Murano glass, wooden toys and books. In the eternal city there are always trinkets for every taste and purse, which will be a great gift for family and friends.

Fast food.

A quick snack is arancini.

Holidays in Rome

When visiting the capital of Italy in January, be sure to visit interesting events and take part in national celebrations:

  • January 1 – New Year in Italy. On this day off, most museums will be closed. However, visitors to the capital will not be bored, in the center will be a festive parade. The procession of masks will start from the castle of St. Angel and will end at St. Peter’s Square. Every year at the end of the New Year’s Eve assembly awaits a blessing from the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope.
  • January 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany. It is the official holiday when all believers celebrate the end of the Christmas season. On the night of January 5 to 6, the good witch Befana leaves presents for the children, and all the members of a large Italian family gather around a rich table.
  • January 17 is Abbot St. Anthony’s Day. This holiday is celebrated in Rome and in southern Italy on a grand scale. In Piazza Pius XII and near St. Peter’s cathedral there is a ceremony of blessing of the animals.

The day of the Abbot of St. Anthony.

On January 17, the pets are waiting for a blessing.

Note to visitors of the capital! In January, 2022, there will be interesting events in Rome: an exhibition of contemporary art Esher and the Mummy exhibition, the International Festival of Photography, and several grandiose performances at the opera house. And the most important event, on January 14, an open house at the Doria Pamphuli Gallery. Admission that day is completely free.

Prices and travel expenses

If you’ve decided to celebrate the New Year in Rome, keep in mind that the cost of tours increases significantly in the second half of December. From early January until Orthodox Christmas, prices for tickets, hotels, and restaurant menus rise by 30-40%.

In the middle of the month starts the “low” season, and at the end of January prices are reduced by 50%, and travel agencies put on the market last minute trips. For tourists’ information, the approximate amounts of major expenditures:

  • Round trip airfare from Moscow – 14 000 rubles (Lufthansa);
  • Daily stay in a hotel 4 * in a double room – 8000 rubles;
  • For those who go on tour, the cost of a five-day tour for 2 people in a 4 * hotel – 58 000 rubles,

Advice! When you arrive in Rome, buy a tourist pass for public transportation. The cost of a 3-day ticket – 18 euros.

And now a typical expenditure in Rome:

  • bus fare – 1.5 euros;
  • pizza for two – 5 euros;
  • a plate of delicious pasta, 10 euros;
  • A bottle of wine – 12 euros;
  • Ice cream – 3 euros;
  • Coffee – 1-2 euros.


Real Italian pizza for lunch.

Fans of Italy say that everything in Rome is beautiful! Even the door handles on the doors of the museums are a delight. Come to Rome in January to breathe the fresh air from the Tiber and take a walk in the rain through the ancient neighborhoods. In between, stop by the cozy restaurants for a delicious meal and a chat with the locals. Rome has its own unique taste that consists of cheese, fragrant coffee and incomparable Italian gelato.

Roman New Year – a cocktail of centuries-old traditions and holiday cheer

There is probably only one day of the year when adults simultaneously decide to live better, to begin, to complete, to achieve … Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve – the sweetest, brightest and most carefree holiday for all earthlings.

Christmas tree in the square.

Whether the great Caesar, who changed the calendar at the end of the empire, thought that by setting the date of the change of years he was giving such a gift to subsequent generations, who knows? It occurred to me that it was in Italy that the first New Year, common to all, began. Only once was I lucky enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rome. I remember being touched when I received a box of chocolates with a card with the following content:

“I want the New Year to be a miracle in hard times! Be happy and let your friends surround you! And let Befana bring you a lot of health in her sock! May good luck never leave you!”

When a little sentimentality had passed, I turned my attention to a certain Befana, who was supposed to bring me health to wear. The lady turned out to be an Italian Snow Maiden, though a bit scary and in years. She flies on a broom on January 6 (Catholic Epiphany) and lowers presents for good kids into chimneys, and brings coals to bad ones.

Povella - the Plague Island in Venice . Tourist destinations in Italy.

Her partner’s name is Bubbo Natale. He’s Santa Claus’ cousin and Santa Claus’ twin, looks chipper with ruddy cheeks and delivers Christmas presents. So Befana and Bubbo Natale never meet.

Holiday in Rome

Italians are an emotional people. They grieve beautifully, grieve convincingly, and know how to party heartily. If you have never been to Italy, try to arrange a winter vacation in Rome – it will charge you with positive emotions for a long time. Italian New Year vacation lasts from December 24, when Christmas Eve comes to the Catholic Christmas, to January 6 – Epiphany day.

Rome during these days freshen up – in the squares decorated with decorated Christmas trees, garlands and colored lights shine everywhere. The city buses, which look like huge, colorful fireflies, are especially delightful. Every shopkeeper, restaurant, and cafe owner tries to make his or her establishment attractive.

The Romans, even on other days smiling and sociable, radiate complacency. In short, not even the most rabid of whiners can resist the overall cheerful mood.


New Year presents are not customary with the Italians, they have already gifted each other at Christmas, and the children will still have gifts of Befana on January 6. So you will be able to raid the stores without frenzy, such quiet shopping is not often possible. The best thing about New Year’s Eve tours in Rome is that on January 7 they start selling out. If you stick around in January, you can make a very inexpensive purchase.

Winter weather

Moscow autumn rarely brings days when the sky is blue, the sun is bright and warm and the air is clear and piercingly clean. All of this applies to the Roman December.

The weather in Rome on New Year’s Eve is exactly like this. The Roman winter differs from ours in the evergreen trees and lawn grass, the orange spots of tangerines on the branches and the not-so-winterly soft and warm evenings. Perfect weather for long leisurely walks around the city.

Snow and winter are not a necessary combination for Romans, and there is no reason to assume that the New Year 2020 in Italy will be frosty. Temperatures at the end of December in Rome are + 12-14°C, with 6-7°C less at night. There may be brief rain, but soon the sun shines again. Weather surprises in New Year’s Eve Rome are infrequent and do not cause much inconvenience. The temperature can be 3-4°C below normal or jump to 20°C during the day.

Weather conditions for the New Year vacations in the Italian capital.

Weather in Rome for New Year 2022.

Dress for fall: warm sweater, jacket, jeans.

Winter clothes.

Warm winter shoes are not necessary. Heels for roman sidewalk aren’t the best option either. Demi-seasonal soft, comfortable and durable shoes should be suitable for long walks on Roman cobblestones. An umbrella won’t hurt, don’t forget to take it with you.

Excursions – we recommend!

Italy without excursions is not Italy. Visit at least one – it is an experience!

You can buy excursions at tourist kiosks in the city, at distributors or on the Internet. Tourists are increasingly ordering them online. This is convenient for several reasons. You can:

  • Take your time to read descriptions and reviews and choose what you like;
  • do not fuss and do not waste precious time in Rome to search and buy excursions;
  • buy in advance from home or the day before, and pay by card;
  • the choice online is greater than in any agency or tourist kiosk, and the prices are 15-20% lower, because there is no agency fee;
  • bought a tour is guaranteed to be in Russian.

And there are many options – from the most simple walking tour of Rome for €20 (it is ideal for the first acquaintance of the city) or a visit to the Vatican with the cathedral of St. Peter’s (€38) to a trip to Naples and Pompeii (€115).

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Or maybe go to a pizza and pasta making workshop (€80) and learn how to make them in Italy itself from a chef at a restaurant in Rome. After the master class you can enjoy dinner and wine, all included in the price of the tour.

The most current tours in Rome 2022:

    – to see and learn; – to eat and drink wine; – to be amazed; – to see more than just Rome; – to touch the eternal.

How the Romans celebrate the New Year

Christmas in Italy is a family holiday, and it is customary to spend it at home. Italians say: “I celebrate Christmas only with my family, and New Year’s Eve with whom I want. When they gather their relatives, they exchange gifts and lay the Christmas table, taking into account national traditions.

Rich table.

New Year’s Eve is a different story – it’s a time of fun, fireworks, music and dancing. Dinner is usually at home with family and friends, and towards midnight, it seems, all the townspeople take to the streets of Rome. I’ve even seen families with children, though not very tiny ones. The squares are filled to the brim with people, everyone is clamoring, glasses are clinking, wishes are being made, and shouts of joy are being heard.

In the evening the city closes to traffic and the Romans walk unimpeded along the roads, navigating along routes that only they know. The tradition of throwing old things out the windows still survives in Italy, so when you’re walking around the city, keep your eyes peeled just in case.


To make it easier for you to navigate this maelstrom, I’ll tell you a few options for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rome.

Concerts and shows

You can see and hear professional musicians, circus performers, and street amateurs in many squares, restaurant plazas, and cafes. Just go for the sounds of music if you can hear it over the noise of firecrackers and fireworks. Traditionally, concerts are held in Venice Square and the Colosseum, starting at 10 p.m. Try to arrive at the beginning, because when the square is full, the entrance is blocked.



Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the concert. You won’t be bored! The streets of Rome are so lively on New Year’s Eve that you won’t feel like you’re missing. You probably haven’t seen fun like this before – wine and champagne, fireworks, salutes, firecrackers. Italians are completely relaxed and very sociable – they are happy to meet new people, wish each other happiness, drinking their favorite wine and having fun with all their heart. Just stock up on liquor and glasses, if you’re not teetotalers, and you quite organically blend into the general atmosphere.

By the way, the Italians almost do not drink strong drinks. Except for grappa, but on New Year’s Eve I haven’t seen any ugly drunk or aggressive ones. And don’t think about buying French champagne – only Italian drinks! Don’t forget to say “Anno Nuovo” to everyone when you meet.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ladies, don’t wear your best at once, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Italians dress well, but very democratic. So leave the high stilettos and evening dresses at home, choose comfortable clothes and just enjoy life.

On New Year’s Eve there are many cafes and stores where you can drink coffee, buy ice cream or other small things.



On New Year’s Eve, almost all Roman restaurants are open. It is better to book a table in advance, you will be charged a small deposit, but you will be sure that the place will be yours. Holiday prices are a little higher than usual and the menu is somewhat reduced, but everything is delicious as always.

You will definitely be offered pork dishes, which is an Italian tradition. On this holiday it is customary to eat boiled fatty pork sausages, they are sold everywhere and there is not an Italian who would not eat at least one. In short, for Italian pigs, New Year’s Eve is not much fun.


You shouldn’t dress up festively at the restaurant either, people will be dressed casually. Some restaurants have live music and entertainment, but you need to find out about it in advance. As midnight approaches, most of the public joins the people on the streets to hear the clock chime along with everyone else.

After the holiday

On January 1, Rome sleeps until lunchtime. If you can bring yourself to wake up early, you will have a unique opportunity to see a deserted Rome. You won’t be able to join any tours or museums on this day, so just walk around the city.

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Restaurants open on the first day of the year near lunchtime and it’s hard to get in. So we bought food at the supermarket at Termini Station and had breakfast at the hotel. After that, we could take a tour bus ride or walk around Rome. We chose the latter, the weather was wonderful.

The good thing about Rome is that you don’t have to look for sights – the city is woven out of them. Prepare for the city at home by choosing the places you want to see.

Hotels always offer their guests a map, ask for it to mark the location of your hotel, and then hit the road. I assure you that on the way to the selected attractions, you will discover your personal favorite nooks, fountains, houses and squares. Along the way, stop at cafes to refresh yourself with an amazing hot chocolate or cappuccino.

Even if your tour to Rome for New Year’s Eve only lasts a few days, you need to make time:

  • Kiss under the mistletoe on New Year’s Eve to make the next year happy.


  • Visit Piazza del Poppolo, where the main New Year’s Eve festivities take place, on the same night.
  • Buy a memento at Piazza Navona, where the Christmas market is held.


  • Listen to classical music in Piazza Quirinale.
  • Take in a musical parade on January 1.
  • Go to a crèche exhibition on via G. D’Annuzio

Exhibition of crèches.

  • Breathe the scents of the orange grove in Savelo Park.

Take a plane to Rome on New Year’s Eve

It’s easy to get to Rome from any major city in Russia. Aeroflot and Italian Alitalia offer direct flights between Moscow (Sheremetyevo) and Rome (Fiumicino). From Domodedovo you can fly to Rome with Italian “budget” Blue Panorama Airlines, and from St. Petersburg (Pulkovo) with Aeroflot and Rossiya.

Liner in the sky.

You can fly to Rome with connections from any major Russian city. From Moscow alone you will be offered such flights by 35 airlines.

For the cheapest tickets (only about $150), you can count on buying them a month before departure for morning flights midweek. Do not hurry to buy a ticket, look through as many offers of carriers as possible – because the cost of the flight can vary by 5-6 times. Although you should not put off buying tickets. New Year’s Eve tours in Rome are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s better to take care of tickets in advance. I don’t think you can count on very cheap tickets for New Year, but, ordering 1-2 months in advance, you can get by in $300-350.

Tourist reviews

“Winter in Rome is charming. It is not true that it is like the Russian autumn – everything is different, and even the air smells different. I love this city, especially on New Year’s Eve. Here you can’t sit out the holiday in a restaurant or a hotel room, you can’t eat too much at the holiday table in some enclosed space. On New Year’s Eve, you have to move around Rome, stopping only briefly. Only in a fairy tale does this happen. And this city is a fairy tale. This thought comes to mind as soon as you think of its history and its inhabitants floating with it through time.”

“New Year’s Eve in Rome was chosen by my wife – I myself am a lover of extreme in the backcountry. It so happened that I could not refuse. Not once did I regret it. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t stand – nerve-wracking shopping, museum programs, and daily wandering through ruins. In general, all this is good, but in moderation. You’ve been to a bright, beautiful holiday, where everything is not according to plan, and you only dispose of itself. Everything is beautiful and unusual – both the weather and the holiday itself. Italians know how to enjoy themselves and to please each other.”

“This was my first encounter with Italy in winter. New Year’s Rome was amazing. Before that I met the year in New York and Berlin. I never experienced anything like that. I just love Rome. And how can you not love it?”

Last updated article: Nov. 25, 2021

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