Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar – the world’s least known capital

What the capitals of the world’s poorest countries look like. Part 3

We continue our photo tour of the capitals of countries whose economies are going through bad times. Today, among other things, we will see that even in the poorest countries there are not deprived of luxury corners.

Antananarivo, Madagascar

In the UN ranking of the least developed countries in the world, the African island nation is in the top ten. Madagascar’s economy is based on agriculture and fishing, due to which local residents survive. As in many other African states, the difficult situation of the economy in Madagascar is not least because of political instability. The capital of the state is characterized by dense buildings, the presence of a traditional local market and the name of the city, made in the style of Hollywood.

Maseru, Lesotho

The Kingdom of Lesotho is located near Madagascar, both geographically and economically. One of the smallest states in Africa, despite having large diamond deposits, it has to supplement its budget by exporting water to the surrounding Republic of South Africa, as well as seeking economic assistance from other states. A large part of the population works in South Africa and one of the main scourges of Lesotho remains the highest prevalence of HIV infection. Lesotho citizens live mostly in small towns and villages. Maseru, the capital, is the only major city in the country. Despite all the economic and social difficulties, in the second half of the last century Maseru experienced a certain production and demographic growth.

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

The country in Southeast Asia more than 60 years after independence remains governed, albeit partially, by the military: a quarter of the seats in Parliament belong to them. Since 1948, however, one military government has come to power, promising to put the country in order after another. Order is indeed lacking in many areas: Myanmar’s economy is based on agriculture, despite the presence of mineral resources. It is also significant that Myanmar is the world’s second largest producer of opium.

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However, at first glance, these problems do not seem too noticeable in the state capital, Nay Pyi Taw. For some little-known reasons (most likely military), the capital was moved from Yangon to this purpose-built city in 2005. Of course, the new capital could not be deprived of a certain amount of glitz and grandeur.

The notion that the Arabian Peninsula is the land of the richest sheikhs, riding around in gilded Lamborghinis and owning oil rigs, has already become a habit. However, the eastern “princes” also have their own “beggar” – Yemen. In many ways, the local problems are due to the long and painful political struggle between theocratic, republican and pro-Soviet forces that began in the middle of the last century in parts of the modern state. As with other countries in the region, Yemen’s economy depends on oil production, but its GDP, and with it its standard of living, is not very high.

The capital of Yemen, Sana’a, is the oldest city, known since the first century AD. In addition to the most ancient buildings here you can find elements of mass building, organized by the Soviet Union in the 70s of the last century.

Honiara, Solomon Islands

The 992 islands that make up this Pacific nation are home to just over half a million people, most of whom are employed in agriculture and service industries. Culturally, the state still retained much of its traditional features and tribal structure. The complicated relations between individual tribes even led to armed clashes until the middle of the last decade. Solomon Islands regularly suffer from powerful destructive earthquakes. All these factors make the country’s economy painfully weak.

The location of Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is considered to be where the Spaniards first landed when exploring the islands. Otherwise, Honiara is an ordinary small port city in Oceania, with dense vegetation and a rich underwater world in the coastal areas.

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