Mystic travel in the CIS countries

Top 10 mystical tourism destinations in Russia

Were you afraid of babaiku, ghosts and other mystical creatures as a child? And in fact, there are people who are ready to overcome hundreds of kilometers to see, or at least feel the presence of otherworldly forces. If you also dream to do it, but do not know where to go, then here are the top 10 best places for mystical tourism in Russia. The list is based on data from the agency TourStat, whose experts have analyzed the popularity of the so-called “places of power” and reviews of tourists on the web.

10. Mountain range Sunduki, Khakassia


This natural-historical monument consists of several separately standing elevations – “trunks”. All of them are low and accessible to climbing. The trunks have interested archeologists because of their burials, petroglyphs and ancient constructions, which could serve for observation of the course of the celestial bodies.

According to legend, Khakassian spirits do not allow everyone access to the Chests. They confuse the way or send thunderstorms and wind on the unwanted. If a person manages to visit these places, it is necessary to tie a ribbon on the sacrificial tree – as a sign of respect for the spirits.

This mountain range is also unique in its excellent acoustics. Even a quiet word, uttered at the top of the slope will be heard by people below the ridge, although the distance between the speaker and the listener is not less than 200 meters. This effect can be explained by air currents coming down from above.

9. Ivolginsky Datsan, Buryatia


This place is sacred to Buddhists. The place is home to the Netanyama who in 1927 “went to nirvana” but never returned. He is still in the posture of meditation. His body changes weight, maintains temperature and scientists have no explanation for this phenomenon. Many Buddhists believe that the Nettle Lama will wake up one day, as he promised.

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8. City of Arkaim, Chelyabinsk Region


This fortified settlement of the Bronze Age is the most mysterious place in the Urals. It is located at the same latitude as the Amur Pillars and Stonehenge and is considered one of the “places of power”. It is called the city of the Sun and the ancestral home of the Aryans.


Arkaim is surrounded by low mountains, each of which has its own name. One of the legends associated with Arkaim says that if you climb the mountain Shamanka and make a wish, it will come true for sure. And the Mountain of Reason allegedly visited by Jesus Christ himself.

7. Lake Bezdonnoe, Moscow region


There were rumors that Dmitri Mendeleev (author of the periodic table of elements) himself tried to measure the depth of the lake with a 100 meter rope. But even its length was not enough. Already near the shore one cannot “dive” to the bottom. The mud slurry replaces it.

There is even a belief that Bezdonnoe is connected with the waters of the ocean, as local boys found shipwrecks on the shore. Stories about it were recorded by Alexander Blok, who as a child often visited his grandfather’s homestead, located near the lake.

The depth of Bezdonny remains a mystery to this day.

6. Belukha Mountain, Altai


The inhabitants of Altai call this mountain Uch Sumer, which can be translated as “Three-headed sacred mountain”. And the third peak, Delone Peak, is apart from the other two.

Curiously enough, the three peaks of Belukha are an exact reflection of the three stars of Orion’s belt. For mystically-minded people, this is proof of the mountain’s connection with the cosmos.

Nicholas Roerich at one time visited Belukha, called it “Sumeru Asia” and believed that it defines “the center from the four oceans”. Sumeru in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology is a sacred mountain, the center of all material universes.

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And also according to local beliefs the goddess Umai, the patroness of children and women in childbirth, resides on Belukha.

5. Belovodye, Altai.


Mystically minded tourists are looking for a mysterious country Belovodie in the Altai, which, according to legend, was visited by the court of Vladimir the Red Sun and monk Sergius. The team wished to remain, but the monk has returned back already the deep old man.

Only kind and pure-hearted people can get to Belovodye, because in this wonderful country man is a friend, comrade and brother to man.

Even well-known esotericist Nikolay Roerich was engaged in searches of the Belovodja. But whether somebody found Belovodje – it is a mystery. Probably, it can be you.

4. lake Svetloyar, Nizhny Novgorod region


One of the most mysterious places in Russia is connected with the legend of the sunken city of Kitezh. Residents of the city, not wishing to surrender to Batu Khan, prayed to God for help, and Kitezh sank to the bottom of the lake.

It is believed that only crystal-hearted and spiritually pure people can get to Kitezh by the path of Batye. And in the quiet weather you can hear the ringing of the city bells and the singing of the inhabitants.

Three kilometers from the lake there is a healing spring (Kibelek key), and next to it is the grave of three holy warriors who died fighting Batyi’s warriors. Believers take some earth from the graves of the warriors. There is a belief that it helps to heal from ailments.

Olkhon Island, Irkutsk region


The largest island of Lake Baikal is characterized by the widest variety of landscapes and sunny weather. There are no more than 48 rainy days in a year. Olkhon is the place where the famous Shaman-cliff (Burkhan cape), one of the Asian shrines and the “visiting card” of Baikal, is located. There is a cave there, where shamanic ceremonies were held since the times of the first shamans. And then a Buddhist chapel was built there.

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There are a lot of legends and rumors connected with the Shaman-rock and Shaman’s cave. For example, it is believed that a woman should not pass through the cave, otherwise she would not have children. But childless Buryats used to come to the Shaman-rock to ask for the continuation of their lineage.

And in the place called “Seven Pines” (although there are no pines there) there is a lonely birch tree. According to a legend, it grew on the place where a shaman healer died. If you embrace its trunk and ask for health or help in solving any problem, the miracle tree will definitely help.

2. Kachi-Kalon Monastery, Bakhchisaray


This cave monastery, founded in the Middle Ages, reached our days in a very “beaten by life” kind. Many of the caves have been so destroyed that only fragments of the interior decorations are still intact. Now tourists are admitted to a few relatively safe grottoes, a couple of springs and various religious corners. There is an active monastic hermitage, a branch of Bakhchisarayskiy Assumption monastery, near a spring of St. Sophia.


However, the main charm of this place is not what you can see with the naked eye. This is a holy, as they say, “reclaimed” place. People who practice meditation often come here and sometimes there are “cold lightnings”.

1. Cape Fiolent, Sevastopol


The top ten of the most mystical places in Russia is a beautiful Crimean cape, the name of which is translated from Greek as “God’s country. According to ancient Greek legends, there was a temple of the goddess Artemis here. And in 891, an Orthodox monastery appeared on the Cape Fiolent, which was built by Greek sailors, who miraculously survived a shipwreck. When they climbed a rock and cried for help, they saw Saint George, after whom the monastery was named. It operates to this day.

Staying on the Cape Fiolent itself has a beneficial effect on human health. Beautiful air, beautiful views and a powerful energy of one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea contribute to the fact that tourists feel both physical and emotional lift.

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