Mozart’s City – Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg: the city of Mozart, candy and signs

We went to Salzburg to put together an itinerary for the Austrian city. Not only is there Mozart inside, but there are many other secret locations as well.

Sorting out Mozart: an itinerary in the composer’s footsteps

Any walk around Salzburg can be called “in Mozart’s footsteps”: it was in this city that the great composer was born in 1756. But there are iconic places that should be on your must-visit list.

Mozart’s birthplace is Getreidegasse 9. This is the place where the composer, as a child, took his first steps – both in life and in creativity. Admission costs 11 euros, from January 1, 2020 – 12 euros.

The bright yellow house is the birthplace of Mozart.

In general Getreidegasse is the main shopping street of the city, or a street with signs. There are H&M, Zara, Swarovski, Mango, Wanger, Tommy Hilfiger and other stores. And they each have their own wrought iron sign (even McDonald’s doesn’t have a red “M”!). In the Middle Ages, merchants used them to try to stand out and attract attention, and the tradition has remained that way ever since. Such “monograms” can be seen on other streets of Salzburg, it’s a pleasure to look at them.

Ends Getreidegasse Church of St. Blaise, which is considered the oldest Gothic church in Austria.

Mozart’s dwelling house is on the other side of the Salzach River – Makartplatz 8 (Makartplatz 8). The composer’s family moved into this house when he was 17 years old. The entrance fee is 11 euros, from January 1, 2020 – 12 euros.

Both museums will be more for the general public “for the tick” – the interior and furniture of those times, musical instruments, archival letters, family photos. Before visiting, be sure to download some Mozart compositions on your phone to fully immerse yourself in the history.

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Head to Mirabell Park, the main attraction on this side of the river. Gorgeous gardens, manicured alleyways and the Mirabell Palace from 1606. Today it houses the town hall, but in the past, first Mozart’s father Leopold and later Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl played music in the front hall.

Mirabel Park is beautiful at any time of year!

A monument to Mozart on Mozartplatz has been standing since 1842. Now it is one of the main objects for photographs in the city. And in the 19th century, the locals did not appreciate the monument: Most craftsmen in those years did not know who he was.

Salzburg Cathedral is also associated with the name of Mozart. At one time he played the organ there, which, unfortunately, has not survived. But intact remained font, where he was baptized little Wolfgang.

Salzburg Cathedral

Mozart himself is buried in Vienna, but many of his relatives are in Salzburg. The graves of his father and wife are in St. Sebastian Cemetery, and those of his sister Nannerl in St. Peter’s Cemetery. This cemetery is very atmospheric and, strange as it may sound, cozy. Look up Mount Mönchsberg and see the cut-out catacombs of early Christian origin.

St. Peter’s Cemetery right in the center of Salzburg

Nearby is the monastery cellar of St. Peter. And you can and should listen to Mozart there (not just on your phone). Spend an evening at the Mozart Dinner Concert – for 69 euros you get a three-course dinner and a concert of one and a half hours.

Mozartkugel: which candies are the real deal?

Mozart will haunt you in Salzburg. Above all, in the form of the homonymous sweets in the windows of gift shops and conventional supermarkets. Chocolates, fiddles and hearts, round and flat, red, blue and gold. You will definitely have a question: what kind of candy “Mozart” to buy?

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Real candy “Mozart”.

First of all, those very candies are round marzipan balls with pistachio flavor. Secondly, the real ones are Fürst candies. After all, it was confectioner Paul Fürst who introduced chocolate balls in 1890.

In the center of the city on Kapitelplatz you can see a modern art object – a huge golden ball with a little man on it. This is Paul Furst.

A monument to the confectioner who invented the “Mozart” candy.

You’ll recognize the Original Salzburg Mozartkugel candies by their silver foil with a blue pattern. It’s still made by hand, and you can buy it at the Café Konditorei Fürst in Salzburg at these addresses: Brodgasse 13 ; Mirabellplatz 5 ; Ritzerbogen, Sigmund Haffner Gasse ; Getreidegasse 47 .

“Mozart from other companies, such as Mirabell or Reber, are available in all supermarkets. They are not made by hand, but they are also very tasty, try them!

View from above: Salzburg viewpoints

Long tunnels are cut into the rocks, the roofs of houses go into the rocks, and churches are built right into the steep stone walls. Salzburg is surrounded by hills and mountains. And that means that from any elevation offers a panoramic view of the city.

Salzburg’s calling card is the towering fortress of Hohensalzburg on the Mönchsberg, which can be seen from everywhere in the city. When you walk within its powerful defensive walls, you understand why no one has been able to take it since it was founded in the 11th century!

Take the oldest aerial tramway in Austria from Festungsgasse to the castle. Admission and funicular ride to the fortress cost 12.90 euros. Without the cable car – 10 euros.

If you have crossed the Mönchsberg, then it’s time to cross to the other side of the Salzach River and climb the Kapuzinerberg hill to the Capuchin monastery. Secluded and reclusive place in the center of Salzburg. Even a little creepy. But with a beautiful view of the fortress and the city – we haven’t seen it from this side. You can approach the hill only from two sides: one entrance is on Linzer Gasse between houses 12 and 14, the second entrance is on Steingasse.

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Visiting Capuchins

There is another viewpoint from which you can see not only Salzburg but also Munich. It’s the Untersberg . Climb to a height of 1853 m by cable car.

  • The cost is 25 euros.
  • Go to the bottom of the mountain by bus 25 or 28.

It’s a good time to tell you about the Salzburg Card, which includes free entry to all of the above-mentioned museums and others, the cable car to the Untersberg, a boat trip on the Salzach River, public transportation, and much more. It is priced at €26 for 24 hours, €34 for 48 hours, and €39 for 72 hours.

Where else to go?

The country palace Hellbrunn with its fountains – a must-see if you come to Salzburg with children. The territory can only be accessed with a guide. During the walk, the guide will “joke” with you and at the most unexpected moment to turn on the secret fountains. In summer you just do not come out dry.

  • Excursions run from March to November, cost 13.5 euros.
  • You can get on bus number 25.

Stiegl brewery (Stiegl), which exists since 1492. Here you can get acquainted with the process of brewing and, of course, taste the different varieties!

  • The cost of admission is 13 euros, which includes a glass of beer or soft drink. And with Salzburg Card you get everything for free.
  • From the city center you can take bus number 27 and get there in 15 minutes.

The Red Bull Hangar ( Hangar-7 ) is sure to please boys of all ages. It houses a collection of historic airplanes, helicopters and racing cars. It is located close to the airport. And the entrance is free.

Salzkammergut Lake District – There are dozens of clear lakes all around Salzburg. So, if time permits, make a short trip to at least a few of them. For example, the lake Fuschl am See (Fuschl am See) is only 25 km. You can get there by regular bus number 150 from the stop Salzburg Hofwirt . The trip takes just over half an hour and costs 5.90 euros. Here you can check the schedule.

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From April to October there are HopOn HopOff tourist buses around the lake region. They are convenient to use if you don’t want to rent a car. In addition to Fuschl in the route there are lakes Mondsee, Wolfgang and the towns around them. The price is 33 euros.

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