Moszna Castle in Poland

Moszna Castle in Poland

The castle in Moszna is quite an unusual landmark, it has a very unusual appearance and looks a bit like a theater set. This building has as many as 99 towers, when you look at it, you involuntarily recall a splash screen from a Disney cartoon. Little tourists look at the castle with admiration, however, it is just a beautiful architectural structure. The castle has never had a defensive function and was of little interest to foreign conquerors.

Moszno Castle has a Baroque central facade, the eastern wing has a Neo-Gothic style, and the western spurs are built in the classic Neo-Renaissance style.

A brief history of the castle

Although the castle in question looks a lot like the palace from the Walt Disney cartoons, it was erected much earlier before the advent of cinema. Moshnen castle was built in the 17th century, and the construction was sponsored by local businessmen. Almost after the construction of the castle, people began to make legends about it, and its appearance caused many questions.

Moszna Castle, 17th century

Moszna castle, 17th century

Hubert Thiele-Winkler, the first owner of the castle in Moszna, gave orders to the architect that there should be exactly 99 towers, neither more nor less. Nobody really knows why the entrepreneur chose such a number, but there are two popular opinions. According to one version, the number of towers means the number of estates of the dynasty, and according to the second one, it means that the incomplete one hundred would relieve the castle owners from maintaining a garrison of soldiers.

Practically every castle has its own ghost, Moshn Castle is no exception, here too resides the spirit of a governess, who at one time was in love with one of the counts of Thiele-Winkler. She did not, however, receive any reciprocity from the man and committed suicide. Her spirit has wandered the castle ever since.

The history of the Winkler family is quite interesting: the first member of the dynasty was a common miner at one of the mines in Mechowice. The young man was industrious and sociable. When the owner of the mine died, Franz almost immediately took his widowed wife Maria Aresin as his wife. Although the widow was no longer young, she attracted quite a lot of interest from men (presumably because of her large inheritance).

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Moszna castle from a bird's-eye view

In 1840 Franz Winkler became count, which is still a mystery to historians how an ordinary miner obtained the title directly from the hands of the King of Prussia.

The couple had a daughter, Valeska, who married Hubert von Thiele. It was this man who began the construction of the huge family estate. It is also worth noting that the double surname originated from this very married couple who decided to become Thiele-Winkler. This was done so that neither spouse would be deprived of the family name known at the time.

When Hubert passed away, the construction of the castle was continued by his son, who was named in honor of his famous grandfather. It is worth noting that Moshnen castle was repeatedly rebuilt because of frequent fires. Each new architect tried to add something of his own when creating the building, so the castle in Moszna turned out so unusual and very attractive to tourists.

For a long time the castle has retained its architectural grandeur. Even two world wars had almost no effect on the building. In 1972, a sanatorium was organized in the castle, which was later transformed into a medical center. An art gallery has been functioning in the castle since 1998.

Moszno Castle today: hotel

Despite its rather long history, today the castle in Moszna belongs to the Polish people. In 1945 the former owners of the castle emigrated to Germany and since then have not tried to regain their possessions. Today Moszna Castle is equipped with a hotel, a small museum and a restaurant.

For lovers of aristocracy there are several very atmospheric rooms. It is worth noting that the castle has rooms that exceed 150 square meters. So if you want to feel like a medieval aristocrat, you are welcome!

Interior of a Moszna castle hotel room

On the east side of the structure was attached a glass greenhouse, which has very unique plants. Most of them have only recently arrived in this place, but there are also very old specimens that are more than 60 years old.

Moszna Castle and the park

Each visitor of the hotel can stroll through the huge park that surrounds this castle. It is especially interesting to stay here during the month of May, when different trees in the park begin to bloom. Also you can see the magnificent horses of English breed, which are in the stud farm, located near the former family estate.

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Map address

Mošnenský Chateau is situated in Třemešná, 32 kilometers from the center. You can find it at the address:

Opening hours

The hotel is open 24 hours a day, according to the standard schedule: arrival at 14:00, departure by 12:00. For those who want to walk around the castle and know its history better offer special tours. On weekdays you can see the castle from 11:00 to 16:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 16:00.

  • Mon-Fri: 11:00-16:00
  • Saturday-Saturday: 10:00-16:00

Ticket price

To enter the palace and park complex tourist has to pay 6 PLN. If you plan to visit the castle with a guide, the ticket price is 10 PLN. Entrance to the towers – 9 PLN.

How to get to the castle

The castle is located in the village Moszna, which is located 35 kilometers from Opole. To get from Opole to your destination, take road #414. Then you have to follow the signs and see the numerous icons along the way.

Official website

If necessary, you can visit the official website, which contains all the relevant information regarding the hotel and restaurant:

Moszna castle from a bird's-eye view

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Moszno Castle: one of the most impressive demonstrations of the power of its rulers

If you drive along the road connecting Prudnik and Krapkowice in the western part of Upper Silesia in Poland, a souvenir kiosk and café look quite strange on the roadside. The curious traveler will want to stop and familiarize himself with the place. Note the sign next to the kiosks that points to Moszna, a small village in the Opole Voivodeship, 35 km from Opole and 120 km from Wroclaw. Don’t be lazy to take this road: at the end you will see the spectacular Moszna Castle, built in the 19th century. It looks as if it came from a fairy tale. As you get closer, you will see for yourself that fairy tales come to life!

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Moszna castle

The Moshn is a gigantic fairy-tale structure that spans 8,400 square meters. At first glance, the building resembles an English castle from the Elizabethan era. But if you look closely, you can clearly see the eclectic style. Different families lived here at different times.

Moszna castle

Its history begins in the middle of the XVII century. The castle consists of three completely different parts built in different architectural styles. Perhaps that’s why it looks so fascinating and, at the same time, creepy.

Moszna castle

There are many legends about how these walls were built and combined into a striking structure called the “castle of ninety-nine towers.

Moszna castle

The name of the village comes from the family Moschin, who at the dawn of the fourteenth century bought a large estate and moved there. At that time, the village was part of the parish of the church operating throughout Europe. The story goes that the family settled near the church. No one in the village knew how to run a monastery and provide shelter for the Knights of Solomon’s Temple. According to local legend, Moszna was once not a castle, but a monastery run by an order of Knights Templar. But it did not last long. In 1314 the master of the order was burned at the stake. The Templars were persecuted and the order ceased to exist.

Moszna castle Moszna castle

From 1866 to 1945 the castle belonged to the Junkers’ Thiele-Winkler family.

Moszna castle

This history is difficult to confirm, because the information about that time is very murky, and the Order was a very secretive organization. However, during research a century later, very old cellars deep beneath the castle gardens were discovered. This added intrigue to a story already rooted in folklore.

Moszna castle

It has 365 rooms and 99 spires

Moszna castle Moszna castle

The truth or just a sentimental story was passed down from generation to generation. This legend was of interest to the von Scull family. They were the first officially registered owners of the estate, which they bought in 1679 and laid the foundations of the castle as we see it today.

Moszna castle

East Wing of the Castle

Moszna castle

According to historical accounts, George Wilhelm von Reissewitz, Grand Marshal at the court of Frederick the Great (King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786) and cousin of Ursula Maria von Scull, the very first owner of the Moszna estate, inherited the manor in 1723 after Ursula’s death. He began to reconstruct the new estate to his own taste. But the aristocrat never lived in this extravagant castle, built on the site where the Templars once lived.

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Moszna castle

It is one of the most famous monuments in southern Poland

Moszna castle

The famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges once shared his thoughts on this exuberant style: “I would define the Baroque as a style that deliberately exhausts itself (or tries to). The Baroque is the final stage in all art that squanders its resources.” In the same way George Wilhelm von Reissewitz squandered his resources, and the family lost the estate in 1771. They could not afford to maintain it, and the castle was auctioned off. As a result, it became the property of Heinrich Leopold von Seherr-Toss, whose family owned another castle and many properties nearby in the village of Dobra.

Moshnen castle belonged to this family until Karl Gotthard Seherr-Toss sold it to Heinrich von Erdmansdorf in 1853. The latter, for reasons unknown, soon sold the castle to Hubert von Thiele-Winkler in 1866.

Moszna castle

Before that, Franz Winkler, a silver mine worker in the 1830s, had moved from the Tarnowskie Gory to Mechowice to work for a mining magnate who owned almost all the mines and zinc foundries in the area. When the magnate died, Franz married his wealthy widow. The most interesting thing is that a decade later he became a knight of the King of Prussia.

Moszna castle

The east wing and orangery, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the neo-Gothic style

Moszna castle

In 1854, their daughter, heiress Valens married Hubert (later Hubert von Thiele). In order to preserve their knightly heritage, they decided to use the combined name, Thiele-Winkler. The couple were looking for a new home to start a new life and stumbled upon a castle.

Moszna castle

They bought the Moshn estate and had children. When, years later, in 1893, his father died, his son inherited all the wealth, including the castle. His name was Franz Hubert. It is believed that he, during his time at the castle, made it what we see today.

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Moszna castle

Just three years after he became the sole owner of the estate, part of the castle was destroyed by a major fire. A reconstruction was needed. In carrying out the work, Franz Hubert not only rebuilt what had been destroyed, but also extended the castle to the east. The new wing was built in the Victorian Gothic style that was popular at the end of the 19th century. Thus the neo-Gothic east wing of the castle was created.

Moszna castle

No more than ten years later, a landscaped park appeared on the castle grounds. In 1911, the west wing was built in the Neo-Renaissance style. Emperor Wilhelm II, the last German Kaiser and King of Prussia, was to be accommodated there. A few years earlier the Kaiser had met Franz Hubert, after which the latter was given the title of Count. As for the Kaiser himself, he was given a holiday home, where he soon began to visit very frequently.

Moszna castle Moszna castle

Moshnen Castle now looks like the building it turned out to be after restoration. There are 365 rooms and 99 spires. The family almost lost their entire fortune because of the tumultuous life. What was left was looted after World War II.

Moszna castle

Currently, the entire castle is an inexpensive hotel. It is available to anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty and immerse themselves in the history that surrounds it. The castle is located in a beautiful park with magnificent azaleas, rhododendrons and oaks. Moszna is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the noise of the city for a while and be in a stunning environment!

Moszna castle Moszna castle Moszna castle

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How to get to Moshnen Castle:

It is convenient to get to Moszna Castle from Katowice Airport by car. First, from Katowice to Krapkowice along the A4 freeway, then through the town to the provincial road number 409. It will lead you directly to the castle. Please note: the A4 freeway is a toll road!

Hotels near Moszna castle:

The most interesting thing is that the castle is also a working hotel and true romantics can spend one or more nights there. Take a look at the rates offered by hotels in Moszna:

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