Monument “Allies” in London

the allies sculpture in london honoring the victors of WW2,is it just me or is someone missing?

The sculpture of the allies in London in honor of the victors of WWII, is it just me or is someone missing?

Where the fuck is Vissarionych?

Illustration to the commentary

Stalin is fucking missing, that’s who!

In fact in the middle Hitler is missing. Do you really think that both his rise to power and the attack on the USSR was a coincidence? Hitler was supervised from beginning to end.

These “allies” dragged their feet with the help for a long time, hoping that there would be nobody to help, but they have failed. They drew and drew and drew – no Roosevelt.

I read the comments and came to the conclusion that many people confuse the concept of “World War II” and “Great Patriotic War”. shame on you guys, shame on you.

Illustration to the commentary

And what’s with the caption “”? Did they take a picture that has already been posted on picabu and put it up again?

You can start any kind of pestilence with young people who already mix up the Second World War with the Trojan War a bit.

The number of minuses to my comment kind of hints at where the average representative of the people grazes. it’s all sad, it seems the country is going the right way. gentlemen, join the ranks Fourier

My yard

My Yard Chelyabinsk, Migrants, Hijab, Sandbox, Negative, Muslims, Children, Commuters, Yard, Women, From the Net

Response to the post “Saw the news on VK!”

I am bombarded by this poor girl’s parents. In Islam, it is not forbidden to walk around with her hair uncovered until the girl is sexually mature. And that’s 8th or 9th grade usually. All these first graders wearing hijabs are a bunch of parents who are sanctimonious with each other, saying, “Look at my babies and they’re already so God-fearing and right! Ugh. Why am I writing this? Because I have been wearing hijab since November 1st grade. Why? Because my mom’s cousin “outdid” my mom and brought her daughter in hijab to the assembly on September 1st. My mom desperately wanted to reduce this terrible gap, so in November she put it on me, too. That’s how I wore it till 11th grade. My cousin and I were the first in our little town to wear hijabs to school. They were proud of us. We were set as an example to everyone. They even told us to study two heads better than anyone else, because we were the indicators and representatives of the Muslim world in secular schools. They made us argue with the biology teacher about the theory of evolution. Other parents, looking at us, began to reel in their girls. Mothers started coming to the mosque with their three-year-olds wrapped up! The vanity of the Muslim parents had no limits, and it was encouraged by the men (of course). I won’t write the city, so as not to raise waves of shit. I emphasize – I have nothing against Islam as a religion. But these fucking parents really piss me off, just go fuck yourself if you recognize yourself in this post.

Astronauts Dream.

Cosmonauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

Cosmonauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

Cosmonauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost

Cosmonauts Dream Space, People, Weightlessness, Human, Interesting, Cognitive, Internet, Text, Picture with text, Dream, Longpost



Response to the post “To stop being poor, you just have to get rich.”

And I would discount it. I’d give someone 10-15 rubles, if there was a big pile of people who wanted to. It wouldn’t kill me. Imagine how life will change random people who a day will get 100-200 thousand notifications about the enrollment of 10-15 rubles) I would have participated in such a thing, even a few times

Where to go in Delhi

UPD From the moderator:

Please refrain from posting personal data/card and phone numbers. I remind you that according to the rules begging is forbidden

– posts and comments created for the sole purpose of begging for money;

The inscription is invigorating.

The inscription is invigorating.

This trick could save a life someday.

Nord Stream

“Nord Stream, launched in reverse mode, began pumping gas out of German storage facilities

Continued post “She has an apartment and a car. That’s why she doesn’t want to get married. Why?”

I’m 37. I’m pretty, athletic, work in IT. Never been married. My last relationship ended a couple of years ago. Actually, even earlier. About 6 or 7 years ago I wanted a family, kids, and marriage, and then I didn’t want to. My ex’s head was a mess of housekeeping and feminist subreddits. Like we work as equals, but when he comes home, it should be cooked, cleaned, and laundered. Even though I could come home from work later. But a woman should bring money into the house, because we have equal rights. But for some reason I always thought that marriage is a union of equals. And children in marriage should arise as a stage of the relationship and by mutual consent. Right now I’m not dating or looking for anyone. Come the winter, I’ll go boarding and skiing (everything as usual), come the spring, I’ll buy a motorcycle. Maybe I’ll buy a garage. Maybe I’ll buy a dead chahu to dig around in. Who’s got the dacha, but I’m into machinery, genes, what can you do. :) Maybe I’ll finally take out a mortgage. I’ll finally pick up a kitty at the dump, and we’ll live.

Lucky me. I’m not on tinder, for fuck’s sake. And my grandmother used to say, “fate will find you behind the furnace.” :)

I don’t need a glass of water. I like port, rum, kraftuha.

Response to the post “Saw the news on VK!”

In February 2015, the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the ban on the display of religious paraphernalia and the wearing of the hijab in schools was legal.

I will join many of the comments, but I would also like to add that this girl’s mother, instead of calming her child down, starts filming her on camera! Is this a concern for the child?

I’m not a supporter of school uniforms, on the contrary, its opponent. But there are certain rules and laws that we all have to abide by, so I shut my mouth and go iron that fucking white shirt for my son, not start swinging my rights for some useless hype.

And here the situation looks like this, people don’t want to obey the laws of the country they live in and they’re making a big deal out of it. It is as if I was stopped by a traffic police inspector for speeding, and I would start filming him on camera and shouting that he is a scoundrel.

The rules are the same for everyone, tomorrow I will say we are Pastafarians and put a colander on my son and ask him to reckon with his faith.

I’m sorry, I got bombed big time.

Continuation of the post “The Cannon is Scary from Makar!”

Very funny continuation to goal Makarov from Dynamo social media – the camera caught a funny couple in the stands: both clearly did not sleep (if you know what I mean), the man literally sleeps, she just yawns. And here comes the goal, their reaction – it’s a lot of fun)))

Where to go and what to see in Bulgaria. From luxury resorts to the rock monastery

The serfdom of our age.

An acquaintance complained. She decided to change her job – the conditions were more favorable – the schedule and pay were higher. She wrote a letter of resignation at work. The deputy director said: “OK. Two weeks of work, hand over your work and you’re free. On the 13th day he called her and offered to increase the salary, she refused. On the 14th day the director summoned her and said that she would not go anywhere, he had big orders and no time or desire to look for new employees, but the salary should be increased. In the department of human resources about her statement is not aware of it, it disappeared into the deputy’s desk is not signed apparently. Yes, shortsightedly did not register her statement. But somehow with such a lot of years of work I have not encountered. While writing a new job can sail away, and so she creaked waiting for two weeks. All in all, fun, nda.

The serfdom of our age Dismissal, Bosses, Salary, Old Photo

Response to the post “Relatives”.

I chatted with the girls in my senior class at school, there was a boy in their class from an orphanage. And he was unlike many others decent, pretty calm, moderately funny and not mean. When he got out of the orphanage he was given a pension. He went to the village where he lived as a child and was killed for that money. I think his friends (either from the village or from the orphanage). Many years have passed, but I still remember his face and his tall figure. He wanted to go to college in Stavropol. But his friends killed him. Threw him in a ditch. I don’t know why, but that detail made a big impression on me.

Continued post “She has an apartment and a car. That’s why she doesn’t want to get married. Why?”

I’ll answer all of them at once and I won’t even burn my account. Oh, yeah. As a friend of mine says, “I’ll answer that with a song.” :)

1. I’m not special, there are a lot of people like me (pardon my French). I can only assume, but I will assume that we usually (not always) live in big cities and have achieved everything on our own. I mean. At a time when my friends/unfriends were getting married/divorced and whatever else they wanted, I was plowing like papa Carlo, and here’s the logical outcome. By the way, I don’t think I’m a prodigy. Because of those I grew up with, the good guys worked more and do not live in this country, but let’s not talk about sad things. :)

2. I am not against men. I don’t think all men are assholes or any other words and I don’t label people unless they show it for themselves. But I don’t like idiots, sorry if I offended anyone. I just find it humiliating to depend on someone. Just like I think it’s demeaning to marry on the fly, and postulates about the bunny and the lawn. I don’t think a woman is characterized by children or men.

10 things to do in Manchester, UK

(3) Here we come to the “union of equals. Yes, man and woman are not equal by nature, that’s a fact. But. To me, for a successful, happy marriage, “you must have read the same books as a child.” People have to be on the same page, equally independent. I’m independent at the moment, and I’ll be vulnerable on maternity leave (if it comes at all), and then I’ll be independent again. What kind of man should I trust with my vulnerability? Incredible (to me). Marriage should be better than before marriage, not because someone to someone 100 rubles, and someone in return a pussy. Or you can fantasize about your own options. The institution of the family in this country is ruined, it’s a fact. Everyone lives according to his morals.

4. Here’s a strawberry, finished it, congratulations. :)

How do I have sex? You don’t. End of post.

Okay, I’ll explain. I haven’t been interested in fucking for the sake of fucking for a long time. I can give pleasure to myself, because I have hands, and I have not been banned from pornhub :) For me sex with a man is feelings, and for them to arise, it is necessary to communicate. About the institution of the family I have already written? I’ll write again. I get the feeling that sex now is not something intimate, not magic, but fast food. You know, like. On the first date you have to kiss, on the third date you have to give. And then we’ll see. You know what I learned from the last relationship? Why didn’t it work out? The thing is, my ex-boyfriend was like a shitload of bullets. That’s the end of it. I want my man to be my best friend. And then everything else. And of.

5. I’m not on Tinder. I mean, people go out on dates and act like they’re some sort of thing. I don’t. I’m just lazy. I was in St. Petersburg. I went to a bar with some friends. It was time to go to a hotel, so I walked (the bridges were open, cabs wouldn’t come). I stumbled upon a really cool bar while I was walking. I had a drink, danced, and went on. The next day my friends ask me: who were you there with? I said: with the coolest person in my life. With me :)

6. For dessert. About warmth. It may turn out that someday I will meet someone who will touch the strings of my soul. And it will be wonderful. And if I don’t, fuck it. :)


The impertinence of the British knows no boundaries. Yesterday I came across a photo of the sculpture “Allies” on the Internet.

It is in London and is installed in honor of the winners of the Second World War. How is it possible to make such a sculpture without the figure of Stalin? After all, he was the supreme commander of the country that saved the whole world from fascism. And from our “allies” there was more harm than good. More precisely, if it weren’t for them, there would have been no war at all.

Now, they are trying by all means to erase our historical memory, to belittle the role of the Soviet Union and Stalin himself in World War II. The creation of these sculptures, the constant denigration of our past, present and future, the rewriting of history textbooks with the support of the Soros foundations and others, all this is done so that we could not even think that our country could be proud. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to understand what is really going on. And most importantly, to counteract it.

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P.S. Maybe it shouldn’t even be Stalin, but Hitler?

Indeed. This is an insult to our entire country, for Stalin as Supreme Commander-in-Chief is its embodiment in the world-famous troika. Excluding Stalin would exclude Russia from the war. After all, it turns out that the war was supposedly won only by the United States and Britain. But this is not true. The main burden of the war was borne by the USSR, and almost the victory was thanks to our country. Russian soldiers died a lot more than the Allies – they felt sorry for their own, and so sorry, that they did not want to open a second front, and opened it only when it became clear that victory was coming and that Russian troops would soon take Berlin. They broke Hitler’s backbone at Stalingrad and Kursk. At El-Alamein Rommel retreated, keeping his corps in combat-ready condition. Not a single German general was taken prisoner or killed, only one died, and that from illness. Field Marshal Rommel escaped both death and captivity. He was taken by plane to the Continent. German losses were insignificant in comparison with losses on the Eastern front. The defeat at Stalingrad was a national shock for the Germans. For three days the country was declared mourning. Stalingrad was a shock for the Germans, more and more people began to understand that this was the beginning of the end. And it was Stalin, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, who led it all at the Stavka. To ignore his role is nonsense. Stalin was able to organize the work of GKO and Stavka, so that we recovered from the defeat of the initial stage and managed to repulse the enemy. He had a hardest time of all – on his shoulders rested enormous responsibility. He had not only a millionth army, but also many millions of people in the country and home front workers. Stalin went through the war hard, it meant too much to him, in addition, his son was killed there. This loss he suffered very much, though he tried not to show it. And in general, the war could not be won by the people alone, without any supreme leadership. In the same way, the British hold their leaders – King George and Churchill – in high esteem. The King refused to leave London for Canada, and so did his wife and daughters. They lived under constant bombardment, but their example inspired the British to stand their ground to the end. How much joy was in the hearts of Muscovites when they learned that Stalin was staying with them, in Moscow, even though the enemy was already at the closest approaches to the capital.

The anti-Stalin d√©marches are an important part of the plan to destroy Russia. “By ‘proving’ that Stalin is a ‘criminal’ and the USSR a ‘criminal state,’ our country is excluded from the ranks of the victorious countries in the war. Russia is excluded from the UN, we are recognized as “Hitler’s allies” and the question is raised of reviewing all decisions of the post-war period. And then a powerful anti-Russian campaign begins, supported by a fifth column inside the country. Russia will be close to collapse. In 1991 the USSR was destroyed, big chunks of Russia were torn off, but only by miracle the core was preserved. Now our enemies are ready to finish what they started. They do not need Russia. They will tear away from us, first of all, the Caucasus, Siberia, the Far East, access to the seas, and other strategic areas of our country. Only when our country returns to the size of 1300, only then their goal will be fulfilled. They are killing us through the destruction of our history.

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“An insult to our country. Our country is insulted by ourselves. Or rather, not we, but those creatures and bastards who expunge Stalin from the history of the Great Patriotic War, who smear his name, who lie about him. Our country is insulted by Khrushchev and Gorbachev, Yayovlev and Sobchak, Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov, Putin and Medvedev. But the names of these heroes will be forgotten, but Stalin’s name will live on forever!

Of course, the third one there must be the Austrian kid Schickelgruber and the 15 kosher muzzles of the world financial cabal.

Stalin had nothing to do with it, and it’s worse than that.

With this sculpture they show that we don’t exist at all. They beat us. They wiped us off the face of the earth.

Not us and them fascism, but the two of them us. That’s why they smile at each other.

This sculpture is not about winning the Great Patriotic War, it’s about winning the Cold War.

We should make our own monument. Stalin is in the center, and there are five men around him. Three men in military uniforms – naval, flying and infantry. And two more girls – a collective farmer and a worker. The monument will represent the navy, aviation and ground forces, the girls respectively collective farmer and worker. The title is “Allies. It is as if the monument will say that Stalin had only such allies, there were no others!

That’s fair of them – that we were not their allies. THEY directed Hitler on the USSR, and those two on the bench are indeed allies – as the organizers of WWII.

I subscribe to the fact that the memorial is correct. They are allies in destroying the USSR and allies in making money from the war.


Dear patriot! You just don’t know It’s worse than that. The British removed the figure of Stalin from the monument on the grounds that he was a dictator, murderer, bastard, asshole, etc. This happened recently and, as you can imagine, says only one thing: Russia’s place in the world’s cell by the litter box. Thanks to our leaders, starting with the bastard Gorby.

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