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Montenegro: What you need to know before your trip.

I have been to Montenegro twice – in November 2018 and October 2019.

My girlfriend and I went there in the fall for a reason: after the end of the season in October, accommodation and plane tickets are 2-3 times cheaper, and the beaches and tourist spots are empty. A trip to Montenegro at this time – a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax.

This country is great for independent economic travel: a lot of Russian-speaking people, no visa required, you can get almost anywhere by bus.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to get there, where to stay and what to see.

What you will learn.


How long is the flight: 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Difference with Moscow: -2 hours.

When is the season: May – October.

Language: Montenegrin.

Visa: not needed if going for less than 30 days.


Tourist season in Montenegro lasts from May to September. The velvet season begins in April and ends in October – November.

Montenegro can be divided into two parts. The first part is coastal; the climate there is mild, the average summer temperature is +25 … 30 °С. The sea in early May gets up to +21 °С, in June it is already +24 °С. In October-November you can walk in a T-shirt during the day, but at night it gets colder to +10 … 15 °С. Winter is short, there are practically no subzero temperatures.

In the second part of the country, mountainous, moderately warm summer – up to +25 °С. In winter it is cool – 10 … +5 °С. The snow keeps from the middle of November to the middle of March.

In recent years, Montenegro has been abnormally warm. For example, on October 25, 2019, I was hot in a T-shirt and shorts: street thermometers in Budva showed +40 ° C in the shade during the day.

Visa and tourist tax

Within 24 hours after entry into the country, foreign nationals must be registered at the tourist organization or the police at the place of residence. Usually travel agencies, hotel owners or apartment owners are engaged in preparation of documents.

If you are traveling alone and renting an apartment, the owners may forget about the registration, and at the airport will fine you. So it is better to ask the owner of the apartment for the check-in fee after checking in. If he refuses, get the address and full name of the hotel owner and go to the travel agency yourself.

Tourist organizations are usually located downtown. They are located on the first floor of the building or in a separate kiosk. The organizations do not work at weekends: if you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, you can register on Monday.

In Tivat they issue such tourist cards – with passport data. In other cities they may give you a regular cashier’s check

✈️ How to get there

The flight from Moscow to Montenegro takes 3,5 hours. There are two airports in Montenegro. If you want to rest in the mountains, fly to the capital Podgorica. If you are planning a vacation at the sea, you will need Tivat.

Aeroflot, Pobeda, and local Montenegro Airlines have direct flights. I found round-trip tickets to Tivat for 18,000-20,000 R in summer. In October-November, I took roundtrip tickets for 9,000 P.

There are often last minute tours or charter flights to Montenegro. You can find them on aggregator sites: “Level-travel”. Travellata”, “Travelate”, “Slat-ru”. My friends were lucky with the charter in September: they were able to get round-trip tickets for 8000 P .

Map of Montenegro.

Cities and attractions.

Tivat is located on the Vrmac Peninsula. It is a small town of only 46 km² – a little more than Podolsk. Its population is 10 thousand people. Mostly international flights, more often charter flights with tourists who prefer a beach holiday fly here.

Herceg Novi is called the city of stairs or the city of a thousand steps: the terrain here is hilly, one has to ascend and descend frequently. In one hour I walked 4 km by rather steep stairs and paths and got tired, although in other cities I used to walk not less than 25 km a day.

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From the interesting things in the city you should visit the maritime fortress. There are old cannons and other weapons preserved in it. There is a embankment, which was made on the site of the railroad. Also in the city there are a lot of churches and vegetation. Locals say that Herceg Novi has more plant species than all the other towns in the Bay of Kotor.

On the walls of the fortress in Herceg Novi there are many cannons, anchors, remains of masts and other parts of old ships

Kotor. As elsewhere on the coast, the main attraction of Kotor is the Old Town. There is a fortress wall that you can walk around freely, many churches, street cafes and souvenir stores.

Kotor is full of cats: they run down alleys, meow from basements and look at tourists from narrow windows. There’s even Cat Square. If you sit there on a bench, in a few seconds several purring animals will gather in your lap.

To get to many hotels, you have to go up these alleys from the street: the entrance to the building is hidden in the courtyard

Another way is the secret path, which is free of charge but more extreme. To get to it, you have to go out of town, find an old watermill and follow the mountain path uphill. After a couple of dozen turns, there will be a half-destroyed church that you have to climb in through a window. This is dangerous: the last five steps will have to be overcome by sharp stones over a precipice.

The route to the fortress on google maps: long – by secret path, short – by steps

I would advise to go up to the fortress by the path, and to go down by the steps – it is physically easier. For us the way up took almost an hour and a half with fast steps. On the way back we had to watch our balance: often there was no handrail on the stairs, and the steps were rather high and narrow.

If you go up into the mountains, you can look at the old monasteries. They are mostly ruined, but there are a few landscaped ones left as well. I visited the monastery of Podmaine: inside several buildings, including a small church, which were built in the 15th century. The walk will take an hour.

From Budva you can walk along the coast to the neighboring towns and villages. The distance of the route is 5-6 km, on the way you will pass two pedestrian tunnels in the mountains. The way in both directions takes about 3 hours.

On the way you can see the towns Becici and Rafailovichi, fishing village Przno and private peninsula-hotel Sveti Stefan. It is not allowed unless you have a room booked. On the way you will meet several beaches – pebbly and sandy-pebbly. At the end of October, they are empty.

A statue of a ballerina against the background of the Old Town. The locals told us that this is a monument to the girl who never waited for her beloved from her voyage. To find the statue, you have to walk to Mogren beach

There are many churches and mosques in Bara. The largest is the church of St. John. In the center there is the palace of King Nikola with a chapel and a botanical garden.

For tourists in Durmitor there are ready-made hiking trails. There you can wander through mountains, forests and blackberry fields. It is difficult to get lost: there are signs and landmarks written on the stones.

On the stands with routes for hiking there is an indication of the difficulty, distance and approximate time to reach the point. At the finish line there is another stand with the following routes

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Durmitor’s highest peak is Mount Bobot Kuk, which rises 2,500 meters above sea level. In the guidebooks write that you do not need special preparation for the ascent, but I disagree: part of the way you will have to overcome the sharp rocks, in some places climb vertically up the prepared ropes. If you are not an athlete, it will be difficult.

According to my feeling, half of the hotels in Zabljak are heated with wood: in the evenings in the city it smells strongly of fire, there are chimneys with smoke everywhere. We lived in just such a house. The water in the radiators is heated from the stove. To be warm in the morning, you have to heat it up very hard in the evening. It was warm in Zhablyak during the day, I walked around in a sweater, and in the evening and in the morning – in a winter jacket and hat. We fell asleep under two blankets.



I didn’t rent a car and asked my friends to tell me about it. Here are the rental conditions, according to them:

  1. The minimum age of the driver is 22.
  2. Minimum driving experience is 2 years.
  3. The amount of the deposit depends on the company and the car. On average it costs 100 € (6900 R) for a small car.
  4. P ) for 5 days.

Buses are old, but clean. I’ve never seen reclining seats. There is no wifi. Bus drivers in Montenegro have poor control of the timetable: they can leave the station five minutes early or be half an hour late. I advise arriving at the station in advance.

You can not guess in advance, whether you will take a bus or a minibus, it depends on the number of tickets sold

If you decide to sit in an outdoor cafe, check whether there are ashtrays on the tables. It seemed to me that Montenegrins smoke and drink coffee a lot.

Markets and supermarkets. If you rent an apartment with a kitchen, it is more profitable to cook yourself.

In 2019, Montenegro passed a new law: since October 20, markets and supermarkets are not open on Sundays. You can buy food only in bakeries and cafes. Water and candy bars are sold at gas stations.


The currency in Montenegro is the euro. I haven’t seen any exchangers that accept rubles – only dollars. You can buy euros in banks or at the post office. There are ATMs in the cities.

In all supermarkets you can pay by card. In markets, cafes, restaurants and souvenir stores, only cash is usually accepted. Large denominations of € 100 exchange without problems: in the two weeks of our trip vendor could not find change only once.

The official language in the country is Montenegrin, a dialect of Serbian. But the popular expressions that I learned before the trip were not useful. In the country you can easily talk in Russian or English – in tourist places, stores and markets you will be understood.

What to bring from Montenegro

The main souvenirs in the country are magnets, glass balls, painted dishes, seashells and paintings. You can bring with you prsut and vacuum-packed cheese. At the market you have to tell them you are taking it with you on the road – they will give you the already packed product or cut it up and pack it in front of you.


I did not need a cell phone in Montenegro, so I did not buy a local SIM card. Free Internet in the cities is available in cafes and bus stations – just enter your e-mail address. Spam did not come later. To avoid getting lost, I downloaded Google maps in advance – GPS works well in the country, even in the mountains.

What to take with you

Montenegro is a country with a developed infrastructure. I have not noticed any problems with supermarkets or pharmacies within walking distance. All I took with me on my trip was cash so I wouldn’t lose interest on withdrawals.

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Friends with children told me that there were no problems with baby food and hygiene products for babies either: you can find both local and European products in the supermarkets.


Before my trip, I studied the media information about crime in Montenegro and came across several rankings that called the country one of the safest in Europe.

It feels so: even in tourist areas there are no high solid fences, and many apartment owners do not lock their gates at night, limiting themselves to a lock on the house door.

The number of police officers on the streets depends on the city. In Budva, it’s difficult to walk a couple of blocks and not notice a foot patrol. In Zabljak, I only saw a police car once in a few days.

⚡ If something happens

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Montenegro Address: 1, Veliše Mugoše Street, Podgorica, 81000 Montenegro. Tel.: + 382 20 27-24-60.

Emergency phone number in case of threat to life or security: +382 68 85-21-25.

112 – emergency telephone number. 122 is the fire department. 123 is an ambulance service. 124 – police.

We are looking for people who travel independently. If you have organized a vacation in Russia, near abroad, popular resorts or more exotic places – share your experience with us.

Dmitry Kuzmin


Instead of Google maps it is better to use They work great offline, including navigation. The detail on Montenegro is very good. Many attractions are listed on the map.

Evgeny, oh yes. Mars.mi in Montenegro is something real, a lot of impressions, a couple of times he drove us on goat paths among vineyards where only farmers drive tractors, it is impossible to turn around – narrow, impossible to reverse – slope more than 15°, you can fly off the goddamn mountain. But he’s got that going for him everywhere, in any country. It’s the perfect way to have an adventure on nothing.

d1mmmk, In the settings, you can disable the use of unpaved roads when navigating.

Ruslan Asadov

Evgeniy, I support the Maps.mi. Great app, without it, a lot of interesting places would have passed by without noticing. Although, in navigator mode, the app somehow strange shows the remaining distance – not to the end point, but to the nearest intersection / roundabout / turnoff, etc. A little confusing.

I would also note that for the most comfortable stay it is better to take a car. My wife and I believed the stories about “you can get anywhere by bus” and decided not to take a car at first. On the second or third day we drove from Herceg Novi to Perast (really, no problem), but the buses back turned out that the buses simply do not stop in this town, and the nearest stop is in neighboring Risan. The result – a half-hour walk in the blazing sun, then hitchhiking with the nicest deliveryman air conditioners (by the way, a great guy was, suggested, where in the neighborhood H-N can cheap and delicious food). In general, given the good ending, it was perceived as a fun adventure, but the next day decided not to risk and take a rental car. We did not regret a second.

Openstreetmap – our everything.

You need to know about the great homemade tinctures and wines! This is generally the best that is in Montenegro. Vranac and Krstač are just a shame. Kayfovye berry tinctures that don’t give you a headache afterwards. In my opinion, you can take three liters of alcohol, but we got a very lax inspection in Tivat, because we had alcohol for two in one suitcase. Alcohol is allowed to be sampled at the market, at all sorts of tourist spots. I miss Montenegrin alcohol))))

The nuances about the transport – the buses don’t just go according to the schedule, they also have a different route. For example, we went from Budva to Herceg Novi by bus, which part of the way takes a ferry, so a little more expensive, but faster and better views. And on the way back we took a ferryless bus – cheaper, much longer, the road is less interesting around. We ordered a transfer from the owners of the apartments. Tivat-Budva 20 euros, the owner of the apartments came to get us, she stopped the car near the sea for us to take pictures, and near the market in Budva, so we knew where the real food was. We ordered a cab back – we asked the owners of the apartments, 9,50 euros. The Thing is that you hardly order a cab by yourself, because nobody knows the names of the streets, and the more so house numbers – neither cab drivers, nor inhabitants. They order by the names of hotels, supermarkets, by the names of apartment owners. There are also no signs with the names of streets anywhere.

Cape Verde Islands

In Budva a sea fortress with a breadboard model of sailing vessels is cool, and also it is cool to make a photo session there))). In Herceg Novi, too, a cool fortress and there were gladiatorial fights many years ago. In Kotor, the famous temple, where Catholic and Orthodox services are held in turn. In Kotor, half of the magnets are with cats, because cats are in tune with Kotor. In Podgorica there is a park with trees growing sideways. We were in the Morača monastery – there are frescos from the 13th century on the walls. On Mount Lovcen near the village of Negushi (the capital of Prshut) is a white-stone mausoleum of the Petrovic dynasty. In Cetinje – the first capital of Montenegro – is the monument of Lovceni maiden: during the First World War, the American soldiers went to help the Montenegrins, but sank, just short of swimming. And near Perast there is a small island with a church, an artificial islet shaped like a ship’s deck, created from the remains of old ships. Durmitor is beautiful, by no means do not go there by tourist bus, you will not have time to see anything. The Djurdjevic Bridge has a rich history. It was originally built so that it could be dismantled, which the creator of the bridge did during World War II, so that the Germans could not cross. The architect was killed for this; there is a commemorative plaque at the entrance to the bridge. After the war, the bridge was reassembled.

The bakeries are just lovely, all those cheese balls melt in your mouth. A very important point is that the portions in Montenegro are huge. One portion is usually enough for two people, and sometimes two people can’t even eat it. Pizza is amazing, because Italy is right next door. The ice cream is fantastic. Fruit in Montenegro is necessary to eat, because there they come from the trees. In our stores, the fruits that are taken off the trees unripe, so they do not spoil. The fruit there is very different. I liked the large number of yogurts with no sweeteners or dyes. And then there are the Milka chocolates in a large assortment – we only sell half the flavors here. Prschut, of course, is out of competition. Goat cheese is a favorite.

The first half of October is great for sunbathing. People are gone, but it’s still very warm. It pours at night, but by breakfast everything usually dried out, and we went to the beach. Steep balconies with a view of the mountain, because at night on the serpentine drive cars with lights and it’s like a Christmas tree. Night comes very early – about 8 p.m., but also dawn is early.

I collect coins and from my first trip to the euro zone I brought fifty coins with different pictures))))

Tours in Montenegro


The cheapest tours to Montenegro from Moscow

Cheapest tours to Montenegro in 2022

Prices are per person based on double occupancy. We’ve selected the cheapest tours for each month. Click here and choose a hotel for your dates.

September October November December
for 3 days 69 278 р. 56 481 р. 79 361 р.
for 7 days 84 956 р. 73 097 р. 85 157 р. 90 584 р.
for 11 days 86 564 р. 65 626 р. 92 694 р.
for 14 days 91 321 р. 76 614 р.
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Selecting tours by hotels

The hotels which our tourists mostly choose for their journeys.

Colorful Montenegro will give an unforgettable vacation

Montenegro is a striking country on the Adriatic coast. The tourists, who bought a last minute tour to Montenegro for two persons with a flight from Moscow, are shocked by the unique nature, the incredibly beautiful beaches and bays with crystal clear water, picturesque mountains, covered with thick “black” woods. The architecture of many small historic towns is a mix of Roman and Venetian influences, reminiscent of Italy, and the mysterious mountain ranges with full-flowing rivers and picturesque lakes are associated with the Alps. Holidays in Montenegro are loved by tourists from all over the world. They come here to breathe the fresh air and to restore strength and health in the beautiful resorts, or to do other activities. There is something for everyone.

Types of recreation

Small and friendly country in the Balkans with a romantic and affectionate name Montenegro is especially popular among the fans of environmentally friendly budget holidays, and the similarity to the Crimea and the higher level of Turkish service makes it native to the citizens of Russia. The rest in the country will be satisfied:

  • families with children who choose beach relaxation, peace and quiet;
  • Young people who love noisy nightlife;
  • Fans of sightseeing tours;
  • fans of active and extreme tourism.

Beach recreation

The beach season in Montenegro lasts from May to September, the velvet season goes on from October to November. The beach resorts of Montenegro are different in their orientation towards the target audience. They are located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea or the Boko-Kotor Bay. There are practically no sandy beaches in the gulf, but the water gets warm earlier and there are no waves. On the Adriatic coast beaches are sandy and sandy-pebbly, and the presence of waves depends on the location of the resort. The most popular seaside resorts are Budva, Sveti Stefan, Becici, Petrovac, Milocer and others, designed for families with children. Herceg Novi, Kotor, and Tivat, all situated on the banks of the Bay, are the best choices for young people.

Excursion Tourism

Montenegro is rich in architectural and historical monuments. Even in the smallest city you can see ancient churches and remnants of ancient fortresses. Mandatory to visit are:

  • The miraculous monastery of Ostrog, carved in the XVII century in the rock at an altitude of 950 meters;
  • The ancient city of Dubrovnik with historical buildings in Baroque style (protected by UNESCO);
  • City of Kotor with its palaces and temples, the most important of which is the Cathedral of St. Luka and St. Anna;
  • National Park on the mountain Lovcen with unusual landscapes, as well as other places of interest.

Active Recreation

One popular form of recreation is diving. The underwater world of the Adriatic is very diverse, and because the water in the sea is crystal clear, the bottom can be viewed at depths of up to 35 meters. Divers come to admire the rich underwater world: fish, rocks, caves, sunken ships. Tourists who are not indifferent to extreme sports have the opportunity to:

  • hiking and biking through the mountains;
  • engage in windsurfing, sailing, rafting on mountain rivers;
  • climb mountain peaks;
  • Go skiing and snowboarding in winter.

How much does a tour to Montenegro cost?

The mild climate, unique nature, warm gentle sea inspires tourists to buy in 2022 tours to Montenegro with “all inclusive” flight from Moscow. Trust the experts of the service Onlinetours, who will offer the best holiday options depending on the season. When selling a trip, they take into account:

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