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Among the Philippine islands Cebu occupies a key place. This is quite justified, because here you have everything you need for a vacation to be truly heavenly. Beaches as in the picture, azure waters, lush green palm trees and gentle sun will make your stay on the island a kind of variation of a fairy tale in the real world. If you like that kind of perspective, then if you seriously think about where to stay in the Philippines, look no further than Moalboal City.

General Information

It wasn’t long before Moalboal was a medium-sized town but the influx of tourists has done its work. The local population barely tops the 30,000 mark, but life is thriving here. The main credit goes to the nearby reef. It was divers first fell in love and made this area popular.

Located on the southwestern coast of Cebu, 89 kilometers from the capital of the same name. To the west the city is washed by the waters of the Strait of Tanyor. In addition, it is a short walk from the small island of Pescador, which has the honorary title of one of the best places for diving in Moalboal for beginners.


Attractions and entertainment

Despite its modest size, especially relative to other resort towns in the Philippines, there is a lot to see in Moalbola for the average tourist. However, mostly underwater. The main attractions, and at the same time and entertainment, are sandy beaches and diving. However, in recent years has become very popular on the Moalbole and canyoning. To summarize, you can make a short list of things to try or see here:

  1. Panagsama Beach . This is the hub of resort and nightlife in Moalbole. Along the shore stretches the most popular hotels, clubs, restaurants and diving schools. It is noteworthy that the sand itself here is little, and very rare places it is such a white as it is drawn in the pictures. However, to dive on this beach of Moalbola come even those who chose the island capital of Cebu as a place of rest.
  2. White Beach . Located 7km from Panagsama Beach, this beach is a delight for those who love to lie on the warm sand. Several hotels and diving schools are based here as well, but this area is considered the best for snorkeling in Moalbola.
  3. Kavasan Falls . About 20 km south of town you can admire one of the local attractions amidst the thickets of the rainforest. The three-stage waterfall is surrounded by several shallow and therefore safe caves, which are accessible to tourists.
  4. Diving and snorkeling . Dive sites in Moalbola a huge number. And in a good way, everyone should be devoted at least one sunny day. If you are new to this business, then at your service a lot of schools, where you can tell, show and advise you from what points to start your underwater journey. In addition to reef dwellers, you can enjoy swimming with sea turtles or whale sharks in Moalbole.
  5. Canyoning . In Moalbola you will have more than 4 hours of fun, movement and enjoy the beautiful views of unspoiled tropical nature. The main route goes through the gorge of Matutinao River and ends at Kawasan Falls. The canyoning hike in Moalbola is accessible even to beginners as it requires little physical preparation and is more akin to a stroll through an amusement park.
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Hotels and restaurants

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in Moalboal that cater to every palate. Mayas Native Garden, for example, treats its guests to great Mexican dishes and fruit shakes. Arista offers a European menu, quality service and reasonable prices. Café Little Korner tourists consider the best option in the price-quality ratio. If you want glitz and chic surroundings, then you go to the restaurant Cebuano.

With hotels in Moalbole, as well as in the Philippines in general, should not be a problem. However, note that during the high season here, even a bed in a hostel must be booked in advance. Along Panagsama Beach are the most chic hotels in town, where you can find swimming pools, spa and other pleasures of life. Some of the best hotels in Moalbole include the D` Gecko hotel, Marcosas Cottages, and Quo Vadis.

Little Korner

Transportation and Safety

The main public transportation in the city are considered a tricycle and motorcycle cab. If you are planning to stay in Moalboal for a few days, it is best to consider renting a bike. Good reviews have Rositas Cottage – here and the prices are affordable, and the fleet is regularly updated.

As for the security issue, along with the flow of tourists to Moalboal came and theft. Tourists are often robbed, to the point that thieves can easily sneak into the room while you sleep. So when it comes to keeping valuables you’d better be extra vigilant and choose a more secure accommodation.

How do I get to Cebu’s Moalboal?

Getting to Moalboal from the airport of one of the most popular islands in the Philippines is as easy as any other resort town. You can take the Aircon Bus from the South Bus Terminal, which runs around the clock at hourly intervals, or you can take a cab, which will be much more comfortable but more expensive.

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Moalboal – Paradise in the Philippines

Moalboal is a small town on the west side of Cebu Island. Once a quiet town has become a truly tourist center, thanks to its beautiful white-sand beaches and reefs, which are near the town and are the real paradise for divers. The main attractions of Moalboal are undoubtedly its two beaches, White Beach and Panagssama Beach.

White Beach Moalboal

Moalboal - Paradise in the Philippines - Photo 2

White Beach Moalboal

White Beach, another name of which is Basdaku Beach, got its name because of the snow-white sand. The beach itself is very clean and the water is emerald in color. Just 30 meters from the coast is a coral reef, near which and teems with underwater life. For fans of snorkeling this is a great place. Well, those who prefer to bask in the warm sand in the quiet should come to White Beach on weekdays, as on weekends on the beach is overwhelmed. Another option for lovers of peace and quiet to go to its northern part, there are fewer tourists. Along the coast Basdaku Beach are several small restaurants, where you can eat a delicious seafood lunch. There are also hotels, the best of which are: The Blue Orchid Resort and Dolphin House Resort. They are quite reasonable prices, good service, and the plus is the proximity to the beach.

Panagsama Beach

Moalboal Paradise in the Philippines - Photo 3

Panagsama Beach

Seven kilometers from the White Beach is Panagsama Beach . For a quiet beach holiday, unfortunately, it is not suitable. After the typhoon that raged here in 1984, most of the beach was washed away. All that’s left are small sandy islands with white sand. However, Pangasam has a large concentration of hotels, entertainment, and restaurants. In addition, it is the center of the various diving schools. In fact, tourists come here for this, they attract the beauty of the coral reefs.


Moalboal is a Philippine Paradise - Photo 4


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Lambug is another nice beach located 20 km south of Pagasam. It can be reached by tricycle in just an hour. The advantage of this beach is not only the white sand, but also the peace and quiet. Here there is no large gathering of people and you can truly feel like a deserted island. And for golfers, there’s a good 18-hole golf course.

What else to see in Moalboal

Moalboal is a Paradise in the Philippines - Photo 5

What else is Moalboal interesting

Holidays in Moalboal are not limited to the beaches. There are quite a few places of interest around it, one of which is Kavasan Falls . It is located in the middle of the tropical wilderness 20 kilometers from Moalboal to the south. It is a three-stage waterfall with amazing emerald water. You can get there on your own by taking the yellow bus from the central market in Moalboal and asking the driver to drop you off at the right place, or you can take a tricycle or rent a motorcycle. Keep in mind that a trip by tricycle will cost you more than by bus. The bus ticket costs only 19 pesos, while the tricycle driver charges about 400 rubles for the ride and the wait. A trip on a motorcycle will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery, but you will have to pay a parking fee in the range of 60 rubles. At the entrance to the waterfall you need to buy an official ticket for about 50 rubles . You will be offered the services of guides, but you definitely do not need them, the way to the waterfall is not difficult.

To get to the first waterfall you will need to climb uphill for 1.5 km uphill. On the way to it there are stores and shops with souvenirs. It will not be difficult to get to the other waterfalls. Before going on a trip to the falls, it is worth stocking up on food and water, as the prices in the local cafes are very overpriced. The waterfall itself falls into a cool clear pool, which you can swim in or float on a bamboo raft, renting it for three hundred rubles. On the same raft you can cross the pond and paddle to the very spot where the waterfall falls and enjoy a natural hydromassage. Along the pool in shady places are tables that can be rented for 500 rubles, and cottages, whose rent will cost from 1500 to 2500 rubles. If you can not sit still, you can order a canyoning tour. Buy the tour in advance in Pangasam. Around the waterfall there are several caves. They are shallow, safe and quite accessible to tourists. Another interesting place in Moalboal is the Orchid Gallery. Here they breed dozens of species of orchids and you can enjoy looking at the beautiful flowers.

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How to get to Moalboal and the best way to get around

Moalboal is a Paradise in the Philippines - Photo 6

How to get to Moalboal and the best way to get around

The easiest way to get to Moalboal from the airport is by bus. It runs from the South bus terminal 24 hours a day, every hour. It takes two hours to get to Moalboal, the price ranges from 75 to 100 rubles. You can also take a cab, but it will cost much more. You can ride tricycles through the city and to the beaches. They are both private and public. Not a bad solution would be to rent a motorcycle. The price of 300 to 400 rubles per day.

Cons Moalboal

While on the Moalboal need to be prepared for various gatherings . Going to bask in the white sand on the White Beach should know that you have to pay for literally everything: the entrance, for parking, for the tent, etc. Another disadvantage is a large number of thieves. So you should carefully monitor your wallet and belongings. Responsibly need to take the choice of accommodation, cheeky thieves can shamelessly get into the room, so it is better to choose a hotel more reliable . In general, Moalboal is a good place to stay. There is a place both for beach lovers and active tourists, lovers of snorkeling, diving and free diving.

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