Mediterranean Islands

Mediterranean Islands

Comfortable sunny island with a unique microclimate.

  • Country – Spain;
  • Location – is part of the Balearic Islands;
  • Area of the island – 3 640 km2;
  • Population: 777,800.

Island of Cyprus

An island with an ancient history and beautiful nature.

  • Countries:
    • Republic of Cyprus;
    • The partially recognized state of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

    Island of Corsica

    • The country is France;
    • Location – southern coast of France, west of Italy;
    • Area of the island – 8,680 km2;
    • Population: 314,400.

    Island of Sardinia

    The island in which it is impossible not to fall in love, the island which has its own emerald shore.

    • Country – Italy;
    • Location – west of the Apennine peninsula;
    • Area of the island – 24 090 km2;
    • Population: 1,663,800.

    Island of Ischia

    Beautiful like the other islands, but is also famous for its therapeutic mud.

    • Country – Italy;
    • Location – Italy, west coast;
    • Area of the island – 46 km2;
    • Population: 62,027.

    The island of Evia

    It has absorbed all the virtues of the region – beautiful nature, history, beaches …

    • The country is Greece;
    • Location – Aegean Sea;
    • The area of the island is 3 680 km2;
    • Population 198.100 people.

    Island of Crete

    A wise island with an ancient history, a representative of an ancient civilization.

    • The country is Greece;
    • Location – almost in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean Sea;
    • The area of the island is 8 260 km2;
    • Population – 623,600 people.

    The island of Corfu (Kerkyra)

    An island of astounding beauty, Corfu enchants and beckons.

    • The country is Greece;
    • Location – Ionian Sea;
    • Area of the island – 593 km2;
    • Population – 102,070 people.

    Island of Ibiza (Ibiza)

    Island holiday, this island heals the soul and the holiday.

    • Country – Spain;
    • Location – is part of the Balearic Islands;
    • Area of the island – 571 km2;
    • Population -133,700.

    Canary Islands

    The phrase – Heaven on Earth, probably, was coined after visiting these islands.

    • Country – Spain;
    • Location – near the coast of northern Africa, in the region of Morocco and Western Sahara;
    • Area of the island: 7,447 km2;
    • Population: 2,118,344.

    Malta Island

    The island is a state. Peace and well-being reigns here.

    • The country is the Republic of Malta;
    • Location – practically in the center of the Mediterranean Sea;
    • Area of the island – 246 km2;
    • Population: 373,950.

    Island of Rhodes

    One of the most alluring islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

    • The country is Greece;
    • Location – near the southeastern coast of Greece;
    • The area of the island is 1,398 km2;
    • Population: 117,000.

    The island of Lesvos

    An island with a long history and rich mythology.

    • The country is Greece;
    • Location: Aegean Sea, in its northern part;
    • Area of the island – 1,630 km2;
    • Population: 90,600.

    The islands of the Mediterranean Sea is a layer in the history and culture of our planet. Many of them represent entire eras. Civilizations were born on them, and disappeared. Perhaps some of them are the remnants of the famous Atlantis. Until now, not solved all their secrets.

    In our time, islands of the Mediterranean Sea due to their wonderful comfortable climate, beautiful beaches and clear sea are a place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

    Below we present a brief description of the pleiad of the most famous, in our opinion, islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Warning! Some data, for objective reasons, may change dynamically …

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    The largest islands in the Mediterranean

    Through the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times there were many trade routes, there were constantly wars for territory. The many islands of the Mediterranean Sea, scattered over the boundless sea surface, were declared the property of those who found them first, or conquered them if they were worth it.

    A brief summary of the Mediterranean islands

    The exact number of islands is still unknown because there are pieces of land so small that they look more like mounds of rocks. But the big ones can be compared to some republics on the continents.

    History has so arranged that in one sea the possessions meet:

    • Syria;
    • Turkey; ;
    • Italy;
    • Malta; ; ; .

    Some territories are divided among several states.

    The large islands of the Mediterranean Sea are well known, most are popular resorts, where the tourist business is well developed.

    Map of Mediterranean Sea with islands (interactive)

    Top 10 largest and most famous Mediterranean Sea islands

    The unique climate, comfortable long beaches, luxurious nature inherent in almost all the islands. To this is added an ancient history, historical monuments and their own mentality of inhabitants, sometimes very different from the mainland of the country whose flag flies over the largest city of the island.


    Sicily - an island in the Mediterranean Sea

    The largest island in the Mediterranean was of strategic importance in the Middle Ages, being at the crossroads of trade routes. It is washed by three seas: the Ionian, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian. During the wars of conquest it was politically anchored in Italy. The area is 25460 km² and the capital is Palermo, with a population of 5 million.

    Sardinia .

    Sardinia - an island in the Mediterranean Sea

    Also belongs to Italy, is located between Sicily and Corsica to the west of the Apennine Peninsula. The name translates as “sandal”, according to the legend the Creator left his footprints on the island. The capital is Cagliari with a population of 1.6 million. The area is 23813 km². Considered one of the most ecological in the Mediterranean Sea, has preserved the national culture. Famous for its caves, granite cliffs and numerous annual festivals.

    The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean

    The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea has a leading position in tourism. Politically divided between 3 states:

    • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;
    • United Kingdom;
    • Republic of Cyprus.

    The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, never sleeps, the area of 1952 km² is almost all considered a resort area, due to the influx of tourists the population during high season increases several times.


    Corsica, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean

    This French island in the Mediterranean Sea has an important historical importance for the country to which it belongs. The area is about 8.7 km². Famous as the birthplace of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The capital of Ajaccio preserves many monuments related to the person of Napoleon and his family. Corsicans are distinguished by their willfulness and freedom-loving, stubbornly preserving their dialect, folk costumes, culture, mentality. As a resort, Corsica is not a resounding success, but it attracts history buffs and lovers of antiquities.

    Crete - island in the Mediterranean Sea

    Covered with myths and legends, it belongs to Greece, being the largest of almost 1400 islands belonging to this state. Its capital is Heraklion, and it has a population of about 2.5 million people. It is rich in ancient original culture, monuments, Mediterranean cuisine and a huge number of beaches of the warmest and caressing sea. It is a popular resort and tourist area.


    Evia Island in the Mediterranean Sea

    Territory of Greece, 3.7 km² with a population of 200,000 inhabitants. The capital of Halkida attracts tourists with an abundance of ancient monuments. It is popular among Greeks as a place to relax on weekends and during vacations. It is distinguished by the transparency of water and clean beaches.


    Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean Sea

    The Spanish territory of 3.6 km² with the capital Palma de Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic archipelago. Its advantageous position in the Middle Ages constantly attracted pirates and smugglers. Now the overwhelming number of visitors are tourists. There are many artists looking for inspiration in the amazing play of light highlights and deep contrasting shadows on the surface of the sea and in the surrounding landscapes.


    The largest island in the Mediterranean

    A part of Greece, with an area of 1,4 sq. km. the largest town of the island is Mytilini with a population of about 9 thousand citizens. A cradle of ancient Hellas, not spoilt for tourism attention, as it is a major commercial port with its inherent bustle and hustle.


    The island of Rhodes, the largest island in the Mediterranean

    Known as the site of one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes. A possession of Greece, an area of 1.4 km², with a population of 117 thousand people. Famous for its ancient, acropolis, knightly castles and great windsurfing.

    The most beautiful island in the Mediterranean: Chios

    It completes the magnificent ten islands in the Mediterranean Sea, popular destinations for tourism and leisure. It belongs to Greece, its area is less than 1 thousand km. For a long time it was considered a “domestic” Greek resort. In recent years, it is rapidly developing tourist direction.

    The most secluded islands in the Mediterranean Sea

    Fatigue from always being in the midst of people and events sometimes leads to depression or increased acuteness of emotions. The surest way to restore composure is to escape from civilization, at least for a few days.

    Silence, the beauty of nature and tranquility await travelers on the islands:

    • Sifnos;
    • Caprera;
    • Comino;
    • Milos;
    • Columbretes;
    • Favignanas;
    • Formentera;
    • Levanzo;
    • Marettimo;
    • Porquerolles.

    On these islands there is no bustling entertainment industry, large hotels and shopping malls, intrusive cab drivers and pushy tour guides. No one demands money to enter the purest strip of white or golden sand and the shade of an olive grove.

    Some areas are declared natural monuments, there are some restrictions and rules of conduct on them. For example, it is forbidden to make fires or put up a tent for the night.

    On others, ordinary life simply flows unhurriedly, without the hustle and bustle of chasing the elusive passage of time.

    Video overview of the islands

    There are a few thousand islands scattered in the Mediterranean Sea, united in archipelagos. Visiting them will leave amazing memories of the generosity of nature and the clear turquoise sea.

    Lake the size of the city of Taupo, New Zealand
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