Mauritius – is it worth going to the island? Africa

Is it worth to go to Mauritius: pros and cons of the holiday

Is it worth to go to Mauritius: the pros and cons of recreation

Vacation – this is probably the most long-awaited time of the year. During this time, you need to regain strength, gain impressions, to open new horizons. Travel is the best way to diversify the environment. The main thing is to choose an interesting place for recreation. Such a place can become Mauritius.

General information about the island of Mauritius

Mauritius is an island state, located in East Africa. On the world map, it is just a small dot, located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. This island is very popular among tourists, but many ordinary people have no idea where it is. The island was discovered by the Arabs in the 10th century and the first sailors from Portugal landed here in the 16th century. Until then, the island is believed to have been uninhabited.

Today, the British, the French, the Dutch, the Chinese and the Indians live on Mauritius, all nations getting along peacefully enough. Residents are very peaceful and friendly. Tourists are always welcome, the island has everything for a comfortable stay.

Hotel in Mauritius

The advantages of a trip to Mauritius

Consider in detail the positive aspects of the trip to the island.

  • There is no time zone change. The time in Mauritius is exactly the same as in Moscow. And that means that after the flight you will not need to adjust to a new sleep patterns. Biorhythms are not disrupted, a man who came to the island will not feel sluggish and tired. In addition, you can not puzzle yourself and not to calculate the time when you want to call or write to any of your friends or relatives.
  • There is no contagion on the island . Before the flight you do not need to do a bunch of vaccinations. When you arrive home, you do not need to be examined by a doctor to make sure that there is no rare exotic disease in the body.
  • Excellent climatic conditions. You can fly to the island at any time of year, it always meets gentle sunshine and pleasant warmth. In addition, unlike other islands, Mauritius is not very humid, which means that the heat will be much easier to endure.
  • In Mauritius, excellent hotels, a high level of service and comfortable rooms. Hotel staff perform their duties well and are always happy to help the customer in any, even the most unexpected, situation. In addition, many hotels have excellent spa where you can relax body and soul.
  • Indian Ocean is very warm and calm, the color of the water is mesmerizing in its beauty.
  • The island can not only have a good rest, but also to make a lot of good bargains. Here you can buy very profitable jewelry. Gold and diamonds in Mauritius of excellent quality. You can buy a diamond or a diamond by itself, and then when you get home or on the spot to insert it into your jewelry. In addition to jewelry, it is very profitable to buy knitwear and cashmere, things made of this material are valued for its quality.
  • The local population is always friendly to tourists. On the island live many different peoples, so there is no prejudice or racist attitude towards foreigners.
  • The nature of Mauritius is fascinating. Here you can see the mountains immersed in the greenery, jungles, waterfalls and caves. Recreation area is equipped with comfortable beaches with white sand.
  • The seasons in Mauritius are in opposition to all the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. This has its advantages, because on this island, you can “escape” from the harsh Russian winter.
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Tourist in Mauritius

Disadvantages of going to Mauritius

Any exotic island has both pluses and minuses. Let’s dwell in more detail on the moments that can disappoint the traveler.

  • A very long flight . A direct flight from Moscow to the island takes more than 12 hours. A long stay on the plane is terribly tiring, and for people with aerophobia, it will be just torture. It is also not desirable to fly so far away for people with small children. The kids just tortured to be so long in the plane.
  • For young people this holiday can be quite boring. There is little entertainment, discos and nightclubs. To dance the night away is possible only in some places in the north of the island.
  • Poor internet . It is clear that people mostly come here to rest, not to work, but the connection with the outside world is still very important. There are few places in Mauritius with good Wi-Fi, so to send an email to friends or post a new photo on Instagram will not always work.
  • There are few attractions on the island. All the most interesting things are concentrated in the coastal zone. Then go plantations, planted with sugar cane. The local population is increasingly getting rid of wild plants and make room for plantations.
  • Lovers of scuba diving have nothing to do here. The underwater world of the island is very poor. Find something interesting here, most likely, will not succeed.

Conclusions and recommendations

Given all the advantages and disadvantages of vacationing in Mauritius, we can conclude about who will like staying on this island the most. People who prefer a quiet holiday with good service and comfortable rooms will do well here. Lovers of “lazy” recreation will appreciate the good beaches, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to bask in the sun. It is always warm here, regardless of the time of year. In Mauritius, you can spend your honeymoon with your soul mate, or a retreat from the problems and worries. Lovers of extreme sports, night partying and informative excursions, this rest will not do.

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Mauritius – an island where you can relax the soul, to know yourself and to get away from the bustle of the city. Lovers of precious jewelry can add to their collection of original products made of diamonds and gold of the highest standard. From here you can bring a wonderful gift for yourself or loved ones, which will remind about the trip for many years.

It is undesirable to fly on such a long trip people with small children. Young people such a vacation may also seem boring. Holidays on this island are perfect for those who are unlucky enough to go on vacation in the summer. Here you can escape from the cold and frosts, because when in Europe, the winter in Mauritius, the hot summer.

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