Marmaris – a European resort in Turkey

Marmaris – a popular Turkish resort

Many European tourists have long chosen Marmaris as a vacation destination. Recently, the Russians have also become interested in this resort. And no wonder, because Marmaris combines European service and Turkish flavor.


The first settlement on the territory of Marmaris appeared in the III millennium BC. In IX B.C. it receives the name Phixos. In the 6th and 4th centuries B.C. the town was under the dominion of Alexander the Great. Later Phickos is part of the Roman Empire. In 395 it becomes a small Byzantine settlement.

In the 1200s, Fiskos comes under Seljuk rule. In 1425 it becomes part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1521, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent restores the ruined fortress and expands the pier. He also gives the city a new name – Marmaris.


In the 1860s, the first archaeological excavations begin. In 1957 an earthquake destroys most of the buildings and the city becomes a fishing village. Only in the 1980s the city once again becomes popular, the heyday of tourism begins. In 2011 they build a new road that connects Marmaris with the rest of Turkey.

Location of the resort

Marmaris is located in the southwestern part of Turkey. The city is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, which not far from the settlement merges with the Aegean. The resort itself is located in a bay.

Near Marmaris are cities such as Bodrum, Ephesus, Izmir, Dalaman, Fethiye, Kemer and Antalya .


Regions of the resort

There are several villages near Marmaris. They are not far from each other, but each has its own characteristics.


  • Icmeler . Here you can find thermal springs and wide sandy beaches. Suitable for a quiet family vacation, as well as for young people.
  • Turunç . People come here for a quiet and relaxing vacation. In addition, the beaches in the village are some of the cleanest and safest.
  • Sarigerme . Ideal for vacations with children. The sea is not deep, and children’s animation at the highest level.
  • Armutalan . The largest and busiest area. There are many bars, restaurants, clubs and stores.

A resort on the map of Turkey

Marmaris is quite well located. It is easy to get here from the airport, and there are many nearby cities and towns where you can go on excursions.

Fact from A literal translation of the Russian word for Marmaris would be “Marmamornomorsk”.

Distance from Dalaman Airport

Marmaris is 95 km away from Dalaman airport. This airport is international and can be reached from Moscow as well as from other major cities in Russia.

On a group transfer

The road from Dalaman to Marmaris takes one and a half to two hours. The easiest way to get from the airport to the hotel is to order a group transfer.

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The trip will be comfortable, but at the same time will be cheaper than a cab.

Individual transfer or cab

The fastest and most comfortable option is a cab. You can find it just outside the airport. The cost of the trip is about 500 lire. Unfortunately, not all cab drivers know English, not to mention Russian. Therefore, it can be difficult to explain the route of the trip to the driver yourself.

Therefore, it is better to pre-order a transfer on the Russian-speaking service and the driver will meet you with a sign in his hands. He will not need to explain where and how to go, this you have done in advance on the website.

By public transport

If you want to save money, you can take a bus. Look for it near the terminals for domestic flights. The ticket price is 17.5 Turkish Liras.

The bus runs daily from 7:30 am to 1:30 am.

IMPORTANT . The bus goes only to the bus station, and from there you will have to go to the hotel on your own.

Location peculiarities of the resort

photo 1

The city attracts primarily by nature. Around the mountains, lots of greenery, and the two seas merge together. There are dense forests near the city, and along the coast you can find clean beaches. In addition, Marmaris is not a typical Turkish resort. Service and quality services are no worse than in Europe.

The biggest event is the Sea Festival, which is held in late April and early May. It involves a variety of seagoing vessels, from small pleasure boats to powerful combat ships.


There are five major beaches in Marmaris, each with different infrastructure, nature and size. Description of the beaches:

  1. Icmeler . Considered one of the best beaches of the resort. The coastline stretches for almost a kilometer, but only part of it is equipped. The beach is sandy, but in the water there are small pebbles. The descent to the water is gentle, so that Icmeler is suitable for recreation with children. The nature around is very beautiful and picturesque.
  2. Siteler . This beach is characterized by purity and clear water. It is quite crowded, since many hotels and hotels are built nearby. On the shore mostly pebbles, occasionally there is sand. The descent into the water is comfortable. It is worth noting that in this area there are cold currents, so the water temperature can sometimes be lower than on the neighboring beaches.
  3. Central beach . One of the most crowded beaches, is located in the center of the city. Since the area is quite large, you can find both pebbles and sand. The shore is quite narrow, when entering the water you need to go through a strip of pebbles. Therefore, it is worth bringing special rubber shoes.
  4. Amos . Suitable for a secluded holiday, as it is quite far from the center. It is always sparsely populated. Next to the beach are stony hills and bright greenery. There is no sand here, only pebbles.
  5. Turunç . This is a beautiful bay with clear water. The scenery here is beautiful because of the mountainous terrain. There are not many tourists, as the beach is quite far from the city. Entrance to the sea is uneven, at the bottom there are large stones, so while swimming you should be careful.
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photo 6

Infrastructure of the beach depends more on the location. The closer to the center, the more things you can find. Almost every beach is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and cabins for changing.

IMPORTANT . On some beaches, renting equipment is paid, the average price is five dollars per day.

Cafes and restaurants can also be found only on the central beaches. If you rest in the city, there will be no problems with food. But on more distant beaches cafe can not be in principle, so about a dinner and supper need to take care in advance. The same applies to various stores. For example, in the center of the souvenirs can be found at every step, and on the outskirts will not be a single stall.

Those who go with children, it is worth finding out in advance about the animation, as it is not on all the beaches. Lovers of active recreation also need to take care of their entertainment in advance. Thus, on the beach Icmeler you can rent a boat, a boat or a jet ski.

photo 7

Entertainment in Marmaris

Marmaris is a resort where no one will be bored. Everyone can find something to their liking here.


  • Castle . This is the oldest building, which was created three thousand years before Christ. During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent the castle was rebuilt and preserved exactly as it is today. Now there is a museum at the site, where you can see antique and medieval items.
  • Netsel Marina . This is a marina, which is located in the center of the city. A huge number of yachts stand here at the same time, so you can go on a boat trip or just admire the ships.
  • Waterfront . One of the most popular places among tourists. She has a length of about four kilometers. From here there are beautiful views of the city, sea and mountains.
  • Dancing fountain. The presentation, as a rule, begins in the evening. Jets of water illuminated by different colors and fly in the air to the music.
  • Bar Street . This is where most of the entertainment venues can be found. There are European bars as well as traditional Turkish places.
  • Grand Bazaar (not to be confused with the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul). This is an indoor market in the center of the city with almost four thousand stores. Here you can find clothes, ceramics, furnishings, sweets and souvenirs.
  • Amphitheater . An ancient structure was built in the V-VI centuries BC. The amphitheater is still active: concerts are held there.
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Any tourist can find a place to suit his taste and purse. In Marmaris there are both small places with cheap food and fast food, and luxury restaurants. There are also a lot of cafes with traditional cuisine. Tourists highlight the following places:

  • Karen Brasserie. Located just steps away from the beach. Prices are quite democratic, and the schedule is very convenient: from 9 am to midnight.
  • Hacis Cafe – Restaurant Bar . With low prices and large portions, you can have a great meal here with the whole family.
  • Cosy Corner. A small place with delicious food. Local specialties as well.
  • Jimmys Martinis. A cozy place with a view of the sea and a polite pleasant staff.
  • Pop In. A nice place to eat and dance.


Nightlife is mostly bustling on Bar Street. It is there that you can find the best clubs in the city. The most popular are:

photo 15

  • GreenHouse. This club is much loved by vacationers from Russia for the fact that here you can hear modern Russian music.
  • BackStreet. One of the best clubs in the open air.
  • Crazy Daizy . The club has a huge area and can accommodate up to 1500 people.
  • Areena. Known for its foam parties and quality sound.
  • В-52. A small but classy club where you can try the signature cocktail.

Children’s entertainment

Marmaris is a suitable resort for holidays with children. The beaches are safe and quiet, the hotels often have children’s animation, and in the city itself there are enough places where you can go with your child. Entertainment for children:

  • Water Parks . Atlantis and Aqua Dream are the two largest water parks in Marmaris. There are many slides and pools for very young children as well as for those who are older.
  • Playgrounds for children . There are enough of them around the city and can be found in any area. The best one is considered to be the one next to the Ataturk monument.
  • Amusement rides . They are worth looking for in shopping malls and near them. There are often installed trampolines, merry-go-rounds and other entertainment.
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At the resort you can find a huge number of hotels. There are very expensive with beautiful rooms and large areas, and very small, where you can find only the bare necessities. Prices for recreation, respectively, also differ.

5 Star Hotels

5-star hotels are the most chic of the list. The most popular ones are:

  • TUI BLUE Marmaris. The hotel has a fitness club, bar, tennis court, laundry, dry cleaning, and several swimming pools.
  • Casa De Maris Spa & Resort Hotel . There you can find swimming pools for adults and children, a sauna, meeting rooms, a spa, a bar and a fitness center.
  • Green Nature Diamond Hotel . There are swimming pools, spa, sports, banquet and conference rooms for vacationers. It is also possible to hire a babysitter for the child.

4-star hotels.

They’re a little lower level, but they’re often as good as five-star hotels. The best ones are:

  • Sunrise Hotel . It has an outdoor pool, spa and fitness.
  • Hotel Cettia Beach Resort . It offers a conference room, bar, pool, and laundry facilities.
  • Marmaris Park Hotel . It has swimming pools, a fitness room, laundry facilities and a tennis court.

3 Star Hotels

These hotels are suitable for vacationers with an average income. The level here is pretty good, but everything is not as posh as the 4 and 5-star ones. Famous hotels:

  • Club Likya Apartments . This hotel has modest and comfortable rooms, a bar, and a pool.
  • Hotel Marbella . There is an outdoor pool, restaurant, and laundry service.

Apartments and apartments for independent travellers in Marmaris

Those who prefer the comfort of home should look for apartments. You can rent a house or an apartment as a whole or choose just one room. If the company is large, a vacation in a separate house can be much more comfortable than a vacation in a hotel room.

Excursions from Marmaris

Marmaris is quite conveniently located, so you can go on excursions in the nearby cities. And if you do not want to go far, there are many interesting things to do in the city itself. Popular excursions:

  • Rafting . Extreme lovers can take a boat trip down a raging river. There are different levels: for beginners and professionals. The cost is 44 euros per person.
  • Walking on horses or jeeps. You can explore the surroundings of Marmaris on different vehicles. Those who like an unhurried vacation choose horseback riding. The extreme ones will enjoy the jeep safari. The price for one is 20 euros.
  • Sea fishing . In Marmaris you can try to catch exotic fish in the open sea. Fishing can be morning and evening. It costs 30 euros.
  • Trip to Ephesus and Pamukkale . Ephesus is an ancient city with a huge amount of ancient architecture preserved. Pamukkale is an area with geothermal springs. You can visit both of these places at the same time for 70 euros. The trip is long and takes two days.
  • Excursion to Dalyan by boat. During the boat trip you can watch turtles and dolphins, as well as see the ancient tombs. The price is 25 euros.
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photo 16

In May, the resort begins to come alive. The first tourists come here, the water allows swimming, and the sun is already warm, but not yet so hot. The temperature is around 25 °C during the day and drops to 15 °C at night. The water warms up to 20 °C.

In summer, it is very hot in Marmaris. Temperatures can rise to 35 °C during the day and rarely drop below 23 °C at night. The water is very warm, up to 27 °C. There is almost no rainfall at this time.

In the fall, the velvet season begins. The sun stops being scorching, but it is still very warm. The water cools down, but gradually. This time is suitable for those who do not like the exhausting heat. The temperature in autumn by months:

  • September. 30°C during the day, 20°C at night, water 26°C.
  • October. 25 °C during the day, 16 °C at night, water 24 °C.
  • November. 20 °C during the day, 13 °C at night, water 22 °C.


Marmaris has a huge number of places for shopping. You can find tourist products as well as general merchandise or appliances. Popular places to shop:

  • Shopping malls . They are quite varied, from small to huge. Some have playgrounds, food courts, and movie theaters. One of the most popular is Blue Port.
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores . For those who rent an apartment or live in a hotel without food, the availability of such stores will be an issue. There are quite a lot of them throughout the city, so you don’t have to worry about food. Prices for products are often quite low, and to eat that way is cheaper than in cafes.
  • Markets and bazaars. They will be of interest to those who are looking for local color or interesting souvenirs. They sell everything from spices to carpets.

Marmaris video

Those who are planning a holiday in Turkey, you should definitely pay attention to Marmaris. This ancient and beautiful city can be a comfortable and interesting vacation destination.

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