Marmara Island, Turkey: beaches and resort areas

Resorts in Turkey on the Sea of Marmara

Photos of the resort on the Sea of Marmara

Comparison of resorts

The water body is located within the state, it is relatively small, it is considered the smallest sea within one country. The Sea of Marmara is quite popular among the local population, but foreign citizens bypass it, choosing tours for summer vacation. And completely in vain.

In the water area of the reservoir there are many remarkable places, comfortable hotels, various hotels and options for interesting recreation for all categories of travelers – from singles to tourists with children. A detailed review of the best resorts on the shores of the Sea of Marmara is published on the resource ResortTurkey.

Marmara Island

Marmara photo

The largest piece of land surrounded by the salty waters of the Sea of Marmara. It gave its name to the body of water that became the connecting artery between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.

  • The area of the island is flat. The southern part is inhabited and cultivated by the local population, while the northern part is rocky, almost wild.
  • Numerous beaches are small, sandy and pebble based and have a quick entrance to the depths. This should be considered tourists with small children. Moreover, the water in these places warms up only to 23-24 degrees, even in the hottest time of the year.

Holidays in Marmara are suitable only for those who want to restore forces in a calm and peaceful environment, to get the most out of the natural attractions and mild, warm climate. In addition, there are no five-star hotels and super trendy restaurants, designed for spoiled travelers from different countries.

Important! Booking a hotel for a vacation in Marmara, you should pay attention to the category “4 stars”. The cost of a room in such a hotel will be equal to a budget three, but the service – an order of magnitude higher.

Those who are interested in the underwater world of the Sea of Marmara, have the opportunity to consider the underwater caves and numerous reefs with their colorful inhabitants:

  • mackerel;
  • flounder;
  • bluefish;
  • loach and others.

These are commercial varieties of fish, which you can also catch for dinner here. Any café will cook the catch for a small fee with various herbs and spices in true Mediterranean style.

  • Of particular interest to travelers is the open-air museum, dedicated to the Byzantine and Roman empires.
  • Here you can also see the open mines of unique white marble with an ornate pattern on the cut. It is used for the finishing of various important buildings, for example, stations of the Moscow subway.
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Avsha Island (Turkeli)

Photo of Avsha Island

For a long time, this inconspicuous stretch of land in the Sea of Marmara was a favorite place for Istanbul residents. Here the citizens rested from the hustle and bustle of the huge metropolis, from the numerous cars and guests of the popular tourist center.

Gradually the island. Avsha became a favorite destination for the European Turks who came to their homeland and dreamed of remembering the pre-tourist times. Luckily, there are no big shopping and resort centers on the island.

  • Life here is measured, familiar to many generations of locals. Here they grow unique varieties of grapes, pleasing the hearts of wine lovers far beyond the borders of Turkey.
  • Therefore, the residential quarters are archaic, made of stone, preserving its appearance unchanged for centuries.

Following the natives of the East, Europeans who want to spend their vacations in peace and quiet on the wild sandy beaches or among the plane-tree groves, have been drawn to Türkeli. The more so because the local climate is especially good for people who suffer from bronchial asthma attacks.

Those who are not charmed by the peace and quiet of the island, local tour operators offer to spend your time cheerfully and recklessly, especially since the conditions on the island plenty of for this:

  • numerous restaurants spoil guests with fish and national meat dishes;
  • Wine bars and cellars offer a choice of different drinks of local production;
  • Night discos do not disturb the peace of the island, as they are located in small, cozy bays on the coast of Avsha.

There are few special significant places here. Travelers interested in ancient history can offer only an excursion to the ruins of the monastery of St. Anna of the Byzantine Empire.

To get to Türkeli you can take a ferry from Istanbul or a hired boat. In 3.5 hours after departure from the port, travelers have the opportunity to walk through the natural areas of the island, visit the most famous restaurants and bars, and have fun at the night dance floors of the coast.

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Photo of thermal springs

A small resort town on the coast of the Sea of Marmara in a short time has become a real Mecca for tourists who want to improve their health during the vacation.

The thing is that most hotels of different “star” have their own wells with mineral water, heated in the bowels of the earth to 60 degrees.

Sufficiently developed infrastructure of beaches with warm sea and shallow entrance to the water attracts family couples and the age contingent of travelers. In addition, operators recommend their customers to take advantage of the following services of local representatives of tourist business:

  • visit ancient hamams (Turkish baths);
  • order a classic or underwater massage;
  • develop hiking routes through local forests and groves;
  • go to the waterfall “Heim Uzlar” with hydrangeas at its foot;
  • ride a bicycle through the picturesque surroundings of the town;
  • together with a tour view the sights of the Karadzha Arboretum, a man-made park with man-made rocks, unique plants, lakes and waterfalls;
  • Learn horseback riding in small villages located near the resort area.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays here, on the main street of Yalova, spreads its colorful goods traveling market. You can buy everything you need: toiletries, bathing accessories, souvenirs, sweets, clothes and shoes. There is also a big supermarket in the town – Gazi Pasha Caddesi.


Photo of Erdek

Erdek is another resort town on the Sea of Marmara located 120 km from Istanbul International Airport. But this is the distance on the map, the highway makes many bends, lengthening the way to the hotels on the coast to 282 km.

The city belongs to the resort area of Badirama region and has 12 kilometers of pristine beaches with fine, almost white sand. The infrastructure here has been long developed, so there are a lot of resorts with different conditions of accommodation and catering.

Near Erdek there are a lot of attractions, known far beyond Turkey:

  • Kuszceneti National Park delights with the abundance of feathered birds, making a stopover at the local lake before their long flights;
  • the restored ancient town of Kazikos takes the guests of the province back to the ancient times;
  • the archaeological museum in Bandirma village surprises tourists with ancient finds.

Cultural and entertainment program of Erdek is full of all kinds of festivals, concerts of Turkish and foreign celebrities, 24-hour discos and all kinds of events, giving the opportunity to enjoy the rest of all categories of travelers.

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There is a well-developed trade of various goods – from handicrafts to branded items. Lovers of gastronomic delights can satisfy their interest in numerous themed and transnational restaurants, bakeries, cafes and shops with local specialties.

The resorts with thermal springs close for the summer, but during the cold season you can get all the services for a low price.


Photo of Izmit

People come here for interesting experiences, quality shopping, sports recreation and active sightseeing. Although the city is located in the bay of the same name, there are no beach places here.

  • Izmit is a major industrial port 80 km from Istanbul, so the sea water here can not be called clean.
  • Most hotels are located in the urban area, without access to the coast.
  • The most “star” of resorts offer its guests the opportunity to splash in the outdoor pools, which is very handy – during the seasonal air temperature in Izmit reaches 40 degrees above zero.
  • In the evening, guests can take a stroll along the city’s waterfront and enjoy the view of the mountains surrounding the port. The area here is ample – there is room for well-groomed bushes and tall palm trees, and cozy pavilions.

Lovers of antiquity have where to go, tour operators offer various excursions to local attractions:

  • The Agora Square, laid out in a settlement in 128 A.D;
  • a tour of the 25-meter clock tower Saat Kulesi with fountains at its foot;
  • the ancient palace, converted into a museum of local history and surrounded by a small park;
  • Railway station with an old steam locomotive;
  • Ataturk Street with the Asanser Tower with a public elevator and observation deck.

Izmit is rich with gyms, massage parlors, different types of swimming pools. The very walk through its hilly streets is already a decent exercise for the muscles.

A variety of delicacies can be tasted in numerous cafes and restaurants, the food here is hearty and relatively cheap compared to Istanbul and Alanya.

Only in Izmit you can eat the local dessert, pishmaniye, right in the street. It is the thinnest threads of sweet dough rolled into neat balls.

You can get here from anywhere in the world; Ataturk airport is situated 120 km away from the city. It is 120 km away from the city and Ataturk airport which is open round the clock for both local and international flights of all types.

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You can get around Izmit by subway, regular buses, shuttles, cabs and rented cars.


Photo of Genena

The city belongs to the resort areas of dual purpose:

  • On the one hand, it is a resort with thermal springs;
  • On the other, a magnificent beach on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, 20 km from the Dardanelles.

In the depths of a small bay, surrounded by pristine forests on the slopes of the mountains, there are several hotels offering their guests numerous treatments related to bathing and taking in the healing water from the local deep-sea spring.

Interesting fact! Due to the movement of tectonic plates in these places formed a natural well, deep as 400 m! The mineral water in it does not depend on precipitation and does not mix with groundwater for many centuries!

Tourists from all over the world go to gene to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system and the skin. But it is not recommended to visit these places for people who have just had a heart attack or stroke, who have high blood pressure or cancer in the history. High mineralization can worsen the health of such tourists.

  • Thermal complex offers its guests not only a steam bath, but also a swim in the outdoor pools with healing water.
  • There are numerous sports facilities, gyms and outdoor areas for active recreation.
  • Those who find the program boring are offered to book a trip to the mountain forests with a rifle. This is the only resort in Turkey, where you can shoot small fur-bearing animals or birds.

Beach hotels near Genen have everything you need for a comfortable stay for travelers of different categories:

  • children’s playgrounds and shallow pools with slides;
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun on the coast;
  • restaurants and cafes for guests;
  • the possibility of renting equipment for snorkeling and diving.

In addition, you can go to the market to stock up on local fruits and vegetables in season, buy souvenirs or find something interesting in the craft shop.

You can come to Genen in several ways:

  • By ferry to Bandymar, and then by dolmush to the resort;
  • By renting a car, which will take you 280 km and 3 to 4 hours;
  • By bus from Istanbul.
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It is noteworthy that the climate here is moderately hot. This means that even in the hottest months the temperature in Genena does not exceed +35 degrees.


Photo of Bursa

The ancient Turkish city was once the cradle of the Ottoman dynasty, which ruled the state for several centuries. That’s why there are so many interesting places associated with the history of the Turkish rulers, as well as with the first steps of Christianity on the planet.

The former capital of Turkey is located at the foot of Mount Uludağ, 28 km from the coast of the Sea of Marmara. Now it is a magnificent modern metropolis and the fourth largest administrative center in Turkey.

There are dolmus and cabs, city buses and the metro. In this case, it is the latter type of transport is in particular demand.

Experienced travelers recommend coming to Bursa for at least a week.

  • The city is literally steeped in antiquity in some areas. There are many mosques and shrines, interesting in their design.
  • In addition, on the outskirts of the metropolis built a funicular, which takes travelers to the top of Uludag Mountain, which is equipped with a famous ski center. Even if the tourist is not burning desire to try an unfamiliar track, he can enjoy the magnificent views of the city and coast from a height of 1800 meters above sea level.
  • For shopping lovers, tour operators suggest visiting the famous Koza Hani Market, located in the old town. It was once part of the Chinese Silk Road. Here they still sell fabrics made of natural ingredients and all sorts of handicrafts.

This is a real Oriental bazaar, where the aromas of coffee, spices and sweets waft in the air. Numerous pavilions are located in buildings established during the Ottoman dynasty.

Since Bursa is located at a distance from the coastline of the Sea of Marmara, a beach holiday is not available here. But within the city there are a sufficient number of thermal springs, attracting visitors from various countries and locals.

From Istanbul you can get to the former capital of Turkey by ferry or bus. The traffic schedule between the cities is quite lively, so there is no need to rent a car for crazy money or hire a cab to travel.

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