Man shall not live by bread alone… Berlinski pizza

Unique bakeries in Berlin

The air is filled with the smell of fresh bread and the aroma of coffee… Your eyes catch sight of baked goods that make you drool. There’s something special about this Berlin vibe. And I don’t just mean the huge selection and excellent quality of products. Neighborhood bakeries are often just a meeting place for locals. Most of them have tables and chairs that make them look like coffee shops. Therefore, they are the perfect place for a quick and cheap breakfast in Berlin . Below I’ve put together my favorite bakeries where you’ll get delicious bread combined with a unique atmosphere.


This is a place where bread is not enough. Pizza in Berlin


Berlin’s best bakery is a name that Albatross definitely deserves. Residents of other neighborhoods and tourists alike line up at this restaurant in Kresuberg. Their bread simply delights our stomachs. This is also evidenced by the fact that many Berlin cafes and top breakfast places ( including 19grams , Annelies , Kaffee 9 ) order their products. Here you can get, for example, bread and rolls on sourdough, as well as puff pastries that melt in your mouth. I always eat crème brûlée there. Yum!

Address: Graefestraße 66/67, 10967 Berlin.


This is a place where bread is not enough. Pizza in Berlin


Let’s go to… Milan! Not only crusty bread, ciabatta, foccaccia, and sweet pastries await you there. A real hit, the Italian pizza, cooked in different variations (Neapolitan, on sourdough), under the watchful eye of the owner. Alfredo Sironi has made Berliners love his specialties. He originally sold bread and pizza at Markthalle Neun , and recently opened a pizzeria and bakery in Schöneberg . Crowds of people gather around the beautiful apartment building, no matter the time of day or the season. Come and you will feel like you are on vacation in Italy.

Address: Goltzstraße 36, 10781 Berlin.

La Maison

This is a place where bread is not enough. Pizza in Berlin

La Maison

In a festive atmosphere, I invite you to the Landwerkanal, a café in the French style. Of course, it is better to visit it in summer, when you can easily find a free table outside. Sitting by the water under the chestnuts with fragrant coffee and a delicious cake, you will feel like in Paris. But even in winter, La Maison can’t refuse its customers. All thanks to the French classics and mulled wine. Here you can buy fresh baguettes, yeast rolls, butter croissants or almond cookies . Tasty and stylish.

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Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 17, 10999 Berlin.


This is a place where bread is not enough. Pizza in Berlin


This bakery, tucked away in the heart of the city, entered the market in style and quickly gained regular customers. I needed time to admire the architecture of the building before I even sampled their bread. Berlin’s bakeries vary, but Sophie’s is one of a kind. Its very location is reason enough to come here. You can’t see the place from the street, because you first have to cross the yard next to the ivy-covered houses. Magical atmosphere, Scandinavian design, top quality and unique taste of the pastries.

Address: Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin.

Zeit für Brot

This is a place where bread is not enough. Pizza in Berlin

Zeit für Brot

Zeit für Brot (Time for Bread) – its central location has certainly contributed to the popularity of this bakery among tourists. However, this does not change the fact that their pastries are very tasty and made only from natural ingredients. Loyal gourmet customers stood at the entrance even during a period of total isolation, and that proves something, too. Try it, you won’t regret it!

1) Konstanzer Str. 1, 10707 Berlin (Wilmersdorf),

2 ) Alte Schönhauser Str. 4, 10119 Berlin (Mitte),

3) Weinbergsweg 2, 10119 Berlin (Mitte),

4) Eberswalder Str. 26, 10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg).

Hey, Schnecke.

Until recently, Zeit für Brot was the only cinnamon bun kingdom in Berlin. But its rival suddenly appeared, and I have to admit that it immediately stole my heart. After tasting and comparing the flavors of both places twice, Hey Schnecke took first place on the podium. This is no ordinary bakery – they specialize in cinnamon buns, which can be found here in different variations ( for example, with chocolate, apple, poppy seed or salted caramel). Then there are cakes, croissants, and coffee. All right next to a beautiful square with a fountain and elegant apartment buildings all around.

Address: Viktoria-Luise-Platz 11, 10777 Berlin.

Where to get the best pizza in Berlin

If I had to eat the same thing every day, I would probably choose pizza. I associate this dish with my childhood and the taste takes me back to carefree times. Going to a pizza place used to be associated with some special event or reward. Now I do it for pure pleasure and to discover new places. However, all the magic of this ritual has stayed with me to this day. Some people eat pizza to get full. I, on the other hand, like to enjoy and surprise myself. That’s why the list below is only 5 places that don’t come cheap. I chose them because in addition to the insane taste they offer an immersive experience in Berlin reality. It is a delight for the most demanding gourmets and travelers.

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I won’t write about the menu or the hours of operation. You can easily check this information on each establishment’s website. In turn, I will share with you my subjective experience and opinion about them. Most pizzerias mostly serve Neapolitan pizza, which I am a big fan of. Moreover, some of them also have branches in other areas. I invite you to read on!


One of the most famous and popular rest spots in Berlin is the Landwerkanal in Kreuzberg . Along it are beautiful apartment buildings with many great restaurants and cafes. One of the buildings is Pizzeria Zola. Its garden, hidden among the trees, is almost invisible. But the line in front gives it away. In summer it’s hard to get in without a reservation. Theoretically there are plenty of seats inside, but I definitely recommend taking a pizza to go and sit on a bench or by the wall on the canal. It will be delicious and beautiful.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg.


Where do Italians living in Berlin eat? In the garden of the pizzeria Malafemmena. But that’s not all, because they even work there ! There’s probably no better proof that the pizza here will be delicious. But that’s not the only reason I love coming here. Why? Because being here gives me the impression that I’m on an endless vacation . And just like in Italy, no one is rushing anywhere. The waiters talk to customers in their native language. You can hear and feel that they know and understand each other. And although sometimes you have to wait longer for your turn, it has its own charm.

Address: Hauptstraße 85, 12159 Berlin (Schöneberg).

Sironi La Pizza.

The owner of the Italian origin boasts with his brainchild – Sironi La Pizza. You will not feel here such a “home” atmosphere, as in the previous place. I think mainly because of the location of the restaurant in a very popular part of the neighborhood. But this, in turn, has other advantages. The first is the beautiful apartment building with the pizzeria . It can be seen from afar, thanks to the majestic facade and the lighting. On the other hand, the street tables allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local reality, which tourists usually do not reach. Guaranteed a unique non-tourist climate.

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Address: Goltzstraße 36, 10781 Berlin (Schöneberg).

Standart-Serious Pizza

The name “standard” is a must. And in this case, it does not disappoint, because it is one of the best and busiest pizzerias in Berlin. I especially liked the restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg , because it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, among apartment buildings and near the green square. Despite its proximity to the tourist center of Berlin, the streets are very quiet, so you can enjoy not only a delicious pizza in an atmospheric area but also the presence of its few inhabitants.

Address : Templiner Str. 7, 10119 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg).

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