Malta. Sights worth seeing

Malta: The main sights

What to see in Malta – a list of the main attractions. Read a selection of the most interesting places in Malta in our article today.

Malta is a tiny state consisting of 3 islands, which is located as a “bridge” in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa.

Despite its small size Malta is a valuable region of cultural and historical heritage and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

It is a country with a history stretching back some seven thousand years. Every era and rich history has marked its development and culture.

Arab and Italian culture have influenced the architecture, the Order of Malta has influenced the art and economy.

Not to mention the English imprint, which is felt literally everywhere, from the left-hand traffic to the official language.

Malta is said to be an open-air museum.

Today, we will try to highlight the most interesting places that are definitely worth visiting when you come to Malta.

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Valletta is the capital and main port of Malta.

Take a stroll through the narrow, strictly perpendicular streets of Valletta. The trademark of the city are the colored balconies.

There’s a huge concentration of historic architecture and cathedrals in Valletta.

On the Upper Barracca Gardens is Valletta’s best viewing platform, offering a great view of the bay of the three cities of Malta. It’s from there that you can watch the big cruise ships depart and arrive.


Marsaschlocke is a traditional fishing village in south-eastern Malta and is Malta’s most colorful attraction.

Here come to admire above all the incredible number of colorful boats “Luzzi”.

It is believed that the eyes on the boats will protect you from trouble at sea, and the bright colors will help you not get lost.

On Sundays there is a fish market in the village, where locals and tourists from all over the island come to buy freshly caught fish.


Mdina is the ancient capital of Malta. The city’s population at the moment is only 300 people, and the locals call it “the silent city.

Mdina is surrounded by a well-preserved city wall. During the day the city is completely filled with tourists, and in the evening the city gates are closed for the night.

Also… The first season of Game of Thrones was filmed here, do you recognize the entrance to Westeros?

Hungarian city of Györ.

Blue Grotto.

The Blue Grotto is one of the main attractions of Malta. It’s a complex of sea caves, up to 45 meters deep, located in the south of the island.

Even in bad weather, the water in the grotto is bright blue, shimmering in different shades.

The best view of the Blue Grotto and the surrounding rocks is from the observation deck.

When the weather is good, you can take a boat trip to the grottoes.

Popeye Village

Popeye Village was built by Paramount Hollywood Studios for the filming of the movie musical Popeye in the early 1980s.

It is now an attraction and one of the favorite destinations for locals and tourists.

Popeye’s Village, an entertainment complex, is optimal for visiting with children.

You will be amused by the numerous animators, the beach, sweets, and even the making of a real movie with visitors in the lead roles!

If you do not want to pay the entrance fee, come for the colorful pictures, which can be taken from the observation deck completely free of charge.

Blue Lagoon (Comino)

The Blue Lagoon is a must-see for those who come to Malta for a beach holiday.

blue lagoon.

The lagoon is located between the small island of Comino and tiny Cominotto.

The local beach is very popular among tourists because of the color of its water.

The water in the bay is very clear and incredibly beautiful, shimmering shades of turquoise to azure.

Victoria (Gozo)

Victoria is the capital of Malta’s second largest island Gozo.

The city has existed since the Bronze Age and was formerly known as Rabat.

In 1897 the city was renamed in honor of Queen Victoria of England.

The citadel, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the main attraction in Victoria. The structure rises to a height of 150 meters above sea level.

From the highest point of the citadel you can see the whole island of Gozo as if in the palm of your hand, surrounded by the sea on all sides. A magnificent sight!

Inland Sea (Gozo)

The Inland Sea is a unique natural attraction on the Maltese island of Gozo, at Doueira Bay.

It is a saltwater lagoon connected by a rocky tunnel to the Mediterranean Sea.

Provided the weather is good and the sea is calm, you can take a 15-minute boat trip through the arch to the sea for only 4 euros.

Malta: top attractions on the map

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20 main attractions in Malta

This small island state in the Mediterranean Sea, whose name translates as “refuge” or “harbor,” is really becoming a haven for many tourists. The modest size of Malta is not a disadvantage at all. On the contrary, it is very convenient when the whole country can literally be visited in one day, and after spending a week to get acquainted with all its major advantages.

A pleasant climate allows Malta to rest here all year round, although, in winter, swimming and sunbathing, of course, will not work. However, well-developed infrastructure, including entertainment, an abundance of historical sites and the highest level of service make a stay in Malta a comfortable and memorable at any time of year.

What to see in Malta?

The most interesting and beautiful places, photos and a brief description.

Azure Window

This is one of the most frequently photographed landmarks in Malta, located on the island of Gozo. The arch of massive rock was created by the sea waves and looks very majestic and beautiful. You can admire the Azure Window and up close by swimming between the pillars of the arch by boat or boat. Experienced swimmers can also cross the window by swimming.

Azure Window.

Botanical Garden of St. Anthony

This is a real oasis in which not only the many tourists, but also the residents of Malta themselves like to relax. In the Botanical Garden of St. Anthony you can find a lot of exotic plants, beautiful flowers and sculptures. The garden is open to anyone who wants to stroll along its shady sidewalks. The orange crop harvested here is mostly distributed to guests as Christmas gifts.

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Botanical Garden of St. Anthony.


Today Mdina has been transformed into a veritable museum city that has managed to retain its medieval image. It was once the capital of Malta and its former grandeur is clearly visible in its streets, squares and quays. There’s plenty to see in Mdina, not to mention the famous and grim Museum of Torture and the Cathedral.


Viewpoint of the Upper Gardens of Barrack

If the Upper Barracks Gardens are the most visited attraction in Valletta, then in the gardens themselves tourists tend to visit the observation deck in the first place. In addition to the exotic trees and flowers, which grow in tiers, in the garden you can admire the old cannons and all kinds of statues. And the observation deck itself is famous for its wonderful view of the bay and three cities of Malta.

Viewpoint of the Upper Gardens of Barrakka.

Ghar Dalam Cave

First of all this cave attracts archeologists and historians. Numerous bones of prehistoric animals and traces of ancient people, who lived here more than 7.4 thousand years ago, were found here. Tourists are allowed only on the first few levels, so as not to damage the valuable exhibits. In the cave Ghar Dalam also operates a museum.

Ghar Dalam Cave.

Virgin Ta-Pinu Basilica

The place for the construction of this basilica was not chosen by chance. It was here that one of the inhabitants of the island of Gozo heard the voice of Our Lady, and then various miracles happened more than once. The basilica is very beautiful, despite its solid size – visually light and very light. The miraculous image of the Virgin Mary is kept here.

Basilica of Our Lady of Ta Pinu.

Lascaris Bunker

This historical landmark is located in the town of Valleta, under the bastions of the same name. On the roof of the bunker, by the way, are the Upper Gardens of Barrack. Tunnels in the thickness of the rock were cut in the Middle Ages, but were actively used during the Second World War, becoming the headquarters of General Dwight Eisenhower.

Lascaris Bunker.

The megalithic temple complex of Mnajdra

Of course, megalithic structures cannot boast the same grace and finesse of decoration as modern or medieval ones. But there is something unimaginably majestic and powerful in their rough forms. It is probably the patina of centuries and millennia that gives the megalithic temple complex of Mnajdra, which is quite decently preserved, such a unique look.

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The megalithic temple complex of Mnajdra.

Casa Rossa Piccola

One of the oldest palaces of Malta. Or rather, not the oldest, but the best preserved. Throughout its history, it has never been radically rebuilt or changed its historical appearance. In Casa Rossa Piccola still lives a family of aristocrats, and to see what looks like a real palace with elegant decoration, thousands of tourists come.

Casa Rossa Piccola.

Classic Car Museum

What can be more beautiful than a classic car with its elegant “appearance” and special charm! The modern powerful Jeeps are no match for such vintage cars. The Classic Car Museum in Malta has an excellent collection of such cars, pleasing to the eye. The museum is private and admission costs 7 euros per adult visitor.

Museum of classic cars.

Fort Sant’Angelo

This is a truly impregnable fortress that has been guarding Malta since the 11th century. Powerful, brutal, rough, but in its own way attractive Fort Sant’Angelo perfectly preserved and attracts millions of tourists. Built so many centuries ago, the fort withstood many direct blows during World War II, again fulfilling its primary function.

Fort Sant'Angelo.

Lower Baracca Gardens

The Lower Baracca Gardens are located in the city of Valletta, at the very tip of the peninsula. It’s much quieter and quieter here than the Upper Gardens, where there are more tourists and locals. Besides, the atmosphere of this place is perfect for meditations, reflections on life, quiet admiration of the seascape.

Lower Baracca Gardens.

St. Paul’s Cathedral (Mdina)

This Catholic cathedral in its size and grandeur cannot possibly compare to the other, more famous ones. Still, it is the main temple of the ancient city of Mdina, preserving its centuries-old frescoes and notable works of art. In St. Paul’s Cathedral, you can not only pray, but also admire the many pieces of decoration.

St. Paul's Cathedral (Mdina).


This relatively small village on the north-west of Malta is famous for its vineyards and farms. Tourists are attracted here not only by the pastoral rural landscapes and tasty local products, but also by two prehistoric sites – the megalithic temple complex and Skroba, a Neolithic complex with numerous archaeological finds.


Armstrong Cannon.

This artillery cannon may well rival the famous Tsar Cannon in size and power. What can I say! Unlike its “Moscow counterpart” the Armstrong cannon in Valletta really shoots. This huge gun weighs over 90 tons and can hit at a distance of 6.5 kilometers. Impressive, isn’t it?

Golden Bay Beach

In Malta there are very few pebble beaches. In general, the beaches of this island country can not be compared with the vast expanses, such as Dominican Republic. However, all the beaches in Malta are very beautiful, each in its own way, and are usually within the city limits, that is close. Golden Bay beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Malta, charming and well equipped.

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Golden Bay Beach.

Spinola Bay

This jewel of central Malta, one of the most beautiful corners of the island. Here a huge number of ducks, which used to feed from the hands of tourists. Also the bay of Spinola is famous as a great place for yachts, so you can come here just to admire the snow-white beauties. And the view of the sea here is just wonderful.

Spinola Bay.

Hypogeum Hal Saflieni

Another megalithic structure, with which Malta is so famous. However, this temple is unique – it is the oldest in the world. Imagine – Hypogeum Hal-Saflieni was built over 6 thousand years ago and at the same time it is well preserved. Now they allow no more than 80 tourists a day, so book a tour in advance!

Hypogeum Hal Saflieni.

Blue Grotto

Like the Azure Window, the Blue Grotto is a rock formation created by the sea waves over the years. It is enclosed, secluded, very romantic and majestic. You can go down to the Blue Grotto itself and take a boat ride in its waters only in good weather, otherwise there is a great danger of crashing on the rugged rocks.

Blue Grotto.

Palace of the Grand Master

Do you think the palace with such a name is just another historical monument? The Palace of the Grand Master is still used as the official residence of the President of Malta and the country’s Parliament. Large, luxurious, as befits a residence of those in power, the palace is ready to receive tourists on the days when official events are not held.

Palace of the Grand Master.

Complete the article by describing your impression of the city (country) or individual attraction.



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