Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

You definitely need to familiarize yourself with the attractions of Malta collected in this article if you’re going on a trip, much less to an island. The resort is located on the south side of Sicily, in an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The state consists of five, surrounded by water, parts of the land, some of which belong to the uninhabited.

Consider the most popular and impressive places.

Azure Window.

The naturally founded arch on the island of Gozo, called the Azure Window, is gradually deteriorating. As a consequence, it is dangerous to be near. But that doesn’t stop the place from remaining a landscape for filming.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 2

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Ghar Dalam Cave.

Created by the mountains, the cave is located on the southeastern coast. It consists of several layers, among which were found the remains of animals and human bones. Tours are often held in the area, but tourists have the opportunity to explore only 50 meters of the 144 meters.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

St. Anthony’s Botanical Gardens

On an island of vegetation near a body of water, exotic flowers and shrubs can be viewed. It has been open to visitors since 1881. It has ponds with swans, beautiful paths and sculptures. Among the plants collected from around the world, there are those planted 300 years ago.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Bunker Lascaris.

The attraction is a system of tunnels built under the ground of the city of Valletta. The Lascaris Bunker housed the main headquarters during the World War. Only since 2009 has it been open to the public and then made into a museum.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

The Upper Gardens Barracca Viewpoint

The breathtaking spectacles of this place are a variety of statues, cannon artillery. And also planted in tiers of rare flowers and trees. Traditionally at noon on the island cannon firing. The view from the top is indescribably beautiful.Not surprisingly, the Upper Barracks Gardens is ahead of most other attractions in the country.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places


The former capital of the archipelago is about 4,000 years old, with a total area of just over 1 square kilometer and 300 inhabitants. The city is built on a rock and surrounded by a stone wall.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Basilica of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu

This is a Catholic church located on the island of Gozo. The building rises amidst the countryside. The temple is a striking example of the use of local stone. The inside is equally beautiful, with paintings carved in natural stone and mosaics.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Megalithic temple complex Mnajdra

In the south of the country, right on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is a building for worship. Mnajdra was built around 3600 BC. The temple is protected by a tent to protect it from the weather conditions. The complex is always open to visitors, but to appreciate the greatness of the megalith is not easy.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Casa Rossa Piccola .

Built one of the last in Valletta, the palace is also a beautiful landmark. At the moment the castle is partially owned, but still open to tourists. Rich furnishings, a collection of antique paintings and utensils, all characteristic of the interior.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 10

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Classic Car Museum

The interest of the place lies in the display of car models from the golden fund of the automobile industry around the world. Visitors can look at the cars next to which you can feel the history.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 11

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Lower Baracques Gardens.

A quiet and cozy place to walk, since not all tourists get here.

The monument to Alexander Bell, which looks like an ancient temple, is worth a special mention. The gardens and their component are made in honor of the heroes who were taken away by the World War.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 12

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

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Fort Sant’Angelo.

Built during Roman times, this is a military fortification in the city of Birgu. Some part of the fort is used as a military museum.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 13

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

St. Paul’s Cathedral (Mdina)

It is on the site where the first bishop of the archipelago saw the Apostle Paul, a large Catholic church was built between 1697 and 1702.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 14

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places


Also known by its name Imjarre. It is a small village in the northwest of the state. The local population is predominantly agricultural. The peculiarity of Mjarra are located archaeological monuments, which are included in the list of UNESCO.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 15

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Armstrong cannon

Combat equipment weighing more than 90 tons, firing at a distance of 6.5 km. Location of the cannon at Fort Rinella.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Golden Bay Beach

One of the most popular sandy beaches on the island. Main pluses are: spacious and well organized, also awarded the Blue Flag. The beach is not only a place to swim and sunbathe but also to do water sports. In winter, the undercurrents are frequent. Golden Bay beach is easy to reach, even on public transport.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Spinola Bay

Panoramic view of the city of San Julias gives a special view, as in the vicinity of the bay are not built-up. Many ducks have settled here. The most gorgeous scenery in the bay during sunset.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 18

Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Blue Grotto

Getting there is not easy enough, but it is worth it. It is a whole complex of sea caves, located near the village of Krendi. The total depth of the grotto is 45 meters. This area is often seen in the movies. Strange fact, the authorities have placed restrictions on visitation. Only 25 boats with tourists can visit the caves per day. The reason for this is the difficult terrain, intense sea waves in this area.

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Malta’s 20 Greatest Places

Palace of the Grand Master

At the moment this is the residence of the president and parliament of the state. Visiting it is free to all who wish, during the free hours of meetings. Built in 1575, the palace has stood for centuries. Even visitors can see the famous Council Hall with expensive tapestries. Specially woven and brought from France. If you wish, you can visit the Armory Museum. It is located in the basement of the palace, this collection is considered one of the largest in the world.

The 20 best places in Malta - Photo 20

Hypogeum Hal-Saflieni

In the city of Paola is situated under the ground megalithic sanctuary. The peculiarity is that it is 34 rooms hollowed out in limestone. Since 1980, it is included in the list of World Heritage Sites. The area of the complex was 480 sq.m. At the end of the reconstruction, the underground was equipped with a modern foyer, video hall, metal stairs, lighting system. But, photography in the hypogea is prohibited, the reason is not disclosed.

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