Mallorca, Spain: the main resorts and beaches of the island

Where to have a rest on Mallorca – 7 resorts

Where to go on vacation with kids on Mallorca

We tell you about 7 resorts where it is best to rest in Mallorca. Suitable places for parents with children, young people, elderly travelers and excursion lovers. Where are the best beaches? Tour prices, pros and cons of Spanish resorts.

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Map of Majorca’s resorts and beaches

Palma de Mallorca

The capital of the largest of the Balearic Islands sits on the shores of the large and convenient Bay of Palma.

Suitable for whom. Palma is Mallorca’s fashionable resort. It is best for those who like busy streets, good infrastructure, monuments, entertainment and elite beaches. Diving off the coast of Palma is popular with divers.

Prices . Holidays in Palma de Mallorca are expensive. Stays in the nearest suburbs of Palma – San Agustin are from 118 thousand rubles, and in Can Pastilla – from 88 thousand rubles (for two people for 7 nights in high season, with a flight from Moscow).

Pros and cons . There are many different hotels on the resort – from small private apartments to luxurious 5* hotels. Because of the huge number of holidaymakers, transport, the port and the airport in Palma is noisy. The city beaches are not bad, but the beach is always crowded. Palma de Mallor is a lovely beach 4km west of the city.

Where to rest on Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca (Photo: / @furbee)


A popular party resort located 18 km from Mallorca’s capital city.

Who it suits. Bars, clubs and beach discos attract young people to Magaluf. The best DJs in the world come to the parties. Thanks to the entertainment park and water park, Magaluf is considered a resort on Mallorca, where it is good to rest with children.

Prices in the club capital of the island are lower than in Palma de Mallorca. In high season, a tour from Moscow for two for 7 nights costs from 80 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons . The sandy beach stretches for 1 km, and there is a promenade along it. It is clean and has everything you need for a comfortable holiday by the sea: toilets, showers, changing cabins, restaurants, cafes, shops with souvenirs and water entertainment.

The beach in Magaluf. Photo: gumbao /

Santa Ponsa

A small resort town located 33 km from the airport.

Who it suits. In Santa Ponsa, parents with children and elderly tourists enjoy vacationing. The resort has several golf clubs open.

Prices . The cost of hotels is lower than in Magaluf. In high season, tours from Moscow for two for 7 nights cost from 84 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons . In Santa Ponsa is not as noisy as in Palma de Mallorca and Magaluf, and the coast and sea water are as clean. The resort has plenty of water activities. Nearby is La Reserva National Park.

Beach holidays in Mallorca

Santa Ponsa, Mallorca (Photo: / @paulgilmore_)

Port de Soller

In the northwest of Mallorca, surrounded by green mountains, stands a small town famous for its comfortable beaches with the purest white sand.

Who is suitable. The high level of service, comfortable hotels and villas like older tourists and couples.

Prices . Port de Soller is quite an expensive resort. In high season, a tour from Moscow for two for 7 nights costs from 160 thousand rubles.

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Pros and cons . It is only 35 km from the airport to the vacation spot, and 30 km to the main city of the island. Port de Soller has a promenade, famous chain hotels and luxury mansions, cafes with outdoor terraces and exclusive restaurants with the best Spanish cuisine.

Where to rest on Mallorca

Port de Soller. Photo: gaien /

Cala d’Or.

If you’re looking for the best place to vacation in Mallorca with children, rent a hotel in the picturesque town, which is located in the southwest of the island, 60 km from the international airport.

Who it suits. Cala d’Or is one of the most beautiful places of the Balearic Islands, which is designed for a pleasant beach holiday. The child will long remember the tall palm trees, green pines, fine sand and steep coastal cliffs.

Prices . The cost of hotels, food and services in Cala d’Or is lower than in Palma de Mallorca. In high season, a tour from Moscow for two for 7 nights costs from 80 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons . Although the beaches are located in different parts of the town, it is easy to walk to them. Tourists like to take pictures of the embankment, seagulls and neat resort houses. The most popular spot is the Punta de Sa Galera rock ledge.

What Mallorca resort to choose

The Punta de Sa Galera cliff escarpment. Photo: michaeljamesmedia /


65 km from the island’s capital is a tranquil resort with a beautiful bay.

Who is suitable. This Mallorca resort is best for lovers of water sports and sightseeing tourism. There are sites of ancient graves, the castle of Santueri and the ancient catacombs. Young people spend time in nightclubs, kayaking and sailing, diving and snorkeling. Family tourists enjoy swimming in the sea.

Prices at the resort are moderate. In high season, a tour from Moscow for two for 7 nights costs from 90 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons . Vacationers like the well-equipped beaches, excellent service, historical monuments and cozy hotels. The disadvantage is that the road from the airport to the resort takes an hour and a half. By Mallorca standards it is quite a long time.

Where to go for a cheap holiday in Mallorca

Portocolom. Photo: lunamarina /


The resort with the romantic name Alcudia is located in the northeast of the island, 55 km from Palma. It’s famous for its Old Town attractions, colorful port, comfortable boutique hotels and excellent fish restaurants.

Who it suits. Alcudia has no international hangouts or bustle. The spacious sandy coast is not overcrowded with tourists, so nature lovers and relaxed relaxation by the sea come here.

Prices in Alcudia are relatively low. In the peak tourist season, a tour from Moscow for two for 7 nights costs from 76 thousand rubles.

Pros and cons . The resort is good with a large selection of hotels and apartments, sandy beaches and a picturesque coast. However, Alcudia is a long drive from the airport, and there is little entertainment for young people.

Where to rest on Mallorca

View of Alcudia (Photo: / @whereisfarid)

Who and where best to vacation in Mallorca

Youth resorts : Palma de Mallorca, Magaluf, Protocolom, Peguera and Playa de Palma.

Where to go to Mallorca for families with children: Palma de Mallorca, El Arenal, Santa Ponsa, Alcudia, Cala d’Or, Ses Hilletas, and Porto Cristo.

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Where to stay for culture and sightseeing lovers: Palma de Mallorca, Alcudia, Protocolom and the colony of San Jordi.

Resorts for the elderly : Santa Ponsa, Port de Soller, Alcudia, Paguera, Can Pastilla and Port de Pollensa.

When to vacation in Mallorca

The Spanish island welcomes tourists all year round. Mallorca is loved for its mild and warm climate. During the cold season, the air temperature is +15. +17°С. A really comfortable time in the resorts is from late April to late October.

Most tourists come to the island during the beach season – from May to September, when the sea warms up to +22. +28°С. In July and August the influx of tourists is so great that hotels at that time book almost a year in advance.

The best beaches on Majorca Island. Map of resorts in Russian

All this about Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearic archipelago in the Spanish Mediterranean Sea.

Mallorca, or as the Spaniards call it, “Isla del Sol”, is ideal for year-round vacation due to its mild climate, clear sea and more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

The season

The sea around the island is warm and ideal for swimming according to reviews of tourists from July to September, when the temperature reaches 24 ° C. During the rest of the months, the “heat regime” of the water ranges from 14 to 20 degrees.

From June to mid-September the weather is hot and sunny, with occasional thunderstorms. The maximum temperature is 35-38°C, but the heat is softened by the permanent breeze. The average temperature ranges from 9.5°C in January and February to 24.5°C in August. From October to April strong winds may blow from France.

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The most beautiful and best resorts on the island with white sand and good hotels

Mallorca’s 500 kilometers of coastline offer beaches for every taste.

Wild Beach Cala Figuera, Mallorca

The northern and northwestern part of the island is dominated by secluded beaches in small bays and coves, fringed by cliffs on the sides and dense pine forests behind, which can often only be reached by swimming. The infrastructure, compared to the rest of the island, is less developed because of the mountainous terrain and is designed more for a leisurely holiday in the embrace of nature.

Beach Formentor on Mallorca (Spain)

South-East Mallorca is mainly represented by many kilometers of beach “a la Maldives” with crystal clear water and snow-white sand. There are prestigious good hotels and resorts.

The western and south-western part of the island, led by the capital Palma – the center of nightlife with numerous clubs, bars, restaurants, overlooking the sea, where every night there is live music, and the youth crowd in search of the “perfect night.

El Arenal in Palma with photos

Playa de Palma

Palma de Mallorca, or just Palma, is the “beating heart” of the island with its rich history, culture and vibrant nightlife. The capital is located in Palma Bay in the northwest corner of Mallorca.

Palma is a maelstrom of narrow streets, stately buildings and spectacular courtyards, squares, trendy cafes, restaurants and lively indoor markets with a population of about 400,000.

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Which beach in the island’s capital should I choose for my vacation?

    1. Can Pere Antoni is the closest beach to the center of the capital, located 1 km from La Seu Cathedral. It stretches for 750m and is bordered by a nice promenade. Only 20 m wide, washed by a calm but deep sea.
    2. Playa de Palma, second name CʼArenal, located 2 km from the capital, is considered one of the biggest tourist beaches of Mallorca and stretches from El Arenal to Can Pastilla. The shoreline is wide, very crowded and filled mostly with German tourists.

    Cala Mayor beach

    1. Cala Mayor is a famous studio of the Spanish artist Juan Miró, a lively beach with white sand about 200 meters long and 80 meters wide. Located in the western part of the island, 4 kilometers from the capital. Hollywood stars and wealthy Europeans love to vacation here.

    Can Pastilla is another popular beach in Palma, which has one feature. The beach is close to the airport and often planes fly right overhead, which is not to everyone’s liking.

    Learn about the history and nature of Mallorca with a guided tour of the island. Read more about the sights of the capital here.

    Alcudia: Muro, San Baulo, and more

    Playa de Muro

    The resort of Alcudia is the jewel of Mallorca, located in the northeastern part of the island. It is a charming town with mighty walls surrounding the characteristic labyrinthine streets of the historic center, delightful cafes and restaurants serving typical Spanish cuisine.

    Alcudia is surrounded by greenery and the surroundings are ideal for walking and cycling.

    The 10km coastline from Port de Alcudia to Can Picafort is dotted with many small and large beaches, including sandy, stony and pebbly ones.

    • Playa de Alcudia. The most famous in the area and the largest beach on the island, Playa de Alcudia is about 3 km long and is Blue Flag rated. The purest white sand and turquoise water attracts vacationers. But you should know that the beach is 80 meters deep, so to swim, you will need to walk a long way through the shallows.
    • Playa de Muro. The second most popular sandy beach Playa de Muro: a few kilometers long and 25 meters wide, it is suitable for holidays with children, as it descends smoothly into the sea. The beach is quiet compared to Playa de Alcudia, but during strong winds here often storms.
    • Son Baulo. The sandy line ends with the tourist resort of Can Picafort and the famous Son Baulo beach. It is a small town beach with a slope of fine sand. On the right side of the beach is the mouth of the creek and on the left side are small rocks.


    Watch a video of tourists from the beach in Alcudia:


    Playa de Magaluf Beach.

    A small town in the Calvia region, located on the southwest coast of Mallorca, just 15 kilometers from the capital and the airport. Known as a place for young people looking for unrestrained fun, music and flirtation. Popular with Russian-speaking tourists.

    The city beach is more than a kilometer long and about 50 meters wide, divided into three areas: Playa de Magaluf, Playa Palmanova and Playa de Son Matias with fine white sand, clear sea and seabed. The coast is full of bars, restaurants, and stores.

    Tourist reviews in video

    Watch a video review of the beach in Magaluf:


    Formentor is a peninsula on the northwest coast. It is here, 7 kilometers from Port de Polenz, where one of the most popular beaches, Cala Formentor, which is 850 meters long, is located.

    Beautiful Cala Formentor beach on the Spanish island of Mallorca

    Cala Formentor beach

    Located in a U-shaped cove, the beach is framed by magnificent Mediterranean shrubs and boasts a sea of unique blue-blue turquoise hue. But the water can seem chilly, especially for children.

    Wild Cala Figuera beach in the Trumantana Mountains, Mallorca

    Cala Figuera beach

    Here, on the cape of Formentor, is another small picturesque beach of the island, Cala Figuera. It is a difficult beach to get to: you have to descend a steep 1.5 km along a sandy path from the parking lot. For those who make it, there is a breathtaking view of the bay, surrounded by cliffs with clear water.

    The bottom of the beach is covered with sharp stones and pebbles, so to enter the water and swim is not easy. And the water is cool – in this place the mountain stream flows into the sea.

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    Cala Millor

    Cala Millor resort on the Spanish island of Mallorca

    The sought-after tourist resort boasts a well-equipped beach, good service and a lively nightlife.

    Located in the eastern part of the island, 70 km from Palma de Mallorca airport, south of the town of Arta and 3 km from Son Cervera. The white sandy beach is washed by a shallow turquoise sea, so it is ideal for families with children and water sports enthusiasts.

    In Cala Millor there are inexpensive hotels, so holidays here are cheaper compared to, say, Alcudia.

    You can choose a suitable hotel near the beach below:

    Cala Mondrago

    This is the number two candidate for the most beautiful beach of Mallorca, which is part of the Mondrago Natural Park. It is surrounded by pine trees and washed by calm clear water. Close to Cala Mondrago are the equally gorgeous coves, Cala S’Amarador and Cala de Bourguite.

    Cala D’or.

    These are five delightful coves that alternate along the coast – each with a distinct personality. The resort consists of 3 districts: Cala Egos and Cala Ferrera in addition to the center of Cala d’Or. The place has rightly earned the reputation of the most glamorous and expensive.

    Cala Gran beach is the largest, bordered by a long line of bars and restaurants, great for a snack or dinner overlooking the sea. The white sand creates a striking contrast with the blue of the water.

    Santa Ponsa

    A seaside resort with a relaxing atmosphere, located in a sheltered cove along the northwest coast of the island near Magaluf, 20 km from Palma.

    The long beach is located near the port of Adriano. The promenade is dotted with stores, restaurants and trendy cafes. Nearby are located the beautiful town of Andratich, several water parks and other attractions. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the tennis courts, golf course and horse trails.

    Cala Mesquida

    A coast with impressive dunes in a sheltered cove along the northeastern coast of Mallorca. On windy days, when the waves are powerful and noisy, the beach becomes a real Mecca for surfers.

    Es Trenc

    Often referred to as “Mallorca’s Caribbean beach,” Es Trenc is considered the most picturesque wilderness of the island. Long and narrow, delimited by a system of dunes and lagoons, it is famous for its white sand and clear blue sea.

    Port de Soller

    A small charming seaside resort located along the northern coast of Mallorca, not far from Valldemossa and Deià. It overlooks a horseshoe-shaped bay surrounded by mountains and is one of the best places to stay.

    This tourist resort is served by two small pebble beaches, Es Traves and Playa d′en Repic. The waterfront is littered with trendy cafes and restaurants, and the port at the north end of the bay, with its luxurious boats, is the perfect place for an outing.

    Sa Coma.

    Located along Mallorca’s east coast, between Porto Cristo and Cala Millor, 1.5 hours from Palma. The brightest sandy beach is almost a kilometer long and nestles in a calm, shallow crescent-shaped bay and is ideal for holidays with children.

    Cala Agulla

    This is a sandy beach a few kilometers from the towns of Kappepera and Agula, bordered by rocks and a thick pine forest. The clear, turquoise and shallow sea is popular with surfers because of the strong currents.


    A cozy little town located 9 km west of Palma. It is ranked as an elite resort for holidays with children. The beaches of Cala Comtez and Playa de Illetas are rocky-sandy, with azure waters.

    Cala Barquez.

    The small but cozy beach of Cala Bárquez is located near the town of Polenz. The name in translation means the Bay of Boats. The peculiarity of this picturesque beach with velvety sand is the stone reef, which is located right in the middle of the bathing area. The beach is only 60 meters long and is crowded in high season.

    Port de Pollensa

    Located in the northeastern part of the island in the Bay of Pollensa, between the towns of Alcudia and Port de Pollensa. The beach is reserved for surfers and water sports enthusiasts, with a surfing and water skiing school. There are beautiful views of the Formentor peninsula.

    Unusual and wild

    Mallorca has a whole host of modestly picturesque and often wild beaches. At least one is worth a visit on your way back from a car trip to the sights.

    • Sa Calobra is a small unspoilt beach along the northern coast of the island. It is a cove 30 by 15 meters, located at the end of the gorge Torrent de Pareis, surrounded by high cliffs and is famous for its breathtaking panorama.
    • Portals Nous is a town 10 km west of Palma. Famous for its Oratori beach with soft golden sand and one of the best bars on the entire island. Only the most expensive and luxury villas, hotels, hotels, and restaurants are located here.

    Tip: You can settle nearby Son Kaliu. This is not the most popular resort, so accommodation prices here are lower than usual.

    Beach Son Serra de Marina

    Map in Russian

    Use the map, which shows all resorts and beaches on the island, photos and descriptions of which are listed in the article. You can download the map here.

    Choose your beach on Mallorca. Here everyone can find the perfect place to relax, regardless of age, marital status and size of the purse, receiving only the most positive emotions.

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