Malaga sightseeing tour

Malaga sightseeing tours.

Good tour, Elmira has specially prepared it for my personal needs, since I am more interested in the ancient buildings and history. Also gives all the information on life in the city at the present time. And a special star for the included in the tour “photo shoot”!) Elmira knows how to frame the shot and make a great photo in any location!

We took a tour of Malaga with Elmira and we did not miss anything! Despite the fact that we have been living in the city for a year, we heard, saw and learned a lot of interesting things, in addition Elmira has a great sense of humor! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who goes to Malaga. Elmira, thank you very much for a wonderful evening! :)

It was the most fun tour we had ever had. We laughed and learned a lot of Spanish life. I always wanted to go on an excursion like this and we got it. Lots of information on all subjects, asked questions received full answers, it was not tedious and all with humor and passion! Highly recommend Elmira, you will get the best impressions of the country and the city. And she also made us very cool pictures at ease.

We enjoyed the tour with Elena, great guide and person, very informative and interesting, the time flew by like 1 hour, even though we were with 2 children, everything is adjusted to your mood and expectations, we will recommend Elena and tripster to our friends, thanks for your excellent work.

We were in Malaga in June, a very mixed company, in terms of age (7, 18, 47, 74) and we enjoyed it very much. Elmira took us from the bus station, drove us around the city to protect us from the heat, showed us the sights, took us out of turn to the cathedral and finally pointed us to a very good cafe, with great value-for-money food and fast, high-quality service. Elmira herself – very professional, extremely nice and cheerful guide, with an excellent sense of humor and a very healthy approach to life! :) We liked everything very much and we sincerely recommend taking advantage of Elmira’s tours! ❤️

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Yulia did a wonderful tour. Excellent knowledge of the material, interesting route, we saw all the main sights of the old city. We recommend everyone to have a walk in Málaga with Julia.

We plunged into the world of Spanish life, with its piquant details! The tour went easily, with fun and humor!!! Elmira rearranged the itinerary a bit at our request, and the length of our walk together was clearly increased. Got all the recommendations on culinary places for “non-tourists” – which is very important not to be disappointed in Spanish cuisine. And stayed in touch with us all the rest of the 3 days, answering us promptly to all questions that arise. So our “pandemic bachelorette party” was a success in everything!!! We recommend bravely!!!

Elena is a wonderful guide who gave us a wonderful tour in Málaga, where we were happy to return for the second time after December 2018. In Helena’s company we took a leisurely stroll through the city we loved and learned a lot of new things that were left “off the screen” on our last visit. Elena is a calm, friendly, interesting, well-read person and a wonderful narrator, as well as a guide who answers all questions clearly and responsive to the wishes of customers, if necessary modifying the tour. Thank you, Elena, and hope to see you again in sunny Andalusia! Vladimir and Nadia, Joensuu, Finland

Thank you very much Elena for the tour, 4 hours flew like 5 minutes and we enjoyed it very much. The story was filled with historical facts, interesting stories, culinary tastings and stunning views. Elena also gave us interesting and useful tips and recommendations. We decided for sure to come back to Malaga and see other Andalusian cities with Elena! Be sure to come and have an experience only with Elena!

I travel around the world a lot, and I give tours from Tripster myself, so I can evaluate from both a traveler’s and a colleague’s perspective. Elmira is the ideal of a modern tour guide. Clever, erudite, open, communicative, with a great sense of humor, she led the tour so easily and smoothly that from the first minutes it felt like we were walking with our old friend in a familiar Málaga. Elmira managed to discover the city, to immerse us in its atmosphere, to tell us many interesting things, to answer the questions we were going to ask, gave us many valuable and interesting tips. Beautiful cafes on the terraces that you can not find on your own, beautiful views, great wine. To say that we “liked” the tour is to say nothing. We were absolutely delighted with it and with Elmira. Certainly unequivocally recommend it.

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Thank you Elena for the wonderful tour! Elena manages to keep a balance between a story filled with historical facts and events and helpful tips about life in modern Malaga. We were very pleased that Elena’s knowledge of the material was not superficial.

Wonderful tour! Elena took us beautifully through the main places of the city, while adapting the tour in a quality and unobtrusive way.

I haven’t met such an amazing guide in a long time! Four hours in one breath. Answers to everything from the Punic wars, the mentality of the South, the planting of eucalyptus trees as a means of preventing landslides and floods, to the route of Columbus’ ships to Seville. None of these questions were directly related to the topic of the tour, but anything that came up that was forgotten or interesting was covered so competently and exhaustively by Elena that one wanted to listen, talk, discuss and not part ways. Tactful, intelligent, loving her country and her work as a tour guide. We will be back for sure and there is even no doubt who we will be touring beautiful Andalusia with next time. Thank you so much for today!

The first acquaintance with the city of Malaga took place thanks to Julia! In a pleasant conversation walked along the route proposed by Julia, learned a lot of interesting things! It was great when Julia said goodbye to come and see me on a tour of Helsinki! Thank you, Julia, and see you soon!

We liked it very much, learned a lot about Malaga, good guide Elmira, thank you very much for the tour, were all impressed by what they heard and saw, a very beautiful city, I advise everyone to see

Private guides in Malaga

I have been living in Spain for the seventh year. I graduated from the tourism department of the Institute “Cánovas del Castillo”. I am an official guide in Andalusia. My license allows me to guide in all the attractions and museums of the region: the Alhambra, Picasso Museum, cathedrals, Arabian fortresses, palaces, the Alcazar. My tours are carefully designed based on different information sources and my personal experience. Spanish traditions, everyday life, and culture are what I encounter on a daily basis, not what I read from Wikipedia. I promise that the tour will not be tedious, interesting, easy and fun.

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My name is Elena, I was born in Moscow, I graduated from Moscow State University, Department of Geography. I am 46 years old, and last 20 years I live in the south of Spain, in the beautiful city of Malaga. I devise and conduct informative master classes, walks and trips, and organize parties. I am happy to share my knowledge and help you to fall in love with wonderful Malaga!

My name is Julia, I am 34 years old. I was born in Sevastopol, and grew up in Latin America. The last 5 years I live in Malaga, work as a guide and study the history of art. My tours take place in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, I know how to talk about history and art in an easy and interesting way. If you want to understand the character of the city, to see its history in architectural detail, to learn about its past and present, I will be glad to see you on my tours. See you in Málaga!

I have been living in Málaga for 21 years. Besides working as a guide, I work as a publicist in the Russian-speaking media in Spain, where I write about the history of Spain and tourism. I will tell you the history of Spain – ancient and modern. We will talk about flamenco and wine, jamón and olive oil, Columbus and Cervantes, dictator Franco and the royal family. I have a transfer specialist on my team, as well as an excellent university-educated interpreter to service business negotiations. Talk to me and I’ll tailor a trip for you that will be memorable and a great experience.

The first time I tried segway was in Prague – and it was very easy. For the last 4 years I’ve worked in big segway companies in Prague, Budapest, Paris, Barcelona and Seville. I love seeing people happy while touring (most don’t expect it to be so easy and exciting). I came to Malaga and started a small startup company because there is a bit of magic in this city, and sigway is an amazing way to see it! I work with a team of guides: one of us will give you a tour. A sigway tour is perfect for couples and families with kids, too!

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Popular excursions in Málaga

Sightseeing tours are a great way to experience the main attractions of Málaga in a few hours. These itineraries are suitable for travelers who want to go on a short but intense outing. If you wish, you can make your own list of interesting places, based on 176 reviews of other participants, and agree the route with a guide, slightly changing the standard program.

What is a sightseeing tour

Such itineraries are fascinating walks, during which travelers will see the main attractions of Málaga. They are accompanied by professional guides, who introduce the participants to the landmarks as well as unusual and interesting places, telling the most curious stories and facts.

Walks in Málaga can be different. For example, itineraries with sightseeing visits on foot or programs of bus tours – there is always a choice.

The website has over 5 tours with a detailed, self-explanatory program and current schedule for September-October 2022. The cost of autumn sightseeing tours of Malaga and its surroundings – from €52.

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