Main attractions in Carmathenshire.

All about vacations in Nabq, Egypt.

If you have never been to Egypt, you may want to consider this destination for your vacation in 2022. A trip to this sunny and developed in terms of tourist infrastructure country is sure to leave the warmest memories and feelings from your time spent there. Nabq, or Nabq Bay, is one of the popular holiday areas in Sharm El Sheikh. What makes it different and what can it offer to tourists? Learn all about the sights, activities, beaches, and prices of holidays in Nabq, Egypt in 2022 in this article – and think maybe this is the place you want to go.

General information about Nabqa

Features of the resort area

Sharm el-Sheikh is a favorite vacation spot for Europeans. The resort is located on the Red Sea in the south of the Sinai Peninsula and stretches along the coast for several dozen kilometers. The resort is divided into several picturesque bays: Nabk Bay, Sharks Bay, Naama Bay, Sharm el-Maya, which attract with their beauty and oriental mystique. Holidays in Sharm el Sheikh are perfect weather all year round, warm sea, first class hotels, and friendly people. Nabk Bay belongs to the young but well-developed areas of the city.

A brief geographical background and climate

Nabq is located near the airport and 25 kilometers from the Old City. It should be said that Nabq is a national reserve of Egypt. Unique flora and fauna decorate these places. All year round tourists from all over the world want to visit this resort. It contains unique plants and inhabited by rare animals.

Weather conditions in Nabq are the same as in all of Sharm El Sheikh. It is very hot in summer and warm in winter. If you can not stand the heat, it is better to come here between November and March. This time of year is the most comfortable temperature, although the nights can be cool. The average air temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. In the summer the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, but due to the dryness of the air, it is not too hard to endure. You should not visit the resort only in February, because at this time it is most windy.

Nabq on the map

Safety in Nabq

No matter what they write in the newspapers and talk on TV about the dangerous situation in Egypt and the war going on there, Sharm el-Sheikh is still one of the most popular resorts in the world. The government of the country is doing a lot for the security of this resort area, so, at the end of 2017, security measures at the airport were strengthened: the number of army units was increased, a thorough inspection is carried out.

Visa to Nabq for Russians

If you plan to vacation only in the territory of Sharm el-Sheikh, which includes Nabq, the registration of a visa is not required – upon arrival at the airport you will simply get a stamp. However, if you want to visit other areas of Egypt, you can also get a visa at the airport, the only thing that will have to pay a visa fee of $ 25.

Planning a trip to Nabq: transportation and accommodation

How to get there and how to get around?

First, you should land at Sharm el-Sheikh airport. A ticket to this major tourist city in the summer of 2022 will cost about 10 thousand rubles (one way for one tourist). Keep in mind that in 2022 there will be no direct flights from Russia to Sharm el-Sheikh, so you should necessarily connect in Cairo. From the airport to Nabq Bay you can easily get a cab – the trip will take about 20 minutes.

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If you plan to travel a lot around Sharm el Sheikh and want to get around the city faster, you can rent a car. There are many companies in the city that are ready to provide this service – you can rent a car right near the airport. If you can’t afford a car or if you don’t know how to drive, rent a bicycle or moped. The cost ranges from $20 to $50 for one day. There are also cabs around the city, by the way, you can bargain with the Egyptian drivers.

When planning excursions, know that it’s better to apply to reputable companies. It can be dangerous to go far outside the city by yourself. Excursions can last only a few hours or take a whole day, with tea and dinner. They will cost in the region of $25 to $100.

Where to stay and where best to stay?

A variety of hotels and hotels in different categories to suit every need is a calling card of the Nabq Bay resort. Here there are hotels ranging from two-star to very comfortable five-star establishments. The hotels tend to operate on an all-inclusive system. Let’s list some of them:

  1. Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5* – a very large hotel with a huge territory. The beach is the first beach line, 147 meters from the main building. Food – varied and very high quality. Rooms – comfortable, with regular cleaning. For children, the hotel has a children’s club and animators. Every day there is a mini-disco and colorful shows for adults. Double room in the summer of 2022 will cost around 11 thousand rubles per day.
  2. Nubian Village Aqua Hotel 5* is a hotel that is suitable for young people and families with children. A lot of different slides and pools. Rooms are in the main building of the hotel and in bungalows. The food is very tasty. On the grill all the time fry meat and fish. To enter the sea you need to have special slippers. To accommodate a couple in the summer of 2022 can be about 5 thousand rubles per day.
  3. Sea Beach Agua Park Resort 4 * – the first coastline, the food is good. Not very suitable for recreation in the winter, as it is very windy. Entertainments enough for both children and adults. Double room in the summer time in 2022 will cost about 2500 rubles per day.

However, there are also less expensive hotels at the resort – they can cost only around 1500 rubles per day for two people. The entire hotel business of the city is built to please the client. And stardom is not always an indicator of quality.

Our advice: choose your hotel carefully. Try to find out in advance from the tour operator or on the Internet as much as possible about the hotel and its conditions.

Holidays in Nabq: where to go, where to go, what to see and what to do?

Beach vacations and water sports

The beaches in Nabq are mostly sandy. Entering the water is gradual and safe. Families with children love these beaches, as even small children can swim in complete safety, because the shallow waters here are very extensive. And for those who like to swim in deeper waters, right from the beach into the sea leads several pontoons.

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The only thing to remember, due to the peculiarities of the climate Nabq – in any case should not swim if the banning flags are posted. And for complete safety is always better to swim in special bathing slippers – at depth sometimes you can stumble on fragments of coral.

The beaches of the resort are landscaped, they mostly belong to the hotels and are equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. Not all hotels are on the shoreline, but even from the farthest ones you can get to the beach in just 20 minutes.

Nabq Bay is very good for scuba diving. Unique marine life has been preserved here. Hundreds of different fish and marine animals are not afraid of people. There are diving instructors on the beaches here, who are happy to teach even beginners the basics for a fee. Due to the frequent windy weather, Nabk will appeal to fans of kitesurfing.

Attractions in Nabq

It must be said that the area itself does not have special attractions, but in search of natural beauty and colorful architecture and atmosphere can easily go beyond the resort area.

Nabq Reserve

Going on vacation in 2022, be sure to plan a tour of the local nature reserve, you are sure to be impressed. Nabq National Reserve was founded back in the early 90s. Many of the plants and animals of the park are listed in the Red Book. Mangroves – unique to the region, coral reefs, exotic birds – all this splendor of nature awaits visitors to the reserve. The reserve is located 35 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh and can be reached by bus or by water, the entrance fee is around $ 5.

The Old City

At 25 kilometers from Nabq is the Old City of Sharm El Sheikh. In fact, the architecture here is not too old, as well as the city as a whole, but very colorful. The main place that tourists visit in Sharm El Sheikh is the Old Market. It is a real Oriental bazaar, where sellers compete with each other for tourists’ attention and on the counters there are mountains of ripe fruit and stacks of traditional Egyptian souvenirs. In the area of the Old Market you should not only visit, but also “get some” – buy quality Egyptian souvenirs. The most popular souvenirs are:

  • products from camel and crocodile leather;
  • cotton products;
  • papyrus;
  • aromatic oils;
  • statuettes of all kinds of materials – in the form of a cat, scarab or pharaoh.

In the area of the Old Market must visit the institution of national cuisine and taste the dishes of fish, lamb, freshly squeezed juice of exotic fruits.

Tyrann Island

From Nabq you can easily book a boat trip to the island of Tiran. This island is located between Egypt and Saudi Arabia and is surrounded by an ancient legend of a couple of unhappy lovers. You can not land on the ground, but to ride around it and admire the turtles, coral reefs and exotic birds – quite. At the same time, you can combine the tour and dive to the maritime beauty: the waters near the island of Tiran are famous for interesting divers sea life and wrecks.

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The hotels in Nabq also offer excursions to Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery, the Colored Canyon, Moses Baths, and other places of interest.

Entertainment in Nabq

In addition to trips to these interesting places, Nabq offers such Egyptian entertainment such as jeep safaris (includes a tour of the peninsula and meals), boat trips with fishing or snorkeling, cruises on the water in a yacht. Many hotels have sports fields, the opportunity to play tennis, beach ball games, play pool and darts.

Entertainment and nightclubs in comparison with the main part of Sharm el-Sheikh is not so much, mostly discos at the hotels. But for lovers of a quiet holiday Nabq is what you need. The best entertainments in Nabq are quiet walks without fuss, evening drinking a cup of coffee on the terrace of a cozy restaurant overlooking the sea.

This place is somewhat reminiscent of resorts in Europe. For example, on La Strada Street you can see the familiar McDonald’s or Starbucks. In fact, the area belongs to fairly modern parts of the city, making it possible to stroll through a large shopping center and enjoy shopping “with a European flavor”. There are grocery stores, and pharmacies, and many travel agencies, in general, the infrastructure will please tourists.

Cafes and restaurants in Nabq also mostly offer international cuisine. There is a Hard Rock Cafe Nabq where you can eat European and American cuisine, as well as to dance and listen to good music, fans of Italian cuisine will find Nino’s Italian Restaurant, where they praise the dishes with seafood, there is even Japanese cuisine – for example, White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar. However, you can also find Middle Eastern cuisine. For example, in Sofra Restaurant. And yet, for the color of Egyptian cuisine and the atmosphere of the Egyptian cafes is better to go to the Old Market.

As for entertainment for children, the main ones are the programs of local animators, who work well enough, and water parks. Some local hotels even have a dozen pools with a variety of slides.

Nabk Bay is a good choice for tourists with different levels of income, and everyone will find a hotel for their wallet. Most of all this area will suit fans of water sports, as well as families with young children who will love the conditions on the local beaches. As for the fans of entertainment and sightseeing, they can always get out to other areas of Sharm el-Sheikh or take excursions at local bureaus.

To see what the sea looks like near Nabq in windy weather, you can see in the video:

Main attractions in Carmathenshire.

Carmarthenshire abounds with historical monuments, natural wonders and a bountiful crop of all kinds of foods. Here are just a few of the places to visit in this West Wales county.

1. WWT Llanelli Wetlands Center

Spread over 450 acres, the WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre is an absolute paradise for wildlife. Avid birdwatchers can watch a variety of birds, including kingfishers, herons and woodpeckers, as well as dragonflies, butterflies, voles and wildflowers. Each season offers something different: both native and migratory birds come to the center.

Main attractions in Carmathenshire - Photo 2

Pool of water, Valley Wetlands RSPB reserve, Wales 1. WWT Llanelli Wetlands Centre

There’s also plenty to keep kids occupied – they enjoy hand-feeding friendly ducks and geese, spotting colorful flamingos, and frolic in the outdoor playgrounds. After they’re completely exhausted, head to cafes or picnic areas for refreshments.

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2. llin-i-Fan-Fach

Carmathenshire's top attractions - Photo 3

2. llin-i-Fan Fah.

Named by the authoritative travel guidebook Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top attractions, this crammed lake in the Brecon Beacons is surrounded by the steep ledges of Carmarthen Fun . You can learn all you can about the lake’s mythical Lady during an extremely rewarding four-mile round trip.

3. Coastal Millennium Trail.

Enjoy magnificent views of the Gower Peninsula while walking or biking through Coastal Millennium Park. There are more than 10 miles of mostly flat trail where you can grab a cup of tea, refresh yourself with a cold beverage or treat yourself to ice cream. There are also plenty of wildlife sightings along the way, including herons, buzzards and egrets.

4. Fishing .

White trout, pilt, mort or finfish – this migratory sea trout has many names, but in Wales, the stein is revered as the greatest catch of all. This is due in part to the delicate taste of the transparent pink flesh, but also because it can be a sporting challenge for the bravest fisherman. The Towy, Teifi and Cothi rivers are great places to catch chinook, although you can catch it with less difficulty at one of the local markets.

5. Kidwelly Castle.

Carmathenshire Highlights - Photo 4

5. Kidwelly Castle.

Carmarthenshire has some impressive ancient fortifications, and Kidwelly Castle is a particularly impressive sight. The original Norman castle of earth and wood dates back to the 12th century, and the extant stone structure is only 600 or so years old. Movie buffs may recognize Kidwelly from a fleeting appearance at the beginning of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

6. the Dylan Thomas boathouse, Lafarne

The original town of Lafarne, located at the mouth of the Taff River, was an outpost of Flemish weavers in the 12th century, but is best known as the birthplace of Dylan Thomas. Lafarne is said to have served as the inspiration for Thomas’s most famous play, Under the Milk Tree, and a peek through the window of the Ellinge where he wrote his works gives the impression that Wales’s most famous literary hero had just stepped out for a drink at the Browns Hotel before returning to his papers.

7. Riding at Pendine Sands

Pendine Sands, which is a flat, open beach seven miles (11 km) long, is best known as the place where four world speed records were set between 1924 and 1927. In 2000, Pendyne also set an electric speed record of 137 mph (220 km/h), but we recommend the more relaxed option of horseback riding at the Marros Riding Center. 8. National Botanic Gardens of Wales

Carmathenshire's top attractions - Photo 5

7. Riding at Pendine Sands.

Be sure to visit this picturesque spot in the Tooey Valley, home to the world’s largest single-span greenhouse. The National Botanical Garden is a great place for children and walks for adults of all ages, whether you’re an avid gardener or just someone interested in the natural world.

9. Stay at a farm.

A farm near Llandeilo has award-winning self-catering facilities. Enjoy views of the countryside during the day and starry skies at night. Take part in a feeding party, meet rare breed animals and collect eggs for your breakfast.

10. National Wool Museum

Carmathenshire Maintains Entertainment - Photo 6

10. National Wool Museum

The craftsmanship associated with the making of shawls, blankets and quilts in Wales is known throughout the world, and the National Wool Museum is located in the former Cambrian Mills factory. The Welsh quilt is thought to have attracted Amish settlers to Welsh communities in Pennsylvania in the 1800s, you can learn more at the Jan Jones Welsh Quilt Center at Lampeter Town Hall.

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11. Dolaukoti gold mines.

Carmathenshire Maintains Entertainment - Photo 7

11. Dolaucoti Gold Mines.

The Romans discovered gold in “these hills” of Wales 2,000 years ago, mining at Dolaucoti continued until the 1930s. A tour of the Dolaukoti gold mines will tell you about the evolution of mining in Carmarthenshire over the centuries and take you through the underground mines.

12. Pembry Country Park.

You won’t be short of things to do at Pembry Country Park. There are plenty of them, including an adventure playground, crazy golf, pitch-and-pitch, miniature train ride, sledding and a dry ski trail. If that seems like too much for a day trip, why not stay in a 320-bed campsite.

Carmathenshire Maintains Entertainment - Photo 8

12. Pembrey Country Park.

You can explore 500 acres of parkland on foot, by bike (there are bike rentals) or on horseback. Just relax on eight miles of golden sand at the award-winning Cefn Cidan Beach.

13. Llansteffan Castle.

Carmathenshire Maintains Entertainment - Photo 9

13. Llansteffan Castle.

Llansteffan Castle offers amazing views of Carmarthen Bay and the mouth of the Tiwi River, as well as the surrounding green farms. As you approach the castle (which itself has been defended since prehistoric times), let the power of its two-tower gatehouse help transport you back in time as you enter this ruined castle.

14. Llandeilo

Carmathenshire Maintains Entertainment - Photo 10

14. Llandeilo

Llandeilo, with its independent boutiques and galleries, is just the place to go for some much-needed retail therapy. Stroll through town and be seduced by the merchandise in the pretty pastel storefronts. Stop by the independent stores to find something unique for yourself or buy a special gift. Here you’ll find high-quality home goods, custom furniture, fashionable clothing including designer brands, local crafts, local award-winning food vendors, and an auction house and garden center.

15. Dinefwr Park.

Be transported back in time to 1912 at Dinefwr National Trust Park, a historic Welsh fortress. Exhibits at Newton’s Grade II* home tell the story of Dinefwr, and there are guided tours as well.

Explore the diverse habitats found on the 800-acre property, which is home to a variety of wildlife including fallow deer, birds, butterflies and trees (some of them 700 years old). It is the only parkland in Wales to be designated a National Wildlife Refuge, and a landmark of special scientific interest. Note the traditional white park cattle, an ancient breed that is a symbol of the park.

16. Brechfa

Located in the beautiful forest of Brechfa, you can choose from four colorful trails for mountain biking in Brechfa. Here you can find a course for everyone: beginners can test their skills and build their confidence on the green course, while experienced cyclists can challenge themselves on the black Raven course.

Main attractions in Carmathenshire - Photo 11

16. Brechfa

To spend the day in a useful way, take a picnic or use the barbecue facilities. Alternatively, you can visit The Black Lion restaurant in nearby Abergorlech or the Forest Arms in the village of Brechfa, which will gladly welcome dirty mountain bikers.

17. Plaza Llanelli House.

A stunning example of a Georgian building, Plas Llanelly House is located in downtown Llanelli. Immerse yourself in the past on tours of this historic house with tales of the ghosts who live there.

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