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Mozabrick Designer Review. You take a picture of your loved one on your smartphone and assemble it from puzzles into a picture



Mozabrick Designer Review. You take a picture of your sweetheart on your smartphone and assemble it from puzzles into a picture

There’s a kind of “I don’t know what to give” type of gift.

Mozabrick fits into it perfectly, except for one “but”. A huge, half a meter in all directions, “BUT”.

It’s useful, showy and literally begs to be placed on the wall, where you won’t want to take it off. And it is reusable.

Mozabrick’s versatile picture designer allows you to replicate any smartphone photo and make it part of the interior . It’s a rare case when you give it to someone else and then think that you should have it for yourself too…

What’s in the box with Mozabrick

We took the “S set”, the smaller version. There’s also the “L set”, it’s 1.5 times bigger. The box is big and weighs 2 kilograms.

There are 5,800 parts, packed in different bags. Do not open them just like that! For now, just pay attention to the emblem stickers – this will be the key moment in the assembly process.

In addition to several thousand colorful “squares,” inside are 4 large yellow platforms that will be the canvas. There’s also a set of double sided adhesive tape for those who want to hang it on the wall and don’t want to bother with nails or holders.

There is also a cardboard stand to place a la photo frame.

The final size of the Set S picture is 51 by 51 cm . The L version would have been 76 cm by 76 cm.

The parts themselves will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen a typical builder in the eye. They are all, in fact, the same: one-to-one squares without branding, differing only in color.

There’s also a yellow plate with the Mozabrick logo that goes in the bottom right corner. And a tool to take out the wrong part.

How do you turn your photo into a constructor picture?

There’s an instruction booklet in the kit, and there’s a special QR code in it . Point your smartphone camera to it and follow the link to the official Mozabrick site.

Here it is necessary to upload a photo from the smartphone, which will be transformed into a picture. Any picture will do. You can try it yourself and see how it will look assembled.

The owners of the constructor have to enter its unique serial number, located next to the QR code, in order to get access to the creation of the full assembly instruction.

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Then you crop the photo at a 1:1 ratio (square). Mozabrick recommends focusing on the faces in the frame to make the builder picture detailed.

Did you choose? We did this for about 40 minutes, experimenting with frames and “zoom”. As you decide, specify your e-mail. On it quickly come PDF-file with instructions for assembling, tailored to the parts and the size of your specific set.

The PDF-instruction is a preview of the whole picture and 4 pages with a detailed parts card. Look carefully – do you see that each square has a different symbol? It corresponds to a specific package of one-color parts.

Now all that’s left to do is to put the details at each point on the yellow canvas.

IMHO, the preparation process is really very simple. And thanks for not having to download another app to do it all.

How long does it take to put together a photo builder?

Mozabrick indicate that it takes an average of 12 hours to assemble “Set S” . I don’t know where that figure comes from, but I can tell you that you are unlikely to spend that much time on it.

It took us about four evenings, one for each platform. The average was about a square-in-the-hour if you’re not in a hurry. You turn on the show in the background and quietly poke, poke, poke with the parts in the grooves.

From time to time checked with the instruction, so then do not take anything out or redo a whole row. For convenience, we opened it on the MacBook screen. I can also open it on my iPhone, and on my iPad. After all, this is a regular PDF file, so you can zoom in and out of the detail map as you want.

I think it’s a bad idea to do the whole picture in one sitting – you’ll get tired or wipe your fingers. If you’re on fire, you can divide up the work and give each person a piece of canvas.

The four finished pieces are then connected at the back with several platforms.

That’s it, the painting is complete!

Let me remind you, we have “Set S”, that is small. But the size of the photo-picture inspires respect , you can not pass by at all, but notice from afar.

You can easily understand who and what is depicted, if you stand at least half a meter from the picture. And the farther away, the more solid it looks. From three meters away, you won’t know that it’s not “pixel art,” but that it’s a construction set.

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In general, it looks really great, I then decided to take such a thing for myself and hang it in the bedroom.

It is also a reusable picture!

I can’t get past this fact: you can take the picture apart at any time and recreate a completely different picture.

Mozabrick doesn’t limit the number of “generations” of instructions on the site. You get a reusable interior element: you can collect other photos for the holidays, or just from time to time to update the interior with other faces on the wall or shelf.

In this sense, the set has a huge advantage over “ready-made” pictures from other companies, made for a particular photo. Whatever you want, you can hang.

Where and how much to buy the Mozabrick photo kit

When the guys brought the set to the office, I honestly expected a price around 8-10 thousand rubles. The topic is gaining popularity in Russia, so the “high-priced” price seemed obvious.

But it was not. An average set of the same LEGO will cost the same money with fewer parts, and its usefulness in most interiors is much more debatable than a reusable photo-picture.

► Mozabrick, “Set S” at 5815 parts: 3,990 rubles

► Mozabrick, “Set L” at 14528 parts: 7990 rubles.

Promo code iphones20 gives 20% off any set from Mozabrick website. For example, “Set S” will cost 3192 rubles.

Delivery in Moscow costs 300 rubles. If you order from 5 thousand rubles – free, will bring a courier a day later. Details for other cities can be found on a separate page of the site.

I was most surprised not by the constructor itself, but by my own attitude to it. At first I thought it was just a nice gift for someone who has everything and does not know what to buy. So I gave the S Kit to the other guys in the team.

And then I saw the finished painting and now I think I’d better take it and hang it up at home, it looks great.

So Mozabrick have made a rare thing: interesting in itself, unusual and as a result really useful in the interior. Assembled, hung up, and the eye pleases. And if you get bored, you can take it apart and make another picture.



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