Maastricht, Middelburg, Marken. Interesting cities in Holland, Netherlands

The most beautiful cities in the Netherlands

Most travelers unintentionally associate the Netherlands with Amsterdam. This city we most often see on postcards and pictures, it most often shows in television programs about travel. But Amsterdam is not the only beautiful city in Holland. The whole country is a model of beauty and sophistication. Consider the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

Top 10 most beautiful cities in the Netherlands

  1. Alkmaar. City for fans of cheese.
  2. Haarlem (Haarlem). Tulip Paradise.
  3. Leiden. A wonderful place for the lover of ancient structures.
  4. Gouda. Beautiful city with the most famous Dutch cheese in the world.
  5. Arnhem. Unusual in many ways.
  6. Middelburg. City on a peninsula.
  7. Nijmegen. Cycling capital.
  8. Tilburg. Capital of entertainment.
  9. Amsterdam. Holland’s most popular city.
  10. Delft. City with a huge number of historical monuments.

Alkmaar – the cheese capital

Alkmaar has long been an important commercial center of the Netherlands. It produces the largest volume of cheese, and the city itself is literally dedicated to this delicacy. The first thing a cheese-loving traveler should do is head to the museum, where interesting exhibits are on display. Typically, every Friday there are theatrical performances, during which everyone can try the delicacies made by the masters. The museum itself is located in central Alkmaar, right on the Weighing Square. It was built at the end of the fourteenth century.

Another square, must-see, is called Kasandra square. On it is situated Grote Kerk (St. Lawrence Church). Here plays organ music, attracting thousands of tourists. The church belongs to the buildings of the XV century, and next to it there is a museum and a library. In the ranking of the city’s popular attractions, it is the Groté Kerk that takes pride of place due to its Gothic style, which makes a strong impression. The church houses an organ that is more than five centuries old.

Admirers of unusual architectural forms will appreciate the house of the city guard, built in the early 17th century. Its peculiarity is unusual geometry, due to which the house has a T-shape. Alas, this structure is closed to the public, but you can admire it from the courtyard.

The De Groot Mill, in the historic part of the city, is an iconic landmark in Alkmaar. And if you’re partial to toys, be sure to visit the exhibition in the city’s museum. In addition, there are beautiful paintings by Dutch painters.

Haarlem (Harlem) – the city of flowers

Haarlem grows more tulips than the rest of Holland. This contributes to the development of the perfume industry. There are also many medieval buildings, sculptures and art galleries. The oldest of them is the Teylor Museum. Everyone will be interested in the works of Flemish artists.

The central square of Grote Markt is a good place to get to know Harlem’s city life. On Mondays and Saturdays there is a market, but on other days you can visit the Sint-Bavo church, a fine example of the Gothic style, without any fuss. Among the beautiful buildings, the Welgelegen, a representative of neoclassicism, stands out spectacularly. The building is famous for the large garden that surrounds it, attracting many tourists.

In Haarlem there is another very noteworthy attraction – Berkenrode Castle. This popular structure survived a serious fire at the end of the sixteenth century, so it was rebuilt practically from scratch. It then had to endure a succession of new attacks. As a result, in 1857 only ruins remained of the castle, but the wise Dutch turned the ruins into a popular place with beautiful small mansions.

Dutch builders have always distinguished themselves by their refinement, as can be seen in the example of the Villa Hughes-te-Manpad. It was completed in the eighteenth century. As is customary in Haarlem, the villa was surrounded by a garden. Many architects and designers consider it a work of art, placing it in the top of the most beautiful houses of the eighteenth century.

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Of course, if you go to Haarlem, be sure to visit the famous greenhouse, which once had more than a thousand plants from around the world. Now their number is significantly diminished, but 250 species – not enough. Next to the greenhouse is Villa Hartkamp, built at the end of the 17th century.

Leiden – city of geniuses

Leiden is worth a visit for tourists who want to see the city, which was the birthplace of great Dutch geniuses. No wonder that this is the home of the famous university, which all applicants to Holland strive to get into. It is in Leiden is an ancient castle, almost perfectly preserved to this day. This beautiful building is called van Leyden. The building dates from XI century and, according to archaeologists, was originally a wooden structure, and later was reinforced with stone.

Van Leyden is not the only popular structure in the city. The residence of Gravensten, which belongs to the building of the XIII century, is also loved by many tourists. It used to be a prison, then a reformatory, and now has a bookstore on one of its floors. Also here are engaged students.

Gouda – a quiet town

The fact that Gouda is known for cheese is clear to anyone who is not far from gastronomy. But Gouda is also interesting because of its architectural sights. The city is beautiful because of places like the market square on which the old town hall is located. It is almost 600 years old. Tourists call the town hall a fairy tale building, although its style belongs to the Gothic style. By the way, it is among the most recognizable attractions in Holland, so even in Japan created a replica for one of the amusement parks.

The center of the city is famous for the church of John the Baptist. It is also called large, because the length of the structure has about 130 meters. Now it serves as a basilica in the form of a cross. The church has undergone the influence of the Catholics who have carried out the modernization of its architecture, making stained glass in a variety of styles. Inside, there is a large organ.

The beauty of Gouda is felt to the full with an evening of candlelight. This is a very popular event that takes place in December. The main guest at the celebration is the Christmas tree, and the surrounding buildings are decorated with lit candles. Their lights and illumination combined with lanterns create a colorful extravaganza. Winter is considered almost the best time of year to visit the city to appreciate it in all its glory and experience the real Christmas atmosphere.

Arnhem – an unusual city

Arnhem is unusual if only because here you can see both beautiful churches and rather creepy buildings. This includes the famous “Devil’s House”. Tourists love it for its mysterious atmosphere and a lot of legends with which this house is covered. Opposite the site is the Palace of Rossum. The structure once belonged to the illustrious warlord.

Another unusual place in Arnhem is called Corn Square. Once there were orchards of fruit and whole fields sown with corn. Now it’s incredibly beautiful, and right after Corn Square, you can go to Bakers Street, where there are many cafes and baker’s shops along with fashionable boutiques and jewelry stores.

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Fortress aficionados should visit Fort Sabelsport. At one time it even served as a prison and a mental hospital, the mere sight of the structure frightens and tickles the nerves.

See one of the most spectacular mansions in Jansplein Square. It is now a restaurant and bookstore, but used to belong to a baron who kindly sold his property to the state at the end of the nineteenth century. The mansion is now seen by tourists in a rebuilt form, as it once served as the post office. There are now a few offices in the building.

If you want to wander through medieval labyrinths, go to the Rheinstraat Street. Here you’ll find ancient cellars which were built in the thirteenth century. The entire 1,200 square meters are at your disposal. Some of the rooms hold art exhibitions.

Middelburg – City on the Valhöhren Peninsula

The peninsula Walherren is famous for the city Middelburg, which will be of interest to anyone who wants to see a Dutch city without the large influx of tourists. Singel Street will serve as clear examples of modern Dutch houses.

Next you can go to the Catholic monastery, which has as many as three parts. The southern part has large towers. Just a tour in it will take 2-3 hours, but there are also the North and Northeast. Then you can go to the church Nieuwekerk, located next to the no less famous Koorkerk. And both are located in the same Catholic monastery complex.

On the main square in Middelburg is the town hall, which has become very popular. It is even called the pearl of the city. The statues, in which you can see the rulers of past centuries, add particular luxury. Inside the town hall are many tapestries, beautiful compositions made of a variety of ornaments.

Nijmegen is an ideal city for cycling

Nijmegen appears to many as a fairytale town. Here you can see not only beautiful sights, but also very unusual guests – ducks walk around the city together with the ducklings on the sidewalks. Almost everyone in town has a bicycle, which is why Nijmegen has such a relaxed and at ease atmosphere. For cycling enthusiasts, the Velorama museum is worth a visit to see the first bicycles, which were clumsy and primitive in design.

Of all the tourist spots in Nijmegen, the chapels of St. Nicholas and St. Martin stand out. The chapels are not famous for themselves, but rather for the beautiful park next to them, which was designed by Johan David Zoher.

Tilburg – the best city for fun

Tilburg is known for very interesting events, including a chess festival, a colorful fair, and a festival of independent culture. Its main attraction is Efteling Amusement Park, which was built in 1952. Now it is the most famous park in all of Europe, each year it is visited by several million people. The park area exceeds 650 thousand square meters. There are several thematic areas, unique attractions, there is something for both adults and children. No less popular tourist spot is Tilburg Zoo.

Do not forget to visit the Hasselt Chapel, built of red brick. It became famous for its beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary.

If you want to see something more impressive, go to Heikes Church. Not only is it preserved in perfect condition, but it can also surprise you with antique furniture, beautiful sculptures, and thanks to a recent restoration it was possible to restore elements of the decor that were still there when the church was built.

Delft – Collection of Historic Monuments

Delft has several hundred monuments of historical significance. The most popular among them are:

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The New Church is a masterpiece of architecture, its steeple with chimes alone is of great interest as a very elaborate element. The Prinsenhof is an example of the Late Gothic style. The monastery is infamous for the murder of William I of Orange. The old church was a unique example of the different Gothic styles.

In Holland there are a lot of cities, each of which is amazing in its own way. This country gives a full sense of all the beauty. An ingenious approach to the design of streets and houses, a combination of natural beauty with urban landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Netherlands – the best places


Alkmaar is a Dutch city which is visited for cheese tasting, walks through the old streets, canal cruises. Here you can visit the colorful city fair, colorful festival, visit lots of museums and admire the architecture.


One of the youngest cities in the Netherlands – Almere – offers tourists an interesting holiday, great accommodation options and unusual attractions. This is mainly modern urban architecture and natural parks, where you can relax.


Amersfoort is a must-see city when traveling in the Netherlands. It is located in the province of Utrecht and attracts visitors with its authentic atmosphere, picturesque canals and medieval streets, famous zoo and exciting shopping.


Amsterdam is the most desirable city for tourists traveling in the Netherlands. There are picturesque bridges and canals, huge fields of tulips, crocuses and daffodils, bars and coffee shops, interesting museums and nightlife for every taste.


Anjum is a very distinctive city. Holidays here, you can forget that you are in the Netherlands, so it is beautiful, magical and even fabulous. Find out about the peculiarities of the place and what sights Anjum has to offer.


Travelers visit Apeldoorn much less frequently than neighboring Amsterdam, but a visit here will definitely please the tourist. The city offers a monkey zoo, a royal palace and other examples of ancient architecture, several picturesque parks.


Arnhem is a city that surprises tourists with its history. It was rebuilt after the war practically from scratch and yet has become a beautiful and prosperous city. You can visit many interesting places, museums, parks, visit a colorful Dutch festivals.


The island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea today is a popular tourist destination. People come here for paradise rest on the beaches, where tame pink flamingos wander, first-class diving, visiting 24-hour casinos and nightclubs.


Assen is a small by Dutch standards town in the province of Drenthe, where tourists often come for recreation. It is interesting for the lovers of antiquities, ancient architecture and history. Guests of the city are waiting for festivals, beautiful green parks and comfortable hotels.


Breda – a beautiful Dutch city where people come to admire the pretty streets, museums and shopping centers, parks, castles and picturesque harbor, to sit in outdoor cafes serving delicious specialties of local cuisine.


Wassenaar is an attractive Dutch city in terms of tourism. People come here for shopping, educational walks through the many attractions, visiting the castle Oude Wassenaar and take part in a cheerful Dutch festivals.


Volendam is a quiet provincial town, where tourists go for a relaxing holiday. Tours to museums and temples, walks along bridges, exploring the architecture of the city, tasting cheeses and the famous Dutch herring make a visit to the city an attractive idea.

The Hague

The Hague – the world center of justice, a popular excursion and seaside resort of the Netherlands and just a very interesting city. Holidays here will appeal to adults and children, fans of nightlife and quiet walks, museums and clubs, festivals and historic architecture.

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The famous Dutch “cheese city”, Gouda attracts travelers not only to the cheese fair and buy a delicious souvenir. You can visit medieval architecture, several interesting museums and ancient churches.


Colorful Dutch village with an atmosphere of the XVIII century – this is Githorn, a popular tourist attraction. At the same time, it is an ordinary residential village where anyone can come and enjoy the tranquility, the beauty of the local scenery, canals and cozy cottages.


Like many cities in the Netherlands, Groningen is unusual, bright and colorful. It is worth visiting for those who want to visit the most progressive metropolis of Holland, to see its crazy architecture alternating with historic buildings.


Delft is a hospitable city, which will show tourists a lot of interesting things. Here you can visit a Vermeer museum and ancient temples, the royal porcelain factory and an old mill, taste some Dutch delicacies or devote your time to exciting shopping.


Dordrecht is a Dutch city known among tourists for its excellent shopping and beautiful cityscapes. Picturesque canals, graceful bridges and many historical places invariably attract travelers from other countries.


Zaandam is a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. It is known for its mills, which are one of the symbols of Holland, and for the fact that the Russian Tsar Peter I once lived here incognito. Find out what interesting things to see in Zaandam.


The colorful Dutch Zwolle attracts tourists with its ancient architecture and the possibility to visit the most cheerful festivals in Europe. It is a quiet, peaceful town, which is a stark contrast to the capital, Amsterdam.


Curaçao is a colorful Caribbean island with snow-white beaches, palm trees and an unexpected Dutch flavor. Tourists are welcomed here by “gingerbread” Dutch houses, interesting attractions, comfortable hotels, unusual island cuisine and first-class diving.


Leiden is a beautiful historical city of the Netherlands, the birthplace of Rembrandt and a place very attractive for tourism. Picturesque canals and beautiful architecture, colorful market and good restaurants, many museums and beautiful nature of the surroundings are the main reasons to visit Leiden.


Lelystad is a city standing on land that used to be the bottom of the sea. It is not the most touristy place of the Netherlands, but a trip to Lelystad will allow foreign visitors to explore the amazing nature of the country, its history, relax in the green parks and enjoy the shopping.


Maastricht is an attractive city in the south of the Netherlands. People come here to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the city’s well-tended green streets, see many historical sights and go shopping.


Marken Island is one of the most picturesque and colorful places in the Netherlands. Here is preserved the old way of life, an authentic atmosphere and old wooden houses. The locals are very friendly to tourists and photos of former fishing village will become a real decoration of the collection.


Middelburg is an attractive city in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Foreign visitors come here to relax on the beach, admire the medieval architecture, take a boat cruise on the canals and get acquainted with the fascinating history of Middelburg.


Neumengen is an excellent example of a provincial Dutch city, where you can appreciate the traditional flavor of the “land of tulips. Wiped off the face of the earth during World War II and then rebuilt, the city has become a thriving place, not least of which is tourism.


For a taste of what the modern Netherlands is all about, head to Rotterdam. Bold futuristic architecture, a wealth of entertainment for all ages, a vibrant nightlife and even a beach holiday are what awaits foreigners coming here for an experience.

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Not far from the Dutch-German border is a small Dutch town Ruhrmond. For tourists, it looks more like a village of the century before last with old houses, churches and market square, but the main attraction is a large shopping mall.


Saba Island is a unique place in the Caribbean Sea. It is a piece of land that rises in the middle of the water and stunning guests with its magnificent nature. Saba belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, welcomes foreign tourists and offers many activities – especially diving.

Sint Maarten

St. Maarten is one of the Caribbean islands, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It shares the small island of St. Martin with similar overseas territories of France. Tourists who come here for a vacation, the color of the Netherlands and the exoticism of the Caribbean await.

Sint Eustatius

Sint Eustatius is a rather unusual place to vacation, as it is a territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, lost in the Caribbean Sea. Travelers will find a colorful tropical island with beautiful beaches, but with a touch of European culture.


Sittard is a nice and cozy town in the Netherlands. Foreign tourists come here to admire the old architecture, temples and half-timbered houses, visit entertainment parks, do exciting shopping.


Scheveningen is the main seaside resort in the Netherlands. People come here to enjoy recreation on the North Sea coast – not as harsh as many people think – as well as to walk through the old streets, visit the city sights and rest your soul.


Tilburg is a colorful town, steeped in antiquity. It was loved by the Dutch monarch Willem II, and today foreigners come here with pleasure to visit the largest fair in the country, to visit museums and appreciate the beauty and comfort of the old city Tilburg.

Friesian Islands

Friesian Islands, part of which is part of the Netherlands, are a good place to discover the Dutch nature, culture and customs. Here you can see the unique natural phenomena, engage in outdoor activities, visit uninhabited islands.


Haarlem is a city worth visiting after Amsterdam. Here, tourists can take a break from the bustle of the capital, visit the famous flower park and several important historical sites in the Netherlands, including ancient churches and museums.


Heerenveen is a large, but at the same time quiet and cozy city in the Netherlands. It does not have the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, the crowds of tourists and the queues to the sights. On the contrary: Heerenveen is glad to offer its guests a measured vacation, many interesting historical sites and natural beauties.


Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch, is a pretty Dutch city. Like more popular Amsterdam and The Hague, it is glad to offer tourists water walks on the system of canals, old streets of the old city, interesting museums and fun festivals.


Edam is known as the “cheese capital” of the Netherlands. It is located near Amsterdam and attracts tourists not only to buy a delicious souvenir, but also to enjoy the national colors that have been filling the city for centuries.


Emmeloord is not the most touristy town, but still visit it very interesting. The fact that he, like the whole province of Flevoland, was formed on the site of the dried up sea, which is famous for the Netherlands. In Emmeloord tourists find interesting entertainment.


Enschede is a small Dutch town on the border with Germany. Foreigners come here for shopping, cultural events and several interesting sights. The scenic nature and local amenities make Enschede a great place to stay.

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