Luxembourg: a small state with a high standard of living

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Is it good to live in Luxembourg? Let’s look at the different indicators that characterize the standard and quality of life in this country.

Income and wealth of the Luxembourg population

The most important indicator by which to judge the level of economic development of the country is the gross domestic product per capita. According to data for 2019, calculated by purchasing power parity GDP was 120.5 thousand dollars per person in Luxembourg (for comparison, the EU average – 45.9 thousand dollars per person; in Russia – 28.2 thousand dollars) .

How much do Luxembourg residents earn? The minimum wage (minimum wage) in Luxembourg is currently set at 2141.99 euros .

The average wage “dirty” (i.e. before taxes) is about 5000 euros per month.

The real “net” wage (i.e. the amount that remains at the disposal of workers after paying all taxes and fees) is, on average, 3,400 euros.

The rate of motorization of the population is also considered to be one of the indicators characterizing the level of well-being of citizens. There are 670 motor vehicles of all kinds for every 1000 Luxemburgers (as a comparison, in Russia there are 381 cars per 1000 inhabitants).

Cost of living in Luxemburg up ↑

Luxembourg is a very “expensive” country with an extremely high price level.

According to the statistics from Numbeo database at the beginning of 2021 the food prices here are twice as high as in Russia. Renting an apartment or house in Luxembourg will cost on average twice as much as renting the same accommodation in Russia.

The cost of the basket of basic consumer goods and services (including food, clothing, transportation, communications, utilities) in Luxembourg on average twice higher than in Russia.

Level of crime in Luxembourg upwards ↑

To assess the overall level of crime we can use the “crime index”, which shows how safe it is to live in the country in terms of the risks of becoming a victim of lawbreakers (the higher the value of the index, the greater the risk) . As of 2020 the index of crime in Luxembourg was 32.75 points (in comparison, in Russia – 40.6 points) .

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Data on homicide rates and the number of residents in custody will also help to form an opinion on the law-abidingness of the population and the intensity of law enforcement.

In Luxemburg the rate of intentional homicide is 0.3 for every 100 thousand inhabitants per year (the rate in Russia is 8.21).

As of 2020, prisons and camps in Luxembourg housed 652 people, or 105 prisoners per 100 thousand inhabitants (in Russia there are 338 prisoners per 100 thousand inhabitants).

The average life expectancy in Luxembourg is 82.4 years (80.6 years for men and 84.2 years for women). By comparison, life expectancy worldwide is 67.2 years (65 for men and 69.5 for women); in Russia it is 73.2 years (68.2 and 78 for men and women respectively).

There are 55 Luxembourgers infected with tuberculosis (9 patients per 100,000 inhabitants).

Every year in Luxemburg there are 291.9 new cases of cancer and 87.7 deaths from cancer per 100 thousand people. The ratio of the annual number of deaths from cancer to the number of cases is (in Russia – 0,49; the lower the ratio – the higher the percentage of cured cases; therefore the better the local health care system works) .

Alcohol consumption and smoking upwards ↑

The population’s exposure to bad habits can also be classified as a component of the quality of life in the country. It is believed that, in general, it is more comfortable to live where there is less drinking and less smoking.

The average annual alcohol consumption in Luxembourg is about 12.9 liters of pure alcohol per person older than 15 years (19.5 liters per man and 6.4 liters per woman).

What do Luxembourgers drink? Statistics show that beer accounts for 36.2% of alcohol consumption, wine for 42.8%, and spirits (vodka, brandy, etc.) for 21%.

Cigarettes are constantly smoked by 23.6% of the adult residents of Luxembourg (25.8% of adult men and 21.4% of women).

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How satisfied are Luxembourgers with their country?

It is probably difficult to choose an indicator to accurately determine how satisfied citizens of a country are with their lives. It is easier to assess living conditions themselves, their ability or inability to meet the basic needs of the population.

For example, UN experts have developed the so-called “happiness index,” which shows to what extent a state’s achievements are able to provide its citizens with a happy life. According to data for 2019, in Luxembourg this index was 7.238 (for comparison, in Russia – 5.546) .

In addition, the integral index used by the UN, the Human Development Index (HDI), which comprehensively takes into account the various reasons for a country’s residents to feel comfortable. According to data for 2020, the HDI in Luxembourg is 0.916 (in Russia – 0.824) .

We can indirectly assess people’s satisfaction with their existence based on the number of suicides. After all, logically, the more comfortable the life of citizens, the fewer reasons for them to kill themselves. Every year in Luxemburg there are 10.4 suicides (15 among men and 5.8 among women) for every 100 thousand people.

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