Lindau sights in Lindau, Germany.

Lindau, Germany: Points of interest and tips for dining out

Lindau – the best vacation at Lake Constance

This small town is often referred to as the “Bavarian Riviera” because of its fortunate location. Lindau is on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, on the border with Austria, and on fine days one can enjoy the beauty of the Alps. The old town is situated on an island and offers a great deal of preserved architecture that reflects the rich history of the former free imperial town.

Lindau, Germany: see the sights and best places for lunch

Market square in Lindau, Germany (Photo © Bayreuth2009 / / License CC-BY-3.0)

Attractions of the island town of Lindau

  1. The promenade is a neat promenade with palm trees, boats, and citizens relaxing after a day of work. At the entrance to the harbor stands the New Lighthouse and the statue of a Bavarian lion. The northern part of the harbor is decorated by the Old Lighthouse of the 13th century.
  2. St. Peter’s Church (Peterskirche) is the oldest church in Lindau, also one of the oldest churches on Lake Constance, was dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen who lived around this square (Schrannenplatz). For this reason it is also called the “Fishermen’s Church”. It has more than a thousand years of history and houses frescoes depicting the Passion of Christ.
  3. Maximilian Street (Maximilianstraße) – is part of the pedestrian zone and the main street of the island city. Here you will find a number of well-preserved bourgeois and craftsmen’s houses from the 16th and 17th centuries with arcades, bakeries, carved window columns, bay windows and partially plastered half-timbered facades.
  4. The City Museum – housed in a baroque building and displays collections of paintings, furniture and weapons. Tickets: 1.50-3 euros Address: Markplatz, 6
  5. Old Town Hall – Built in the 15th century, this is the main architectural attraction of the city. There are numerous frescoes with minstrels and cherubs.
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral (Münster Unser Lieben Frau) – was built in 810. The church was reconstructed after a fire and inside features Baroque ceiling paintings and Rococo interiors with sumptuous red and gold decorations.
  7. Lindavia Fountain – Built in red marble, the Lindavia Fountain was inaugurated in 1884 on the occasion of the 20th Coronation of King Ludwig II.
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Where to eat and drink in Lindau?

  1. Valentin is a Mediterranean restaurant run by chef Markus Algayer where he uses only the freshest, best-quality ingredients and amazes with unbelievable flavors. Try the risotto with pistachios, the lamb with beans and parmesan, and other culinary delights. Average bill: 15 Euros. Address: In der Grub, 28.
  2. Wissingers im Schlechterbrau – a place with national and European cuisine. Very tasty meat, sausages and recently caught fish are served here. The table should be booked in advance. Average bill: 15 euros. Address: In der Grub, 28.
  3. 37 – Bohemian café with high ceilings and a cozy summer terrace overlooking the lake. Drink wine, beer or other refreshments and eat pie or tapas. Average bill: 7 euros. Address: Bahnhofplatz, 1.
  4. Marmor Saal is a lakeside bar that pleasantly surprises with its majesty, because it used to meet the royalty. There is a terrace and live music plays every evening. The average bill is 7 euros. Address: Bahnhofplatz, 1e.
  5. Weinstube Frey – The tavern is over five hundred years old and offers a charming wooden interior and German cuisine served by waitresses in national dresses. Don’t miss the chance to sample beer-battered trout from Boden. Average bill: 18 euros. Address: Maximilianstrasse, 15.

You can see a video about Lindau at the link below:

Entrance to Lindau Harbor (Lake Constance) with Bavarian lion and new lighthouse, Germany (Photo © Memorino / / License CC-BY-3.0)

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