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Excursions in Russian in Limassol (Cyprus ) – we have 62 tours for 2022, 175 ⭐ reviews, prices from €55, visit attractions: Popular places , Monastery of Stavrovouni, Baths of Aphrodite, Old Town. Catalog of unusual sightseeing tours from Cyprus guides. September, October and November can be booked today.

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About Limassol City.

Limassol is the second largest city on the island, a major port and a busy tourist resort located in the large bay of Akrotiri on the south coast of Cyprus. The city is famous for its fast pace, bustling nightlife, fine hotels and exquisite restaurants.

Why is it worth a visit?

Tourists come to Limassol to relax on clean sandy beaches, enjoy a pleasant mild climate, explore the attractions of its old town, and visit cozy taverns, taste delicious mezes and drink great local wine

What to see in Limassol on excursions?

Limassol and beyond is quite a lot of interesting sights and places, these are beautiful beaches and many ancient sites, museums, art stores, a chic marina and a medieval castle, incredibly beautiful nature and the sea

What are the main attractions of Limassol?


This is the site of archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Kurion, which once flourished in these lands. The settlement dates back to the Neolithic period, but the city also has several monuments dating back to the ancient period. This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Limassol

Kolossi Castle

This castle was built by the Knights of St. John in 1210. In the 14th century it was conquered by the Knights Templar. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of medieval Limassol. The castle is small so you can explore it in an hour, but the best way to visit this place is with a guided tour

Limassol Castle

This castle was built by the Lusignans during the Crusades to withstand the attacks of the Mameluk Sultanate, the Genoese Sultanate and the Ottomans. The castle was then turned into a prison and in 1950 a museum was opened inside. It is a major historical tourist attraction.

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Sanctuary of Apollo

This ancient temple dates back to the 8th century BC and is dedicated to Apollo of Gilat, who was considered the protector of the ancient city of Kourion. It is one of the most remarkable sites in Limassol and is worth visiting for its magnificent architecture and design

Limassol Archaeological Museum

This museum displays various historical artifacts found in the region from the Neolithic era to the Roman era. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the region and the different cultures that existed here. You will need about an hour and a half to see it

Petra tou Romiou (Rock of Aphrodite)

One of the few landmarks in the city that has a connection to Greek mythology. According to legend, this is where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born. It is also one of the best beaches near Limassol. It is recommended to visit, there is a lot to see.

What should a tourist do in Limassol?

Tourists come to Limassol to explore its old town, visit the many historical sites, take a wine tour of local wineries and taste the local cuisine, swim in the clearest sea and sunbathe on the beach, as well as hike through the mountain trails

What things to do in Limassol on tours and on your own?

Explore the Old Town

Limassol has a charming old town spread out around a medieval castle near the old port. In the streets around the castle you’ll find everything from Greek Orthodox churches, whose interiors are decorated with golden icons, to Turkish baths and ancient minarets

Take a walk on the Caledonian Trail

The Caledonia Trail is very easy, as most of the time you’ll have to walk it downhill along the river through sun-drenched forest. Eventually, you will come to a waterfall of the same name in which you can swim as a reward for your efforts. Excursions from Limassol also usually include lunch in a mountain tavern

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Admire the antiquities in Paphos

On an easy day trip to Paphos, you’ll admire the impressive archaeological park of Kato Paphos, which stretches out on a promontory near the harbor. You will also see fanciful mosaics dating from the 2nd-5th centuries AD adorning the floors of former nobleman villas, royal tombs, and a cave-like necropolis hollowed out in sandstone in the 3rd century BC. Afterwards, walk to the harbor and see the Ottoman fort. There’s nothing inside, but the view from above is spectacular

Visit the best wineries on the island.

Do this on one of the tours you’ll find in our catalog. You’ll visit the best wineries of the Krasochoria region, learn all about the ways of making wine and taste the local varieties. In addition to the wineries you will be able to admire the beautiful nature, as most of the villages are located in the foothills of the Troodos

Explore the Troodos Mountains

These mountains are great for outdoor activities. They are a popular place for hiking and there is also the settlement of Platres. You can walk the hiking trails and then explore a village full of beautiful British architecture

Learn about the history of Kykkos Monastery

This Greek Orthodox monastery dates back to 1831. It was built by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I. Its origins stem from the beautiful story of the hermit and ruler who convinced the emperor to build this monastery. In terms of design, it is one of the most beautiful attractions of Limassol

What to make your vacation memorable?

Limassol is an interesting destination, but unfortunately often underestimated. This city is home to many ancient buildings, it is also a great starting point to visit nearby attractions. To get to know it better, learn its history and what lives in the city now, we recommend taking excursions. Find the appropriate ones in our catalog, you will only have to choose your favorite, the rest will be done by the guides

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