Limassol and Kyrenia – sunny cities of Cyprus

Limassol and Kyrenia – sunny cities of Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus officially includes 5 regions. Beach holidays are particularly developed in three of them. Let us tell you how the resorts differ from each other.

What is more important – the choice of housing or its location? In fact, both components of the choice are important. But in order for you to be easier to determine the location of your future apartment, decided to pick apart the resorts of Northern Cyprus.

The main resorts in Northern Cyprus

The most famous and popular resorts of Northern Cyprus are Famagusta, Kyrenia and Iskele (Bafra). Let’s look at how these regions differ.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus officially includes 5 regions. They are Nicosia (Lefkosha), Kyrenia (Girne), Trikomo (Iskele), Famagusta (Gazimagusta), and Morphou (Guzelyurt). For historical reasons, communities in Northern Cyprus have two names: Greek and Turkish.

Beach holidays are particularly developed in three of these five areas: in Kyrenia, Famagusta and Iskel, which includes the famous resort of Bafra and the Karpas Peninsula. Here is the famous wild beach “Golden Sands”.

It is worth remembering when choosing an apartment, that Kyrenia and Famagusta in the catalog can mean both the city and the resort villages located nearby.


One of the most developed tourist regions. There are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops. From the south it is covered by the picturesque Kyrenia Mountains, from the north washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Kyrenia port is very popular with locals and tourists. Many snow-white yachts moor here, for which it is often compared to Cannes or Nice on the French Riviera.

Many monuments from different eras have survived in Kyrenia. Kyrenia Castle, Old Harbor, Saint Hilarion Castle, Buffalo Castle . Just 10 km from the city there is Bellapais Abbey, one of the best examples of Gothic architecture of Cyprus. There are not many good beaches in the city itself. It is better to go to its surroundings. The best beaches in Kyrenia region are Alagadi (wild beach), Diana (artificial bulk beach), the beaches of Esentepe, Lara Beach and Shayna. The most comfortable areas are those near the big hotels, of which there are many in the region.

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At one time, this was the main resort of Cyprus. Until 1974 there were more than 1oo hotels. At the resort rested such world stars as Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and others.

The most fashionable area of the resort was considered Varosha . It was an elite quarter with many nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues. After the deployment of the Turkish army units in the region, the locals left Varosha and it began to fall into disrepair. Since 1974 Varosha was a closed city where no one could enter. In the summer of 2020, the authorities of Northern Cyprus opened part of the quarter to tourists. Walking through the streets of the ghost town is a tourist hit of the season.

Today the whole of Famagusta lives a full-fledged tourist life. There are a lot of attractions preserved here. Ancient fortress walls, ancient towers, “the castle of Otello”, the Church of Peter and Paul in the Gothic style, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. In 1571, when the Ottomans took Cyprus, the temples were turned into mosques. In Mustafa Lala Pasha (Cathedral of St. Nicholas) there are services, but free admission for all comers. In the Church of St. Peter and Paul services are not held. Rather, it is a museum that periodically hosts concerts.

At 10 kilometers from Famagusta there is the Monastery of the Apostle Barnabas, where they keep his relics. Not far from the monastery are the ruins of the ancient city of Salamis – the largest and most fortified of the polis of ancient Hellenistic Cyprus.

Famagusta is a popular tourist destination. Here are the most picturesque beaches in Northern Cyprus: Silver Beach, Palm Beach, Majestic Beach and others. The beaches are always sandy and golden.

Iskele .

Most of the region is located on the Karpas Peninsula. The beaches of Iskele are an extension of the region of Famagusta. The beaches are sandy and have a gentle entrance to the sea. Of the equipped, the most popular is the Long Beach. Iskele itself is a resort village with all the necessary infrastructure for life and leisure.

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No less interesting is a resort village Bafra . Here embodied an investment project involving the construction of a large number of hotels and resort properties. The infrastructure of the village is not as developed as in major tourist cities. They come here for tranquility and an unhurried way of life. Beaches in Bafre are shallow, with a long entrance to the sea, which is convenient for recreation with small children.

Great interest in the region of Iskel is a nature reserve on the Karpas peninsula. This is the one where wild donkeys walk and extort a treat from tourists. It is here that the famous wild beach “Golden Sands” and the monastery of St. Andrew, which is considered in Cyprus as a “place of strength.

Standing at the tip of the peninsula, you feel at the edge of the inhabited universe and involuntarily think about eternity. At least until you return to one of the excellent fish restaurants in Iskel, where excellent food and a pleasant atmosphere quickly return your thoughts to earthly matters.

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