Life in small states is a completely different world

South Korea is a very different world, and these pictures prove it.

You are currently viewing South Korea is a completely different world, and these photos prove it

South Korea is a very different world, not familiar to us. And the stories of eyewitnesses who know South Korean life from the inside prove it.

To show how unique this country really is, has assembled a collection of photos that vividly illustrate its daily life.

1. South Korea’s birth rate is falling and the number of schoolchildren is decreasing, so illiterate senior citizens are allowed to go to school so they can learn to read and write


2. “This is the kind of kit the South Korean authorities sent me on the second day of the quarantine.”

3. Spring blooms in Jeju City

4. Korean trains show “therapeutic soothing commercials” with nothing but newborn puppies

5. At Seoul airport, they print the layout of the aisle to your boarding gate on the back of your boarding pass

6. “My favorite tree in South Korea has survived several typhoons and hurricanes.”

7. The four seasons on Yoido Island

8. One of the cars in the Seoul subway has this mini library

9. Patterns on the inside of the roof of an ancient temple in Korea

10. When they were painting the buildings of an apartment complex, the construction workers covered all the cars in the yard with plastic sheeting so as not to get them dirty inadvertently

11. This Korean sign means: “Watch out for cats!”

12. At Starbucks in Seoul they pack the spun coffee in bags and give it away for free to gardeners as fertilizer.

13. “This is what my daily commute home from work looks like here in Korea.”

14. “I just got a food kit that the Korean government hands out to all the people in quarantine.”

15. 2D Cafe in Seoul

16. Korea: history and modernity

17. A little restaurant in Seoul

18. In South Korea, they’ve introduced traffic lights like this at the pavement level, so that people who don’t constantly look at their smartphones can still see the traffic signals.

19. “Rock Root,” an installation by architect Yong Joo Lee in Hangang Art Park

20. The beauty of South Korea

21. “In South Korea, when you enter the beach, they take your temperature and give you this sticker. If it turns yellow, they take your temperature again.”

22. The chips on the counter are lined up in the order of the changing colors of the rainbow

23. A bench in a park in Seoul with a built-in solar panel has a USB port and a wireless charging station

24. Autumn in Bukansan

25. The oldest pine tree in Dedunsan City

26. The fruit ice has a mini stand that keeps it from leaking on your hands

27. An unusual way to inspire people to use stairs – which, however, doesn’t really work anyway

28. South Korea has a special TV channel for dogs with relevant programs

29. The art of lattes in a cafe in Seoul

30. In the city of Ansan you can find “rest islands” for pedestrians on the sidewalk every half kilometer

31. The entrance to Chroma Club in Seoul, the world’s largest nightclub

32. Sanitizer on the escalator in South Korea

33. South Korea has self-cleaning streets

34. Store-bought cakes in South Korea usually come with a plastic knife with candles and matches hidden inside

35. Supermarkets in South Korea offer customers test samples of toilet paper

More amazing things:

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