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Lecco (Italy) – the most important sights with photos and descriptions. Detailed information about the city and interesting routes in Lecco on the map.

City of Lecco (Italy).

Lecco (Italian Lecco) – a picturesque city in Lombardy on the southeastern shore of Lake Como in north-western Italy. Surrounded by high mountains, Lecco is very picturesque and ideal for outdoor activities. It is a quiet, elegant city that has an interesting combination of beautiful nature and 18th -19th century architecture.

What is the city of Lecco:

  • It is the variegated foothills of the Alps in a watercolor of colors, white in winter, green in summer and covered with a beautiful purple in the fall
  • it is the beautiful Lake Como with its emerald waters, it is varied nature and beautiful landscapes
  • it is a small resort town, with a century-old history, associated with the names of Visconti and Manzoni.


Lecco is 55 km. away from Milan and is surrounded by the Bergamo Alps. The town lies on the southeastern side of Lake Como and has a humid subtropical climate.

Lecco Panorama

Panorama of Lecco


The first settlements around Lecco were founded by the Celts. During the Middle Ages several important regional routes met here. During the Carolingian era, a fortress was built on Lake Como, which became a noble residence and later subordinate to the Archbishop of Milan.

In the 12th century Lecco was in competition with Milan and was in fact a semi-autonomous state until the 17th century, although included in the Duchy of Milan. With the fall of the Duchy of Milan, Lecco was subdued by the Spanish monarchs, who turned the city into a citadel. During the Risorgimento period, Lecco became an important center of Italian culture.

How to reach Lecco

The nearest airports are in Milan and Bergamo. You can get to Lecco from these cities by train or bus. Ticket availability can be found on the website – http://www.trenitalia.com

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The foothills of the Alps in Lecco

The foothills of the Alps in Lecco

Food and local products

Lecco, like the whole region of Como, is famous for its traditional cuisine. It is primarily fish dishes, cheese and desserts. From local products, be sure to try or buy as a souvenir: salami – Cremona, Brianza, Bresaola, cheeses – Gran Padano, Gorgonzola, Taleggio, local wines.



Lecco sights

The main attractions of Lecco are compactly located in the historical center and you can easily get around in a day. You can immerse yourself in the centuries-old history and culture of the city. Lecco has a small but cozy old town.

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lecco offers beautiful views of the lake and foothills, chic villas and places associated with the name of Manzoni.

The Walls of Lecco

The fortress walls of Lecco

Lecco once had strong fortress walls that were built in the 13th and 14th century by the Visconti and were part of the castle. In the 18th century, under the Habsburgs, the fortress was dismantled. Today, only fragments of the once powerful fortifications remain.

Visconti Tower

Visconti Tower

The Visconti Tower is a fragment of the old fortifications that lurks behind the facades of the houses in the corner of the 20 September Square. This old watchtower is almost all that remains of the mighty castle.

Piazza 20 de Septiembre

Piazza 20 de Septiembre

September 20 Square is the historical square of Lecco. It is a real center of the Old Town with 19th century architecture, on which in addition to the old tower are the Palace of Terror and various museums. From the square depart streets and alleys with the mansions of rich citizens and fashionable stores.

Basilica of San Nicolo

Basilica of San Nicolo

Next you should definitely see the Basilica of San Nicolò, the main temple of the city. It is a real architectural dominant of Lecco with a high 96-meter tower (one of the highest belfries in Italy), which earned the nickname “pencil”.

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View of Lecco from the cathedral tower

View of Lecco from the cathedral’s tower

Basilica is dedicated to St. Nicholas – the patron saint of the city and sailors. It is located in the northern part of the historic center and dates back to the 16th century. The church was built in the Neoclassical style and its bell tower in the Neo-Gothic style.

Sanctuary of Della Vittoria

Sanctuary of della Vittoria

Another important religious structure of Lecco is the Sanctuary of della Vittoria, built in memory of those killed in World War I. The Romanesque building was built in the 1930s of the 20th century. Located in the historic center of the city next to the monument to Alessandro Manzoni.

Villa Manzoni

Villa Manzoni

Villa Manzoni is the museum of the famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni who was inspired in Lecco by his famous novel The Engaged.

The Embankment of Lake Como

The Embankment of Lake Como

The promenade of Lake Como, a few kilometers of the coastal area of Lecco with its special charm and atmosphere, is a favorite stroll place for citizens and visitors. Here you can look at the beautiful views of the lake and the mountains. If you go further, beyond the Basilica of San Nicolò, you can look at the golden statue of St. Nicholas. The sculpture is set right in the lake.

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