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Tahiti travel guide.


French Polynesia – for the Russian tourist so far, something unattainable. Someone has already been there, but these tourists are in the minority. The main island here is Tahiti, not Bora Bora, as many people think.

The main audience that comes here to rest are newlyweds or couples who want to organize their wedding in this place. Tahiti have a very beautiful wedding ceremony, so the demand for such a celebration is great, however, only among foreign tourists, there are very few Russians. In addition to the wedding theme of coming here are those who have already bored the standard routes, want to get the most exotic, to go on jeep safari park – to see how the animals live in their natural environment, to admire the underwater world of Tahiti, and just get away from the bustle of the city in a place that everyone will call for a real paradise.

As such disadvantages in Tahiti there are no, the nuance only two is a long flight and the cost of the trip, you also need a lot of money to get a maximum of experience and not to deny everything.

So what are the main advantages of vacationing in Tahiti.

Tahiti – it’s beautiful nature, green forests, many rivers, beautiful waterfalls, beautiful white beaches, valleys. By the way, do not forget that this island was originally of volcanic origin.

2. Tahiti has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, there is no need to spend the whole… read more

What money to bring?


The local currency is the French Pacific franc – one of the most beautiful bills in the world

You need to travel to Tahiti with euros and a plastic card. The franc is pegged to the euro (1,000 francs = 8.38 euros). In major stores, restaurants, rental agencies and hotels is better to pay by card – it will help avoid the commission. The thing is that for cash withdrawal a rather noticeable fee is charged regardless of the amount. Therefore, it is better to change a sufficient (in your opinion) amount of money at once. Cash francs you need if you are going to remote islands, where not to pay with a card, the euro is not everywhere will be possible. As for the U.S. dollar, the exchange dollar / franc in the official exchangers will deduct the fee and tax, it turns out about minus 12% of the original course. And here with the euro tax is not taken, but the commission will have to pay in any case.

Big Ben: London's Clock Tower as a landmark

Money can be exchanged at banks, airports, hotels. At Tahiti has offices of major banks “Banque de Polynesie, Banque Socredo, Banque de Tahiti, Banque Societe Generale. It is necessary to note the specificity of work of these financial institutions – they open early in the morning about 8 o’clock, but close at 15:30. Most of them work Monday through Friday, and only Banque Tahiti works on Saturdays until 11:30.

AMT ATMs are easy enough to find in Tahiti, but remember the fees! MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted wherever you can pay by card. Another one. read full

Where to stay in Tahiti?


Budget accommodation in Tahiti.

Tahiti is the largest and most populous island in French Polynesia. Because of this you can find here quite inexpensive (relative to rest in this island nation) accommodation. Surprisingly, there are even hostels! So if you’re a budget tourist and flight “ate” the lion’s share of your vacation money, then having arrived in Tahiti, you will not be on the street. The only thing you need to be sure to book a hostel in advance, there are few and demand exceeds supply. When booking a hostel in Tahiti, there is a peculiarity – the minimum number of days – 2. So you will not have the opportunity to stay only for a day or overnight. But to live for a couple of days in paradise is a big punishment, right?

Taaroa Lodge ( BP 498, 98713 Papeete ) is the cheapest hostel 22 euros per bed/bed with breakfast. The owners of the hostel – a married couple, so accommodation is more like a vacation in a cozy cottage, which is located on the west coast of the island of Tahiti. The lodge is located a few meters from the beach, close to store and cafe. The hostel owner is an avid surfer, he will take you to all the places with big waves. The guests have a laundry, a shared kitchen, wi-fi.

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Pension Te Miti ( BP 130088 Punaauia 98717, pk 18,6c/mont Paea ). Two types of accommodation are offered here: a bed or an individual family room. The price is 22/30 euros (bed/room) with breakfast. The rooms are very cozy, each bed is protected.

Which tours are worth visiting in Tahiti?


Despite the fact that the island of Tahiti at first glance seems a place where they go only to lie on the beach, and to swim in the ocean. This is not entirely true. Of course, the primary objective of every tourist is the beach, sea and sun. But in Tahiti in addition to this, there is a very good, and most importantly interesting excursion program. On the most interesting excursions in more detail. I want to note that the group tours, as a rule, are in English, in Russian very rarely, or if you organize a private tour with a guide, but the money will be many times more expensive.

The beach on the island of Tahiti.

What is worth seeing, resting in Tahiti.

1. The capital – the city of Papeete. The tour is organized for half a day, it costs about 50 euros, the guide will tell everything in English or French. From Papeete not to expect much, the capital itself is very small, but fairly modern. Typically, tourists are taken to see the Cathedral, the local famous market – what they sell and fish and fruits and jewelry, souvenirs and pearls, you can find and buy everything you want. Then they will show you a big shopping center and take you to the museum of pearls.

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