Leisure in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France

What to do in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon?

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is an overseas society of France, located off the coast of Canada. The archipelago includes the islands of Saint-Pierre, Miquelon-Langlad, Ile-aux-Marines and several uninhabited islets. Northern landscapes, French language, Basque festivals, famous local stamps. nothing better for a change of scenery!

What to see

– Colorful wooden houses on St. Pierre

The oldest houses on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon date back to the second half of the 19th century. They are made of wood and are usually painted in bright colors, a tradition dating back to the 1950s. These facades are eye-catching and are the pride of the locals.

– Grand Colombier Island

Grand Colombier Island, just north of Saint-Pierre, is a nature preserve for migratory birds. It is home to quite a few species with large populations.

– Cap Perse.

This trip will remind slightly of Etreta to those who know the place. the pleasure of an afternoon at sea, enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery – including the famous Cap Perse. The program includes an encounter with seals, which are very fond of meeting.

– Henri Bay near St. Pierre Island

The route at Henri Cove is very well marked and there are benches along the road. After the second stop, stick to the same path because the other one leads to Cape Devil.

– L’Arche, the museum and archive on the island of St. Pierre

L’Arche is home to the Archives and Museum of the Territories of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. Many events (exhibitions, seminars, shows, conferences, etc.) are held there throughout the year. There is something to surprise both adults and children.

– Ile-aux-Marines and its museum “Archipelitude” on Saint-Pierre

This museum, near Saint-Pierre, houses part of the collections of the Archipelago Heritage Association: objects from the past that illustrate customs and traditional know-how in an authentic setting.

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– Gran Barachoix Lagoon in Miquelon

Enjoying the lagoon, you can easily walk along the dunes to the wildlife observatory. As you flit around, you’ll learn all about the local flora and fauna. There’s a very unusual atmosphere, and there are also plenty of shorebirds and seals waiting for you!

– Cap de Michelon Nature Reserve

Fans of bucolic walks are sure to love this route. It’s one of the busiest archipelagos – also in terms of the number of visitors who regularly come here to relax.

– Cormorander Valley in Miquelon

The Kormorander Valley will not leave anyone indifferent. On the way here, discover breathtaking views as well as the local fauna and flora, the natural heritage and pride of the archipelago! This is the most beautiful valley in the world, according to the locals.

– Cap du Diable on St. Pierre

Departure for the eco-walk is from the parking lot at Freker Lake. The route leads to the pond at Cap du Diable. The return route goes through the bay at Dinan or Telegraph Pond and ends at the parking lot at Thelo Pond.

What to do.

– Go to Dunfest on Langlade Dune__.

The must-attend archipelago festival features musical acts from local artists, picnics, a giant bonfire and various activities throughout the day and evening. Next season is July 26 and 27, 2019 in Langlade.

– Take part in the Basque Festival of St. Pierre__.

During the week each year in August, 100% Basque sports and cultural festivals are held. In 2019, the festival will be held for the 38th time. The program includes many ball games (pelotta, pelotta with a jete ball, etc.). On Sunday, festival guests participate in games, and the day ends with a folk ball.

– Ride the hills of Miquelon__.

The history of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is tied to horses. They walk at large throughout the archipelago, especially among the hills, and join together in herds. You’ll get some picturesque shots!

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– Admire orcas.

A true nature preserve, the archipelago is home to many species: seals, dolphins, whales and killer whales living between islands in breathtaking landscapes the color of the northern lights. Nature lovers and stunning views will be won over!

– Spend the night outdoors in Langlade

Looking for tranquility, love hiking and nature-watching? Because of these landscapes with ponds, beaches and mountains as far as the horizon, Miquelon-Langlade is known as a little paradise with rich flora and fauna. Come to enjoy the scenic nature and gain strength.

– Have tea at the Salon Délices de Joséphine

This tea salon is more than just a salon. In a chic and relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy delicious homemade pastries made with the best ingredients. There are spirits, gifts, chocolates and wines too. This place is amazing!

– Run 25 km in Miquelon.

This legendary run takes place on the last Saturday in June. It starts at the southern end of the sandy isthmus that connects Miquelon to Langlade. After a 200-meter stretch of fine sand, participants run between hills accompanied by wild horses.

– Catch lobsters and have a tasting

You’ll have to get up early to go lobster trapping with local fishermen. This activity is available until August 31 for professionals and boaters.

– Lift the sails and follow the deadheads

The easily recognizable pelagic bird nests on the shores of St. Pierre and Miquelon, in the Grande Colombier Reserve. This protected species has become a symbol of the French League for the Protection of Birds.

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