Lech or maximum comfort ski resort in Austria

Lech or maximum comfort ski resort in Austria

Large budget travellers, lovers of the great outdoors and lovers of mountains can have all their holiday needs satisfied in Austria, namely in the ski resort of Lech. Practically the first in the list of resorts with a high level of comfort will not disappoint demanding tourists.

General information

Lech in Austria is situated at an altitude of 1440m in the Arlberg region. The ski resort is rightly awarded the status of The Best of the Alps . Only 11 ski resorts in the world have such status. What does this status means? – First-class service, luxury food. It is at this ski resort likes to rest royalty and various celebrities, so it is worth carrying a notebook and a pen, just in case. It often hosts parties and social events, so Lech is alive by night and by day.


Lech or a ski resort with maximum comfort in Austria - Photo 3

Lech or maximum comfort ski resort in Austria

The pistes of the ski resort are suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The world famous Arlberg area includes the pistes of Lech, Oberlech, Stubenbach, Zurs and Zug.

There is no night skiing.

Lech has three levels of difficulty, where the blue ones are for beginners and the black ones are for professionals. The blue ones are 55 km long, the red ones are 70 km long, and the black ones are only 15 km long.

From this it can be concluded that the trails of Lech are mainly designed for tourists with an intermediate level of professionalism. Since the slopes of Lech are connected with the tracks listed above, it should not be surprising that from Lech you can get to any other track of the neighboring resort.

Two gondolas with incredible ease take tourists to the top of Rufikopf ( 2362m), which opens the way to Zurs ( by blue and red slopes ). The slopes of this small town consist mainly of straight runs. Directly, in Lech you can get through the peak Kriegehorn ( 2173 m). The width of snow-covered expanses, fields with soft terrain, enticing trails of medium difficulty with various surprises in the form of turns and stepped profiles. Snowboarders can enjoy their own 1200m long slope below. For professionals a little further up on the Zuger Hochlicht ( 2377 m ) and Zalober Kopf ( 2043 m ) are steep slopes as well as off-piste ski areas.

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Lech or a ski resort with maximum comfort in Austria - Photo 4

Lech or maximum comfort ski resort in Austria

There is a general Arlberg ski pass ( Arlberg Ski Pass ) The Arlberg region, which includes Lech, has 85 elevators, of which:

– 10 gondolas; – 35 rope tows; – 38 chairlifts.

If we consider separately Lech, the figures are as follows:

– 4 gondolas; – 18 chairlifts; – 10 rope tow lifts.

Since all the pistes of the Arlberg district cross each other in one way or another, most of the elevators are represented by a single system of the entire district. Therefore, it is almost impossible to isolate Lech completely separately. All the elevators are regularly repaired, and new ones are created using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. The advantage of Leh is that many elevators are located almost at the entrance to the hotel, or in close proximity. This is due to the fact that Lech is an extremely small town.

Ski Pass

Lech or a ski resort with maximum comfort in Austria - Photo 5

Lech or maximum comfort ski resort in Austria

The average cost per day will be:

– for an adult – 50 EUR ; – for young people under 19 years old – 40 EUR ; – for children – 30 EUR ; – for small children, up to 8 years old – 10 EUR .

Prices can vary a little depending on the season, in high season more expensive, in low season – cheaper.


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On average, the cost per day will be:

Since Lech is a luxury ski resort, the prices here are appropriate. Nevertheless, you can book accommodation for 7 nights for two for 100 . 000 RUB. But the average price for a night in a hotel for two people, though, 25,000 rubles . The price is fully justified, as the hotel will provide first class service, excellent food, comfortable accommodation, proximity to the ski elevator, and the thought that in the next room may live a movie star or royalty, in general, can come to mind. In addition to hotels are available for housing as well small houses or apartments. They are more secluded and quiet, and the price is about the same as a hotel room. It is recommended to book an accommodation in advance, as the resort is very popular and if procrastinate in choosing an accommodation, it can simply not stay.

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How to get there

Lech or a ski resort with maximum comfort in Austria - Photo 7

On average, the cost per day will be:

International airports that are as close as possible to Lech:

1. Innsbruck – 120 km. 2. Salzburg – 200 km. 3. Friedrichshafen – 130 km.

There are two ways to get to Langen station from any of these airports: by bus/taxi to the train station, then by train, or directly by cab. From the necessary station you have to take a cab.

Lech, Austria – a very attractive resort for wealthy tourists. Here you can enjoy the parties, winter sports, get a first-class service, and relax for the year ahead. If you come with children, you will find something for them to do: a kind of kindergarten, where children will be fun and interesting while adults conquer the snowy peaks.

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