Le Grand Massif ski resort

Le Grand Massif.

Total – 265 km Red trails – 47 pieces, 95 km Blue trails – 60 pieces, 105 km Green trails – 23 pieces. Ski elevators: Tigo- 38 chairlifts – 30 cabin – 8 cable cars – 1 funicular

The ski area is divided into different areas: the entire Grand Massif ski area, the Villeges sector and the Flaine sector. There are also other sectors, such as the Sixt sector or beginner areas, for which lift passes must be purchased from the respective sectors.

GRAND-MASSIVE SECTOR: Unlimited access to the 5 ski resorts of the Grand Massif ski area: Flin, Le Carroze, Morillon, Samoin and Sixt. 142 pistes and 67 elevators ranging in altitude from 700 to 2,500 meters. 5 zones for beginners, accessible from 20 elevators.

VILL4GES ‘SECTOR: only for the resorts of Le Carroz, Morion, Samoëns and Sixtes-fer-a-Cheval, as well as Vernand. Note: The Vill4ges elevator does not include the resort of Flaine. Access to 78 slopes and 43 elevators located between 700 and 2200 meters altitude. There are 10 elevators in the Vill4ges sector to access the safe learning areas.

FLAINE SECTOR: The ski area is limited to the resort of Flin and Vernan. Access to 64 slopes and 24 elevators located between 1600m and 2500m. Flaine has 7 elevators with access to beginner areas.

Red trails – 47 pieces, 95 km Blue trails – 60 pieces, 105 km Green trails – 23 pieces. , 30 km Black trails – 12 pieces, 35 km Freeride routes: 18 pieces. Elevators: 38 T-bars – 38 chairlifts – 30 cabin lifts – 8 cable cars – 1 funicular

Accommodations (locations)

  • Season: December 14 – April 19
  • Difference of heights: 700-2500 m
  • There is a railway station

How to get there

Distances to the resort Le Grand Massif (Flins) from airports: Geneva 87km, Annecy 86km, Lyons 209km, Grenoble 223km.

By train or by bus. The nearest railway station is in Cluses (30 km) and Geneva (70 km), from where you can get to the region by bus or cab. In the winter season there is a bus service between Geneva airport and Flaine.

By car. Flaine is a car-free city. There are paid and free parking lots on the outskirts of the city, and buses run from them to the city center.

From Geneva-Chamonix motorway to the exit #19 Cluses centre, then turn right on the N205 to Sallanches, and after about 2 km turn left to Flaine, then follow the signs.

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General Information

Grand Massif ranks in the honourable ranks of French combined ski areas after the famous Three Valleys, Paradis Ski and Espace Killy. The Grand Massif ski area came into being in 1981 through the merger of the Massif ski area (Le Carrot, Morillon, Samoen, Vernand and Sixt Fère Chval) and the Flaine resort.

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The vast area is located in the Upper Savoy between Geneva and Mont Blanc. It combines five resorts Flaine (Flaine), Samoens (Samoens), Morillon, Les Carroz (Le Carroz) and Sixt Fer a Cheval (Sixt) with connected ski areas. In total, there are 133 slopes with a total length of 265 km.

The region has a unique climate, and even in the warmest winters the snow cover stays till the end of April. And by the amount of snowfall during the winter, Le Grand Massif holds one of the first places in the French Alps.

Read more ” The vast area is located in the Upper Savoy between Geneva and Mont Blanc. It combines five resorts Flaine, Samoens, Morillon, Les Carroz and Sixt Fer a Cheval with ski areas connected by elevators. In total, there are 133 slopes with a total length of 265 km.

The region has a unique climate, and even in the warmest winters the snow cover stays till the end of April. Le Grand Massif is one of the best places in the French Alps for the amount of snowfall during the winter.

Five integrated resorts Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt offer different, but perfectly complementary opportunities for outdoor activities, for piste and off-piste skiing. The main pistes of the region are wide and steep, which makes the region a great holiday destination for families with children.

For fans, the region offers two specially equipped snow parks: the largest in Europe Pro Jampark in Flen – ideal for advanced freeriders Septimountain Jampark in Samoena – for intermediate level snowboarders. In Morillon there is a children’s snowpark – Kid’s Park.

In addition to slopes for alpine skiing, the region offers more than 100 km of trails for cross-country skiing. Nordic walking enthusiasts can take a day hike on numerous trails, and you can also join a guided snowmobile tour, dog sled rides, try karting on the ice or fly a paraglider.

Whichever of the five villages you choose to stay in, the level of services and accessibility will be equally worthwhile.


Chairlifts – 38 Chairlifts – 30 Cable cars – 8 Cable cars – 1. more “

About Le Grand Massif Resort, France Le Grand Massif

The vast area is located in the Upper Savoy between Geneva and Mont Blanc. It combines five resorts Flaine (Flaine), Samoens (Samoens), Morillon, Les Carroz (Le Carroz) and Sixt Fer a Cheval (Sixt) with connected ski areas. In total, there are 133 slopes with a total length of 265 km.

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The region has a unique climate, and even in the warmest winters the snow cover stays till the end of April. And by the amount of snowfall during the winter, Le Grand Massif holds one of the first places in the French Alps.

Flaine is the largest and most popular resort in the region. It is located in the center of the valley on a plateau at an altitude of 1600 m. Construction of the resort began in 1963 and it opened in December 1968. Three levels of the resort are connected by two elevators and two escalators that operate around the clock. The center of the resort is pedestrian and automobile traffic is prohibited. From Flen the quickest and most convenient access to the main trails. The most interesting black slopes, coming from the peaks of Grand Platien and Tet de Sey, are also paved here. The blue Cascades slopes are 14 km long and have an altitude difference of 800 meters, starting in Flaine and ending in Six.

There are 3 snow parks in the region. Pro Jampark in Flaine is one of the largest in Europe. It has a length of 1500 meters, half-pipe, various modules for jumps and a track for bordercross.

Meet the spelling of the resort: Grand Massif.

Tourist Office Office de Tourisme, Gelerie Marchande Forum
address F-74300 Fliane
telephone 00 33/4/50 90 80 01
fax 50 90 86 26

Been in Fliane for a week. The mountain serpentine during the snowfall looks scary. The resort during the week is full of French people of retirement age, at the weekend young people who like to drink come up and are noisy. All . →

I was in Flén (Grand Massif) from March 10 to 17, 2012. Flin is located on several levels, and to get to the slopes, you have to take a bus or cable car down, or walk to the end of the road. →

We skied in Flen in January 2011 and it was the discovery of the year. We settled in the village of Samoëns, which is part of the Grand Massif region, but since there was not much snow, we did a lot of ka. →

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  • Alpe d’ Huez (6.7)
  • Valoir (6.2)
  • Val d’Isère (7.7)
  • Val Cenis (5.5)
  • Val Thorens (8.2)
  • Grand Massif (6.7)
  • Courchevel (7.3)
  • La Clouse (6.7)
  • La Plagne (8.0)
  • Le Grand Bornand (6.3)
  • Le Des Alpes (8.0)
  • Le Gé (6.2)
  • Le Contamine (6.0)
  • Le Menuir (6.8)
  • Les Arcs (8.0)
  • La Grave (5.3)
  • Megève (5.8)
  • Meribel (7.0)
  • Morzine (6.5)
  • Serre Chevalier (6.7)
  • Sibel (5.5)
  • Termignon (6.0)
  • Tignes (8.0)
  • Chamonix Mont Blanc (8.7)
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Le Grand Massif weather

Today 05.09.2022: 7 o Snow SW 27 km/h Forecast for 14 days →

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