L.A., USA: facts, interesting sights, attractions and cuisine

L.A., USA: facts, interesting sights, attractions and cuisine

Los Angeles is a city that just about everyone knows about. They say Los Angeles is known as the most beautiful and colorful city in the United States, but everyone else knows about it from movies, TV shows, magazines with colorful headlines and other news. And indeed, this city is one of the most chic and eye-catching places in the United States.

Much of its popularity, Los Angeles got in the twentieth century. That’s when the movie industry and show business started to grow in popularity. In this city were born various movie stars, media personalities and other celebrities. This city one hundred percent sure can be called a place that consists of dreams and desires of people. Traveling around this “star of the United States”, you can experience an atmosphere of glamour, luxury, and see beautiful buildings imbued with sophistication and refinement.

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What is the city of Los Angeles?

It can be interesting.

The city’s location plays a major role, of course . It’s nestled beautifully on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in a hilly region. It’s surrounded on one side by mountain peaks and on the other by beautiful seascapes. Also, the climate here is also fabulous and very pleasant. In winter it is not so cold and there are no strong winds. Summer is also quite favorable: in this period it is not too stuffy and dry, but you can swim here. The sun is shining here practically 329 days a year, as precipitation, on the one hand is good, and on the other – not so much, bypasses this city.

Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities in the United States. According to official data, in 2018, the population of this beautiful city reached 4 million people. This is a plus, so going here, a person who may not know English well and shy about their pronunciation, accent, will not feel humiliated. There are people from more than 150 countries living in the city, and more than 200 languages are spoken here. So it’s easy to find someone to talk to.

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Los Angeles can be called a city of entertainment. Here at almost every turn you can find places with different types of entertainment, cinemas and just beautiful photogenic places.

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It can be interesting.

Los Angeles Attractions.

In addition to celebrities, actors, directors, or showmen, there are many interesting sights and memorable places in the city . The first thing to visit is one of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Walking through this park, you can lose track of time, as there are many interesting and addictive things to do. For example, you can visit the famous film studio – Universal Studios, where many iconic movies, TV shows and TV shows were filmed. You can also take a walk through the huge City Mall and of course take a picture in front of the big letters that say “Hollywood”.

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Los Angeles Attractions.

In addition to this place, don’t forget to stop by the Museum of Art, located in Los Angeles County. But most of all, the Museum of Modern Art may surprise and delight you. It is relatively young and small. Totally there are a little more than 5000 exhibits, each of which is dedicated to a particular direction of modern art. Also, don’t forget to visit Disneyland for at least a few minutes, although it is unlikely that you will be able to return from there even after an hour.

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Los Angeles Attractions.

Another interesting and noteworthy place is the Huntington Library or Hinton . Lovers of literature and books will love it here because the range of the library (if you can call it that) is huge and varied. There are exclusive books as well as modern bestsellers. The most famous are The Blue Boy and all four parts of Hamlet. In addition, there are botanical gardens within the library building, which, in turn, are divided into different areas and themes.

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Los Angeles Attractions.

Entertainment or nightlife in Los Angeles.

Even at night, Los Angeles is a hive of activity. Bars, clubs, and all kinds of quirky places to party and hang out are open at night. Everyone can find a place to relax. For those who are not interested in visiting night clubs and bars, and want to relax simply, without “pathos”, there are many movie theaters in the city that work all day long without breaks and weekends. You can see the latest movies in the movie theaters of Los Angeles, because most of them are created in the movie studios of the city.

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You can also just walk around the city . There are many beautiful places that are illuminated by lights and lanterns at night. On the walls of some buildings you can see beautiful graffiti by local street artists. Some of them are so beautiful and unusual that one wonders why this creation is in an ordinary alley or a plain, white wall of a building and not in some museum or gallery. But that’s what makes Los Angeles so beautiful.

In fact, you don’t have to look for any unusual attraction or entertainment. Just look around and see how unusual and beautiful everything is.

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Entertainment or nightlife in Los Angeles.

Bars, Restaurants & Cuisine in Los Angeles.

The multi-cultural diversity of the city’s residents is reflected in its national cuisine. It’s diverse and varied. Every tourist can find a restaurant or another place to have a good meal and relax where they feel comfortable to be.

Also most of the restaurants here have a Michelin star, so you can trust your breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner to the chefs of such institutions 100 percent.

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Bars, Restaurants & Cuisine in Los Angeles.

What to bring back from your trip?

If you arrive from Los Angeles without any souvenirs and presents for your friends and relatives as well as for yourself, it will be just unacceptable. The main things you can bring from your trip are souvenirs or memorabilia associated with the film industry or filmography. You can also buy all sorts of goodies, things, or cosmetics.

Los Angeles is truly a beautiful and extraordinary city that you can visit as a family or as a single person. There are a lot of different activities and beautiful places.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city in the United States, the administrative center of the county of the same name and a large metropolitan area of more than 17 million people. The city is located in the southern part of California, in the west it has access to the Pacific Ocean, and on the other sides it is surrounded by deserts and mountains. Los Angeles has a population of 3.8 million and covers 1,302 square kilometers.

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The economic mogul of the Golden State

Los Angeles’ economy is based on entertainment, tourism, international trade and manufacturing. It ranks third in the United States for its level of development and profitability. The city is home to the Pacific Coast’s largest financial corporations and banks. The local port is considered the fifth busiest in the world.

The main industries in Los Angeles are electronics, metalworking, computers, automobiles, furniture, medicine and clothing. The television and movie industry is the most profitable, with the city accounting for about 90% of all movie production in the United States. The city’s amusement parks, beaches, art galleries and exhibit halls draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, making Los Angeles one of America’s top tourist destinations.

View of Downtown in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles: Entertainment Capital of the World

Los Angeles is a city of fashion, illusions, daydreams and fulfillment of your most cherished desires. Here you can ride on the crest of a wave, look behind the scenes of your favorite TV show, bask in the sun on the white sandy beach or fulfill a childhood dream – to visit Disneyland.

The city charms with its atmosphere of luxury, carelessness and grandeur. It produces everything that is called the “American dream”, and is considered the entertainment capital of the world. You only need to visit Wilshire Boulevard to see it for yourself. It is a 24 km long street with hundreds of stores, nightclubs, restaurants and the most expensive houses in the world.

Because Los Angeles is located in a highly seismic active area, it is dominated by low-rise buildings and villas, but on the architectural scale they surpass many skyscrapers of modern metropolitan areas. High-rise buildings can be found here only in the central part of the city, Downtown.

City of Angels

The first European settlers in what is now Los Angeles were Spanish missionaries. In 1769, their governor, Felipe de Neva, sent an expedition of 11 women and men and 22 children to the wild, wild, but fertile land under the sun on the ocean to establish a new settlement. It was given a name that literally translates as “City of the Great Lady, Queen of Angels.”

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Over time, the territory of the small village came into the possession of the United States, which contributed to its further development. In 1890, oil was found in its vicinity, and new residents gradually began to arrive here. Since the name of the city was too long, the Americans shortened it in their own way, resulting in the “City of Angels.


Buses are the main means of public transportation in Los Angeles, and their routes cover all parts of the city and the suburbs. The local subway is quite young and consists of only five lines, and it does not work at night. Passenger cars are considered the most convenient and cheapest means of transportation, and there are car rentals in each of the city’s neighborhoods.


The crime rate in Los Angeles has decreased markedly in recent years, and the city is considered quite safe for tourists. Nevertheless, you should avoid walking through certain neighborhoods at night, not carry large sums of money and lock your car.

Famous Hollywood inscription on the hillside in Los Angeles.

Main attractions

In Los Angeles, it is virtually impossible to define the historic center of the city. Each of its neighborhoods has its own history, attractions, and just plain interesting places.

Hollywood and the Walk of Fame

Hollywood is the most famous neighborhood in Los Angeles, which can safely be called a separate inner city. It is home to many theaters and movie studios and is home to some of the most famous artists and movie actors. Tourists can visit the outdoor movie sets, the wax museum, or take a stroll along the Walk of Fame. This is nothing but a long sidewalk lined with five-pointed stars bearing the names of people who have played a major role in the development of the film and entertainment industry.


Disneyland Los Angeles is considered the “progenitor” of all Disneylands in the world, it opened in 1956. At that time it was a small amusement park with two dozen rides and stories, although at that time visitors were already greeted by fairy tale characters and colorful scenery. Today Disneyland is equipped with the latest computer technology, which allows for maximum realism of decorations on the rides. Guests are still greeted at the entrance by Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and other fairy tale characters.

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Downtown District

Downtown is the business district of Los Angeles and is home to municipal offices, financial institutions and skyscrapers that are rare in the city. The most popular among them are the Arco and the Bonaventure Hotel. Of the local attractions, the Central Library, the Flight of Angels cable car, and the Museum of Modern Art are the most noteworthy.

Malibu Beaches

The Malibu area is widely known for its many beaches, which are exactly like footage from the famous TV series about lifeguards. Here you can find both rocky shores and sandy ones. Diving and surfing enthusiasts especially love this place.

Beverly Hills neighborhood.

This is one of the richest neighborhoods in the city. Its Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard are known as the best place for entertainment, shopping, and luxury vacations. Most of the buildings here are private villas of millionaires and movie stars.

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