Knight’s tournament in San Miguel castle in Tenerife

San Miguel Castle in Tenerife

The Canarians came up with an interesting entertainment – a knight’s tournament in the castle. Quite a decent show if you don’t take it too seriously and demanding. I recommend it for families: neither adults nor children will be bored!

San Miguel Castle

San Miguel Castle

The town of Aldea Blanca has its own castle, Castillo de San Miguel, which resembles a medieval fortress. It is a large rough stone building with round towers, loopholes and massive arched gates, with battlements on the walls, a drawbridge and a real protective moat. However, San Miguel is not an ancient citadel, but quite a modern art center, designed as a setting for knightly performances.

I put the car in the parking lot in front of the castle. The people were already waiting for the opening. There were two riders in black standing in front of the entrance. Everyone was taking pictures with them.

The knight at the entrance to San Miguel

Knight at the entrance to San Miguel.

It is said that there used to be an old fortress on this site. The present San Miguel is an exact copy of it. In the evenings in the castle there are knightly “tournaments of the six”. Guests are met by formidable guards, but the guards behave politely and amiably: they answer questions and give spectators colored capes of six colors (according to the number of knights). The color of the garment indicates belonging to the “team” of a particular knight, for whom you have to cheer.

Sitting in the royal seats

Black mantle given out

Lena the Queen

Throne room in San Miguel castle

Dark Corridor



At the entrance we had an e-ticket exchanged for a black cloak, someone was given a yellow one. The color determined the team of knights to cheer for.

In the throne room we were greeted by a black dwarf and a duke. Some more time was spent in the hall at the entrance. The bar offered beer and popcorn for an additional fee. The premises are styled like an old castle, although you can tell it’s not a real castle.

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Waiting for the show

Closer to 8 pm we were called into the hall. It was very slow and didn’t want to put me in the place I wanted. But we had good seats in the front row anyway.


Brawl with the audience.


The Yellow Bolsheviks

Yellow knight.

Audience Brawl Again

Dwarf Faqir







The performance began with the introduction of the knights. The Duke and Duchess greeted everyone and the carnage began. The show was reminiscent of wrestling in places, but it was fun.

Riders rushed through the arena, torches blazing, horses’ hooves blasting the sand. Hunting dogs and falcons take part in the show. A dark-skinned dwarf “fire swallower” amuses the audience. Spears are whistled and knights on horseback make a precise move to strike the target. The audience determines the winner, who, in turn, chooses a lady of the heart, who is invited to the lodge of the masters of the castle.

Dinner during the show

Dinner during the performance

During the performance we were served vegetable soup, then chicken breast with fried potatoes and carrots, and for dessert they brought ice cream with chocolate and caramel. Everything was delicious except for the drinks. On the table there were bottles of obscenely cheap white and red wine for 80 cents and a half of fake Fanta from Lidl. Wine and soda water are drunk from large metal mugs. The same mugs were used as drums when cheering on the knights.

After dinner is the culmination of the jousting tournament, the “survival” duels. Courageous hidalgoes come together in desperate battles, sparks flying from their swords. Spectators in colorful cloaks cheer, each team actively supports its hero. Noise is allowed and welcomed: you can stomp, shout, whistle, and applaud. We kept pounding metal plates and mugs with spoons. The heated audience resembled a bubbling volcano, and the ubiquitous photographers snapped reportage photos (you can buy them on the way out). And they even offered to buy DVDs! But now, where to insert these DVDs, no one knows, it would be better to send a link to youtube.

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Lena and her knight

Dwarf clown with Lena

Huge dog

Scary cute dog

The tournament ends, the only knight “survives” and everyone honors the winner. Then the guests are invited to the ball. A bright performance by dancers in Spanish costumes, to the sound of live music and castanets awaits them. It’s not really a ball, just a photo shoot with the artists.

The show at the knight’s castle takes place on Saturdays and Thursdays, from 19:00. There are options with a transfer from your hotel.

How do I buy discounted tickets to San Miguel Castle?

If you buy tickets to the show in advance online, it’s easy to get a 10% discount:

San Miguel Castle Knights Tournament

San Miguel castle

We are overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation for our next meeting with you because we have a wonderful surprise for you today! We are waiting for an unforgettable spectacle – a real knight tournament of medieval times, to which we go without delay, so as not to miss the most interesting.

Journey to the Middle Ages

The Castillo de San Miguel holds a special place amongst Tenerife’s most popular tournaments. Visitors who are lucky enough to see the show with their own eyes are unanimous in saying that it is a fantastic entertainment, especially for its medieval atmosphere. San Miguel de Abona Castle itself is located in the southern town of Aldea Blanca. They say it is a scaled-down copy of a real castle, but I have not yet found confirmation of this information. It was purpose-built to hold costume shows for visitors and to give them the opportunity to be immersed in the times of the legendary King Arthur and his faithful Knights of the Round Table.

San Miguel castle in Tenerife

A construction site of epic proportions.

An impressively sized building of 6,000 square meters of light stone, 16 meter high towers, an entrance with armor, swords, shields, forged chests, massive gates, torches. Hardly a visitor can ignore two knights in knightly garb and armor, guarding the castle. The decoration inside the halls of San Miguel Castle leaves no doubt that you have traveled several centuries back into the mysterious past…

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Brave knights dashing on horseback and wielding their swords perfectly, well-dressed ladies winning the hearts of dozens of brave men not only by their nobility and refined manners, but also by their dazzling beauty. I think these are the pictures your imagination draws at the thought of the distant days of chivalry. Let’s give credit to the creators of the spectacular performance – they know how to attract modern viewers.

Knights at the entrance of San Miguel Castle in Tenerife

The Shine of the Armor

And so San Miguel appears before our eyes in the light of spotlights. Don’t be surprised – the performance is supposed to be the most mysterious, so it takes place only in the evening. If you don’t have time to don a cloak and a crown (of cardboard, though), then complete your attire with these essential attributes to resemble the nobility, and hurry to say hello and have your picture taken with the finely dressed duke, young duchesses and their loyal subjects, who greet you in the Armoury. Then the procession heads to the Hall of Tournaments, reserved for a costume performance. In the hall you must find a box where tourists gather in cloaks the same color as yours, because you must cheer for the knight to whom that color corresponds.

Participants of jousting tournament in Tenerife

How does the show go

The show consists of horseback and foot races culminating in the victory of only one of the participants. Then the queen of the tournament is chosen and the right to choose is given to the winner of the final battle. That’s brief and unemotional, but now a little more detail.

To arms!

We’re looking at the arena sprinkled with sand and waiting impatiently for the jousting to start, when a very colorful figure of a black dwarf appears before us – a tournament host and also a fire tamer, fearlessly sending flaming torches into his mouth. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the gallery at and you’ll find lots to interest you not only in him but also in the other contestants. The herald announces the beginning of the first part, which will include horse and foot battles and, of course, a demonstration of riding skills. It is breathtaking when the knights, with their visors down and their plumes flying in the wind, rush at each other to break lances or cross swords and prove their superiority and courage to the clang of steel. The victor is given the right to choose a “lady of the heart” and she, in turn, receives the honorable opportunity to go to the Duke’s box and be present there until the end of the performance, and then to sit at dinner in the most honorable place – among the first nobles of the castle.

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