Kharkiv main sights

Kharkiv main sights

Svobody square is the main square in Kharkov. The size of “Maidan Svobody” (as it is called in Ukrainian) is about five times larger than Red Square in Moscow. So to visit Kharkov and not to visit the largest square in Ukraine would be illogical.

Intercession Cathedral in Kharkov

Kharkov has a lot of orthodox sites, but the main one is rightfully considered to be the Intercession Cathedral, which is located on University Street and belongs to the Holy Protection Monastery of the same name. The monastery is one of the oldest stone buildings in modern Kharkov.

Assumption Cathedral in Kharkov

Assumption Cathedral is one of the most visited Orthodox attractions in Kharkov. The temple stands in the center of the city, at the intersection of University and Kvitka-Osnovyanenko streets. If historians are to be believed, the cathedral was built in the middle of the 17th century.

House of State Industry

House of State Industry is located on the main square of Kharkov – Svobody Square. This building, which was built in the late 20s of the last century, is impossible to walk past even today. Everyone who sees the State Industry House for the first time is impressed not only by its gigantic size, but also by its architectural style.

Kharkov Water Museum

It only seems at first glance that we know everything about water. And what can be interesting about it? It just flows. Kharkov Water Museum denies these conservative opinions. It turns out that you can talk about water for hours.

Museum of Kharkov eminent citizens named after K.I. Shulzhenkov K.I. Shulzhenko

Kharkov is the hometown of the famous singer Klavdia Shulzhenko. That is why it is no coincidence that the museum dedicated to her life and work is located exactly here. The museum has several expositions that tell about the creative path of the singer. One of the rooms fully reproduces the interior of her house.

Museum of Ceramic Tile and Sanitaryware

Despite its understated name (what can be interesting about sinks and faucets?), the museum has some interesting displays.

Museum “Space” in Kharkov

This museum is the first one opened in Ukraine, dedicated to astronautics and ufology. You may be skeptical about the museum saying that aliens don’t exist. But a lot of people have thought that we are not alone in the universe after all, after looking into the museum.

Police Museum in Kharkov

You often see these kinds of museums in big cities. The Kharkov Militia Museum has been operating for 40 years, and it tells the story of local law enforcement agencies.

Museum of Sex and Sexual Cultures of the World in Kharkov

Rare city in the world can brag of such a museum. In Ukraine it is the only one that is engaged in educational and awareness-raising activities in the field of sexual relations. Fortunately, humanity has enough experience to share.

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Holocaust Museum in Kharkov

The only museum in Ukraine that is dedicated to the persecution of Jews during WWII is located in Kharkov. There are documents and materials about the life of prisoners in Auschwitz, the torture of Jews, mass shootings, and trials of the Nazis.

Gorky Park in Kharkov

Gorky Park is the central park of Kharkov, where you can not only take a walk along the beautiful alleys and paved paths, but also have fun on the extreme attractions, have fun at the dance floors and even demonstrate your physical preparation at various sports facilities.

Mirror Stream fountain

The ‘Mirror Stream’ fountain, also known as the ‘Glass Stream’, is a well-known symbol of Kharkov. The water complex is located on Sumskaya Street, near the Victory Garden and another famous sight in the city – the National Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Mykola Lysenko.

Kharkov Dolphinarium

After a brisk walk along the sights of Kharkov, it’s high time to have a rest and recharge your batteries with some new emotions. And you can do that if you visit the dolphinarium “Nemo”, located on 35 Sumskaya Street. Tourists are welcome here at any time of the year and are ready to surprise visitors of all ages.

Kharkov zoo

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Kharkov is, visit the local zoo and enjoy the experience. The Kharkov zoo was founded in 1895 and has been running ever since, except during the Second World War.

Kharkiv Maritime Museum

A maritime museum in a dry city seems like nonsense. However, there is an explanation for this fact: the exposition is based on the private collection of Alexander Yakimenko, a man who loves the sea. And as you know, nothing can stop a person who is passionate about his passion.

Kharkov planetarium

The second biggest planetarium in Ukraine and, in the opinion of many visitors, the first one in technical equipment and variety of educational programs, Kharkov planetarium is a real center of fascinating science about stars, universes and galaxies.

Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Nikolai Lysenko

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Nikolay Lysenko is one of the leading theaters, not only in Kharkov, but also in the whole Ukraine. Today this cultural institution is located on Sumskaya Street, in front of the fountain complex “Mirror Stream”.

Kharkov Art Museum

Kharkov Art Museum is the main museum of Kharkov and one of the most important museums in Ukraine. Here you can see the paintings of famous artists such as Ilya Repin, Karl Bryullov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Shishkin and many others.

Kharkov is a beautiful city in every respect, especially when it comes to local attractions. First off, Kharkov, unlike other places visited by tourists, has not one, but more than ten universally recognized symbols. So the first must see is Freedom Square, which is considered the largest square in Ukraine. To imagine its size you should multiply Red Square in Moscow by five. On “Maidan Svobody,” as Ukrainians call the square, there is another famous landmark of Kharkov – the House of State Industry. If you believe the historians, it was the tallest building not only in the Soviet Union, but also in all of Europe, which housed representative offices of large industrial enterprises.

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A sightseeing tour of Kharkov would not be complete without a visit to Gorky Park, the Dolphinarium, the zoo, and the Mirror Stream Fountain.

The main Orthodox attractions of Kharkov are the Pokrovsky Cathedral at the Holy Protection Monastery and the Assumption Cathedral. Both churches, despite their centuries-long history, remain active today and are always open to tourists and believers. By the way, you can attend organ music concerts in the Cathedral of the Assumption (read more about these sights in the articles above) in addition to traditional worship services.

To see the largest collection of paintings by Ilya Repin, just visit the Kharkov Art Museum.

By the way, besides the works of the artist, there are also works by K. P. Bryullov, I. K. Aivazovsky, I. I. Shishkin, V. I. Surikov and other equally famous painters. It is worth finding time to visit Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater named after Nikolai Lysenko. It was the first opera house that appeared in Ukraine, and today it is also one of the leading cultural objects. It should be added that the Kharkov Theater also offers performances in Russian.

A sightseeing tour of Kharkov would not be complete without visiting the central city park named after Gorky. Here you can spend a full day with fun and enjoyment for both adults and tourists with children.

Other popular attractions in Kharkov are the zoo and the dolphinarium. Each complex is open year round and welcomes visitors of all ages. Finish your tour of Kharkov with a visit to the most famous fountain in the city, the ‘Mirror Stream’. Let us tell you a secret: in the evening it is especially beautiful and gives passersby an LED performance.

Sights in Kharkov

Kharkov Historical Museum Assumption Cathedral Pokrovsky Cathedral Kharkov Airport Kharkov House with Chimeras Constitution Square Sobornaya Mosque Kharkov Zoo

This website contains a list of Kharkiv sights – photos, description and tips for travelers. The list is compiled on the basis of popular travel guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to the questions: what to see in Kharkiv, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Kharkiv.

Historical Museum

Historical Museum (photo)

History Museum in Kharkov was originally founded as a museum of Sloboda Ukraine named after Skovoroda in 1920. During the Soviet times the museum was located in the Archbishop’s house of the Pokrovsky monastery and in the building of Girardovskoy manufactory. Only in the early 1930s the museum of the Sloboda Ukraine was renamed the Historical museum. At the same time its structure was significantly changed. At the beginning of 1940s the Historical museum of Kharkiv became one of the biggest in Ukraine. During the Great Patriotic War the museum was partially destroyed and then restored.

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Since the early 1990s, the Historical Museum is located in the building of the former pawnshop, which was built in 1908 designed by architect B. Kornienko. The building has been recognized as an architectural monument and is an element of the architectural ensemble of Universitetskaya Street and Universitetskaya Hill.

The modern Historical Museum is divided into four departments – of the primitive society, feudal, capitalist and the Soviet period.

Coordinates: 49.99166600,36.22972200

Assumption Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral (photo)

This magnificent temple in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located on the bank of the river Lopani, is the oldest Orthodox temple in Kharkov. It was first mentioned in the reports of voivode Ophrosim in 1658. From this historical document we learn that originally the temple was wooden and had paper icons.

Only in 1685-1687 began to build a stone church because of the dilapidated old one. All the construction work was supervised by Colonel Avdi Grigorievich. As a result, a stone cross-shaped temple with five domes was built.

But in 1733 there was a major fire, which significantly damaged the temple, and in 1770 the first cracks were noticed. Therefore in 1771 began to build a new square temple with five domes.

Unfortunately, during the Soviet era, the domes and the exquisite decorations were destroyed and the most valuable relics were taken away. Only in the fifties of the XX century began restoration work, and in 1990 the first service was held.

Currently, the Cathedral of the Assumption is the “pearl” of the city, the chimes from its bell tower can be heard throughout the city. Thanks to the organ and the terrific acoustics, concerts of classical and sacred music are held.

Coordinates: 49.98991800,36.23039800

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Pokrovsky cathedral

Pokrovsky Cathedral (photo)

Intercession Cathedral in Kharkov is an Orthodox church dedicated to the Intercession of the Holy Virgin.

Intercession Cathedral is a valuable monument of Ukrainian architecture of the second half of the XVII century. It is a baroque church with three domes. The patterned brick platbands are next to very beautiful multi-profile eaves with a small outstretch. The belt of rectangular niches is supplemented with the image of the sun. What makes the cathedral unique is that it combines the harmony of structures growing out of one another, rising upward, with the stark, imposing forms of the bell tower, which resemble a fortress tower.

In the 1920s, the cathedral was closed and began to gradually deteriorate. In the 1950s, minor cosmetic repairs were made. And only in 1992 the church along with the architectural complex of the Holy Virgin Monastery was returned to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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Coordinates: 49.99197400,36.22998800

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Kharkov Airport

Airport Kharkov (photo)

Kharkov airport is an international airport, the construction of which began in 1951. Its grand opening took place in 1954, on the day of the pompous celebration of the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.

It is an airport of the 2nd class and is able to receive Airbus A-320, Airbus A310, Douglas MD-80, Boeing-737, Tu-154, Il-76 planes, as well as helicopters of all types. At present it serves 16 airlines and from here flights are operated to such major destinations as Sharjah, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Yerevan, Moscow, Dubai, Tbilisi, Batumi, Istanbul, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Antalya and Kutaisi.

Externally, the building of the Kharkov airport is characterized by the parade, which was typical of the “Stalinist” architecture of the 30-50-ies. The central entrance is decorated with an eight-column portico with a parapet of complex shape. Above the construction rises an octahedral graceful tower with a slender spire, crowned with a gilded wreath, and a tent.

The interiors are richly decorated with paintings and stucco architectural details. On the first floor of the building is the waiting room and buffet. On the second floor there are mother and child rooms, hotel rooms and service rooms.

The coordinates are: 49.92476200,36.29134900

House with Chimeras

House with Chimeras (photo)

House with Chimeras is an architectural monument in Kharkov made in Art Nouveau style with some elements of the English Gothic. Architects – V. Pokrovsky and P. Velichko.

Sculptural elements of the house, in addition to chimeras, knights’ coats of arms, salamanders and wolves, include also the heads of V.N. Pokrovsky and his assistant P.V. Velichko. Sculptures of architects, as everyone can see, look out from under the balcony on the second floor. Initially V.N.Pokrovsky held a pen in his left hand to write something in a book, which he held in his right hand. During restoration in 1990-2003 this writing object was broken off, and in the 2000s students mischievously put a cigarette in place of the pen all the time.

At the 4th floor level, to the right and left of the central part of the house can be seen a pair of sculptures of bent humanoid creatures created in 1914, which prop up the vertical columns of the facade.

Coordinates: 50.00805500,36.24277700

Constitution Square

Constitution Square (photo)

Constitution Square is one of the most notable places in Kharkov. It is one of the oldest central squares, founded in 1659, at the same time as the Kharkov fortress. During the history of its existence it has changed a lot of names, including Tevelev Square, Soviet Ukraine Square, Fair Square and Nikolayev Square.

Constitution Square is 550 meters long and varies in width from 40 to 130 meters. In November 1975, a monument to the proclamation of Soviet power in Ukraine was opened there. Under the square there are two metro stations – “Sovetskaya” and “Historical Museum”. It should also be noted, that the longest street of the city, Moskovskiy Prospekt, starts from here.

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Constitution Square is literally dotted with sights, the most prominent among them are: The Puppet Theater, the House of Technics, the four-story building “Eastern Sweets”, the Monument of Independence of Ukraine, the Palace of Labor, the Restaurant “Central”, as well as a favorite meeting place of Kharkov citizens – the monument Gradusnik, whose height reaches 16 meters.

Coordinates: 49.99320500,36.23211000

Cathedral Mosque

Cathedral Mosque (photo)

Cathedral Mosque is one of the many architectural landmarks of Kharkov. It was originally built in 1905 on the bank of the Lopan River at the end of Yaroslavskaya Street. During World War II the building of Sobornaya Mosque was completely destroyed. The author of the construction is unknown, the appearance of the lost structure allows to judge its schematic image on an old postcard. The current building was erected on the same place in 2000 and is a striking representative of Muslim architecture.

The cathedral mosque in Kharkov has one minaret and a beautiful dome, located on a cascading two-story annex. The left wing of the structure is decorated with a plaster arch with an original ornament. The facade of the building is represented by a number of arched spans painted in a gentle turquoise color. Pastel colors prevail in the structure’s exterior decoration. The colorful mosaics of vases and plants on a golden background are located inside the mosque.

Coordinates: 49.98534500,36.22025200

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Kharkov zoo

Kharkov Zoo (photo)

The Kharkov Zoo is the oldest zoological park in Ukraine, located in Kharkov.

At the end of the 19th century, an exhibition of pets and birds was organized on the territory of the present zoo. This event served as the opening date of the future zoo. Later it had a hard time with the revolution, after which it was created again on an empty site, and the Great Patriotic War, when some of the rare collection of animals was destroyed and some were released from the cages. In 1992 the Kharkov zoo was given the status of a zoo sanctuary, and today it has over 8000 animals and birds.

There are many educational and training programs and clubs for children in the zoo, including: a club for young naturalists for animal lovers, a contact zoo, where children can pet and even play with animals under the supervision of staff, and a pony club “Radis” for those who want to learn how to ride a horse. Regularly Kharkov zoo hosts celebrations, events and conferences on different species of rare and endangered animals.

Coordinates: 50.00000000,36.21666700

The most popular attractions in Kharkov with descriptions and pictures for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Kharkov on our website.

More Sights in Kharkov

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