Kerkyra is the capital city of Corfu, Greece

Corfu Capital Corfu City – A piece of paradise on earth

Corfu is a Greek island lying in the waters of the Ionian Sea. Its historical scenery and well developed infrastructure have made it a true tourist “Mecca”. Visitors to Corfu are greeted by the capital of Corfu, Kerkyra, named after the nymph stolen and taken to the island by Poseidon. The city is the air and sea gateway to Corfu. Some travelers go from here to resorts on the island, but often tourists spend their entire vacation in Kerkyra. The local beauties and attractions are very attractive.



The first information about the settlement dates back to the 8th century BC. It was founded by the Corinthian colonists but 2 centuries later the locals managed to achieve total independence.

Kerkyra has often been conquered and placed under the protectorate of different countries. In the 3rd century BC it was incorporated into the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, it was considered a Venetian territory, which the Ottomans later tried to seize.

In 1797, for a couple of years the town became French, but after the campaign of Ushakov it passed under Russian protectorate. The influence of Russia lasted for 8 years, after which the territory once again becomes French. In 1815 Ionian Greece and Corfu fell under the British protectorate, which lasted almost 50 years. It was not until 1864, that Corfu, together with its capital, was handed over to the reborn Greek state.

History is reflected in the architectural style of the streets. Particularly unique is the old town of Corfu. French, Venetian, Italian and British architectural styles coexist in the area. It is also where the famous monuments are located and is what most tourists come to see.

Modern Kerkyra for travelers is not only a gateway to Corfu and its resorts, but also to unique landmarks from different eras. Every region of Greece has a unique cultural heritage, but perhaps you won’t find such a variety of styles anywhere else.

Corfu Town of Kerkyra

Corfu – where to go and how to reach it

Kerkyra and the island of Corfu are the westernmost points of Greece. The waters surrounding the area are divided by the border with Albania on the east side of the island and the Italian border on the west. To Corfu can be reached only by air and sea.

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From Moscow there are direct flights landing at Corfu International Airport, which is located 3 km from Kerkyra. The flight takes just over 3 hours. If you do not have tickets for a direct flight, you can fly to the Greek mainland and change planes in Athens. From there, it’s only an hour flight to the island, and there are up to 8 flights per day.

There is public transportation from the airport to the city. Be careful, as buses go in two directions: the blue cars go to Kerkyra and the green ones take passengers to the island’s resorts.

Getting on the right flight is not difficult. There is a bus stop to the right of the terminal exit, from which route #19 goes to the city. The bus runs every hour and the travel time to the bus station is 10-15 minutes. The cost of the trip is 2 €.

If you do not want to adjust to the schedule of public transport, you can order a cab or shuttle service from the airport. But note that there is no parking near Corfu airport, so it’s better to order a car in advance. The cost of such a trip is also high: you will have to pay more than 20 € for a transfer.

If you are traveling to Kekira from other Greek cities you can’t avoid the ferry crossing. The sea route is very interesting and beautiful but not too long. From the mainland to the island the ship takes passengers in 1 hour.

The ferry runs from Igoumenitsa port (345 km from Athens). In summer, there are about 10 trips a day. Keep in mind that the schedule can be altered by inclement weather. The ticket for the ship will cost 11 euros. For passengers with a car the ferry will cost about 45 euros.

The distance from the port to the center of Corfu is 1.5 km. You can cover this distance on foot or take a cab. The price for the trip will not exceed 10 euros.

When is the best time to visit Corfu?

Corfu island has a mild Mediterranean climate. Springs and autumns are dry and warm while winters are cool and rainy with rain peaking in January and February. Corfu is sunny and hot during summer.

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The question of when is the best time to come to Corfu is difficult to answer. Traditionally, the peak season is in July and August. But the holidays in the capital of the island are mostly sightseeing, so there is no point in coming here in the hottest months.

A good time for sightseeing is spring or fall Kerkyra: the weather in this period is most comfortable for Europeans. The air temperature is +25-27 ° C and the water warms up to 22-24 ° C.

You can relax on the island in winter. Yes, the weather is cool and often windy, but the city is not crowded and Christmas-present. In December, it celebrates the Day of St. Spiridon and the colorful festival brings together pilgrims from around the world. Then comes Christmas week with sales and festivities.

Attractions of Corfu

The city of Kerkyra is rich in architectural delights. Most of the historical monuments are found in the center of Corfu – the Old Town area. The area is so unique that this part of the city has even been taken under the protection of UNESCO. To get to the Old City you can take bus number 2, which leaves from the square Saroko (the central city station).

Sights of Corfu

The Cathedral of St. Spiridon (Agios Spiridon) with the tallest bell tower in the city is the most popular place in Kerkyra. The church was built in 1589 and since then it has become a symbol of the city. It hosts annual religious celebrations which attract thousands of pilgrims. Other places worth seeing are the Church of Our Lady of Spiliotissa and the Church of Saints Jason and Sosipatra.

Saint Spiridon's Cathedral in Corfu

For many people a walk around Kekira is not complete without a visit to the Old Fortress and its little “sister” New Fortress. Fortifications were built by the Venetians in the Middle Ages, but are well preserved to this day. Especially impressive is the New Fortress, with its network of tunnels and massive toothed walls.

Old Fortress

Sights of Corfu

Another popular tourist spot is Liston Street. The Frenchman de Lesseps did the planning, and the alley itself was intended for walks of the nobility. To make the promenade could only people who were recorded in a special list. From this came the name Liston, “listed”. The street is incredibly beautiful, and at Easter there are still colorful processions.

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In general, it is noteworthy to walk along any of the streets of Kerkyra, where there are interesting monuments. Recently, a tourist train has been running through the Old City. Its route runs along the most important landmarks of the city. A ticket for such a mini-excursion costs 6 euros.

Liston Street Corfu

Sea and beach

We have already mentioned that in the capital of Corfu the main attraction is sightseeing, but relaxing by the sea is also possible here. The Mediterranean weather of Corfu and the high temperatures of the air and the water also contribute to this.

Near the fortress wall there is a “wild” beach. Most visitors come here just to have a dip and then walk away. But 2 km from the shore is an island with comfortable sandy beaches. You can get to them by boat.

A comfortable beach area is located on the outskirts of the city, near the park of Mont-Repaud. There are paid and free beaches, as well as a wild coast. For holidays with children the first option is more acceptable. There is a well-groomed sandy beach with shallow water, trees, a playground and a restaurant.

The free beach is located by the road and is just a strip of sand. Also behind the park is another “wild” beach where you can swim in privacy.

The waterfront of Corfu

The Sea in Corfu

Beaches of Corfu

Beaches of Corfu

Entertainment and Food

Tourists are not limited to hotel accommodation, excursions and beaches. Part of the holiday is shopping, going to restaurants, entertainment and walks around the city.

To buy food, it is better to go to the market, where local farmers trade. There are also large stores and small food stalls in Kerkyra. Shopping lovers will love the main street Liston, where there are shoe boutiques, clothing stores and souvenir stores.

There are many cafes in each area, but if you’re only looking for the best tavernas, focus on the locals. If there are a lot of Greeks in the establishment, then the cuisine of the restaurant is really worth a look. Often cafes are located quite close to each other, so you can always find inexpensive options to eat.

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Restaurants and Taverns in Corfu

Shopping in Kerkyra

Hotels in Corfu

There are no problems with accommodation in the capital of Corfu, too: there are both expensive hotels and budget apartments. According to travelers’ reviews, the best hotels in Corfu:

The beauty of local hotels is that almost all rooms in them have a view of the sea. A comfortable room with a great view from the window is a great groundwork for a successful vacation. Have fun!

Kerkyra is the capital city of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra is the Greek city and island that is the capital of Corfu. The city itself is a quiet, small and cozy place.

The main feature of Corfu is that the city resembles something like a small Italian cities. It is worth noting that Corfu is somewhere around 400 years is part of Venice. Therefore, tourists can find here a huge number of all kinds of cafes, souvenir stores, vaulted colonnades.

Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

Last but not least Kerkyra has been occupied by many other countries including the Ottoman Empire and even Great Britain. And with the arrival of a new owner Kerkyra was subjected to restructuring. Today, Krekira has historical traces from the Venetians, the British and the French.

You can get around Kerkyra by public transport and cabs. Tourists can also rent a car or an ATV. You can find international car rental services in the city and on the island. However, it is best to book a car in advance, especially during the holiday season.

Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

To stay in one of the hotels in Krekira tourists should know which one is the best to choose. Some of the hotels are suitable for a budget option, and some of them are luxury hotels. The most popular hotels in Kerkira are considered to be those such as: Corfu Holiday Piles, Corfu Palace Hotel, and many others.

Krekira is rich in fine cuisine and every tourist can see it for himself. Here they cook dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Often it is the dishes of vegetables, meat, seafood, olives. Which, in turn, flavored with fragrant spices. In addition, tourists can try the invariable glass of wine.

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Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

It is worth noting that on the territory of the island you can find a huge number of psarotavernas. These are, above all, institutions, which specialize in food prepared with freshly caught fish. The most popular meat dish is souvlak . This dish is prepared from lamb pork, and in addition, rabbit meat in a wine sauce is added. Salads made of vegetables are considered to be the main dish. These dishes are perfect for those who like healthy eating.

Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Souvlak of Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

And those tourists who like desserts can try a huge variety of fruits and sweets. The most common drink of Corfu is coffee . Because of the hot climate, it is often served cold, with lemon and ice cubes. In terms of spirits, white and red wine are considered the best of the lot in Corfu.

Because Kerkyra has been under the dominion of many nations in its time, there is much to see and do. In the central part of the city one can see and enjoy the beauty of the narrow streets and the cobblestone roads. The city itself is divided into several quarters, which differ from each other by their architecture.

Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

In Corfu you can find two fortresses, one of which was built during Byzantine rule. You can visit either one of them. You can also visit the square called Paleo Frourio where there are constant performances.

Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

An important landmark of Corfu is the rotunda called Maitland . This structure was built in honor of the Corfu Chamberlain.

Visitors can also see the Palace of Saint Michael and St. George, which used to be the residence of the British Viceroy.

Corfu capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra – the capital of Corfu, Greece

Kerkyra is an amazing and interesting tourist town in Greece where you can enjoy a taste of Mediterranean cuisine as well as taste the best wines. In addition, tourists can stay overnight in the city’s best hotels, visit unique and amazing local attractions and simply enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

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