Karlovy Vary – the oldest Czech spa resort

Karlovy Vary: Rest and treatment.

Karlovy Vary is one of the oldest spas in the Czech Republic. The reputation of Karlovy Vary thermae has been spreading all over Europe since the 14th century. Today, tourists from 77 countries come to Karlovy Vary for recreation and treatment, the city surpasses the nearby towns of Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně.

The town is only 120 km away from the hustle and bustle of Prague. The Czech border with Germany is only 45 km away. The small town lies in a picturesque valley along the riverbed of the Teplá and is hidden between the hills of Krušné and Doupovské vrchy hills.

Colourful houses with classic tiled roofs wind their way through the valley from street to street. Karlovy Vary owes its picturesque stepped terraced architecture to the mountainous landscape. The town is lined on all sides with green parks, paths and promenades, on which picnickers slowly stroll.

Karlovy Vary on the map of the Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary Springs

In and around the spa there are about 60 springs. Of these, only 12 are used for therapeutic purposes. Their waters are based on a bicarbonate sulphuric-chloride-sodium mineral complex with a pH of 6.9 and a mineralization index of 6,450 mg/l. Despite the similar composition, all springs are different. They differ from each other by the concentration of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and temperature. The temperature of the coldest spring is 34°C, the hotter one is 73°C.

All in all, about 50 substances and trace elements are dissolved in the mineral waters of Karlovy Vary, so they are used not only for drinking, but also for a whole range of other procedures (washing, bathing and irrigation). At sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary they also use thermal salts, derived from evaporated mineral water, and Karlovy Vary mud for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, locomotor system diseases and metabolism problems.

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Rest in Karlovy Vary: Hotels and Guest Houses

Palace architecture of Karlovy Vary: Hotels and guest houses

Therapeutic treatments in Karlovy Vary – efficiency

The basis of treatment with the waters of Karlovy Vary is mineral baths. If you take a carbon dioxide bath, you can feel like ‘a slice of lemon in a glass of mineral water’: bubbles, bubbles… It relaxes you, normalizes blood pressure and heals coronary heart disease. Other variant – gas carbonic acid bath. It works much stronger, even through clothing.

“Pearl” bath makes a micromassage of the skin, is useful for neuroses, diseases of the motor apparatus and is simply a pleasant procedure. The same benefit are baths with the addition of mud to enhance the effect.

All these are the so called “small” water cures in Karlovy Vary. The “big” treatment is associated with sudden cooling or heating of body parts. It hardens, increases blood circulation and restores the body, which has been exhausted by chronic stress, the ability to respond to normal, natural stress.

Popular treatments at the spas of Karlovy Vary:

  • “Scotch Spray” – contrast showers through special sprayers;
  • Whirlpool bath – it is a water massage of hands or feet;
  • Alternating foot bath – alternating between cold and heat for varicose veins and vegetative dystonia;
  • Floating simulates a state of weightlessness with very salty water infused with Dead Sea minerals. Helps with eczema, psoriasis, skin inflammation, arthritis.

In addition, mineral waters are used for various washes and inhalations, and heat and cold are used for thermal and cryotherapy. Traditional and non-traditional massages, ultrasound in various variations, lymphatic drainage, light therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy (breathing air enriched with oxygen or ozone) and many more quite exotic things are offered by the Karlovy Vary spa.

Let’s remember also about the “manager’s” syndrome. Fighting with it actually excludes any struggle at all. It consists of rest, beauty, light music, beautiful scenery, active walks, water and other relaxation, based on modern scientific and ancient folk methods.

In Karlovy Vary, as in Greece, there is everything! Even the center of plastic surgery and dental clinic, inexpensive and upscale. Come and see for yourself.

Where to stay in Karlovy Vary 2022

Entertainment and Recreation in Karlovy Vary

A spa treatment in Karlovy Vary is no reason to limit your activities to the walls of a spa hotel. On the contrary, positive emotions and new experiences are a great stimulus for recovery. Moreover, in any season at the spa Karlovy Vary there is a vibrant social life and cultural activities.

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The events and festivals of Karlovy Vary 2022:

  • In July, Carlsbad hosts the annual Mozart and Carlsbad Music Festival and the International Full-length Film Festival;
  • In August classical music lovers enjoy concerts in the framework of the Beethoven Days and the Early Music Festival. Hundreds of student films are screened in the city’s cinemas as part of the annual “Fresh Film” festival;
  • For lovers of sporting events: in the city center in August we hold the Czech Sprint and Triathlon Championship;
  • In September and October the spa town is visited not only for the cure in the Czech Republic – Karlovy Vary attracts fans of folklore, jazz and classical music from all over Europe. The entire autumn in the concert halls, pavilions and promenades of the spa town plays the music of A. Dvořák, while jazz and folklore groups from such countries as Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands perform;
  • For lovers of the stage arts, the Karlovy Vary Municipal Theater offers an impressive repertoire of opera and ballet performances all year round.

Excursions in Karlovy Vary

Best panoramic shots of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary: The best panoramic pictures of the city

When you come to Karlovy Vary for rest and treatment, it is also worth visiting the famous Moser Glass Museum, which is located in the factory and allows you to see with your own eyes the enchanting process of crystal creation.

For lovers of active recreation we recommend diversifying treatment in Karlovy Vary by organized trips by bus, by foot or by bike to the nature reserve “Slavkovský les”, to the Loket and Bečov castles, as well as to the neighboring Germany (Munich, Dresden, Regensburg on the Danube).

The hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary offer a wide range of sports activities: golf, swimming, tennis, billiards, skittles, etc.

Karlovy Vary: Lookout, panoramic photo

You can take the best panoramic pictures of Karlovy Vary by taking the monorail to the observation deck. The view surpasses all expectations!

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How to get to Karlovy Vary

The airport, which receives international flights, is located in the capital of the Czech Republic. Therefore, to get to Karlovy Vary, you first need to find airfare to Prague at a good price for the right dates:

Then from the Prague airport named after Václav Havel. Then take a bus to the central station and take a bus to Karlovy Vary itself. The schedule is quite tight, you do not have to wait long for your flight.

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