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Karlovy Vary Hotels

There are 545 hotels in Karlovy Vary with different price categories in the catalog: you can book rooms in inexpensive hotels of Karlovy Vary as well as premium hotels. Prices for hotel rooms in Karlovy Vary depend on the level of comfort and location of the hotel, proximity to the popular sights of Karlovy Vary.

Recent reviews

07 August 2018

Near the springs, spacious rooms, cool ( late July – early August 2018 heat and heat), wooden furniture.

Close to the right spring.

The kitchen utensils are very large. Had to buy a small pot!

27 Dec 2016.

Wonderful hotel for its price. Many thanks to Milan, Erica and Jana – the hotel was warm, clean, cozy and delicious.

How to book a hotel in Karlovy Vary?

Booking a hotel in Karlovy Vary is done in 6 steps:

You choose your trip dates in Karlovy Vary, as Karlovy Vary hotel availability and prices vary;

The system instantly generates a list of available hotels in Karlovy Vary for the specified dates with current prices;

You choose a hotel you like and click on the “book” button;

Fill out a booking form. That’s all you need to book a hotel in Karlovy Vary. Then the system will complete the procedure automatically;

The room is instantly reserved under your name and will not be sold to anyone else;

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You will receive an email in 2-15 minutes confirming your reservation, as well as a voucher, which you can show at the hotel upon check-in. The site Hotels.ru gives a guarantee of low prices for hotel reservations. If you find a cheaper hotel, we will refund your money.

About the city

When mentioning the largest and most famous Czech spa resort in the world, the name “Karlovy Vary” immediately comes to mind. Situated in a picturesque gorge on the banks of the river Teplá, this natural health resort has always attracted those wishing to improve their health, or simply relax from everyday worries. The resort remembers such famous people as Peter I, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Chopin, Nikolay Gogol, Karl Marx, Ivan Turgenev and many others. The refinement of the city gives its shape, it is designed by stepped terraces. And the beautiful parks and numerous living springs add a special elegance to the appearance of Carlsbad. The architecture of the city is a real masterpiece, as every structure is a real monument. Among the most famous are the Castle Tower of Charles IV, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene.

No resort can do without hotels of varying levels of comfort, and especially such a famous as Karlovy Vary. Therefore, going on a trip, visit the website HOTELS.RU, which will certainly interest you with colorful and very useful information about hotels in Karlovy Vary. Among these hotels are very remarkable Hotel Romance Puskin, Imperial Spa Hotel and Salvator Karlovy Vary Hotel. Each traveler will find here the necessary information, starting from the location of a particular hotel in Karlovy Vary, the number of rooms offered to guests and ending with the colorful photos that help to make the right choice. Hotels in Karlovy Vary in terms of price category are also quite diverse. For those who have already decided on a hotel, there is a service online booking.

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Karlovy Vary Hotels

The southernmost winter track in the world is located in the UAE. On the descent use 6000 tons of artificial snow.

Hotel Aparthotel Akropolis, Karlovy Vary

Hotel Anglicky Dvur, Karlovy Vary

Aqua Marina Hotel, Karlovy Vary

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa, Karlovy Vary

ASTORIA Hotel & Medical Spa, Karlovy Vary

Hotel Aura Palace, Karlovy Vary

Bristol Georgy House Hotel, Karlovy Vary

Bristol Kralovska Vila, Karlovy Vary

Bristol Palace, Karlovy Vary

Bristol Vila Tereza, Karlovy Vary

Hotel Cajkovskij Palace, Karlovy Vary

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness hotel, Karlovy Vary

Park Hotel Vitkova Hora, Karlovy Vary

Hotel Chebsky Dvur - Egerlander Hof, Karlovy Vary

Guest House Dvůr Stráň, Karlovy Vary

EA Hotel Elefant, Karlovy Vary

EA Hotel Mozart, Karlovy Vary

Eurohotel Hotel, Karlovy Vary

Golf Karolina Hotel, Karlovy Vary

Ambassador Hotel Národní Dům, Karlovy Vary

Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary

Hotels in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic: reviews, contacts, addresses, phone numbers, prices, current information about discounts and special offers. The site provides a detailed description of 196 hotels in Karlovy Vary.

Hotel reservations in Karlovy Vary. The spa resort of Karlovy Vary is unique in its structure and is a colorful and unusual place for visitors. All tourists and locals can choose from beautiful hotels, suites or inexpensive accommodation.

Hotels in Karlovy Vary with or without treatment, as well as other additional services of your choice can be placed in the filter on the left.

Rest in Karlovy Vary is calm and quiet, there are no noisy discos and funny shows, but instead tourists are offered: recovery, medical services and balneotherapy. Choose your desired hotel, book by phone or leave a request on the website.

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Karlovy Vary

Prices for hotels in Karlovy Vary start at 1014 rubles. Staying in a 5-star hotel starts at 6705 rubles.

To see the available hotel rooms for today please enter the current dates and choose sorting by price.

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